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Hey everyone! This is my very very very first attempt at writing fanfiction. I don't have much written but before I write more, I wanna know if it's worth continuing. I'm not sure of a title yet so I need your help. If you could suggest one, please leave me feedback. Also, tell me if I should waste my time continuing. I'll post part one tomorrow if I have at least 5 feedbacks. Don't be too hard on me. Only constructive critizism. Ok here goes...

Title: ?
Author: *angel*.:':Ari:':.*angel*
Category: AU CC M/L for now, M/M A/I later on maybe
Disclaimer: I don't own nothing, but if I did own Jason Behr.....


Journal entry one
My name is Liz Parker and my father died four days, eight hours, and thirty-four minutes ago. I feel so alone—like I have no one in the world. It's like the best thing I ever had was taken away from me. Well yea, I do still have my mother but somehow it doesn’t feel the same. I don't even know her anymore. I've lived with my father all of my life here in New York and now I am being forced to move down to Roswell with my mother. I haven’t seen my mother for years and they are expecting me to go live with her and act like it’s normal.

It’s not normal. Normal is me and Dad, living in our apartment in the city. But now there IS no dad. There IS no apartment. There IS no normal. Grandma Claudia use to always ask me, “What’s so good about normal?” But right now, normal is all I want. Not only do I have to deal with the loss of my father, but also I have to deal with moving to a new place, going to a new school, meeting new people, and adjusting to life with my mom. Right now, all I’m thinking is, can life ever go back to normal?


Okay guys, what do you think? Seriously now. I don't care if you don't like it. I know it's short but I don't want to write too much just to find out that no one likes it. I promise my feelings won't be hurt. Just tell me the truth. Any ideas for a title?

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Okay Thanks to everyone who posted! I know that I said I was gonna post the first part tomorrow but I think I'll post the begining of part one tonight. Once again, it's not that long and if you don't like it, just tell me and I won't continue. Thanks to every one who posted:
HoodieBehrFan- thanks for the title idea! Luved it!

Sorry if I missed anyone!

Part 1a
‘What will she think of me?’ thought the small, slender brunette as she approached a fairly large house one rainy afternoon. She hesitated before knocking and after a while she gathered the courage to do it. A minute later the door slowly creaked open and a nervous looking woman stood in front of Liz Parker.

“Hi Lizzie, uh why don’t you come in?”

“Um, sure”, was all that Liz could get out of her mouth. She still couldn’t believe she was doing this. She hadn’t seen her mother in seven years and here she was standing right in front of her with nothing to say. She timidly walked in the door and stepped into a large room. It was a very nice house, she has to admit, and the room she was in, the living room she guessed, had a nice homey feel to it. ‘This doesn’t seem that bad’ Liz thought to herself hopefully as she looked around the room.

Liz was suddenly caught off guard as her mother cleared her throat. For a second she almost forgot where she was. She stared into her mother’s dark eyes and sensed that they both felt the same awkwardness. ‘Why is this so hard?’ thought Liz. ‘Maybe it’s because your dad just died and you were shipped off to the middle of nowhere to live with some one you hardly know?’ she thought again answering her own question.

“Can I take a seat?” asked Liz uneasily.

“Oh, uh, sure sit anywhere you’d like”, Nancy had gotten carried away staring at her daughter. The last time she saw her, she was only ten years old. She had expected the same Liz from seven years ago to be standing at her doorstep but what was in her house was a beautiful young woman. She was awestricken at her own daughter’s beauty.

“H-how was your trip?” she asked shyly.

“It was alright but you know what, I’m really tired. If you wouldn’t mind I’d just like to get some rest.” It was the truth. Liz hadn’t gotten a full night’s sleep ever since her father passed away and she was terribly fatigued. ‘I wonder what my room looks like?’ thought Liz to herself.

“Sure just follow me, I’ll show you to your room,” Nancy said as she stood up and showed Liz to a flight of stairs. Liz followed her mother to a large door. “This is your room, and if you need anything my room is down the hall, uh…”

“Yea, thanks,” Liz turned to open the door. She slowly creaked a wedge open before turning around to face her mother again. To her surprise, her mother was still standing there looking Liz straight into her chocolate brown eyes. They just stood there for a moment just looking at each other and then slowly they moved toward each other and threw their arms around one another.

