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Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 37

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: PG-13

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!


Watching her walk back from the rest room, Max did his best to hide the worry lines creasing his brow. She looked pale, and she’d definitely lost weight in the months since their wedding. The white shirt she wore over dark blue jeans hung on her frame where before it would have hugged her curves and showed her beauty.

“You ok?” He queried as she took up a seat beside him in the hospital waiting room.
“Yeah.” She responded, feigning a weak smile.
“You sure Liz, you dashed off to the rest room pretty quickly.” Max said, lifting a finger to trace the dark circles under her tired eyes.
“Really I’m ok Max. I think that prawn salad I ate at lunch time really didn’t agree with me.” She confided, rubbing her stomach with her hand in an attempt to settle it. Normally she avoided seafood like the plague, it always seemed to upset her stomach, but the salad had looked so enticing.

“We can get someone to look at you if you want to, we are in a hospital after all? I want to make sure you’re ok Liz.” He suggested, the worry in his eyes returning as he placed a gentle hand on her leg.
“I’m fine Max, I feel much better now. Please don’t worry about me.” She encouraged, wrapping her arms around his neck to alleviate his fears.

“You look tired babe, you’re working too hard.” Max finally said planting a kiss on her forehead.
“Let’s not discuss this here please.” She challenged, not in the mood to fend off more of Max’s concern. He was sweet and kind, but this subject had been rehashed between them more times that she cared to remember over the last few months.

Max was convinced she was working too hard, always tired and drained of energy. Which she was, and she certainly was putting in many hours at the office she couldn’t deny that. The lack of Maria was hard, finding a replacement for six months maternity leave had proved difficult, hence leaving Liz on her own for much of the time. Jim also seemed to want her involved in any and every project undergoing at Amber Inn at that moment, but heavens knew why. Many of them she could barely give any input, but still her boss and company director wanted her right beside him. If she didn’t know better she’d start believing Jim was feeling insecure, perhaps afraid she might follow Maria down the road to motherhood.

“I’m just stating a fact Liz, nothing more. I’m not here to pick a fight, or go over the same ground we’ve covered many times before. I’m just saying you should take a break; have a few days off to recharge your batteries or something. It’s not like you’ve got a major project your personally responsible for on the go at the moment. Just think about it, ok?”
“Ok, I’ll think about it.” Liz conceded, knowing he wouldn’t be happy until she did.
“Come on, lay down on me. You should get some rest while you can, this could take a while.” He encouraged, patting his lap in encouragement.

Not that it actually took a lot of persuasion; she did feel dead on her feet. Lying out along the seats, head resting on his lap with feet tucked up underneath her, Liz couldn’t stifle the yawn that escaped past her lips.

Her husband’s soft fingers running through her long hair had a relaxing effect, inducing more sleepy yawns. Staying power was normally her biggest trait, but not now, not after nearly six hours sitting, waiting and wondering how long it would be. It wasn’t that Liz blamed Maria, she was fully aware these things took time, but still …. Six hours!

A reasoned voice chided that she didn’t have to be there, she was choosing too. And she wanted to, she wanted to be a part of the amazing miracle unfolding in the room next door. Although, judging by the screams and yelling Liz wasn’t actually sure it was a miracle she wanted to be an active part of any time soon.

As he headed out of the room, Liz heard his feet scuff along the worn lino. Lifting her head slightly, her eyes collided with Michael’s, the look on his face one of tiredness, a little worry and a touch of exasperation. No words were required to be exchanged; she knew why he was out in the corridor again.

Not for the first time …. Or the fifth time …. that night he had obviously been banished to the benches by an emotional Maria. Sitting down in a seat opposite her, Liz gave him a consoling smile, knowing he’d be right back in with Maria in moments when she called for him again.

“You ok babe?” Max queried softly, gently lowering his lips to kiss the side of her forehead.
“Yeah ….. sleepy.” She responded, twisting her head to look up into his soulful amber eyes.
“Get some rest then.” He said smiling down at his wife. “I don’t think anything’s gonna happen for a while, and I can always wake you if necessary.”
“But ……” Liz protested with little weight.
“Shhh ….. Sleep babe.” He insisted stroking her hair once more, soothing and relaxing her body.

How did he do it? How did he know the very thing to make her sleep? How did he know her every weakness every small thing to reduce her to mush? Then again, he was her husband, the man she was totally committed to spending the rest of her life with. As waves of sleepiness washed over her tired body, she couldn’t think of a better place to be … drifting off to sleep in Max’s arms.

