Title: Coming Home(I could not think of a better one)
Author: Kim
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
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Summary: Liz comes back after 10 years.

Liz was sitting in Max’s booth (as she called it) in the Crashdown. She was waiting for Tess, she knew Tess came in every Sunday around 5 to get a cup of coffee. Her parents had told her about it when Liz mentioned she wanted to talk to her. Tess and her had become good friends after the whole Kyle and Liz in bed incident. She had become one of Liz’s best friends. One day Tess saw Liz crying in the Crashdown after hours, when she was passing by. Liz had been crying because of the whole incident and Maria was with Michael, so she didn’t want to bother them. Tess came in and her and Liz talked and had been good friends ever since.
It had been years since she had been in Roswell. She was now 28 years old. Everyone had stayed in New Mexico, and went to UNM. Liz on the other hand had gone to Harvard. She had a career as a molecular biologist and was happy, or that’s what she told herself. She was looking around the Crashdown. “It hadn’t changed much,” she thought, “except it had gotten bigger. They had built more onto it. The . . .”
Tess walked in and screamed. She ran up and gave a big hug to Liz. Tess was crying. She hadn’t seen, in fact no one had seen Liz in 10 years. She wouldn’t let her go.
“Hey. Happy Birthday!” whispered Liz.
“Thanks Liz, I’ve missed you so much. I can’t believe you remembered my birthday. Now sit down. You and I have to catch up on things. What are you doing here?! Where have you been?!”
“Around. Here’s your present. I know it’s not much, but ”
“Oh my gosh! It’s beautiful. I absolutely love it,” she squealed. It was a pair of beautiful green jade earrings. “Your back. You are back, right?”
“Well for a little while at least. Just don’t tell anyone I’m here okay?”
“But . . . Fine. But you are going to tell them right?”
“Maybe . . . I just don’t know how to face them after I left without a word to Max and everything. I mean it would be weird. Hey you want to go someplace where we can talk and not bump into anyone I don’t want to see right now?”
“Okay. Let’s go to my place. Kyle won’t be home. He works from 5 to 5.”
“You got married to Kyle! Kyle Valenti?!”
“Yeah,” Tess said with a smile. There were some things Liz needed to be fill in on . . .
The drive from the Crashdown to Tess’s house was very quiet. Tess didn’t know how she was going to tell Liz about everything.
When they reached the house they found a hunter green explorer in the front and also a brand new Jetta. Tess was about to leave when Kyle and her baby girl came out of the house. They had huge smiles on their faces. Then Kyle realized who was in the front seat next to his wife. Liz . . .
“Oh my God!” he screamed.
“What the matter Kyle? Oh my God!” Maria said coming out of the house.
Liz just sat in the car. She wasn’t surprised by their reaction. She had terminated any communication with anyone except Tess for the past 5 years, and Tess hadn’t told a soul. She had been writing to Maria, and then one day she stopped about 5 years ago. She had decided she needed a fresh start, and Maria was just talking about things Liz could never have. She wasn’t mad at her she just didn’t know how to reestablish contact after her rebellion. She had put purple streaks in her hair, pierced her belly button, and got a tattoo on her back right above her pant line. Now the streaks were gone, but in the place were blonde ones and her hair was cut and ended at her chin. She smiled at her friends and then he walked out of the house and the smile faded . . .
Part 2
What am I going to do! What the hell am I going to do?!!
Okay, “Tess I want you to floor it, now!”
“Oh, Liz, I am so sorry. I didn’t know that they were going to give me a surprise party. I am so sorry.” Tess said sincerely.
“Just get me outta here, please.” Liz said with such sadness in her eyes that Tess had to give in. She pulled out of the driveway, while everyone watched in complete silence. Only the kids were making noise, and asking questions like “ Where is mommy going?” and “Who was that lady with Auntie?”
Max just stared nonchalantly toward the car. But inside, his heart was bleeding ever so slowly making the pain so unbearable. He had missed her so much over the years, and he never thought that he might actually get to see her again. He was sorry for what had happened a decade ago. He really was. He wish he could go back and change it all.
Tess said nothing in the car as the drove to Liz’s hotel on the other side of town. She knew that if Liz wanted to talk about it she would bring it up herself. *Oh, well,* she thought, *here goes nothing.*
“Liz are you okay? I’m sorry about the whole situation.”
Liz who had been staring out into oblivion whispered with a face of complete and utter sadness, “It’s okay Tess. It really does not matter anymore, now does it? I really don’t want to know anything about him and that bitch right now. So could we please just drop it.”
“Okay, Liz.”
When they got there, Liz tried her best not to look so crestfallen, and tried to look more optimistic.
“Well, Liz how about we go out tomorrow? Is that okay?”
“Sounds good to me. How about around 12:00? Is that okay for you?”
“Yeah it sounds good.”
“Okay.” Tess went over and gave Liz a big hug. “ Liz you know that if you need anyone to talk to you can call me?”
“Yes I know.” Liz replied with a faint smile. “Now go home to your husband and tell him I said Hi”
“Okay.” Tess got into her Honda Civic, and drove away.
Liz just simply stood there. This is going to be one hell of a week. She walked inside her apartment and went to sleep.
Tess got home around 7. She walked inside to find everyone watching the television. She smiled. She knew that they were going to ask her how her day went, then they were going to ask her about the certain somebody that was in her car today.
She walked into the kitchen. She knew very well that everyone was following her, and that the surprise party wasn’t a surprise anymore. In fact it wasn’t even on their minds at the moment. No one had seen Liz in years. She had become some world-renowned molecular biologist.
“Well, how was your day, sweetie?” Kyle asked.
Tess just laughed. “It went very well actually.”
“Okay let’s just stop this.” Maria said, “Why is Liz in town, Tess?”
“Oh, she has some business to attend to. Ya know that goes.” She looked around and finally noticed. “Where is Max?”
“I don’t know. It’s hard enough to keep tabs on my kids, how the heck am supposed to keep tabs on my brother?” Isabel said clearly sad about the whole situation.
“I think that he went home shortly after you drove out of the driveway.” Alex said.
“Oh.” Tess said.
Okay, let’s eat and play some spades.”
Max got home exhausted; He felt so tired of his oh so uneventful life. His life had been so full of hope when he was 17 years old. Now he felt like crap. He hated his life. His job was okay. He was a pediatrician at the Roswell hospital. He loved working with the kids, But his home life, well that was a completely different story. He felt so alone everyday when he came home. He put the keys into the lock an opened the door. He lived in a nice house. And the decorating not too bad. He just wished that he had not made the decision that he had made 10 years ago. He wanted Liz to be living with him in this house, to be able to wake up every morning to the sight of her beautiful face. He loved her so much and he still did. . . .
“Sweetie, your home how was your day?”

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