They just held each other, standing there in front of Liz’s room. It rushed a flood of comfort through Liz. She had gone through a lot. Losing her father was like having her world savagely ripped apart and she was being forced to piece it together all by herself but being there, wrapped in her mothers arms, it felt like she wasn’t alone anymore. She may have lost her only reason to live, but for some reason, being with her mother made her gain a hope for the future. ‘Maybe life in Roswell won’t be that bad...’


Okay, I didn't really like how that came out but I started on the end of this part and I'll have it posted by tomorrow. Should I continue? Please leave me some fb or b-mail me any suggestions on this fic.


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THanks everyone! You don't know how relieved I am that you guys like it. This is my very first fanfiction ever so it's nice to see that someone is enjoying it! Okay here's the end of part 1. It's still a little short but it's better than nothing. I been pretty busy with life so I haven't had much time to write much but I will try to have another part out by tomorrow, if not then by Tuesday. Okay here goes. Enjoy!

Part 1b

Liz quickly opened the door to her new room. She stepped inside and slowly close the door behind her. It was very dark and she could hardly see. After feeling around the wall she successfully found a light switch and illuminated her bedroom. “Not bad,” Liz thought aloud.

It was very roomy, she had her own bathroom, and from where she was standing, she could make out a fairly large balcony outside of her window. She was too tired to unpack her things, she’d do it in the morning, but after she got herself ready for bed she did pull out something from one of her bags: a small notebook. Her journal. She hadn’t been keeping a journal for very long but now that her father was gone, she had no one to share her thoughts with. She had started writing as a form of comfort for herself.

Journal entry 2

I still can’t believe the things that have happened to me in the past week. It’s all happening so fast and I can’t seem to get a hold of it all. It seems like I am living in an environment totally opposite of what I’m used to. Six days ago I was sitting in Dad’s room listening to him strumming on his guitar, but now I’m in another state with no one in the world except my mother.

Well, I think the whole ‘mother’ thing isn’t that bad after all. She still looks the same as she did seven years ago except for one feature…her eyes. They used to be so alive, and bright. Now, they don’t have that sparkle to them. It’s like she’s not happy with her life or something. Something about her eyes made me feel that I wasn’t the only person hurting inside. I think that she’s as scared of change as I am.

It’s so weird adjusting to my new lifestyle and I just want it to all be back to normal. Maybe something good will come out of this. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Maybe this is the way it’s supposed to be. Maybe this was destined to happen. Fate works in some pretty twisted ways…

Liz closed her journal and neatly placed it back into one of her bags. She made her way to her queen sized bed and threw herself onto it. She still had a lot on her mind but she was more tired than anything. She crawled under the covers and fell asleep almost instantly.


“Daddy, you wouldn’t mind if I went out tonight with Kyle would you?”

“Lizzie, I took this whole week off from work to spend more time with you and you want to go out with that, that, that kid?”

“He’s not a kid, he’s a, a guy and he asked me to join him for a movie tonight. You never had a problem with me dating before. What’s wrong with Kyle?”

“This isn’t about him this is about you not wanting to spend time with your old man.”

“But, but, Daaadeeee” whined Liz. Sure, her father took some time off from work to be with her but how many girls get the chance to go to the movies with Kyle Valenti? He was gorgeous, popular, and he wanted to take HER out to the movies! She could always spend tomorrow night with her Dad. Or could she?

“Fine, but I get you for the rest of the week, okay?”

“Definitely.” The puppy-face-whiney-voice trick always worked.

“I guess it’s just me and the couch toni—,“ Jeff Parker got interrupted by the sound of his pager. He unhooked it from his belt and took a quick look at it. “Honey, have fun tonight, I have to go down to the office. Looks like an emergency.” He grabbed his coat off a nearby chair, kissed his only daughter on the head and ran out the door.

