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Title: My World
Author: Suli aka Lisa
Disclaimer: I dont own anything. Although I would love to borrow Jason Behr for awhile.
Rating: PG-13 few bad words
Summary: Post-Departure Max POV. Thought it would be fun to find out why Max is a jackass.
Feedback: I would love it


Did you know I'm psychic?

It's true. I can prove it.


Close your eyes.

Okay, Good.

Now I want you to imagine someone who doesn't have a reason to live.

Imagine someone who lost everything and everyone.

Imagine someone who fucked everything up. And then fucked it up some more.

Imagine someone who would give their last breathe to experience love. Pure, innocent love.

Imagine someone who would give up the little they have if that meant everyone else could be happy.

Do it.

Now open your eyes.

You saw me didn't you?

Whoop-dee-do I got it right.

Told you.

Welcome to my world.

Welcome to my hell.

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Hey all,
Did it suck? Let me know if I did and I'll stop writing it. I came up with it five mintues before I posted it. Thought it would be fun to wing it. Feedback please

Whoopa! - Chandler
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*Part 1*

"With or without you. I can't live with or without youuuuuu"

Damn alarm.

Woo hoo another day.


And I thought my life couldn't get better. And then it did.

I know what your wondering. It's my psychic abilities.

"So Max, how was your weekend?"

Hmmm. Let's see. I was about to leave the planet with the girl I knocked up only to be stopped by the love of my life. Turns out my love found out the girl (the one I impregnated) killed my love's best friend. Did I mention my love's best friend was also the love of my sister's life? No? Now I did. But I did manage to catch the game last night. Go Yanks!



Damn my sister. She's gone for good.

'Only two weeks left. Only two weeks left. Only two weeks left.'

It's my new mantra.

I think I've been hanging out with Kyle to long. But don't worry, I don't think we're going to be hanging out together anytime soon.


And my first class? Chemistry.

Two guess on who my lab partner is, but I'm sure you could figure it out with one.


That's right. Johnny tell her what's she's won.

I walk in and sit done. Good she's not here.

And then I see a cascade of brown hair.

Damn, spoke to soon.

She sits down next to me. Doesn't even look at me.

Then again even if she did (doubtful), I wouldn't know since I won't look at her. She obviously doesn't want to be near me so looking at her can't help.

The teacher starts to talk about the final.

Usually I couldn't give a fuck but considering I'm failing, I think it might help to listen.

Wouldn't want a failure on my record.

Whatever would my subjects think?

'Only one week, six days, and 6 periods left.'

Whoopa! - Chandler
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* Part 2*

I’ve been sitting under this tree for a few minutes now.

It’s lunch.

And I’m alone.

Surprise. Surprise.

I’m watching the tabasco sauce mix with my Sprite. It’s swirling together, the red and the clear. Mixing and blending together until it forms into one uniform substance.

I am now drinking a pink drink.

This can’t be good for my image.

I’m a manly man with my manly muscles.

But I am going for a new image.

The old one would have never drunk a clear drink with tabasco sauce. Too noticeable.

But I’m new and improved.

Ever wonder how something new could be improved?

If it’s new, then it never existed before.

And how can something that never existed before be improved in some way?

That entire thought process killed a whole two minutes.

Woo. Hoo.

I know the gang is around.

Notice I said the gang, not my gang.

I would go into self-pity but remember I’m improved.

They’re sitting on the bench to the left of me. I can’t see them unless I turn my head left. And if I turn my head left they’ll notice I did. So instead I stare straight.

Like my logical thought process?

If they see me look at them, they would be forced to look at me. And if you look at me you turn to stone.

Or your life begins to suck.

It’s a win-win situation.

So here I sit under a tree.

Hey, at least I’m not hiding behind it.

My theory, all work sucks.

You might love it with your life, but it still sucks.

Then only reason we work is to get money.

Who would work if they were not going to get paid?

So I am forced to put up a display of aliens attacking humans.

Art imitating life.

But these aliens are green with large oval eyes.

And no ears.

That always bothered me.

Don’t aliens need ears?

But imagine how much easier life would be if you weren’t forced to listen to people.

Never have to hear your girlfriend say ‘You’re not listening to me.’

‘Sorry, but I can’t honey. You understand.’

Kiss kiss.

I think that is what happened to me.

My ears got clogged and I couldn’t listen anymore.

Or my brain stopped functioning and I forgot how to listen.

Or I just became an ass.

Survey says became an ass.

I think the Game Show Network is getting to me.

You see, I don’t sleep anymore.

Why sleep when all you’re going to get is nightmares?

So what do I do?

Watch Family Feud and The Newlywed Game.

Or infomercials.

My favorite?

The George Foreman grill.

I almost bought one the other day.

I don’t cook but I just felt left out since I don’t have one.

I feel left out because I am not a proud owner of a George Foreman grill.

Maybe I just feel left out because I am left out.


Whoopa! - Chandler
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* Part 3 *

It’s Tuesday night.

I’ve been staring at the ceiling for an hour now.

I’m reflecting on my life.

And truth be told, I don’t like it.

Want to know what my life is like?

Okay, today for example here is what I did:

Went to school.

Went to work.

Snuck into my room after I ate dinner at McDonald’s.


So I wouldn’t have to face people.

Lately I’ve been doing everything in my power to avoid people.

If I see the people who used to be a part of my life I would see their pain.

I can’t deal with their pain since I haven’t even dealt with my own.

* Knock Knock *

Damn and I was just getting deep and soulful.

“Who is it?”


I hear the door open and I know its Isabel so I don’t bother looking at her,

“We need to talk.”

“No we don’t.”

Can’t she let me wallow in my pity in peace?


I know she means business so I get up.


She cut her hair.


And she dyed it.


Hence ‘shit.’

Judging by the look on her face I don’t think that was the best thing to say.

“I mean, you look great.”

That sounded a tad too ‘I love it when in reality I’m thinking what the hell were you thinking.’

“Love your honesty.”

That was dripping with sarcasm.

She didn’t get the name ice princess for nothing.

“So what brings you to these necks of the woods?”

“I’m going to college.”

The look on her face, it’s like she’s bracing herself for my yelling and screaming.

Wonder why.

“Okay. Have fun. I know you want to party but don’t forget to study as well.”

Her face is doing this weird twitching thing.

I don’t think that was the reply she was expecting.


“So eloquent.”

“Are you serious? What happened to all the ‘you’re not going anywhere’?”

She does me way to well.

Wait, I mean she imitates me way to well.

Much better.

“Isabel I don’t care if you go to college or to India. As long as you’re happy go.”

“What made you change your mind?”

“Kivar has what he wants. He won’t be causing trouble in the near future. He might cause trouble in the far future but we’ll worry about it then.”

Now she has the whole ‘oh that’s right your life sucks and you can’t leave’ look on her face.

I don’t need her sympathy.

I have plenty of my own thank you.

“Well it’s not like I’ll be far. UNM.”

“University or New Mexico? What happened to San Francisco?”

“Well its UNM for now. I have plenty of time for San Fran.”

“Okay then.”

Please go away. Please go away.

I can’t deal with people who have the chance to leave and take it.

I mean chance to leave this town, not planet.

I lie back down on my bed hoping she gets the fact I want her to leave.

“Max, you have to face them eventually.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I know she’s giving me that ‘ I’m not an idiot’ look even though I’m not looking at her.

How might you ask?

Because she’s Isabel.

“Max, mom and dad are worried. They haven’t seen you since, you know.”

“You mean since Tess the planet impregnated with my son?”

I think that startled her.

I bet she didn’t think I would say it.

Yea, well its reality.

And reality bites.

“Yea, that.”

“Look Isabel, I’ll deal with it when I deal with it. Right now I can’t do shit so I think I’ll just keep my distance from them. I doubt they even care.”

“Fine Max”

She sounds defeated.

And a tad hurt.

This is why I keep my distance.

I wonder if things will get better.

I wonder is I should have just gone with Tess and gotten myself killed.

I wonder if I should have killed Tess.

But, then where will I be?

And who would I be?

Whoopa! - Chandler
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* Part 4 *

It’s Wednesday afternoon.

Got home from school.

Ate some food.

Now I’m watching tv.

I know what your thinking.

How come you didn’t hole yourself up in your room?

That’s because no one’s home.


Did I make you I was getting better?

Not good to have false hope.

Trust me.

I know.

So know your wondering, does that mean I lost all hope that Liz and I will get back together?


Hell, I don’t think we will even be friends.

Maybe acquaintances.

If I’m lucky.

Stop being in such shock.

I was the world’s biggest jackass.

But enough of that.

Back to Trading Spaces.

It was either this or Oprah.

And Oprah was talking about forgiveness.

What did you think I was going to pick?

So back to the show at hand.

I really like the room Frank is decorating but I’m a little iffy on Hildi’s.

I bet it’ll turn out all right and the homeowners will love it.

I saw an episode where the guy cried because he was amazed by how the decorator transformed the room.


Maybe I should get one of the decorators to transform me.

A little change here and there and I bet they could make me better.

I mean they do get $1000.

* Ring Ring *


It’s my mom.

Looks like I have to fend for myself tonight for dinner.

I’m thinking Taco Bell.

Mmmm horse meat.


Just finished my wonderful meal at Taco Bell.

Now I’m sitting in my car staring at the Crashdown.

I can see Liz waitressing.

She looks so cute in that uniform.

Don’t even get my started on the antennas.

And you know what else?

She looks happy.

Genuinely happy.

She’s at Kyle and Isabel’s table and she’s laughing.

Maybe underneath it all she’s dealing with her pain, but for a moment she looked happy.

I wish she were happy because of me.

To bad wishes don’t come true.

Or they do come true but with a price.

Liz and I got together.

My greatest wish came true.

And then look what happened.

Tess, Destiny, the baby.

I can’t stare at her anymore.

I feel like I’m violating her by doing this.

I turn the car on and leave.

Another night of no sleep.

I think there’s going to be a $100,000 Pyramid marathon on tonight.

And I thought wished don’t come true.

Quick note: Tradng Spaces is a show on TLC. Two neighbors switch houses and decorate one room. They each get a decorator, $1000, and two days to pull it off. It's a sad obsession of mine. It comes on 4 eastern time.

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hey all,
thanks for all the great feedback. I already know how the story ends, I just need to figure out how to get there. all I can say is I'll probably end up some what redeeming Max but I dont know if I'm going to put Liz abd MAx together. But they most likely will end up friends. Just have to wait and see. Part 5 should be up ina day or so. I'm busy trying to figure out my future and college and stuff. keep on reading

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* Part 5 *

I’ve started to get used to eating alone.

The thing is, I’ve figured out how to program songs in my head.

I’m a living jukebox.

Want to know what’s in my head right now.

Counting Crows.

How predictable.

I needed something to fit my woe is me mood.

"It’s a longer December and there’s reason to believe

Maybe this year will be better than the last."

I think any year is better than this one.

But that’s just me being Captain Oblivious.

There seems to be a disagreement between the group.

