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Part One

Walking through the alley she didn't look back. Just straight forward. She had just stollen one of the most expensive jewels in the city. She was going to bargain it for money to pay back the kick Ass gang in the Getto part of town.Liz you are so bad, she thought to herself. Then as she walks forward she hears a loud sound. She spins around to confront her fight. She see's nothing. Then she looks straight forward when she fells a presence behind her. As she spins around she swings her arm at the prencense. Feeling her arm smash into this persons face she is soon kicked in her stomach falling backwards a few steps. As the attacker swings her leg at her face she does a back flip getting out of her reach. Then she started to run in the other direction. As she ran directly toward the end of the alley she heard the foot steps behind her getting closer. She ran to the end and amazingly ran up the wall and flipping backwards. She ended up behind the attaker. She kicked her in the back and she landed into the wall and slid down on to her legs. The female Atacker flips back up onto her feet and hits her oppoinent in the face. As she tryed to kick her she ducked her swing. Then she jumps up in the air trying to kill her again. But she leaped up and kicked her in her face going twice as high. As the female attacker fell to the ground, breathing heavily. Liz grabbed her gun out of her waistband and stuck it at the attaker and pushed her down as she tried to stand up.

" What do you want?" she ordered. The attacker did not answer or move. " I said what do you want!" she ordered twice as loud as before.

" The Jewel." she said. As her dark long hair fell of her face.

" Whats your name?" Liz asked in a ordered tone.

" Whats it to you?" the attacker asked rudley.

" Tell me or your brains will be scattered across the pavment . Now I know you dont want that. And I really wouldnt either cause my new shirt would be staind." she said coldly.

" Max." she said.

" Max huh? Well then Max. " she said." Get the hell out of here." she ordered.

Max got up and looked at her.

" Please I really need that diamond." she begged.

" Well I guess that is you and me both." Liz said.

" Then I guess its your brains being splattered against the wall instead." Max threatend. She kicked the gun out of Liz's hand and kicked her in the stomach. Liz flew backwards onto her Back. Max was about to go for another strike but Liz swung her right leg into her face making her fall to the ground. Liz flipped herself back up to her feet just as Max did and then as Max threw a punch at her Liz blocked it. Sh eswung her arm into Max's stomch then into her face. As Max's head tilted back from the blow Liz grabbed her hands and flipped her on the ground landing on her back. Max layed still growning in pain..

As the two girls fought below a roof over head of a tall dead building two men watched the two woman fight.

" I have never seen a girl fight like that before." one stated.

" Grab the bonaculars for me Alec." the other one said.

" Why we can see fine." Alec stated." Logans going blind"

" Just give them to me." Logan ordered irritated.

" Fine." Alec said and handed them to him. " Shes preety hot." he said. Logan looked at him with annoence. Than as they saw Max starting to get beat up preety bad they started to wonder. Than when they saw the girl flip Max on to her back and Max not move they were very concerned. " Do you think she needs help?" LOgan asked.

" No she fine." Alec stated." But no human could have done that. I mean the x-5's can basically kick anyones ass." he stated.

" You have a point." Logan said agreeing.

Back down below Max layed still as Liz stood in front of her with a emotionless face.

" What are you?" she asked. She knew that there was nothing that powerful. She sat up cautiously afraid she might get kicked in the face. She placed her hand on her head trying to some how ease the pain. Liz's face softened and she knelt down and looked at her with knowing eyes.

" Same thing as you sista." she stated." A mutant."

" I dont remember you." Max said." I dont remeber ever seeing you at Manicore."

" You wouldnt. Cause I was to dangerous to be around others." Liz stated." when you guys broke out so did I."

" You were stuck in a cage werent you?" Max asked.

" Yup." Liz answered and stood up and offered Max a hand to help her stand up. She took it and lifted herself up of the ground. " Now here." she said and threw her the diamond, with Max catching it. " I gotta jet. " Liz said and started to walk off. " Meet me 9:00 tomorrow night." she yelled and walked out of the alley and turned the corner.