‘I hope it isn’t like this the rest of the week’ Liz thought to herself as she heard her doorbell ring. She looked through the peek hole and saw who was there. ‘Oh my God, it’s Kyle!’ she squealed quietly before grabbing her coat and quickly leaving her apartment the same way as her father had.

Kyle held the door open for Liz as she quickly climbed into the passengers seat. He made his way to the other side of the vehicle and got in also. He put on his seatbelt and turned on the car.

‘Will he ever shut up?’ thought Liz while she rolled her eyes. They hadn’t even been driving for five minutes and already he was reciting his whole life story to Liz. Every once in a while she would “uh huh,” or nod like she was listening.

“So there I was, thirty seconds left in the game, and—“

“Oh my gosh! Look over there!” shouted Liz pointing out the window. “Looks like a pretty big accident.”
“Thank God I was a little late to pick you up or else that could’ve been us,” joked Kyle as he let out a phony chuckle.

“This isn’t funny…” She was already annoyed at how conceited and egotistic this guy was, and here he was laughing at a car pile up.

“K-kyle,” Liz suddenly turned pale as she looked out of her window to where the accident was, “that’s my dad’s car…”


Liz shot out of bed with tears streaming down her face. Her dream felt so real, like she was reliving the moment that changed her life forever. How could she possibly get any rest with that night replaying in her head, haunting her. She wished, now more than ever, that her father could be with her, comforting her, telling her that it would be all right.

But it wasn’t all right and nothing in the world could bring him back now. Liz knew this but she didn’t want to let go of all the memories of her father. She wished that she could sleep forever and dream of when it was just she and dad.

“Get a hold of yourself, Parker,” said Liz to herself. No, she wouldn’t live in the past. She had to move on. But why was it so hard?

She tiredly made her way out of bed and walk to her window. It was still pitch black outside and the stars were bright as ever. ‘Maybe a little fresh air would do me good.’ She thought as she opened up her window and climbed out onto her balcony. The warm New Mexico air hit her face as she inhaled deeply. She walked over to the ledge and leaned her arms on it.

She stared into the endless night sky and remembered the many times her and her father had did just this. Stare at the stars in the dark night sky all of those cold nights. A single tear fell from her big brown eyes. She took one last gaze at the stars before wiping away her tear and making her way back inside of her bedroom. She climbed back into bed and tried to think comforting thoughts before she drifted back into slumber.


Should I continue?

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Hey everyone. I'm so happy that alot of you guys are enjoying my fic. I'm so sorry its been taking so long but I've been really busy with school and to top it off I just got over the flu. Here's part 2. I'm not sure if I'm happy with it though. Hope you like!


Part 2

Liz tiredly turned around in her bed. From the looks of it, it was still pretty early. The sun hadn’t even risen yet. She glanced over at the clock sitting on her night table. Five thirty. Liz grunted and turned back to her bed. She new it was useless to try and get more sleep; she had hardly slept that night, even after she awoke from her nightmare. Finally, she forced herself out of bed to get an early start to a very long day.

She made her way into her bathroom and jumped into the shower. For a long time she just stood there letting the warm water run down her bare back as she tried to clear her mind of any thoughts of her father or her life before he had died. She was now in a new place. She had to start over, with a clean slate. Tomorrow she would start a new school and possibly meet new people. Maybe even make a friend or two. That last thought comforted Liz a lot. Ever since her father died she felt like she was alone. She new that a friend was exactly what she needed right now. With that, Liz finished washing up and got out of the shower.

She made it into her room and noticed how empty it seemed. She was so tired last night that she didn’t have the time to unpack. She rummaged through one of her bigger bags and found a pair of jeans and a blue sweater to wear. ‘Might as well start unpacking now,’ thought Liz as she started emptying some of her clothes into a drawer. Before she finished she ran into a familiar object that was most valuable to her. She picked out her journal from the bottom of her bag and carefully placed it in the bottom of the drawer that she, just minutes ago, designated as her underwear drawer.

When Liz felt satisfied with how her room looked (she was a totally neat freak) she figured she go see if her mother was up yet. She creaked open her door and took a peak out into the hall. There was no sign of her up yet. She opened her door wider and stepped out. The house looked a lot different in the morning light but she still remembered her way to the staircase. She carefully descended the stairs, as not to wake her potentially still sleeping mother. Once she made it down the stairs she decided to look around the house that she would be spending the next couple of years in.