How do I know?

They’re fighting.

I mean right now.

I wonder over what.

Wait, did I just hear my name?

I guess it’s over me.

Why aren’t I surprised?

I want to know over what wonderful thing I’ve done they’re fighting about.

Don’t turn, don’t turn, don’t turn.

Damn, I turned.

And they saw me.

And cease fighting.

Now they’re staring at me like I’m about to explode.

Or maybe they think if they stare at me long enough I will explode.

Now only Liz and Maria are fighting.


Stop it.

I can’t start thinking about her like that.

Maybe I can one day.

Like when hell freezes over.

Well, it looks like Liz won and they’re not going to tell me anything.

Maybe I should go over there and try to start a conversation.

‘Hey Liz, just wanted to let you know I love you and not Tess.’

No, that’s too redundant.

‘Liz, you are my soul and without you I can’t live.’

Way to make her feel guilty.

‘Hey, I’m a living jukebox. Why don’t you give me a listen?’

That’s just bad.

Old creepy guy hitting on young pretty girl bad.

Guess I’m stuck under this tree.

Okay, I live through pre-calc and my day is over.

Now if I could only pay attention and not stare at Liz’s hair.

Her soft, beautiful hair.

Maybe if I pinch myself everything I think of Liz like that I should pinch myself.

Right, associate Liz with pain.

That will woo her.


Woo the class is over.

Oh right, hoo.

I mean woo hoo.

There we go.

Liz of course ran out of her the second the bell rang.

Guess I should hit my locker.


Wait, did I just hear my name?

And was that Liz?

Did Liz say my name?

"Say my name, say me name, say my name

Acting kinda crazy, aint callin’ me baby"


I stored a couple of Isabel’s cds too.

In case I’m feeling not woe is me.

Oh right now I should turn around.

She looks like she’s expecting something.

A response probably.

I’ll give her something that will knock her socks off.

Wait she’s wearing sandals.

Not the point.



Oh yea, she wants me now.

“I just, umm, was wondering if you could meet me at the park after 7:30. That’s after I get off of work.”

“Yea, sure.”



“So I’ll see ya.”

“Yea, bye.”


I turn around and walk away.

I can feel her eyes on me.

That’s right Liz, my body is too bootylicious for you babe.

Quick note: I'll try to get the next part written tomorrow since I have to go visit my sister in rhode island. fun. and I'm not feeling all that motivated either. bad case of senioritis.

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quick note, tess was two weeks pregnant in my story before she left. okay thats all I needed to say. I should be back in a little bit with the next part, here's a preview:


Comfy yet cool.

Black t-shirt.

Comfy yet cool.

And my leather jacket.

Because that just screams “I’m a badass.”

that's the best I could find so far. feedback!

Whoopa! - Chandler
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* Part 6 *

What to wear?


I didn’t think it would be this complicated.

I’m just going to the park to talk to Liz.

But it’s Liz so I have to look good.

Maybe I should go ask Is for help.

But would she help me?

Yes she would.

Okay, Isabel here I come.

Damn, she’s not home.

Go figure.

Okay looks like I just have to figure this out.


Comfy yet cool.

Black t-shirt.

Comfy yet cool.

And my leather jacket.

Because that just screams “I’m a badass.”

Look out Liz, here I come.


Okay it’s the middle of May, remind me why I wore my leather jacket?

There’s this father pushing his son on the swing.

I’ve been watching them.

The boy looks happy and the father looks proud.

And I wonder will my son make me happy?

And will I make my son proud?

Will he say, “This is my father” and be okay saying it?

Will he grow up to be the man I’m not?

Will he want me to be a part of my life once he finds out the truth about me?

And what I’ve done?

I wonder what he looks like.

Does he have my hair or my eyes or my ears that stick out?

Liz used to say my ears made me sexy.

I used to wonder if my son would have Liz’s smile.

And then I would remember it’s not Liz that’s pregnant.

But don’t I wish she were.

Or one day would be.

I find myself wishing a lot these days.

But if I had just done the right thing and not have let things get the best of me.

I can’t change the past.

To bad no one ever invented the time machine.

If I ever get a chance I will.

“Uh, hey Max.”

When did Liz get here?

I didn’t even hear her.

Or feel her presence.


“Hey Liz.”

She looks so cute when she puts her hair behind her ear.

That means she nervous.

“Why don’t you sit down?”

I point to the bench and scoot over.

I don’t want to invade her space.


“So Liz, why, uh, why did you ask me here?”

I know, why am I cutting to the chase?

I have Liz here.

On her own will.

But what am I suppose to ask her?

‘How’s it going?’

‘Wanna get back together?’

Yea, like that will go over real well.

“It’s just, uh, I know this will sound weird but I just need you to tell me the truth.”


“Do you have any weird habits?”

Okay, not what I was expecting but it’ll do.

“Like, do I hum when I pee?”

“No, more like do you tap your foot or fingers or anything like that.”

I’m a little weirded out but who cares.

Liz Parker is talking to me.

“Nope. I don’t do anything like that.”


Now she’s biting on her lip.

How does she know what to do to make me swoon?

Did I just say make me swoon?

“I have this theory.”


“Ummm, well it has to do with Tess.”

“It’s okay Liz, just tell me.”

The theory has to do with Tess.

This can’t be good.

“Well, I noticed that Ms. DeLuca, Kyle, and Alex all tapped their fingers. That’s because the mindwarps were fading.”

“When did you figure this out?”

“I saw Ms. DeLuca tap her fingers when she was in the kitchen talking about what happened at the UFO Center. And then I remembered seeing Kyle do the same thing. Something just clicked. I took Kyle to his room and he remembered Tess killed Alex.”


So I might not have slept with Tess.

Or maybe I did sleep with Tess but she’s not pregnant.

Or maybe she is pregnant.


All my questions are solved.

“Thanks Liz. For telling me.”

This must be hard on her.

I wonder on who it’s harder.

Her or me?

Seeing the pain in her eyes I think she might be the winner.

But then again, her pain mirrors my own.

“I have to go back Max. I still have to study.”


This is too much,

I think I overloaded my brain.

She’s leaving.


She turns around and her hair flies in her face.


Some hair got in her mouth.

I’m trying hard not to laugh but I can’t help myself.

It feels good to be able to laugh.

Liz looks so cute when she’s trying to look mad.


I give her a small smile hoping she understands.

“Thanks Liz.”

“You’re welcome.”

It’s good to know that someone understands.

I really don't like this part to much but I felt it was necessary. it's all a part of the major picture which is not going accordingly to the original plan. oh well. that's what I get for writing each part 5 mintues before I post. feedback!

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* Part 7 *
I had that nightmare again.

Only, I’m not so sure it is a nightmare.

Here’s the lowdown.

I’m in the observatory with Tess doing things that shouldn’t be done.

And then I stop.

I stop.

I tell her to stop because it’s not right.

I used to think my conscience is telling me what I could have done.

But maybe I really did do that.

Maybe I told her to stop.

I don’t know what happens after that.

It’s like everything goes black.

I guess I’m going to be making a little trip this weekend.

The observatory might still be a virgin.

People might still be able to leave uncorrupted.

When the hell did I get this messed up?

Rhetorical question.

Don’t answer it.
I realized school has no point.

Sitting here in US History 2 listening to the teacher babble on and on about something that happened years ago has led me to this conclusion.

School has no point.

It’s a waste.

When I grow up will I need to know who was the president during the great depression?


Unless I become a History teacher.

But I doubt US History has some relevance to Antarian history.

‘Sorry, I don’t know how to win the war but I can tell you about FDR.’

That’ll go over real well.

Or, I can remember everything and then go on some game show.

Probably ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ and I could win money.

Like a million dollars.

It could happen.

Then I could just buy myself a spaceship.

And save the son I don’t even know exists or not.

My life confuses me.

I’m just one big mystery.

Maybe that’s why I get the ladies.

Don’t they like guys with mystery?

Or maybe they like guys with a good personality.

My fingers are crossed for mystery.

Sometimes I wish I could be who I am openly.

Like I could walk around and have everyone know I’m an alien and have them be okay with it.

I’m watching the Christopher Lowell Show.

If you seen it then you know he is obviously gay.

It’s not like he’s trying to hide it.

And people can get past it and watch him do interior design.

Or maybe they watch it because he is just so obviously gay.

And he’s okay with it.

Or at least it seems he is.

Maybe he had to deal with a lot of crap to get where he is now.

How much do we really know about the people we see on tv?

We know nothing.

He could have had a tough childhood.

I guess I shouldn’t envy him.

I don’t know him.


I just accomplished so much.

Oh look.

Time to work.


I wonder what I should be.

Like as in a career.

What if I’m stuck here on earth?

Not stuck, I would be happy to stay here.

Just don’t know if anyone else wants me here.

Awww, boo hoo me.

I know.

But seriously, won’t I need a job?

I will because I need money.

Just in case that whole game show thing doesn’t work out.

But I don’t even know what I’m good at.

I like science.

And I like to help people.

And I sure have a great way expressing that.

Maybe I should become a doctor.

But what if I want to use my power?

I’m not god.

Although it’s not like I’d mind.

I guess being king should be good enough.

But what fun is it being king if you don’t have people to rule.

How can I be a king considering I can’t even control my friends?

And I use the word control loosely.

Considering the fact I was telling them what to do why should I think they would listen?

Okay, so I was ordering them around.

Same difference.

I still don’t know why I was doing that.

Odd, I know.

But I have no idea why I was acting like that.

Like Boss Man.

Boss Man Bing.

Okay, all the tv I watch is getting to me.

I’m quoting Friends now.

Wow, no wonder Brody keeps me around.

I’m so productive.

posted on 12-Oct-2001 6:06:09 PM by Suli
hey all,
first thanks for all the feedback
it's great to be posting again.
few quick question...
what does the granolith look like?
yes, I know it sounds like a dumb question.
it's black and a cone shaped thingy but is it upside down or right side up?
and second is how come I can't change the title and change part 6 to 7?
am I missing something here?
I blame my senioritis.
which isn't good to have when your dealng with 2 ap courses and a college level course.
there goes my gpa.*sad*
oh well.
no more dreams of college.
keep reading and keep writing
and by reading I mean my fanfic.
as well as others.
I'm not mean.
gonna go.
got to take the sats again tomorrow.*sad*
one last time and I'm done.*big*
woo hoo.

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posted on 20-Oct-2001 1:06:18 PM by Suli
hey all
thanks for the great feedback
I dont know when I'm going to be ablto writ part 8
life's a bit busy
damn senior year
got papers to write
I got part of 8 written so maybe I'll post it bit by bit if I feel like it
and if you show me how much you love me
aka give feedback
makes me post quicker
and makes me happy
got to go finish my english paper
posted on 21-Oct-2001 3:41:40 PM by Suli
hey all,
thanks for the great feedback.

angela - I know how you feel. I wish they didn't make it seem like the sex and the baby are no biggie. I wish they could make max feel some guilt. the way he looks on would think he can't sleep at night because of the guilt.
as for whether or not max wil be redeemed, I'm a dreamer. I believe max and liz should be together. I already wrote the ending, and it does end on a happy note. the fic only spans a 2 week time period. I'm just trying to get past the tex. everything else is really up in the air. I'll try and see whether or not I want to incorporate some other plotholes that have been bothering me. ok I think I babble long enough. bye
posted on 21-Oct-2001 3:46:45 PM by Suli
* Part 8a *

It’s weird.