Alec and Logan came walking out of the building.

" So?" Alec asked.

" She's one of us." Max said sadly." And I left her behind."

As Max and Alec walk into a gym they walk to a room. Logan found out that Liz works out at the gym every
day at 5:00 in the afternoon. They walk into the room to see Liz punching a punching back that was swaying back and forth. Than Liz starts thinking of how much Tess has screwed up her life,. Now her stupid child was Max's world. Takig him away form her and his family.

She started to pound the bag even harder than she kicked it making it bust in half.

" Bravo!" Alec exclaims while clapping his hands. Liz takes of her gloves and walks over to Max.

" Is it really that hard for you to tell time?" she asked.

" Listen we just want to talk." Max said.

" About what?" Liz asked.

" You. About what they did to you?" she said.

" They beat her. They tormented her. And kept her wide awake through the whole thing." Aled answered.

" So, you remember?" Liz asked.

" Remember? Remember what?" Max asked in confusion.

" He saw me once they would take me out of my cage and he would see me trying to get away but instead put into an eletric chair." LIZ said still emotionless.

Alec looked at her and smiled. He looked up and down at her, obniously liking what he saw." They did a real good job on you."

" Maxx looked at him with eyes wide open with anger and smacked him in the back of the head.

" Is he annoying you to?" Liz asked knowingly.

" Yes." MAxx said.

" MAbye I could kick the shit out of him?" Liz asked.

" You hurt me?" Alec asked in disbeileif.

" Yeah." Liz answered." Why not?"

" Ok lets do this then." Alec answered and took his jacket of.

Him and her walked to the center oof the room.

" Your going down." he said.

" Whateva." Liz answered.

Alec did as well. He swung his leg at her. She grabbed his leg with her hand . Than amazingly he jumped up into mid air and kicked her in her face. They both fall to the ground. But at the same time flip back up. They stood still than started to circle eachother.

Maxx stood back and got a flashback of last year.

Ben and her fighting. Both the same strength having trouble beating eachother. Than they were circling eachother.

Back into the present Maxxs face saddened.

Alec too his first strike and smashed his foot into Liz's stomach. Li z recovered in seconds. She punched himin the mouth and stomach.. But than his kicked her in her face. She fell to the floor. As she was getting back up he grabbed her from behind and she grabbed her arm and flipped k=him over her so he was on the ground on his back. Recovering quickly he fliped back up onto his feet than jumped over Liz.With his luck she ducked under him and ended up behind him when he landed. She kicked him in his back, and he fell to the floor on his back. Liz quickly jumped on top of him making it impossible for him to do anything. He looked at her.

" Well I guees what I heard was true." Liz said.

" Yeah. And what is that?" Alec asked.

" x-5 men are easy." she said simply and smiled at him as if she were going to kiss him.

She got off of him and offered him a hand. He took it. As she started to walk away he didnt let go of her hand and pulled her to him. He whispered in her ear. " No their not." he stated then he walked away from her. She grabbed her jacket and started to walk to the exit.

Someone from behind grabbed her arm.

" Wait." it was MAx. Did she get the point yet?" Your not safe here. " she said." Come with us."

" If you havent noticed Im still in high school. And I like it right where I am." she stated and walked to the door Right when she was about to exit Max called after her.

" Its not safe Liz." she stated.

Liz turned around and looked at her. She pointed to the camera in the corner." Its not safe anywhere" she stated back and walked out the door.

Later on Liz was walking down the trail in the desert and stopped in front of a large rock. She looked up and it reveiled the stone that distroyed her life.

On the other side of town Logan is typing on his lab top furiously.

" And here it is." he said.

Max and Alec were immediatly next to him looking at the screen.

" She was with the whole x-5 team at a time but then for a strange reason they started experimentin on her." Logan explained as he read through the files one of his links gave him.

" They wanted a new chemical to make the x-6." Max said understanding.