Through heavy lidded eyes, a dreamy haze swallowed her fatigue filled body. Swirling around like a misty cloud, the hospital waiting room slowly disappeared, transporting her back to a dream paradise. Inside moments she slipped in to a relaxing doze, the feel of Max’s fingers caressing her hair sending all worries a million miles away.

Watching Michael, head bowed against upturned palms, Max couldn’t help feeling a little sorry for him. Clearly, no matter what his friend did, Michael was in the wrong in Maria’s eyes at that moment. Then again, to Max, Michael just being there was right enough. Worry lines creased Michael’s brow as he lifted his head to grimly smile at Max, before roughly dragging his fingers through his scruffy hair. A cried sob from Maria rang out moments later, sending Michael scurrying quickly back to her room.

Smiling inwardly to himself, Max let his eyes drop down to gaze over his beautiful sleeping wife. She looked exhausted, even in her dozing state, and it pleased him Liz had slipped into relaxation so easily.

She was working far too hard, he’d told her so many times, but it was like talking to the proverbial brick wall. Since their return from honeymoon nearly three months previously, he felt like he’d barely seen her apart from weekends.

Of course he knew it was as much his fault as Liz’s, he too had been working all hours on a new project. But she shouldn’t have to; Jim was working her too hard Max thought. Despite his protests when Jeff had said Liz shouldn’t have to work, Max silently felt the same. Not necessarily not working at all, although they scarcely needed the money that she brought in. No, in Max’s eyes she shouldn’t have to work as hard as she previously had, and certainly not to the point where it was making her ill.

His silent thoughts were also slightly selfish he conceded. Having Liz working less was partly for her own health, but also had an underlying ulterior motive. For the first time in his life that he could remember, he envied his best friend and work colleague.

It wasn’t that the thought of Liz writhing around a hospital bed in agony appealed to him, it didn’t. In fact he didn’t know if he’d possess the superhuman strength Michael was displaying. Just the mere thought of Liz in discomfort or pain was too much for Max. No, all Max wanted was the end result of all the screaming and smarting. A baby, plain and simple.

The subject of ‘if’, let alone ‘when’, hadn’t even been broached by the young couple since Hawaii. Oh he knew it wasn’t going to be easy for them to conceive, or perhaps even possible, but just having hope that Liz wanted a child as much as his heart desired it would be enough.

Broaching the subject with Liz was a totally different matter though. Oh they could talk about business, love, even sex, but children were silently off limits. He didn’t know why, it was almost an unwritten rule, a topic that was never discussed. Max assumed it was because she was silently afraid, in case they never had children together. Perhaps talking would get hopes up that would only be dashed in the long run.

They’d been married for not even three months, and although he had everything he wanted in the world, he still desired more. Man was he selfish, Max thought. Couldn’t he just be happy and thankful for the wonderful life that had been lavished upon him?

Liz’s stirrings brought him out of his daze, and looking down he stroked her silky hair once more. Watching her slip back into a deep sleep he smiled again, his mind drifting back to its previous thoughts.

What would a child of theirs look like? Would a son take after him, a short mop of dark brown hair, chiselled facial features and dark amber eyes that changed colours as often as a chameleon? And what if they had a cute little button of a daughter? Would she look like his beautiful wife? Have silk spun brown locks, deeply penetrating chocolate eyes with milky clear skin and a smile big enough to brighten any darkened room?

In his heart he knew, no matter what the child looked like, whomever of them they took after, he would fall hopelessly in love with the bundle of joy. His own childhood had been immensely happy after Diane and Philip had adopted Max and Isabelle, and he desired to lavish such wonders and love on his own child in the not too distant future.

But he knew well and true that Liz wasn’t like most women. Her career was of vital importance; her need to prove something to herself was still vibrantly strong. Giving up her freedom and perhaps much of her job to care for their child wasn’t something he expected her to do with ease.

Stroking the edge of her cheek, he stared at her sleeping form, the feel of her chest rising and lowering against his leg comforting. He could suppress his desire for a family if it meant not upsetting Liz though. Instead he could just be more than thankful they had finally got to this point in their relationship ….. a happily married couple.

The lusty cries of a newly born rudely awakened from sleeping slumbers penetrated through the quiet corridor, filling the waiting room. A sixth sense seemed to ignite Liz’s brain as she woke instantly. Bolting upright she looked at Max a little startled at first.