I was in the desert.

I was following this path.

Nothing was blocking it.

Everything was clear.

I knew what my destination was.

Ever notice how similar destination and destiny look?

But then, suddenly the road changed.

I was in the woods.

Trees were surrounding me.

Blocking my view of where the path was leading me.

I wasn’t walking to where I wanted to go.

I was going backward.

But I didn’t end up where I started.

I ended up here.

I’m stuck at a dead end.


ok, ok.
I know this part is horrendously short.
im sorry.
the next part takes pace at the observatory.
I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to write it.
facing maor writers block.
plus I can't seem to find a transcript of that scene.
if anyone has it, email or board mail me.
also, I think I asked before but, what does the granolith look like?
I mean is the cone pointing down or up?
down, right?
and does it touch the floor?
I know it sounds like a semistupid question but bear with me.
I think it might be important to the story.
have yet to decide.
anyway, bye
posted on 24-Oct-2001 9:03:09 PM by Suli
hey all,
thanks for the feedback.
I most likely *finger crossed* will be able to post by omorrow if I can get my hands on the max and tess (eww) scene before they (double eww) do the dirty. I can't seem to find it but I need to know what was said. it should be important.
and I'm thinking, post 8 takes place on saturday, but when monday comes around, their just might be some interaction with other characters. most likely isabel and/or michael. but if you leave lots of feedback I'll try to throw some liz in as well.
keep reading and keep writing
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I don’t like being here.

It’s creepy.

Knowing I possibly did what I thought I did here.

I think ewww sums it up.

Tess naked is an image I would like to erase from my mind.

Okay, I’m standing on the spot where it all went down.

And nothing.

Come on flashbacks.

Oh come on.

Pretty, pretty, pretty please?

What the fuck?

Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Yea that could be it.

Okay let’s see.

Maybe if I touch things.






Oh Shit.
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hey all,
thanks for the great feedback. so glad everyone is enjoying it. so anyway, here's the new part.

* Part 9A *

I got a good night sleep.

I find that rather ironic.

Maybe it’s just me.

I find out the truth.

Woo, by the way.

But instead of tossing and turning, I slept like a baby.

But, for some reason the truth doesn’t seem to justify everything else.

And by everything else I mean the yelling, hurting, etc.

But I am thrilled with the fact the sex wasn’t real.

Now, if I only figured it out a tad bit sooner.

You know, put two and two together.

And got four.

No, seriously.

Let’s see…

1. Tess and I can survive on earth.

So the question would be, why couldn’t our son?

Nonexistent son, but son nonetheless.

2. I had sex with her.

I mean I didn’t but I thought I did.

So how come I never I never questioned why?

3. The hour long orgasm.

Because that makes a buttload of sense.

4. Tess can mindwarp.

Well duh, of course I forget that little fact.

Not forogt, just didn't see it as an option.

Maybe that's because she mindwarped me to forget.

I feel like I'm walking in circles here.

But back to what I was saying.

If I just thought she mindwarp me into thinking we had sex in the first place maybe none of this would have happened.

Which brings me to the question…

Did she actually leave the planet?

If you think about it, which I did, why would she leave if she weren’t pregnant with my son?

Kivar would have no use for her.

She’s replaceable.

Kivar wanted me for obvious reasons.

Isabel because she also has royal blood.

And maybe he wants to start a thing with her.

But of course, that just means I have even more reason to kick his ass.

And Michael, I guess he is just a bonus.

If Tess had my son then they could mold him however they wanted to.

Because I would be dead and therefore would not be able to stop it.

And this is why I’m spending my Sunday at the pod camber.

Need to find out what’s left in there.

Oddly enough, I’m excited.

Maybe that’s because I’m hoping she’s there so I can kill her.


Like she killed Alex.

Slowly deteriorating his brain.

I love my powers.

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oops double post

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hello all,
I am pleased to announce I got my license. *bounce* so anyone in nj stay off the roads for your own safety. but on with the story.
don't forget feedback. make my day that much better. please.

* Part 9b *

I’ve been sitting in the car for a good 2 hours now.

No, wait, 2 hours and 3 minutes.


Because I can’t seem to find the courage to go to the pod chamber.

I’m afraid my visions aren’t the truth.


If I weren’t me I would kick my ass.

I’m such wuss.

Ok Max, you can do it.

On the count of three.




And I’m still sitting here.

What if what I find out makes things between me and Liz even worse.

As if that was possible.

Well, I guess I have nothing to lose.

Here I go.


I’m in the standing in the granolith chamber.

And the world hasn’t ended.

Always a good sign.

And the granolith is still here.

So Tess didn’t leave?

Or did she?

I’m confused.

I just wish this damn thing came with an instruction manual.

Make my life a hell of a lot easier.

Maybe if I touch it, something could happen.

Even though nothing has happened before.

Here goes to nothing.


What the hell?

There’s something in my neck.

Now if I could only find out what.

This is just weird.

I wonder if it’s a chip.

So I’ve been watching Buffy, do you have a problem with that?



But wouldn’t that makes sense?

And explain my behavior?

The yelling, the hurting.

We’ve been over this.

What if Tess has been controlling me this whole time?

It makes sense.

And here’s another thing I’ve just realized.

The crystal.

It’s here.

As in the granolith chamber.

Just lying on the floor.


So many unanswered questions.

I put the crystal in the granolith.

But no one used it.

Time was up and it popped back out?

A possibility.

Where’s Liz when you need her?

She probably would have made a list by now.


Ok, need to focus.

Need to tell Isabel to tell the others we need a meeting.

Then I need to figure this out.

But first I need think about Liz some more.

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hey all,
I've been reading my story and I know this max is a bit far fetched. he's not season 1 max all deep and soulful nor is he season 2 max all mean and jerky. he is my max. sarcastic and grown up. he gets the fact he made mistake and he's trying to fix them. he knows they just won't disappear. something season 3 max knows nothing about. its about the guilt. max should feel guilty. anyway. enough about my rant about nothing. on with the story.

* Part 10 *

I’ve doing something brave today.

I’m sitting on the bench.

Which is attached to the table.

I’m not hiding under the tree anymore.

My back is facing Liz but just because I learned a few things doesn’t seem to change everything.

Which is why I’m waiting until after exams are over to have the meeting.

They way I see it, whether they find out today or tomorrow, it isn’t going to change anything.


So back to my bland ham sandwich.

Where the hell did I put the Tabasco sauce?

I guess I’ll just stick with Doritos.





We nod, the manly way to greet each other.

“So what’s this meeting about?”

He said Maxwell, should have known he meant business.

Not like I expected this to be a personal visit.

“I found some things out.”

“Like what?”

“That’s why I’m holding a meeting. So I can tell you what.”


“Just tell me is it bad?”




“Wow. All my questions are answered.”



Did he just growl at me?

That ‘Maxwell’ sounded like a growl.

I think I’m supposed to be threatened now.


“Fine. Just give me a damn dorito.”

“Since you said please.”






“So, how does Maria feel?”

“About what?”

“You conversing with the enemy?”

“Her idea.”



“Yea, well, gonna go.”


See, we tight.

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I'm posting parts 11 and 12 since they were lost. good thing I save them otherwise it would just suck.

* Part 11*

We can skip Tuesday.

Here’s what I did:



I know, I know, so exciting.



The moment I’ve been dreading.

I have chemistry today.

Guess who’s gonna get an A.

Not me.


Well, actually, I picked up on a nifty trick.

See aliens apparently are able to scan info into their brain.

I scan the whole chem. book into my brain.

Is that cheating?

No, right?


That’s more like an advantage.

Yea, an advantage.

An unfair one, but I should use the gifts I’m born with.

Shouldn’t I?

Such difficult decisions.

I guess I should get used to making decisions.

Don’t kings make decisions?

I guess that’s why they have advisors.

But I don’t have any advisors now so looks like I have to make the decision on my own.

Or I could simply do the right thing.

Which I will.

Damn my conscience.
Well I just passed that with flying colors.


A lot of it.

Cross this out.

Slash that.

Big fat F.

I guess it’s well deserved.

I wonder if Liz did ok.

She kept tucking her hair behind her ear.

She always does that when she’s unsure.

And chewing at the end of her pen.

She does that when she’s nervous.

It’s so cute.

I think I got that F not because I didn’t study but because I stared at Liz the whole time.

I guess I can’t help myself.

She’s just so Liz.


Now if I could only get her to look my in the eye and I’ll be all set.

* Briiiiiiing *


Get to fail another exam.

Won’t mom be proud?

* 11 *

Thursday more exams.

And then studying.

For the exams on Friday.

Or at least I call it studying.

Here’s what I did, I stared at the book for two hours.

And then I ate.

And then I stared some more.

Flipped some pages.



I think you get the idea.

I know I’m so ready for history.

Bring. It. On.

Finally, the moment of freedom.

I am officially done with junior year.

Unless of course I happen to fail and have to go to summer school.

But that’s what alien powers are for.

Erase this.

Add that.

But that’s for later.

Right now I am at work.

And I’m staring out the window looking at the Crash.

The whole gang was there.

They seemed to be celebrating.


They’re all laughing and smiling.

Maria is sitting on Michael’s lap.

Liz looks so carefree.

The way she used to before she met me.

Before I managed to fuck up her life.

Funny how I can bring everyone’s misery back to me.

Valenti lost his job.

Isabel lost her boyfriend.

Liz lost herself.

To bad I can’t learn how to fuck up my enemies’ lives.

But think of all the practice.


Back to disemboweling the plastic aliens.

Apparently, I’m the only one with a normal life.

* 12 *

I’m waiting at the pod chamber for everyone to show up.

And I’m early.

I need to figure out how I’m going to tell everyone what I found out.

And standing out here like an idiot isn’t helping.

Funny how this place is where we were born, and was going to be where we died.

If I had gotten into the granolith, my life was as good as over.

Deep breath.

Wave my hand, handprint appears.

It sucks that I can do all these nifty tricks, and not be able to show everyone.

Oh well.

I walk in and check out the pods.

And then I go into the Granolith chamber.

Oh. Shit.



“Yea Max.”


“Yes Max.”


“For crying out loud it’s a baby. Now will you shut up and help me put her to sleep?”



Okay, I know you’re thinking what the hell.

So let’s rewind.

Walk into granolith chamber and who do I see?


With a baby.

The baby I wasn’t sure existed or not.

Apparently it does.

Sorry, she does.

Safe to say I’m confused.

Okay, you’re up to speed now.

“Tess, what the f—heck is going on?”