" That mean she is like both?" Aled asked.

" Exactly." Max answered.

" Im going to go see her." Alec said.

" What? Why?" Max asked.

" I wanna talk to her about this. See what strength she has." he said.

" Actually, Im going to enrol you into the school so you can keep an eye on her." Logan said" Your first day is tomorro, so get some sleep little one." Logan joked.

" Dont let the bed bugs bite." Max said.
Part Two

Liz had just finished closing up the Crasshdown, and sat at the counter thinking about past
events. Max. How MAx's touch always left a tingleing sensation on her skin. How when he kissed her, she felt like she were swimming in the depths of his soul. She wanted so badly to feel that way again. To be able to love frelly without worry, or fear of her heart breaking. But now it was the only thing on her mind. Was Max going to hurt her again, possibly more? How could he hurt anymore then he had. He slept with the person she hated most in this world. What is worse than that.

Liz slowly moved from her stool, walking over to the window, the clear glass, shimmering in the moonlight. She pressed her warm fingers against it, the coldness putting shivers down her spine. She removed her hand and crossed her arms rubbing the back of them before turning the light of and heading upstairs to their apartment.

Traveling up the staircase she heard laughter, the laughter of her two
best friends, Kyle and Maria. As she found her way to her bedroom door she found her two friends jumping up and down on her bed smashing pillows into eachothers faces. Liz covered her mouth and laughed so hard tears sprung to her eyes. Then as Kyle saw her he stopped hitting Maria with the pillow and greeted Liz " HELLO!"

Liz was laughing so hard she couldn't reply, she just waved and grabbed onto the door knob for support. A few moments later she controlled her laughter, quickly thinking of all the times she was in pain, her heart breaking, then Alex's death, her being a Mutant, her whole life so screwed up, she remembered what her Grandma told her. " Live life Liz." she whipered as she sat Liz, at the age of ten, on her lap " Because its not as long as you think."

Liz snapped out of her daze and looked up at her two friends, who were staring at her.

" What? What are you two standing there for? I thought this was a pillow fight!" she yelled as she grabbed a pillow, jumping onto her bed and attacking her two friends.

Their laughter filled the streets of Roswell, knowing their lives tomorrow will be filled with books, tests, little green guys. At this very moment the were free from it all. But they all missed the figure across the alley, on a building above, looking down on them.

" It's time." the man whispered. A new enemy had come.

Part Three

AS Liz walked down the halls of Roswell High, she had a strange feeling, that something bad was going to happen. She hadn't seen MAx yet, he hadn't even come home from what Isabel had said. It was nice though. She loved MAx, ofcoarse, but his powerful presence was crushing her. The way he walked even made her go light headed. She feeling like she was second best and that crushed the hell out of her. AS she was walking down the hall, the empty hall, she saw someone exit the office closing the door quietly behind him. His posture was outstanding, just the way he stood made her go ga ga. Then her eyes traveled down, to far down for her own good. She stopped what she was doing and shook her head. He was wearing a jean jacket and some baggy as blue jeans, with a wallet chain. A bad boy, she thought. Then as he turned around it hit her.

" Holy Shit!" she screached.

His eyes widened at the sound of her voice, thinking he was the only one in the hallway. His brown eyes sparkled in the sunlight as he turned towards her, and he smiled.

" Why look who we have here." he said cocky.
He walked over to her and she hit him in the shoulder. He grabbed his shoulder and grimaced in pain. " Oww."

" What the hell are you doing here!" she whispered loudly. " I thought you were like twenty two."

" Twenty one, for your information, and Im not here because I want to be!" he scolded. His smile no longer a smile.

" Oh really. Then why don't you drag your ass out of here!" she yelled.

" Mabye I should!" he yelled, getting into her face. She seemed so earatating, he felt like slapping her and putting duck tape over her mouth just to shut her up.

" Bye!" she yelled and whipped around starting back in the direction, she had come from.