She walked through the living room that she got acquainted with last night. She noticed that there were a couple of pictures sitting on the fireplace mantle. She slowly made her way over and took a look at the pictures. The first one was of a group of people. They looked like they were having a good time at some kind of party. Liz tried to recognize some of the people from the photograph. Two of the people were strangers to her but the third person Liz recognized as her mother. ‘Now that’s how I remember her,’ she thought to herself as she reminisced of the last time she saw her mom before last night. ~~~~

A seven-year-old Liz sat in her bedroom having a tea party with her new teddy bear. She was trying her hardest not to listen to the noise coming from down stairs. ‘Will they ever shut up,’ she thought as she rolled her eyes and continued giving Mr. Fugglesworth his “tea”. Her parents had been fighting all morning practically and well into the afternoon. Liz suspected something wrong but she just wanted to ignore it for now. They had fought in the past and it was all good in the end but somehow today felt different. This morning she had even caught her mother crying. Mommy never cried. But when she tried to comfort her she had only demanded to be left alone.

“Daddy, what’s wrong with mommy?”

“Lizzie, honey-bear, your mother is a little stressed out… it’d be best if we stayed out of her way today.”

“Okay daddy.” Liz agreed even though she didn’t understand. ‘Why doesn’t mommy want to be around us?’ she asked herself but just tried to obediently ignore all the questions that had welled up in her little head. She went into her room and played all day ignoring the harsh words and strong language coming from the kitchen right below her room. But when she heard a loud slam and her mother’s car pull out of the driveway she had a strange feeling that that would be the last time she would see her mother again. Well unless something tragic happened… ~~~~

“Lizzie? You’re up so early.”

Liz was startled by the sudden presence of he mother. She had gotten carried away looking at the picture of her mother and her friends (she assumed were her friends).

“Yea, I couldn’t get much sleep last night anyway.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Hopefully you’ll get more sleep tonight. You start school tomorrow.”

“West Roswell High, right?”

“That’s right,” said Nancy while beckoning her daughter towards the kitchen, “are you hungry?”

“Yea sorta,” Liz mumbled as she followed her mom. ‘West Roswell High…here I come…’


Journal Entry Three

Today I found out that what I have been missing for the past seven years of my life. Mom and I spent the whole day together. I’m not used to the whole mother-daughter thing but I have to admit that I don’t hate it. In fact, it felt really good just calling her ‘mom’. I haven’t directed those words toward anyone for such a long time. I finally have my mother back.

After breakfast, mom (I love saying that!) took me out and showed me around town. She showed me everything there is about Roswell. Then we stopped by a small diner owned by my mother’s friend Amy DeLuca. I think it was called the Crashdown… Actually it was pretty okay even though it’s just a trap for tourist trying to find the Roswell aliens (puh-leez!). On our way out, Amy even hooked me up with a job offer. Oh God, I can just imagine myself in one of those small green uniforms and antenna…

I start school tomorrow. Yea, I’m very excited but I can’t help but feel extremely nervous. I’ve been thinking about it all day. What if I don’t meet anyone worth befriending? What if nobody likes me? I sound like I’m entering middle school again. I need to get a hold of myself! I just don’t want to go into W. Roswell High and be chewed up and spit out.


‘Deep breaths, Parker, deep breaths,’ as Liz walked into the office of her new school, she could hardly think straight. She was so nervous yet excited at the same time. She slowly walked closer to a large desk immediately in front of her. She cleared her throat loudly so the secretary would notice her.

“May I help you?” the secretary raised her eyes to look at Liz while sliding her glasses lower on her nose.

“Uh, yea. I’m Liz, Elizabeth Parker. I’m supposed to pick up my schedule…”

“Ah yes,” she handed Liz two pieces of paper, “your schedule is on the larger piece of paper. Your homeroom number is written on the top as well as your student identification number. The other paper has your locker and combination. Welcome to West Roswell High School.”