Rule #1- don’t curse when there’s a baby in the room.

“I’m trying to get off this goddamn fucking planet.”

Apparently, Tess doesn’t know how to follow rules.

I calmly walk over to Tess and take the baby.

She immediately shuts up.

“Nice maternal instincts Tess.”

The sarcasm is evident in my voice.

“Bite me.”

And to think at one point I thought I did.


Bad, bad thoughts.

My thoughts are a jumbled mess right now.

But I have reason.

I need to figure out what the hell to do.

Kill Tess?

In front of her child?

This baby is going to have issues.

But I guess that’s obvious whether or not Tess dies.

I decide to go with instinct and I place my hand on the back of her neck.

I can feel the power beneath my hand.

And finally, I do something right.

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* 13 *

This little girl is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

I’ve lost count at how many times I’ve counted her ten little fingers.

And her ten little toes.

I’ve just sat her holding her in my arms.

It’s incredible how you can love someone you have only just met.

I’ve been thinking of names for her.

I came up with a couple but for some reason, Lexi is the one that sticks out.

Maybe, it’s my way of honoring Alex.

She has full head of hair, dark brown.

And the most beautiful vibrant blue eyes I’ve every seen.

But they don’t remind me of Tess.

Because these eyes are full of life and love.

And innocence.

They aren’t cold and dead like Tess’s.

But she’s gone now.

And we may have other things to worry about but for now, I think I’m just going to live in this moment.

“Hey there Lexi. Welcome to the world.”

Her face is near mine as I whisper these words to her.

She is staring intently at me, as if she understands.

She waves her fists in the air whenever I say Lexi.

I think that’s her way of saying, ‘I like that name.’


I turn my head and there’s Liz.

And I swear the way she said my name, it was like a heart breaking.

I smile weakly.

“Hi. Everyone, this is Lexi.”

Maria comes over and takes her from my arms.

I can see the tears in her eyes.

“Hey Lexi. I’m your aunt Maria.”

I watch her with Lexi and it’s just amazing.

Michael is there too, staring intently at this little baby.

I can see the pride in his eyes.

It's like instinct.

They remind me of a family.

“Max, are you okay?”

“I’m fine Isabel.”

I pull her into a hug and let her cry.

“She’s beautiful Max.”

Her words are muffled but I manage to make them out.

“Thank you. But I can’t take the credit.”

She pulls back and I can see the shock in your eyes.

“What do you mean Max? She’s not yours?”

I shake my head no not being able to get the words out.

Because part of my wishes she was.

“How do you know?”

“It’s a long story. I think we should go back into town. I’m sure Lexi’s going to be needing food and diapers soon.”

I look around and notice Liz and Kyle aren’t there.


I don’t even need to finish the question because Isabel answers it for me.

“I think she went outside. Probably needed some air.”

I nod and look at her.

“I’ll be fine. Go.”

I must have looked reluctant because she added a more forceful “Go.”

“Alright, alright.”

I put my hands up in defeat.

And then I get up and head for the door.

Then I hear Michael, “She’s so cute. Look at her, I mean she’s…ugh. The little snot spit up on me.”


“Ow, Maria.”

I walk outside and see Liz standing on the cliff, just looking.

Kyle is standing next to her.

Neither of them seems to be saying anything.


It’s amazing how much emotion is in that word.

Love, hope, longing, fear, sorrow.


“Liz, please. I just…please.”

I look at her, pleading for her to just let me talk to her.

Tell her what she needs to know so she can have some semblance of closure.

She sighs and then turns to Kyle signaling him to leave.

And he does but not before he throws a glare at me.

Which I deserve.

She turns to look at me, expectantly.

Where do I start?

“She’s beautiful Max.”

Guess I don’t have to.

“I know.”

* Insert awkward silence *

“I, I, she’s not mine.”

I just blurt the words out.

But not in search of forgiveness.

To actually say that Lexi isn’t mine, is heartbreaking because in a matter of a second, I managed to fall head over heals in love.

But she isn’t mine.

I will never be the one she calls dad.

And I can’t help but wish she were mine.

“How? What? How?”

She blushes slightly before continuing.

“Whose is she?”

“Rath’s.” I manage to spit out.


“After I didn’t get her pregnant, if she went to Kivar, he would have known immediately she wasn’t pregnant. She was hoping to fool him.”





Not original but really, where do I go from here?

“Liz, I just wanted to tell you if you wanted to walk away, you should.”

Uh oh, I’m thinking judging by her reaction, I shouldn’t have said that.

She has this silent anger to her.

Her nostrils flare slightly and she gets this look in her eye.

Very scary.

“Max. Do you think I could really ever walk away from this?”

I guess not.

“But, do you really want to deal with FBI, skins, and (I can’t believe these words are coming out of my mouth) evil alien jellyfish.”

“That, umm, the gandarium was certainly interesting.”

“Liz, they were killer crystals. Killer crystals.” I add trying to get my point across.

“Yes, its like a bad sci-fi movie and next it’ll be freaky frogs and sinister starfish.”

“Liz Parker, are you mocking me?”



“I’m mocking your enemies.”

“Oh. Better them than me.”

Do you know what I just realized?

I am flirting with Liz Parker.

Okay, maybe flirting is exaggerating.

I’m talking to Liz Parker.

I am talking to Liz Parker.

Aren’t I supposed to be broody and moody and Angel-like?

Before we have a chance to continue to banter, the gang exits from the chamber.

“Max, we better head back into town. Lexi’s going to be needing a bottle soon.”

“Sure Maria.”

I look back over at Liz and start to head back to the jeep.



“Never walking away.”

Judging by the look in her eyes I know she means it.

“Good. Let’s go.”

Time to head home.

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sorry it took so long, thanks for all the bumps!!

* 14 *


What is it exactly?

It’s sorta like jello, all jigglely and wigglely and everything.

Or should I say it’s custard-like.

Or perhaps pudding?

I can’t eat chocolate pudding anymore.

Freshman year they gave us chocolate pudding and Mike Thomas decided to call it poop in a cup.


Just looking at it gives me the willies.


Right, time to tell the story.

They’re all staring intently at me.

It’s like they’re mentally undressing me.

Oh god, bad visual place.

“After Liz came to tell me that she suspected I was mindwarped, I went to the observatory. That’s where I got flashes that I was indeed mindwarped.”

“Why didn’t you tell us?”

Because Isabel, we all have our secrets.

Like my love for Buffy.

“Because I assumed it doesn’t have the power to magically make things better.”

“Fine. But I still would have liked to have known.”

I roll my eyes because I don’t feel like responding.

“And then I went to the pod chamber. The granolith and the crystal were still there…”

“So she didn’t leave.”


“You didn’t tell us there was a deranged murdering skanky ho gerbil running around. Of all the stupid things you are capable of, this, this, this tops it all. Were you trying to get us killed?”

That was obviously Maria.

I decide to ignore the obvious truth in her words.

Because it was icredby stupid not to do anything.

You know there's somethin wrong when you find youself marveling at your own stupidity.

But then Kyle decides to chim in.

“You’re a fucking idiot.”


“Don’t talk to him like that.”

“I can…”

“Face it Isabel, your brother isn’t the saint you think he is.”

“I’m not…”

“People make mistakes. It’s human nature.”

“Will you…”

“He’s not human.”


Kyle looks at me funny.

“Technically, neither are you.”

Hah, that shut him up.

“Can we get back to the story?”

Ah Liz. Always the peacemaker.

“Right. I was at the chamber and I touched the Granolith, and it did something. Tess put a barrier in my head, preventing me from breaking through her mind warp and it also allowed her to control me. When I touched the Granolith, it removed it.”

Liz’s eyes light up.

I can hear the wheels turning.

“So when you went off on all of us, it was her.”



“So that’s why I asked Isabel to call the meeting.”

“Yea, so you could tell us to act normal and keep an eye out.”

No, Michael, I would have told you to blast that bitch.

“And then at the pod chamber today, Tess was there.”

“But when we got there, she wasn’t.”

Wonderful deducing skills Michael.

“Yea, that’s because she gone now.”

“Max, what did you do to her?”

Isabel eyes me suspiciously.

Wouldn’t you like to know sister dear?

“I took her powers.”

It’s so silent I think I hear crickets.

Is it possible to hear crickets three o’clock in the afternoon?

“You took her powers.”


“How did you...”

“Can you even…”

“But is that…”


I bite my lip to keep from laughing.

This whole situation seems ridiculous for some reason.

I mean, I’m an alien king talking about taking powers away from my supposedly alien queen who gave birth to the child of my second in command.

Ok, maybe only I would see the humor in it.

“I think the granolith didn’t just take away the barrier, but also awakened a part of me. Unconsciously though.”

The look on everyone’s face: huh?

I try again: “It was like suddenly I remembered what I was capable of doing, power wise, but not at a conscious level. More instinctive.”

Now, their faces are more like: oh.

“Okay, so after you took her powers what did you do?”

“I sent her off to Kivar, so he could kill her.”

“You sent her off how?”


“How…nevermind. The granolith told you.”

“Yes, it speaks to me. Apparently has a fondness for things green and cheesy. Wants me to bring him moldy brie."

The rest of the group proceeds to openly gawk at me as I talk with Liz.

I feel offended.

I can be funny.

I’m a funny, funny guy.

I have layers.

I’m like, a thing with layers.

“But isn’t the granolith a one time deal.”

“First time around it needs a day to warm up, but after that, it just takes a couple seconds.”

“So you sent her off to Antar?”


“Why not kill her?”

“Because as much as I wanted to. I couldn’t. Not after…I just couldn’t.”

Liz looks at me and I know she knows I’m hiding something.

And that’s fine with me.

I’m glad she’s still able to read me like that.

“Max, what else is there?”

“Aren’t you suspicious as to why Tess bothered to get pregnant at all?”

“But you said it was to fool Kivar.”

“Yes, but he would have obviously figured it out. I’m thinking he’s not a complete idiot if he has the throne.”

“He could be an idiot, look at what he had to defeat.”

Well that was just uncalled for.


I find myself smiling knowing Maria hit him.

“Anyway, let’s just say after Tess didn’t get knocked up, Rath was pretty pissed.”

“How pissed was he?”

“Very. He, umm, he..”

“Just spit it out Evans.”

I glare at Kyle.

“Fine, he raped her.”



I run my hands through my hair and I try to figure out how to explain it all.

“Nicholas is much more powerful than me considering I had the barrier in my head. She could easily make me believe whatever she wanted me to. That’s why when I put my hand on her stomach, I believed I was connecting with my son. With Nicholas, she wouldn’t have been able to fool him.”

“So she needed to be pregnant.”

“Right, and Nicholas made Vonnie and Rath believe they were going to be able to go back to Antar.”

“So, Rath decided that since you didn’t get her pregnant, he would.”

“Yes. And even though she’s evil, she couldn’t kill her own child.”

“How do you know all this?”

I looked in the pudding. It has the proof.

“When I took away her powers, I connected with her.”