" Oh there you go just like a little baby, what a soldier you are!" he yelled like spoiled six year old boy not geting his way. He started to head back down the hall.

Liz stopped frozen, she remembered being called that, soldier. The man with blond hair his face rough, his eyes dark with evil.


She sat in a dark room a cot in the corner and a mirrior beside, that sat smashed on the floor, pieces of glass scattered all around it.
She had another seizure earlier that day, if it was even day, she didn't know anymore. Everything, Every minute of the day to her was night now. She sat on the floor her knees to her chest. She couldn't see anything. Only a fuzzy image. The drugs had taken effect on her, she felt every fiber of her being changing, sometimes it hurt, sometimes she felt nothing, but every time she wished for death to take her.

The door flew open and light fled into the room, making Liz flinch. Not seeing the light of day for a month takes its toll on a person after a while. Lydecker stood in the door way, a bat in hand. He walked over to her swinging it at her a few times, she ducked most of them, but one, only one hit her. She fell to the floor blood covering her face, her eyebrow sliced open. This happened everyday now, they fed her drugs then tested them out by beating her, sometimes with their fists, sometimes a bat, even the electric chair. Strangley, the eletric chair never effected her, unlike how it killied everyone else.

"You magot! Fight back, just try and kill me! " he yelled as he kicked her in her stomach. Liz only sat there, in to much pain to care anymore. " What a soldier you are!" he sneered, and walked back into the lighted room, slamming the door behind him. And for hours she just screamed and screamed banging her fists against the wall, dying to get out.


In the present Liz touched her eyebrow gently where the scar still layed. Her face lit up with anger, as she ran down the hallway after Alec. Once she found him she pushed him into the wall, then let go of him watching him hit the ground. He turned around sitting up, looking staright at her with a bloody lip. He looked confused and definatly in pain.

" Don't ever call me that again." she warned and stepped over him, walking to her next class.

Part Four

As Liz began to walk away Alec stared at her, cccccompletley dumbfolded. His eyes were wide with shock, He mentally slapped himself at the thought, he hadn't even known this girl a full twenty four hours yet. How could he possibly, love someon who had just kicked his ass. He stood up and stared in the direction she had just stomped off to. He had to admit, she was hot when she was really pissed off. He was just about to go back the way he was going before, but the bell rang, all the kids entered the hall way, not even noticing him. One guys came out of the classroom so quickly he ramed right into Alec, his body falling to the floor with a loud thud. Everyone stopped and stared as he fell, letting out a few snickers. As he looked up he caught sight of the biggest guy he thought he had seen in his entire life. He was bald with the weight of at least two hundred pounds. Alec gulped. This was the first time he was truley scared of someone. The large Man, walked passed him, stepping onto his leg, making Alec slam his fist into the cold marble floor in pain. Now he remembered why he hated school so much.

Liz saw the whole scene play out in front of her. She laughed as she watched. Seeing Alec so scared was real entertainment.
AS she turned she ran into someones hard, firm chest, making her papers and books fly everywhere. She silently murmered " Im sorry, I wasn't looking." as she began to pick up her stuff. Then someone grabbed her hand as she reached out to pick up her book. She looked up and found herself drownding in a pair of deep brown, amber, eyes. Max.

" Hi." he whispered. He saw she was uncomfortable and let go of her hand, standing up Liz swept off the dirt from her pants and had trouble looking up to Max's face. She couldn't say hi, back to him though. He swept his hand across the upper part of her arm and looked into her eyes, looking for what was troubling her, but he couldn't catch her gaze.

Liz ripped her arm from MAx, screaming " No!"

Everyone turned to look at her. They all looked at her as if MAx had just hurt her, making him look like the bad guy. They all turned around and started walking back in the direction they were going before.

" Liz, whats wrong? Why did you just do that?" Max asked concerned. He grabbed her hand trying to comfort her, but she pushed him away.