Liz grabbed the papers from the lady’s hand and walked into an empty hallway. First period had begun about ten minutes ago. She glanced down at her schedule. First period, Biology. ‘Thank God!’ Liz thought. She had her favorite subject first period. ‘This has to be some kind of sign.’

After wandering the oversized school for several minutes, Liz finally found her classroom. ‘Okay, moment of truth.’ She hesitantly brought up her hand and cautiously knocked on the door. Footsteps neared the door and finally it creaked open. In front of Liz stood an old looking man.


“Hi, I’m Liz Parker. I’m supposed to be joining your class…”

“Oh sure, come in.” He held the door open for her as she nervously walked into the classroom and stood in front of an entire room filled with students. Liz scanned the class quickly to take a look at whom she would be spending the rest of the semester with but couldn’t help but linger on one particular person. There was something about him, maybe his deep amber eyes or his strongly built body, that made Liz want to walk over to him and, and, she didn’t even know what she wanted to do but this guy was special. She could feel it. She quickly looked away from him when his eyes met her gaze. ‘Had he noticed I was looking t him?’

“Class, we have a new student. Elizabeth Parker.”

“It’ Liz.”

“Yes, Liz, why don’t you take a seat next to,” he looked down at his seating chart, “Mr. Evans.” He pointed to an incredibly handsome young man with deep amber eyes. Liz’s heart skipped a beat. She sauntered over and took a seat next to this gorgeous Greek god. ‘I’m starting to like it here already.’


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Thanx for all the feedback! My laptop just crashed so I won't be able to post another part anytime soon (I'm on my brothr's computer at the moment) but don't worry, as soon as it's fixed I'll have a new part up. I promise. I'm glad that every body is enjoying my story. At first, I was too embarrassed to post it (seeing as it is my first) but now I'm glad that people actually like it. Well hopefully I'll be back really soon!


oh, please check out my best friend's fic. It's also her first so don't be harsh on her if you don't like it (which I highly doubt it!). Again by JaneLane
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Okay, I found the time to finish part 3! Joy! Hope you enjoy this. I like feedback, don't forget! Sorry it's a little short.

Part 3


Journal Entry 4

Let me start off by saying, Roswell isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Today, my first day of school, couldn’t have been any better; my teachers are great, the people are nice, especially this girl, Maria DeLuca in my math class. Apparently her mother is friends with my mother and owns the Crashdown, where mom and I went for lunch the other day. Maria showed me around the school and let me sit with her and her boyfriend, Michael Guiren at lunch.

Well one more person sat with us at lunch too: Max Evans. He is Michael best friend. He is gorgeous beyond belief, and his mysterious amber eyes are so intriguing. Okay, so I haven’t said two words to him yet but from the second I laid eyes on him something clicked in my head. I even think I caught him glancing at me once. I hope tomorrow I’ll build up the courage to talk to him.


Liz couldn’t have been happier with her first day at West Roswell High. It was more than what she wished it would be. She enjoyed having something to take her mind off of other things, like her father, even if it was school.

Liz finished up the last of her homework and tiredly climbed into her bed. Hopefully tomorrow would be as good as today was. Well, if she obtained the courage to talk to Max Evans, then it would be much better than today. Before Liz fell asleep she meditated on the events of the past couple of days. Her father dying, moving to Roswell, seeing her mother again, starting a new school, meeting Maria, Max. Though most of them where hard for Liz to even think about again, the last few recollections comforted Liz. She drifted off to sleep knowing that yes, her life had drastically changed, but change wasn’t always for the worse…



Liz slowly turned over to face her night table. She glanced at her alarm clock, “5:00” Liz moaned. She swung her arm over and turned off the annoying ring. Half asleep she carried herself to her bathroom and took a quick shower. Then took her time dressing and getting ready for school.

After breakfast her mother gave her a ride and dropped her off in front of the building. She didn’t want to be late to first period and she only had five minutes to the bell, so she picked up her pace and practically ran to her locker once inside.

She got to biology class with one minute to kill. She walked in casually and took her seat. She was still out of breath from her marathon down the hall that she hadn’t noticed Max walking into the classroom. He made his way over to his seat next to Liz, looked her up and down, and took his seat.