I look at Liz and notice despite everything, she seems to have something resembling a smile on her face.

A grim smile.

“What do we do now Max?"

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thanks everyone for the bumps.

I don't have a new part since my sister came home this weekend and decided to spend every waking moment with me.

And then I spent yesterday and last night defragmenting my computer.

It took 20 freaking hours.

But I started writing it today, so I thought I'd leave a small part of it with this note.

Very small part.

But, hey, it's something.

Hopefully I'll get the rest posted by Friday the latest.

* 15 *

I didn’t find my home until I stepped off the school bus and saw Liz.

And she was beautiful.

And she was everything.

I know you’re wondering why I’m telling you this.

That, and is Max Evans actually still capable of being soulful?

Well, I guess its true you can’t teach a old dog new tricks.
posted on 21-Feb-2002 11:14:27 PM by Suli
* 15 *

The earliest memories I have are of my nightmares.

My dreams that held my fear.

That I was always going to be alone.

I had Isabel, but it didn’t seem to be enough.

I wanted parents and a dog and friends.

I wanted a home.

I wanted to be loved.

Despite my differences.

My alienness.

Even after the Evans adopted me, it still didn’t feel like home.

It felt empty.

Mom gave me the toy house, telling me it could magically bring me to my home.

But it didn’t.

I didn’t find my home until I stepped off the school bus and saw Liz.

And she was beautiful.

And she was everything.

I know you’re wondering why I’m telling you this.

That, and is Max Evans actually still capable of being soulful?

Well, I guess its true you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

But I’m sitting here watching Liz feed Lexi and I can’t help but see her beauty.

The beauty that lies deep within.

That you see in her strength, kindness, fears.

And remember that where she is, is where I want to be.



She turns to me, and a stray hair falls in front of her face.

Since her hands are tied, I reach over and tuck it behind her ear.

I let my fingers linger for a moment, and then they drop.

“We’re going to have to figure out what to do with Lexi. Like who should raise her.”

She turns her head back to look at Lexi and I sit quietly.

She said ‘we.’


No you or I, but we.

No, this does not mean I’m going to stalk her until I she agrees to be my queen.

It just means I’m happy that there is no longer this division.

This ‘us’ vs ‘them’ mentality is gone.

Which is partially my fault.

Alright, all my fault.

But there’s no need to rehash the past.


“Oh right. Lexi. Parents.”

Liz gives me an odd look.


“Should I…”

I point to myself.

…raise her?

I can’t help but wonder.

I’m the reason she was brought into this world.

* Snort *


“Sorry. It’s just that you’re 17, can you really raise her? With school, work, and evil aliens out to get you?”

“So that crosses out all of us. There’s my parents.”

“Logical choice, but that would involve bringing them into this. Are you ready for that?”

In all honesty, no.

I’ve always wanted to tell them.

But the fear, of being rejected, it’s paralyzing.

To have the people that raise you fear you simply because your blood is green.

And your hands glow.

Hands that heal.

Hands that kill.

“I don’t think so. Not yet. Not with the threat of Kivar. It’s just to dangerous.”

“I understand. But I think you should tell them. One day. Eventually there will be no one left to fear. No more excuses that you have to keep them protected.”

I’m still amazed at how easily she can look through me.

Through the words.

Keeping my distance, pushing people away, it was never for selfless reasons.

I always did it so I wouldn’t feel the pain of being rejected.

I was selfish.

“So, who?”


The Sheriff?

Well, not the Sheriff, Jim.


It’s weird to say because in my eyes, he’s still the Sheriff.

I nod.

“It could work.”

“It’s the best idea for now.”

“Yea. He knows to be careful. And since he lost his job, I’m sure he has the time. And, I know he loved Tess and she hurt him. Maybe Lexi can help to heal him.”


Woah now, don't sound too enthused.

“Maybe I’m better off telling my parents.”

“Not yet Max. Not yet.”

She goes back to watching Lexi and I got back to watching her.

We sit in comfortable silence.

It isn’t deafening anymore.

Or painful.

“You do realize you have to talk to Kyle about it first.”

Damn it.

I nod and get up.

Oh Buddha.
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Roswelluver- Dont think Kyle's going to be too happy either with what I have planned but fear not. I love Kyle.
Anywoo its late and I'm bored so I thought I would bump *bounce*this. Sad I know.

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*Part 16 *

Come on Max.

You can do this.

You’ve faced the skins, the crystals, and the dupes.

This is just Kyle.

You could kick his ass.

And even without your powers.

I don’t think Liz would appreciate, but I’m willing to do it if necessary.

Go Max go.

Here I come.

Rah fucking Rah



Ok, that’s it.

He wants to see me beg.

Sorry, but not going to happen.

And then I see Lexi’s face flash in my mind.

Damn it.

“Kyle, it’s the only logical answer.”

“Tempting offer and all but no.”

Bastard wants to see me beg.

I mean on my hands and knees.

The guy can’t give me a break can he?

Not that I expect him to.

But I did heal him.

Even if I was partially the reason he got shot.

But now he has powers.

I think.

“Kyle, I know it doesn’t seem like the best idea. But what’s the harm in trying. Only for a couple days. If it doesn’t work, then we’ll come up with something else.”

“You don’t get it do you. Last time we took someone in as a favor to you, she ended up killing my friend.”

Oh, right.

“But uhh Kyle, she’s like a day old. She can’t even crawl.”

“But when she grows up?”

Lexi is the child of Rath and Tess.

I don’t think you could have a worse combination.

Unless of course they’re siblings which adds a whole never layer of ickiness to the situation.

But even though Rath and Tess are capable of murder, how do we know Lexi is?

If we give her a loving home maybe she won’t turn into a manipulative bitch.

“It’s a different situation. Tess grew up with Nasedo and Rath grew up in a tunnel. Neither of them knows what it means to be human.”

I think he’s thinking it over.

“You know you didn’t have to talk to me about this. You could have gone straight to my dad and he would have said yes.”

Max – 1, Kyle – 0

“I know. But you live there too. You deserve to have a say.”

“I guess this is something I’ll just have to come at peace with.”

“Okay. So I’ll just call your dad and see if he can come over.”

“He can’t.”

“Why not?”

“He went away for the weekend. Apparently he came across an opportunity he couldn’t pass up. He should be home tomorrow.”




Where did she come from?

Who cares because I love her.


“Isabel wants to talk to you.”

God bless you Isabel.

“Sure, so Kyle…”

“Yea whatever Evans. Let’s just say you owe me.”


And I didn’t even break a sweat.


I open the front door and see Iz sitting on the porch.

In Michael’s apartment there are only so many places you can go to talk privately.

The bedroom with Liz, the kitchen with Kyle.

“Hey Iz.”

“Hey Max.”

“What’s up?”

“Why can’t we tell them?”

She turned her face and I can see the tearstains.


“They could adopt her Max. They could take care of Lexi. They adopted us, people would believe it. Plus dad’s a lawyer, he could make false papers.”

“I know. You think I haven’t thought about it.”

“Then why can’t we? Everyone else has accepted us. These are our parents. Why wouldn’t they accept us?”

“But to tell them the truth now Isabel because we need a favor. Not because we trust them or love them but because we need something from them. I’m not going to put them in danger because of that.”

“They’re our parents Max. Our parents. That’s part of the deal. They do things for us. Take care of us. I’m sick of saying we can’t because ‘It’s to dangerous.’ When will is stop being dangerous? Tomorrow, a week, a decade? When?”

I don’t answer because I can’t.

I can’t lie about this.

“I’m tired of being a lie. Tired of being this person. I don’t even know who Isabel Evans is. I just want to tell them the truth. Because what if it ends up being too late? It always seems to end up being too late.”

I just listen because there’s nothing for me to say to make this better.

She’s talking about Alex now.

I think that’s her one regret. Not telling Alex how she felt.

“We held off telling Alex. And now he’s dead because of us. We can’t win can we? What if things don’t get better?”

I put my arms around her and let her cry.

Because that’s all I can do.


“Okay. Quick group meeting.”

We all managed to regroup in the living room we’re now watching Junkyard Wars.

“I’ve talked it over with Kyle and Valenti will take care of Lexi. But since he won’t be back until tomorrow we should just stay here and take care of her tonight. Michael and I will be here. Anyone else?”

“Me. I don’t trust you too alone with her.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence Isabel.”

“Count me in. Dad’s not here and I have nothing better to do.”

“Me too. Mom’s away at some conference to sell her alien goods.”


“Sure. Why not?”

“Okay. So that’s settled.”

For some reason I keep thinking slumber party.


“Anything by Paula Abdul. But my favorite is ‘Rush, Rush.’”

“Oohhh Keanu Reeves.”



“‘Brown Eyed Girl.’ Classic. Or ‘You Lost That Loving Feeling.’”

“Britney Spears. ‘I’m a Slave For You.’”

Liz prancing around with the little pink top. It’s too much.

“With the sound effects?”

Oh my God.

Not a good visual for my imaginative mind with other people around.

“Shut up Maria.”

“Madonna ‘Lucky Star.’ Or Debbie Gibson.”






“’Dancing Queen.’ Alright. I sing ‘Dancing Queen’ in the shower.”

Michael in the shower wearing a shower cap singing ‘Dancing Queen’ using the shampoo bottle as a microphone, oh god, it’s too much.


“Shut up Max.”

“Ohhh sing us a verse.”



“So what do you sing?”

He’s got that smug smirk on his face. Like he’s all ready to make fun of me.

“Fine Young Cannibals. ‘She Drives Me Crazy.’”

* Snort *


“Trust me. I can hear him. High falsetto and everything.”

I bet everyone was expecting Counting Crows or something.

I’m not depressing. At least not all the time.

I have happy moments.

They just tend to occur in the shower.

Well now that came out all sorts of bad.

“Okay, now favorite movie.”

“And then can we have a pillow fight and paint each other nails?”

“Shut up Michael.”

“Ow Maria!”

And they say violence isn’t the answer.

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Sorry this took so long. Life, it somehow managed to get in the way.

* Part 17a *

Woah, weird dream.

I think. I don’t remember.

Oh oww, my back.

I don’t think I was sleeping in the most comfortable position.

I didn’t even realize I could bend that way.

Filthy, get your head out of the gutter.

I slept on the couch.


I gaze around the room and notice everyone is still asleep.

Except Maria who I’m assuming is in the bedroom feeding Lexi.

I think it’s time for me to rebond with her.

* Knock knock *

I open the door a bit.


Maria looks up at me and motions me over to join her.

I plop down on the bed next to her and lean against the headboard.


“Morning Max.”

Okay, now what do I say to her.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s a start. You still have a long ways to go before you hit girlfriend status.”

“You want cookie dough ice cream?”

“You’re almost there.”

We laugh, and then we’re back to being quiet.

There’s something I want to ask her. Need to ask her, but I don’t know if I can.



“Can I ask you something?”


“I was wondering if you could tell me stories about Alex. The more I think about the more I realize how much I don’t know about him. He was in our group and he was my friend but I never took the time to get to know him. All I know was he loved music and computers. It’s just, could you tell me about him?”

