Title: My One

Summary: Well after watching The One, I was thinking about how I haven’t written a story in a while, and need to brush up on my writing skills, even though I know I suck. Well anyway, I’m going to write kind of an adaptation of The One. If anyone has seen it, then I disclaim everything that seems like too much of a coincidence…kay?

Category: Alternative Universe. Max and Liz.

Rating: TV-14 to NC-17 I guess. I kind of suck a nookie though. I tried to write it in my story, Mad About You, but didn’t get many replies on it, so I assumed it was bad.

Author’s Note: I talked too much already, but uh, let’s see. My name on the old board was MaxsLuvSlave, so you guys who don’t recognize this name, it’s cool. I’m a Dreamerholic and if you have any replies or anything about the story, just email me at MovieBuff121⊕aol.com. No hate mail and no porn solicitations, that’s all I ask. Cause I’ll report your ass faster than Liz forgave Max.

Kay, I guess that’s it. On with the show…

Oh Wait!! I forgot to add the summary… ::irritated sighs heard from the audience:: sorry sorry, it’ll be short I promise.

Summary: Zan is an evil dude. He travels across different dimensions, killing different versions of himself. Every time he kills himself, the wasted energy is divided among the survivors. So when he has only one more version of himself to kill (that would be Max), he finally meets his match. That was my adaptation from the movie. My contribution is where Liz comes in. Katrina (Liz in Zan’s dimension) betrayed Zan for some dumbass named Khivar (that would be Sean in Max’s dimension). So Zan vows to exact revenge on Katrina in every dimension in a different way.

By the way, Max and Liz are engaged.


“Zandau Kent, you have been charged with one hundred and twenty-three acts of first degree murder, along with one hundred and twenty-three acts of unauthorized, illegal travel across the dimensions. You are hereby sentenced to spend the rest of eternity on the Hades Penal Dimension. You may make one final statement.”

Zan stared at the man who called himself a President. Smirking slightly, he said, “First of all, call me Zan. None of you have proved that I have done anything wrong. How can I kill myself? The other versions of myself on different dimensions are just wasted energy. It’s sloppy. I just try to clean it up. Soon, I will become the one. There has never been anyone as fast or as strong as me. And you will regret every crossing me.” He finished his speech, glaring at everyone in the room.

The man glared at him, and nodded slightly at an officer, cueing him to start the machine. “Are you ready Zandau?” he asked, stressing the name. Zan smiled. “Are you?” he shot back. Suddenly, there was a loud explosion, shattering the glass and knocking everyone off their feet. Zan pulled the restraints off of himself, and leapt off the chair to face the machine that controlled his destination. He changed the coordinates, and minimized the time window to thirty seconds. Jumping back in the chair, he closed his eyes tightly as the machine sucked him into another dimension. ‘Max Evans, here I come,’ he thought. ‘And maybe if I find that bitch, I’ll make her pay for betraying me…again and again.’

**On Antarian Dimension (where Max and Liz live)**

“Honey, have you seen my Biology textbook?” Liz asked as she hopped on one foot to get her shoe on. Max still lay in the bed with his head propped by the palm of his hand, watching her intently. He grinned at her when she finally flopped on the floor to pull her shoe on. “Come on Max,” she panted, “where’s my book? I’m going to be late for class.”

Max motioned for Liz to come over to the bed. She rolled her eyes playfully and jumped over to where he was. “Oomph,” he groaned as her sudden weight pushed him back onto the bed. “Max,” she teased, straddling him. “Come on, baby,” she nipped at his earlobe, “tell me-” she licked the hollow of his throat, “where my book is.”

Max easily maneuvered them so he was on top, and positioned himself between her legs. He pinned her arms over her head so she was exposed to him every way. “The book,” he whispered, as he sucked the sensitive spot on her throat, “is in,” he used one of his large hands to hold her wrists and the other to push under her shirt and cup her breast, “your book bag,” he finished as he pinched her nipples and covered her mouth with his.

He gently pushed her tongue in her mouth, massaging every crevice and recess before pulling out to lick her lip. Liz whimpered and arched against him. “No,” she murmured, and Max pulled away. “I have to go to class,” she said reluctantly, and pushed at Max’s shoulders to get up.

Max whined, but sat up anyway. “What time do you finish at the lab?” he asked, anxious to spend time with her. “Not until nine tonight,” she said, fixing her bra and hair. “Aww, I was hoping we could have dinner tonight, together?” Max complained. “What time do you finish at the department,” Liz asked. “Six,” Max told her, distractedly licking his lips at the though of just taking her back to bed. Liz crawled into his lap and ran her fingers through his hair. “I’ll tell you what. Stop by the lab around seven or eight, and we can order in,” she whispered against his lips. Her hand snaked down to his pants and she cupped him gently, licking her lips. She leaned in perilously close, as if to kiss him, but then grinned and hopped of the bed.

“See you then babe,” she called as she blew a kiss at him, still standing erect (hehe) and panting for her.

As she headed out to her car, a black, worn jeep (Max has the Cheville), she didn’t notice a pair of dark eyes watching her maliciously from a distance, and pulling out to follow her to the lab.


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