She couldn't look at him, the hurt he had caused her, just built up so high, she couldn't take it anymore. She almost thought she felt anger rise up her throat, scaring herself. Her whole body started to shake. No, she thought. Then before she even had the chance to control it, she pushed MAx, his whole body, literatly flew to the other side of the room, ramming into the lockers. Liz saw what she had done and covered her mouth with her hands, shaking her head she ran to the exit doors.

As Michael and Maria saw this, they ran over to MAx, helping him up off the floor.

" What the hell just happened here?" he asked, then turning to Maria, MAx and Michael saw that she was pale, staring frozen at the locker behind them. As they turned they saw the imprint of MAx's body molded into the lockers. All horrified, except for one person, Alec. As he saw the scene he ran out of the school in search for Liz.


After Liz ran out of the school she stopped at the park and sat on the swing set, slightly swinging herslef forward and backward.
She couldn't believe what she had just done, she had hurt thing thing that meant most to her. Something she never thought she would ever do, he meant the world to her, why would she try and kill him.

Soon Alec found her, out of breath from running he stood in front of her breathing heavily. Liz looked up,
not in shoke, nor suprise, she was afraid of what was happening, she was afraid of herself, but for some strange reason, she wasn't afraid of the man standing in front of her. As he stood there she finally looked up, her doe eyes filled with no emotion.

" Whats happening to me?" she asked, her voice of any emotion what so ever.

" I don't know, but I promise I can find out." Alec said dropping next to her on the bench, catching his breath.

Liz turned to him and looked at him, thinking to herself, why does this man make me feel Why is it he treats me like shit, and then one second later, he's by my side, doing anything to make me better. She couldn't help but stare at him, his annoying ways seem to blind her vision, he way truley unbelievably good looking. His hair was light brown with blond, bleached highlights whispereing past it. And his lips, those lips were the only thing she seemed to want to stare at. Then she saw them move, noticing he was staring directly at her.

" Oh Im sorry," she said" I just help but stare at your lips, I mean," she stumbled. He grinned seeing how nervous she suddenly got around him. She stopped and smiled, looking at him, she nodded her head, " So you can help me huh?"

" Yeah, Logan knows just about everything, we can find out whats wrong with you. By the way what happened in there? Do you know what set it off?" he asked giving her all his attention.

" Um, this is really embarrising. But I was pissed at Max, my boy friend, he uh, slepped with this girl, and got her pregnant last year, I guess its just been weighing down on my shoulders alot latley. But his touch, it jus made me go balistic, not in the good way either, it made this feeling rise up in my throat, and then the adrenaline in me just started flowing, I was so pissed off, that I threw him across the room." she said sadly. Feeling guilty for what she had done. Tears started to fill her eyes, she couldn't help it. she openley cried.

Alec had never seen her cry, she didn't seem the type either. She started to sniffle, making his heart wrench in pain, he hated to see girls cry, it was his only weakness.

" Hey." he ssaid gently. " Its ok, It happens." he said and bundled her up in his arms. They just sat there for a while, with Liz crying, just letting everything out. When she pulled back, she looked directly in his eyes, then, without her noticing, he lent forward, catching her lips with his own. She thought to herself, what am I doing, I love Max, he loves me, but whats is this feeling Im feeling with Alec.

And truthfuly it scared me.

Part Six

The kiss didn't last long, but long enough. Liz sat there not saying a word, just looking at the ground, but Alec stared right at her face, " Im sorry" he whispered.

" For what?" she asked smiling looking right up at him. " For kissing me? No, no, dont be sorry." she said. He looked up at her. " It was justa kiss nothin else."

" Yeah, exactly what I had in mind. I think we shuld get back to class." he said standing up. he gave her a hand and pulled her from the bench. " But we don't have to." he said looking away of at the sun.

" What?" Liz asked surprised, well not really.

" We could just you know, walk around." he said. " Talk even."

" We could, yes. But I can't. I've got a perfect attendence record that I don't want the chance of ruinning." she said looking up at him. He nooded and simply started walking back toward the school area.