I look at Maria and I see tears forming in her eyes.

I knew I shouldn’t have brought Alex up.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked.”

“No Max. I’m glad you did.”

She closes her eyes and I think she’s remembering the days when they were young and didn’t have a care in the world.

Back before aliens existed.

“It was in the second grade that the three of us became friends. Tom Wilkins used to pick on Alex for some reason. Probably because he was double Alex’s size. So during lunch one day Tom comes over to where Alex is sitting to steal his lunch. But it was like enough is enough you know? So I went over, despite Liz’s protests, and I told Tom off. And then I hit him.”

“You hit him?”

“Yup. Bam. Right in the stomach. The boy doubled over in pain and started to cry like a baby. Wuss. And then I asked Alex to come sit with me and Liz and the rest was history.”

I watch Maria get up and place Lexi in the makeshift crib we made using a wooden chair and alien powers.

She comes back over and joins me on the bed.

“Alex used to have the biggest crush on Liz.”


“Of course Liz only saw him as a brother. She was too busy crushing on you anyway.”

She gives me a pointed look and I have to smile at that.

“But then Alex came to his senses and realized that he only saw Liz as a sister. That and he was too busy staring at your sister to remember he liked Liz.”

I lose my smile remembering what Isabel lost.

“Alex was the one who taught me how to play the guitar. He…”

* Crash *

We look at each other before racing out of the room.


I’m staring at the broken lamp.

“Alright, who pissed Michael off?”

“I didn’t do it.”

“I did.”

“Liz, why would you piss Michael off?”

“I mean I broke the lamp.”

“Why, did Michael piss you off?”

“I had nothing to do with this.”

Coming from the man with the power to blast things.

“I think I have powers.”

“Oh. Umm, so did the lamp piss you off?”

“Ha. Ha. Ha. I was yawning and when I stretched my hand, I managed to blast the lamp.”

“Just like that.”



Should I say I’m sorry? But I have a feeling that will just piss Liz off. Probably not a good idea to piss her off. Especially now that she can blast things. This is my fault. I had to go and screw up her life and give her powers.

“Stop that Max.”

“Stop what?”

“Thinking I hate you for giving me powers. I like them.”



“Alright. So now what?”


“Ooo pancakes?”

I look over at Michael and realized that I don’t have the power to convince him to make him make us pancakes.

But Maria does.

I give her a look and nod in Michael’s direction.

Five minutes later Michael’s in the kitchen making pancakes.


We’re all lounging around Michael’s living room because we have nothing better to do.

Click. Click. Click.

“There’s nothing on TV.”

“It’s Sunday. When is there anything good on TV?”

“Any movies?”

“The same ones that were on last weekend. ‘Breakfast Club’, ‘When Harry Met Sally,’ etc., etc.”

“Put on ‘When Harry Met Sally’.”

“Sure Maria.”

We watch the movie for a little while. While it’s a good movie, Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan just seem like a weird match.

“Damn. We missed the orgasm scene.”

I raise my eyebrow at her.

“What? I like that scene.”

“Needed some pointers?”

“Shut up Kyle.”

She then slaps him upside the head.

“Oww. And they wonder why I’m so stupid.”

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* 17b *

It’s some time in the late afternoon.

Isabel and Kyle got us some food from the Crash for lunch.

We thought it would be best if we didn’t venture out with Lexi yet.

Which is why we bought the baby stuff from another town.

See, always thinking.

Kyle said his dad called and he should be dropping by soon.

He has news that concerns all of us.

Now why doesn’t that sound like a good thing?

“Max, you’re turn.”

* Pop *

One, two, three, four, five.

“You killed me. Again.”

Aww, poor Kyle.

I try to give him my sympathetic look as I place my peg in his spot.

“You’re looking for trouble, aren’t you Evans?”

He has that ridiculous look on his face.

The one that says ‘Ooo, I can pun.’

“Just go.”

He presses the bubble and moves his peg a whole one.

“This games sucks.”


I think so.

We both watch Liz take her turn.

One, two, three.

She looks at us with a smile on her face.

“I win.”

We both look at each other and then back at the board. When did she get ahead of us?

“I’m tired of Trouble. Let’s play Sorry. I kick ass at Sorry.”

“I bet you do Kyle.”

“Don’t believe me? Hey Guerin, where do you keep Sorry?”

“Same place I keep Trouble.”

“I’ll go get it.”

I watch Kyle get up and leave.

Bored, I continue to play Trouble by myself hitting the pop-o-matic until I get the number I want.

I’m a bit confused as to why Michael would have these games, Trouble, Sorry, Life, etc.

But I guess it’s better than watching the Making of the Band marathon.

“Here we go.”

Kyle plops down on the floor next to Liz and I and starts to take out the pieces when the doorbell rings.

“I’ll get it.”

I watch Michael throw his cards onto the table before he gets the door.

“Hello Michael.”

“Hey Valenti. Come on in.”

Michael moves over to let Valenti and who do I see follow him in.

Amy Deluca.

Suddenly, things don’t seem to be so boring.


“Oh. My. God.”

“Maria, it’s okay.”

“Mother, you ran off to Vegas and got married. MARRIED. How is it going to be okay?”


“I’ve heard worse news.”

The rest of us are pretty much silent.


We all look expectantly at the happy couple. Maria is right, ‘why?’ We knew they dated, it wasn’t a secret. But to suddenly run off and get married, it seems a bit out of character.

“Carpe diem.”

“So now what? We’re are we going to live?”

“We’re going to move into Amy’s house.”

It makes sense. Too many bad memories at their house. That’s where Alex died and Tess lived.

And as if on cue, Lexi starts to cry.


I rock Lexi back and forth trying to quiet her as I warm the formula using my powers.

Valenti looks at me expectantly.

“Tess’ child.”

“I see.”

“And Rath’s”

“Oh. And Tess?”

“Dead I presume. Sent her to Kivar using the granolith.”

“We’re going to have to tell Amy the truth if Lexi is going to stay with us.”

I look at Valenti and realize he is what I strive to be. A good man.

“Thank you.”


“My daughter is dating an alien!”

“Mom, I know this must be difficult.”

“Difficult? Oh no, opening a pickle jar is difficult. This, this, I don’t know what this is.”

“Mrs. DeLuca, I just want you to know that I will protect Maria.”

“You bet your ass you’ll protect my daughter. (Pause) Protect her from what?!”

“Well, uhh, Max, help me out.”

“From, well, the bad aliens.”

“I swear Michael Guerin if you get my daughter killed, I will kill you with my own bare hands.”


“Nah, uh. Don’t you mom me young lady. You don’t have the right to mom me. I just find out my daughter is dating an alien, and wants me be the mother of an alien baby, sorry, but no, you don’t get to mom me.”

“Do you have any other questions?”

“No, but be a good alien king and get me a beer.”

I can’t help but raise my eyebrow at that.

She sighs aspirated, “Apple juice, milk, vodka, I don’t care.”

I nod and head to the kitchen just happy to get out of the room.

I can still hear the conversation.

“And you, you knew about this and didn’t tell me.”

Don’t say it was to protect her.

It’s not the best response to give. I should know. It’s been my favorite.

Top five excuses I’ve given as to why Liz and I shouldn’t be together:

5. I’m alien. She’s human.

4. Liz could get hurt.

3. It’s too dangerous.

2. She would never have a normal life.

Drum roll please.

And the number one reason why Liz and I shouldn’t be together…She would be safer if we weren’t.

God, I seriously needed to get a clue.

“I just wanted to protect you.”

Oooh, bad move.

“I am quite capable of protecting myself Jim. I can’t believe you let me marry you without telling me the truth.”

“I wanted to but it’s not my secret to tell.”

“It’s a part of your life Jim. As your wife I’m a part of your life too now. I just didn’t want it to begin like this.”

“I know. When we go home I’ll tell you everything.”

“Home. I like that.”

Well it looks like those to crazy kids got everything settled.

I open the fridge and grab a bottle of Snapple.

Assuming Amy won’t be needing a drink anymore I decide to grab the Tabasco.

I pour a good helping in and shake it up.

I go to take a sip but Mrs. Deluca grabs the bottle from my hand and takes a sip of it before I can stop her.


“Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“My mouth.”

She fans her mouth with her hand in an attempt to stop the burning.

“Mom, what’s wrong?”

I glance at Amy and realize she’s a bit preoccupied to answer.

“She took a sip. Of my drink.”

“Oh. I see mom. I guess it’s a good time to tell you about their dietary quirk. Tabasco with everything.”

Amy’s eyes start to water and I wave my hand over her mouth.

“My tongue. It’s got its sensations back.”

She looks at me questioningly.

“Alien powers. Come in handy.”

“No wonder Maria kept Michael around.”


“Maria, I think that’s my hey. Hey.”

“Oh calm down. I was just kidding. Now say goodbye to Michael because we can go home.”


I decide to leave the kitchen so they could be alone.

I really don’t need the visual of those two.

“Oh my god! Get your hand away from there. Maria, car. Now.”


It’s pretty quiet now that the Valentis left.

“We should go. Mom and dad are expecting us for dinner.”

I nod and get up.

“Coming Liz? I can drop you off.”


“Oh, you and Michael should get together. You know, to practice blowing things up.”

“Yea, learn how make the rocks fear you.”

She gives Michael a weird look before agreeing.

“I’m off Wednesday. You are too, right?”

“Yea. I’ll pick you up.”

“Okay. See you tomorrow. Bye Michael.”

It looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


I pull the jeep up in front of the Crash.

Our parents got us a new one after I killed Bob.

Sigh I miss him.

“Bye Liz.”

“Bye Max, Isabel.”

I watch her get out of the car and walk to the front door.

I know there is a lot of stuff we need to talk about, and I want nothing more than to climb up the ladder onto her balcony, but it’s not time yet.

But eventually we’ll have to get it all out in the open.

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* Part 18 *

’You mindwarped me for two months while I decoded that silly book for you and now there's nothing left for you to mindwarp. You destroyed my mind! How could you do this to me?’

‘Kyle get out!’

‘What's going on?’

‘Kyle go!’

‘I have nothing, I might as well be dead.’

‘Hey just calm down!’

‘He's right okay. Calm down! Just calm down!’

‘No, you can't mindwarp me. NO!!!’

And then I wake up gasping for breath.

It’s the same dream I have every night since I connected with Tess.

At first, I couldn’t remember, but now it’s clear as day.

I’m reliving Alex dying.

But, there’s this thing.

Alex face blacks out for a split second before he collapses.

It could be nothing, but then again it could be something.

I want to tell them but I’m afraid I’ll get their hopes up and it ends up being nothing.

I think Tess’s memories could help us. I’ll have to sift through them later.

Isn’t my life a big ball of weird?



“No way in hell.”

“That would be a big fucking no.”

“Kyle! Little baby in the room.”

I don’t even bother looking at Liz.

“Alright. Sorry I asked. I’ll do it.”