“Was that …….?” She trailed off, still a touch disorientated by the sudden awakening.
“Good question …….” Max started, looking towards Maria’s room before he was interrupted.
“It’s a boy!” A jubilant Michael, a huge beaming smile decorating his mouth, declared as he stuck his head around the door to Maria’s room.

Liz jumped to her feet and dashed towards the room, leaving Max in her wake. For a few moments he felt the loss of her body. One moment she’d been sleeping peacefully on his lap, thoughts of their own possible family circling his brain, and then suddenly she was gone. Blinking he shook his head to regain a grip on reality.

Following her trail, he crossed the corridor towards the room, pausing just inside the doorway. The sight inside brought stinging tears of emotion to his eyes, a lump rapidly forming in his throat.

Liz stood nearside to Maria’s bed, her head bent over the bundle swaddled in white fluff, cradled tenderly in their friend’s arms. Soft coos and ahhs were omitted, Liz clearly enthralled by the newborn boy.

“Max, come and look.” Liz said eagerly tears brimming her eyes as she encouraged him out of the doorway. Slowly crossing the room, he stepped in behind his wife, encircling his arms around her waist and peering over her shoulder at the sleeping tot with bright pink skin.
“Congratulations guys.” He finally said, pushing the words past the lump in his throat. The look of awe and amazement on Michael’s face clearly showing his emotions to the event. “So, have you decided on a name?”

“Yeah, we’re going to call him Mackenzie, after Michael’s father.” Maria said, glancing up at her tot’s father to see the happiness in his face.
“That’s a beautiful name.” Liz responded, stretching out a finger to touch Mackenzie’s soft skin.

Watching Liz smile sweetly as she cooed over Mackenzie tugged firmly at Max’s heartstrings. Clearly she didn’t have an affliction to babies in general, just perhaps her own. Watching her tenderly stroke the newborn’s cheek, the sparkle dancing in her still tired eyes, his mind went over familiar ground.

It was late by the time they got home, a little after 11.30pm. Clearly baby Mackenzie had his father’s knack for arriving late down to a tee already. Pulling into the driveway of his house Max glanced over towards Liz’s sleeping form. The thought of waking her niggled him, she looked so peaceful and god knew she needed the rest.

Opening the front door, he headed back to the car, releasing Liz’s seat belt and sweeping her into his arms with barely a stir. Quietly pushing the front door with his foot, he started up the stairs in his house towards the master bedroom.

It still amazed him how easily Liz had given up her own apartment and moved into his just before their wedding. He’d thought she would have wanted to find a place together, but she’d countered the wedding was stressful enough. They certainly didn’t need to add trying to find a new place and then moving into the equation when his place was more than adequate.

Laying her out on the bed she stirred for a moment, flickering open her eyes to stare into his.
“Max?” She croaked.
“Shh babe, we’re home now. Just go back to sleep.” He encouraged, stroking her forehead for a moment to help her drift back to her dreams.

Once he was convinced she was sufficiently asleep, he carefully removed her shoes, jeans and then slipped off her blouse. Sleeping in her underwear would suffice for one night; he didn’t want to risk waking her again. Stripping down to his boxers, Max slipped under the cool white sheets before pulling Liz’s sleeping form into his arms and resting her head against his chest. She snuggled into his embrace as if it was second nature, a movement that brought a smile to his lips.

He’d planned to talk to her about their own possible plans for a family, he’d thought it would be perfect after her joy at seeing Maria with Mackenzie. He’d hoped, subconsciously, that maybe some of the motherly instinct would have rubbed off, maybe catching Liz off guard to face feelings she hadn’t known were there.

But that particular plan had been thwarted; he couldn’t wake her now she was sleeping so soundly. So instead he laid awake for what seemed like forever, thinking about what it would be like to have a family of his own.

In his mind he pictured Liz sitting in a pine rocking chair, feeding their dozing tot with only the dancing moonlight to decorate her skin with a silver glow. He pictured her gazing down at their child feasting on her as Maria had with Mackenzie. The awe and amazement in her soulful brown eyes mixed with a magnitude of love for the tiny being.

And as he slowly slipped into a restless sleep in the small hours of the morning, images and thoughts of the babies they might have in the future danced around like a collage of pictures and images swirling into one.

TBC ………………..?


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