Liz was startled by the sudden sense of someone next to her. She quickly spun around not expecting to come face to face with the pulchritudinous Max. After she got over the shock of it, she noticed that he was staring at her. She looked into his amber eyes and didn’t look away until they were both brought back to reality as the bell startled them. ‘Why couldn’t I say anything?’ Liz thought to herself. She had never been shy when it came to boys but for some reason she couldn’t come to say anything. Like she was hypnotized by his beautiful orbs, to the point where she was frozen in time. ‘What made him different from the other guys?’

By the end of the period both Max and Liz felt a little awkward around each other. Liz was too nervous to look to Max again in fear of getting carried away and staring at him again, and Max had tried talking to Liz but he too couldn’t quite get the words out of his mouth. He thought it weird that the day after he ended his relationship with his last girlfriend, along came the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She took his breath away. Now why couldn’t he bring himself to talk to her?


The rest of the day went by slowly for Liz as she anticipated lunch. Sitting in math class, Liz glanced at the clock, ‘only 20 more minutes…’. She was bored out of her mind and listening to Mrs. What’s-her-name drone on about equations wasn’t helping. In a desperate attempt to not fall asleep, Liz pulled a piece of paper out of her notebook.

Maria, do you mind if I sit with you at lunch today? I still kinda don’t know anyone.

She folded up the paper and passed it up to the blonde sitting in front of her. She quickly opened it up read I, and scribbled a reply.

Hey, no problem Chica. You’re welcome at my table any time. What do you think of it here so far?

She folded up the note and tossed back to Liz who was waiting for the reply.

It’s great here. Hey, would you happen to know anything about Michael’s friend Max?


The bell finally rang and Liz and Maria walked out to the quad together. Liz, with her knew found knowledge on Max Evans, was more determined to speak with him. She’d have all lunch period to strike up a conversation and she had every intention of doing so. Once outside, she quickly spotted Michael standing near a table talking to a small scrawny, yet cute, guy with Max standing next to him. Liz looked his way and automatically made eye contact with him. He struck her as the strong silent type.

She managed to crack a smile and was relieved when Max returned her gesture. ‘That wasn’t so hard…’ she thought as Maria and she made their way over to the table. “Hey baby,” Maria greeted Michael with a kiss on the cheek and they both sat down next to the scrawny boy. “Liz, I’d like you to meet Alex Whitman, my best friend,” said Maria pointing to the guy who was seated to the right of her.

“Pleased to meet you. So, you’re the new girl I’ve been hearing about?” He held out a hand for Liz to shake.

She took his hand and smiled at him, “Yea that would be me, nice to meet you too.” He had such a warm smile, she new she would get along well with this kid.

Liz suddenly noticed that she was the only one still standing and she took the only remaining seat, next to Max, not that she minded at all. ‘Okay Parker, it’s now or never,’ she turned and faced the direction of Max.

“Hey, I don’t think we’ve been introduced properly,” ‘Thank God he wasn’t looking at me,’ thought Liz to herself knowing that if she had looked him in the eye that she would have been at a loss for words.

Max slowly turned to face Liz. “No, I don’t think we have,” ‘God, she’s beautiful’ was all that Max could think. He smiled and held out his hand to her. “Maxwell, uh Max Evans.”

“Liz Parker.” She took hold of his large strong hand and shook it briefly.

“I’ve heard.” He smiled at Liz and held her gaze until she returned his smile.

“So you have…” from Liz, still gazing in his eyes.

“What’d you guys think of that assembly third period?” interrupted Alex. Liz smiled at the face he made in regards to the boring assembly. ‘Perfect timing,’ she thought sarcastically, and continued in the group’s conversation.


Journal Entry 5
Other than the over-sized workload of homework I received, school was more than good. I finally talked to him. Okay, not actually “talked”. More like directed words towards him with a reply. But, hey, it’s a start. I’m meeting Maria, Michael, Alex and Max at the Crashdown tomorrow. Maybe something more will become of us….

so what did u think? tbc?

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