I get up and make my way to Tess’ room.

I can understand why no one wants to be in this room.

I quickly pack begin throwing her clothes into a box.

We decided to give her stuff away to charity.

There’s going to be a well dressed whore somewhere out there.


I mean, some poor soul will now have clothing on her back.

There’s not much in the room.

In a matter of moment I’m done.

We weren’t going to touch the room, but then we thought she might have hidden something important. But, nada.

I lug the first two boxes out into the living room.

I gaze around to the room and see everyone relaxing and chatting away.


I go back in the room and pick up the last box. I precede the carry it into the room and plop it down with as much noise as possible.

* Thud *


No one bothers to look up or even bother to offer me some pity.

Fine. I give up.

“Is that it?”

“Yea. Two boxes clothes and one box of everything else.”

“But she seemed to have a lot of clothes.”

True Maria.

“I’m thinking…”

I proceed to turn my black shirt green and then black again.



“But still, it’s much more fun buying things.”

“I’m sure it is Isabel. But I don’t think the coral of cows that you killed feel the same way.”

“Ha ha Max. And the cow you ate yesterday for lunch?”

“I did it to survive. Not so I could be picked Busty Biker Babe of the Year.”

If eyes could kill, I’d be dead.

“So you’re familiar with the magazine?”

I can feel my eyes turning red as I remember the girl on the cover.

“I found a bunch under the bed. I’m guessing yours Kyle?”

Unless Tess…

Oh dear god. The images. My brain. My poor brain.


“Where do you want this box Mrs. DeLuca?”

“It’s Amy, and over there.”

I place the box down to where she pointed and wipe my brow.

“Thirsty? Want some lemonade?”

“Sure. Thanks”

I watch her pour me a glass and shake some Tabasco sauce into it.

I take the glass from her hand and take a sip.

“You have Tabasco sauce?”

“Maria always keeps it around for Michael.”


“Max, I was wondering if we could talk for a bit.”


We both take a seat at the table.

“After we got home Jim, Maria, and Kyle were able to fill me in on things. And since I agreed to care for Lexi, I was wondering if you would mind answering some questions.”

“No. Not at all.”

“Okay then. These evil aliens. Are they around?”

“Last time we saw them Tess killed them. Which makes no sense because they were Tess’ allies. So I’m going with, I don’t know.”

“Okay. Their leader, Kinky– “


“Khivar, where is he?”

Okay, I can’t lie especially considering I plan on telling everyone tomorrow at the meeting. But I can’t tell the truth either.

“Umm… Antar but I think he may be coming to Earth.”


“Because I sent Tess to him. Half dead and with no powers.”

“And after you defeat this Khivar, do you plan on going back to your planet?”

“I don’t know.”

I don’t think I can answer that. To make that decision. I don’t know if I’m ready to leave this life I made for myself. Things are better.

“Oh. Ok. Liz and Kyle have powers?”

“Liz yes. But Kyle hasn’t shown any yet.”

“They were shot and you healed them. Hence they got powers. Correct?”


“So Maria is power free?”


“So how does she contribute?”

“She provides and drives the getaway car.”

“I see. So it is likely that my daughter is in danger considering you don’t know shit?”



“She dies. You die.”

I watch her get up and leave.

I think I’m more frightened of her than of an evil warlord from a distant planet who already succeeded in killing me.


“Thanks for the ride home Max.”

“No problem.”

I watch her get out of the car. But then she turns around.

“Max, do you think you could stay? I mean, meet me up on my balcony. I think it’s time we talked.”

“Sure Liz.”

I park the car and make my way over to the ladder. I climb up and hop over onto the balcony.

I look around. It’s been so long since I’ve been up her.

I take a seat on one of the lounge chairs and fiddle with the pen on the table.

Suddenly I’m hit with a flash of her writing in her journal with this pen.

Max has always had a hold on my heart. But now I wonder, did I ever have a hold on his?

It’s painful to think that Liz thought I didn’t love her. That my actions made her think that. I can’t believe how far we let this go.


I turn around to discover Liz standing there.


I nod to the other chair and watch Liz talk a sit.

“I – “

“Liz – “

We laugh nervously as we try to clear our heads.

“You go first.”




Then the truth was revealed. Future Me. Granolith. Serena. Elvis Chapel. Cemented. End of the world. Married. Isabel dying. Michael dying. Set up. Fourteen years.

I don’t want to die for you.

Lies. All lies.


“I– , I mean he, we? Fucking bastard.”

Liz stared at me clearly startled.

“I mean why in God’s name would I do that?”

“He was desperate Max. Isabel and Michael were dead. He thought this was the only way.”

“Thought. I’m glad he was so certain.”

I don’t think that was the right thing to say because I can clearly see the anger in Liz’s eyes.

“He tried to make your life better Max. Don’t you fucking get it?! He tried to make sure you would live. That your enemies wouldn’t take over the planet.”

Well, I now know my level of intelligence does not increase.

She looks so defeated. And tired.

“God, this is so frustrating. I can’t believe him, me for making you go through with it. He should have found a better way. Because, is this timeline really better than the last?”

Oh god, I think I see tears forming in Liz’s eyes.

“I don’t know Max. We had happiness. And then what? The enemies came and we lost Max. We lost. He wouldn’t let that happen again.”

If Liz changed the future then…


“He was at our wedding.”

Oh god.

The enormity of the situation is finally sinking in.

“I hated you after that night. For asking me to do that. For asking me to give you up.”

“Then why did you do it?”

“Because it was you.”

I save Liz because it was her. And she kills herself because it was me.

“Will things ever heal between us?”

“I don’t know Max. I don’t know. Sometimes I think the pain runs too deep.”

“Even now knowing the truth?”

“That you didn’t sleep with Tess? And you were under her power? Yes.”

“Because even though I wasn’t in control, it was me.”

I don’t even bother asking as if it’s a question because I know it’s true.


“Sometimes I wonder Liz, what’s worse, seeing you in bed with Kyle, or believing it. But it’s believing it. We let it get so bad that I actually believed that you would do something like that.”

“We weren’t together.”

“No, no we weren’t. But that doesn’t make it any better, does it?”


“How do we make this better?”

“Starting with the truth. It got this bad because we lied to each other. It’s time the lies stop Max.”

“So, what’s the truth Liz?”

“I would die for you Max.”

The words hang in the air as I soak them in.

“I love you Liz. No questions or expectations. I’m just saying the truth and that’s I love you.”

I can feel Liz place her hand over my own.

“I love you too Max.”

We take in the moment and let ourselves start to heal.

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* Part 19a *

* Knock knock. *

“Go away.”

* Knock knock. *

You’ve got to be freaking kidding me.

I open the window and step aside.


I rub my eyes thinking I’m looking at the wrong person.

“Hey Max. Mind if I crash here?”


I stumble my way back to the bed.

I can feel myself drifting back to sleep.

“Where’s my sleeping bag?”

I lean over and pull it out from under my bed. I use as much strength as I can muster at the moment and throw it at him, aiming at his face.


“Shut up.”

I’m just about to enter lala land when it hits me.

“Michael why the fuck are you here?”

“Maria kicked me out.”

“Out of your own place? Your own place?”

I find this hilarious and proceed to laugh my ass off.

“Shut up.”

All of a sudden I hear my door swing open.

“That’s right. Shut. Up.

Isabel is not a pretty site when she’s pissed.

“Yes ma’am.”

I wait for her to leave before I start talking again.

“What did you do to piss her off?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know? What you were just sitting there and she decided to kick you out?”

“No. If you must know we were making out. And then all of a sudden I’m being pulled to the door by my ear.”

“You’re a dumbass.”

“Bite me.”

Thinking the conversation is over I roll over and try to fall back asleep.

* Ring *

Okay. What the hell did I do to piss of the god of sleep?


“Max give it to Michael.”

I stretch my arm out to hand Michael the receiver.

“Hello. Okay. Bye. Love you too.”

He gives me back the phone and rolls up the sleeping bag.

“See ya.”

I pinch myself on the arm.

Okay, so it wasn’t a dream.


”Won't you ever set me free, this waiting round is killing me

She drives me crazy

Ooh Ooh

Like no one else

Ooh Ooh

She drives me crazy, I can't help myself”

* Bang bang bang *

“Get out of the shower Max.”

But, I’m not even up to the second verse.

“Give me a minute.”

I finish lathering and rinsing.

Looks like I’ll have to save repeating for another day.

I step out of the shower and dry myself off. I wrap the towel around my waist and open the door only to have Isabel brush by me almost knocking me over before slamming the door.

“Your welcome!”

I don’t know what I bother.

I proceed to sing the song in my head as I make my way to my bedroom.

I can't get any rest, people say I'm obsessed

I walk and open up my drawer to pull out a pair of boxers.

“Hey now. Woo baby. Take it off. Take it off.”

“Maria?! What are you doing here?”

I clutch my towel tightly to keep it from falling off.

“Hmm. Liz was right. Those are nice arms.”

“Maria, I asked you –, Liz said my arms are nice?”

Maria starts laughing at me and I can feel my ears turn red.

“You’re too cute Max. Now go put some clothes on. I’m here for some girlfriend bonding.”

“Yes sir.”

I give a salute and grab some clothes before I wake out the door.

I hear Maria mutter something before I leave.

“Break me off a piece of that.”

“What did you say?”

She smiles a little to sweetly, “Nothing.”


I follow Maria down the stairs into the kitchen.

“Morning mom.”

“Hi Mrs. Evans.”

“Morning kids.”

She eyes Maria carefully. Hmm, I don’t think I locked the window after Michael left.

“Are you guys hungry?”

I discreetly violently shake my head no to Maria. I think I smell frittatas.

“Don’t you worry about us Mrs. Evans. Why don’t you go relax and watch The View. Max and I can take care of ourselves.”

“If you’re sure.”

I shake my head yes. “Very sure.”

“Alright. I’ll be in the den.”

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

“You welcome. Now be a good king and get two bowls and spoons.”

“Sure. What are we eating?”

“Ice Cream. Ooo, you got cookie dough. And pistachio.” She crinkles her nose. “Who would willingly eat pistachio?”


I give her my wounded puppy dog face despite the fact her back is still turned to me.

“Max, that face doesn’t work on me.” She shuts the freezer door and makes her way over to me.

“We can’t eat ice cream for breakfast.”

“Oh, stop being such a goody two shows. We’re bonding and ice cream is a necessity.”

“But I enjoy eating breakfast at breakfast.”

“Ice cream can be eaten for breakfast.”

“Technically yes. But you can’t categorize ice cream as a breakfast food.”

She rolls her eyes.

“Fine. So what do you want?”

I consider the choices before making a decision.


“You do realize I’m not Michael.”

“We have frozen.”


I watch her take the waffles out of the freezer.

“Do I look like your mother?”

Is this a trick question?


“Right. So help me out here.”

“Yes ma’am.”


“So what happened with Liz?”

“What makes you think something happened with Liz?”

“You have the after morning glow.”

“I could say the same to you.”

“Ha. Ha. Ha. Seriously. You have the I-saw-Liz-and-now-I-can’t-stop-thinking-about-her look on you face.”

“We talked.”


I take a bite of my waffles and ice cream trying to stall.

“You will eventually have to swallow.”

“Schez schow?”

“Common sense. You chew, you swallow. And then you answer my question.”

There’s no denying the inevitable. So I swallow.

“Tess. We talked about Tess.”


“What makes you think there’s more?”

“I’m Maria. And Maria knows all.”

“That’s good. Talk about yourself in third person. Because that’s healthy.”


“Future Me.”

“Woo hoo! Finally she tells you.”

“So I’m guessing you know.”

“Of course. I am her best friend.” Maria huffs indignantly.

“I still can’t get over it. Me fourteen years from now. It’s just…”

“Oh so very alien.”


“So now what?”


“You and Liz. Are you going to get back together?”

“I think you’re getting a little ahead of yourself. We finally talked about this stuff. I think it’ll be a while before we’re there. If we’re ever there.”

“But you’re Max and Liz. You have to get there.”

Max and Liz. I remember I would say that and think how perfectly it would roll of my tongue.

Max and Liz. Two words never fit so completely together.

Max and Liz. Something I’m not even sure exists anymore.

“Let’s just keep our fingers crossed for now.”

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“That’ll be a dollar.”

I hand over my dollar and take the two pretzels from the vendor’s hand.


I hand one over to Maria and take a bite out of mine.

“I never knew there was a pretzel vendor before.”

“I think it’s new.”

“Explains the lack of alien décor. Looks like a normal pretzel stand. Even calls it a pretzel stand. Not something like Pretzel Planet.”

“They’ll get to him eventually. In the end, they all succumb to the alien theme.”


I plop down on the park bench and Maria takes a seat next to me.

So uses her finger to turn my face towards her face.

“So, do you want to tell me what you couldn’t tell me at your house?”

“I think I know something. A good something. But I’m afraid if I tell everyone they’ll get their hopes up on to be let down because I was wrong.”

“And this good something is…?”

She looks at me expectantly and all I can give her is a weak smile.

“Alex might be alive.”


* Cough cough cough *

I start pounding on Maria’s back.

“Don’t pull a George Dubya on me Maria. Swallow, swallow.”

She manages to swallow the piece of pretzel she was choking on before glaring at me.

“Swallow. The man with alien abilities tells me to swallow. You suck at this under pressure thing.”

“Sorry. I panicked.”

“I can tell.”

I watch her carefully. Waiting for my news to sink in.

“Why, why do you think Alex might be alive?”

“Remember how I told you when I took Tess’ powers I connected with her?”


“Well, I got her memories when I did that.”

“You mindraped her?”

“No! I mean no. I mean…”

I couldn’t have mindraped her. Because that’s something Nicholas or Tess would do and I’m not like that.

Or am I?

“Even if you did Max, that was to protect yourself. To protect all of us. If you didn’t we would be in the dark.”

I know she’s trying to make me feel better, but to do something so horrific, even to your enemy, isn’t something that can be easily made better.

“I guess. But I keep having these recurring nightmares. Of Alex dying. And for a second, before he does, he’s face turns black.”

“You think Alex is alive because of a nightmare you have where his face turns black.”


“Okay. Just so we’re clear. So what does the black mean?”

“I think it’s trying to tell me that it wasn’t Alex.”

“I see you’re dilemma. Because the evidence is so flimsy, you don’t want to tell Liz or Isabel.”

“Because his death was hard enough, and for me to tell them that he may be alive only to find out he’s not. Well, it can’t be a good thing.”

“I suppose not.”

We sit and ponder this dilemma.

She shrugs her shoulders and I can relate. So I decide to decide what to do later.

Because there’s more important things to tend to.

“So Maria, what did Michael do to get kicked out?”

“He’s an ass.”

“Amen sista.”

Maria stares at me before bursting out into laughter.

“What? What?”

“Amen sista? Next it’ll be ‘you go girl’.”

“I’ve tried but I can’t get the hand thing right.” I deadpan.

She stares at me before looking at my hand.

“Eat your pretzel.”


We make our way back into town settling on going to the Crash to meet up with Liz and Michael.

I can practically smell the space fries from across the street.

“Come on Max.”

Maria tugs my arm. Guess she’s hungry too.

We walk across the street when I realize that Maria stopped walking.

“Uh, Maria?”

“Alex is alive.”

She says it like she had some sort of revelation.

“I know.”

“No you don’t. Alex. Is. Alive.”

“Maria. Cars. Coming. Towards. Us.”

“I think I’m going to faint.”

“No you’re not. Because that would be bad.”

I grab her hand and drag her across the street. She then proceeds to collapse onto the sidewalk.

“I miss him.”

I sit down next to her.

“I know.”

“What if he has amnesia and has no clue who I am. Or what if he went to the dark side.”

“I think you watch too much TV.”

“I’m serious.”

“So am I.”

“I think we should tell them.”

“You do?”

“Yea. Because I think you’re right. It wasn’t time for Alex to die.”


We sit there on the sidewalk together.

“So, space fries?”

“Only if you’re paying.”

“Hey, I paid for the pretzels.”

“Fine, your highness.” Maria bows to me as she says it.

“Ha. Ha.”


“Where’s Sean?”

Maria looks up from her milkshake. “Huh?”

“Sean. Where did he go?”

“California. Got bored here. He left a couple weeks ago.”


“Why, you miss him?”

“Greatly, but I think my life will go on. With time of course.”

She just shakes her head and continues eating.

“I wonder how it’s going.”

“I’m sure they didn’t kill eat other.”

“Hope not. I’d appreciate having my spaceboy unharmed.”

The bell rings and I watch Liz and Michael come in.

“He looks fine to me.”

Michael sits down next to Maria and gives her a kiss.

“Hey Max.”

I scoot over to give her some room.

“Hey Liz.”

“Soooooo. How did it go?”


“Good. That’s all your going to give us? Good?”

“Maria. We’ll tell you the rest later. In private.”

“Fine.” Maria pouts her lips in hopes of making Michael give in.

“Maria. Later.”

“You suck.”

Michael goes to grab a fry only to have his hand swapped away by Maria.

“No info, no fry.”

She turns her head back to face us and I see Michael put on his annoyed face.

And then he does something I didn’t even know he knew how to do.

He sticks his tongue out at Maria.

I look at Liz, who is sitting there smiling.

“So, you okay?”

She turns towards me and nods. “Feeling a little strange, but okay.”

“Good. Fry?”


I watch her munch on her fries while Michael and Maria bicker in the back round.

“So, you want to tell me wants wrong?”

“Nothings wrong.”

Liz narrows her eyes at me. “Max.”

“I’ll tell you at the meeting.”

“It’s good right?” She looks at me with hopeful eyes.

“Yea, it’s good.”


The purpose of the meeting was three fold.

First, to discuss Liz’s potential power.

“I suck.”

“You don’t suck.”

“Yes I do. Watch.”

She shoots a blast at me.


I rub my arm even though it barely hurt.

“It was like you poked me.”

“Exactly. The extent of the strength of my powers.”


“So see, I suck.”

“Maybe power blasting it more of a male thing.”

I look over at Michael in hopes he can say something good.

He shrugs his shoulders. “She has good aim.”

“Yay, go me. I can poke Khivar to death.”

Secondly, to discuss the arrival of Khivar.

”I can’t believe you would keep this from us Maxwell.”

When you’re sitting and Michael’s standing, he can be quite intimidating.

But then I picture him singing “Dancing Queen.”

His eyes narrow. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing.” I put my hands up defensively.

I'm starting to suspect Michael thinks he's capable of shooting death rays.

“So Max, when did you find out?”

Ah Liz, always the peacemaker.


“Why didn’t you tell us sooner?”

“Because yesterday was moving day.”

They all give me that look.

The moving-can-wait-if-it-means-we-won’t-die look.

“And he won’t be here until the weekend.”

“What! Maxwell it is your duty to keep us update with when our enemies are coming. So we won’t, you know, die.”

Aww, I think Michael’s got his panties in a bunch.

Oh, bad mental picture.

“Which is why I had you work with Liz today. And tomorrow and Friday we will also practice our powers.”

“You don’t see Khivar as a threat, do you?”

I look at Liz and shake my head no.

“The hero always wins.”

“You’re wrong. The underdog wins.”

I eye Kyle suspiciously.

“And you’re the underdog?”


“Oh so, you’re Pokey to my Gumby?”

“Max honey, if I’m going to be poking into anything, it won’t be you’re gumby, that’s for sure. Anyway, I was thinking more like Robin to your Batman.”

I ignore his poke (no pun intended) and the snickering behind me and focus on Kyle prancing around in those red tights. Hmm, maybe I should by him a cape too?

“You’re gay then?”

“Hey, Robin is not gay.”

I raise my eyebrows at him.

“Okay, maybe a little.”

And thirdly, because that’s a word, to discuss the possibility that Alex might be alive.

”But…he…and I…and then…Alex?”

I nod my head at Liz.

“So who do you think ‘died’ then?”

“I don’t know. I think someone was either mindwarping Tess or pretending to be Alex.”


I nod.

I watch Liz’s face to see her reaction. She’s hopeful and yet hesitant.

She’s afraid to believe in fear of it not being true.

Kyle looks thoughtful for a moment before opening his mouth.

“I think you should try to look through Tess’ memories some more. Maybe Isabel can help you.”

I look at Isabel and the last thing I want her to see is Alex dying.

“Yea, maybe.”

Liz places her hand on mine.

“We’ll get to the bottom of this.”

I smile because she said ‘we.’ Always a good sign.

“I know we will.”


I pull the jeep up to the front of the car and go to hop out be Isabel stops me.

“Can we talk?”


I figured she would want to discuss Alex with me.

“I want to go to Antar.”

Okay, this, I was not expecting.


“Antar. I want to go in your place. After we beat Khivar, someone is going to have to go to Antar Max. Our people need us, and I want to be the one to go.”


“I can’t explain it. I think it’s why Vilandra betrayed Zan. She wanted to be queen. I know I’m not her, but she’s a part of me Max. I can’t ignore what she did. And maybe this way, I can redeem all the shit she caused.”

“So, why don’t we both go?”

“Because you have a place here Max, I don’t.” She puts her hand up to keep me from interrupting. “You have Liz. While you may or may not get together, you need her and she needs you. Just like Michael and Maria and Lexi need you.”

“They need you too.”

“But our people need me more. I know you don’t want to go. You never did Max. And if you went, you would only spend your time wishing you were here. I can do this Max. I want to do this.” She pauses, “for Alex.”

“Okay, but if you change your mind…”

“I won’t.”

“But if you do, tell me.”



We sit in the car for a moment.

“This means that we have to tell Mom and Dad, huh?”

“I guess so.”

“After Khivar.”


“Max, promise me one thing.”


“No Counting Crows tonight. I’m depressed enough.”

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