He turned around noticing Liz wasn't following. " you coming?"

" Yeah, I just need a few minutes alone, just go on without me." she said. " I insist."

" Alright." he said walking back towards the school.

But what he didn't know that Liz wasn't planning on going back to school, she ended up going for a walk into the rough side of town, she had to take care of some unfinished buisness. She still owed that money to the gang. When she turned a corner someone grabbed her around the waist and wrapped an arm around her neck, pulling them close to her. She tried to pull free but the seemed to strong. Their breathing on her neck seemed beyond heavy.

" Where is the King?" he said in a shivering voice, he then slipped, losing hold of Liz, falling to the pavment. She spun around to see who the attacker is. She was starimg into the face of someone she knew so well, but this face seemed so different.

" MAx?"

Part Seven

But she noticed it wasn't MAx. He had sweat rolling down his face, pale as snow, his skin looked loike he had been in the sun or Centuries. Liz went to his side and stroked his face, checking his pulse, he grabbed her wrist, she gasped and looked down at his face, " Help me." he whispered. " I dont want to die."

Liz looked at him confused. He took her hand to his stomach. She gasped, seeing it was drenched in blood. She put pressure on it and looked around trying to find someone to help, " Im going to go get help." she told him before she started to get up. But he pulled her back down to his level, bringing her lips to his, she felt a tingleing sensation as blue eletric current s flew through their lips, Lizs hand beggining to glow, a brilliant white against Zans soaken shirt. Zan deepened the kiss, carressing her tongue with his. Liz couldn't handle the sparks flowing through her lips so her whole body fushed against his. He wrapped his arm around her back, pulling her even closer if possible. His hand going up herback, flesh against flesh.Liz moaned into his mouth. The glowing white light between them became even more strong, and brilliant. Then Liz pulled away from Zan, as his force became gentle. She stared him right in the eyes and looked down at his stomach, pulling his shirt up, she saw the wound was no longer there.

" You healed me." he said smiling.

Liz jumped back in shock. " What the hell just happened!" she sqeaked. " And what the hell are you doing alive?"

" Well to answer the second question, I never got hit by the truck, I jumped out of the way, I used a mind warp to make Avav, Rath, and Lonnie think I was dead." Zan answered quickly.

" But why do that to Ava?" Liz asked still shooken up. Zan shook his head and silently stod up.

" I didn't have a choice. Everyone was after me, that bitch and that fucker wanted to kill me, might as well make them think that I really am." Zan said, " You have to understand, I am here not because I want to be, but because I want to, but Im on the run. Khivar is still trying to kill me ever since I slept with his bitch. It was in my fast life he's neva gonna get over that." Zan told Liz.

" Why are you here in Roswell of all places?" Liz asked standing up.

" For you." he said, his eyes hard, deep and wise.

" Why me?"

Part Eight

Liz stared him straight in the eye waiting for his answer.

" Thats gonna take a whiles to explain, but it all starts with the fact that your an x-5." he said with a lopsided grin.

" Wait how the hell did you know that?" she asked, beginning to go into panic. No one was suppoesed to know.

" I have my sources, " Zan started, " Other than the fact I have been spying on you for more than a year now." he said quietly.

" What!" Liz shreaked, freaked out by the fact that he had ben spying on her. She covered her chest with her arms. She thought about how many times she had walked around her room with only underwear on. She felt exposed, dirty, all at the same time. His eyes droped, seducivley, he smiled and obviously like what he saw. " You better remove your gaze from where it is at this moment and direct it at my face." she warned. " Or I will literally cut your eyes out."

" Well." he said as he brushed passed her his arm brushing against hers, " back to the subject. You know how they experimented on you at MAnicore?" he asked. Liz simply nodded, tightning her grip around her chest feeling very uncomfortable. " Well your not only made up of the x-5 gentics your made up of Antarian genetics as well," Liz's eyes widened, Zan saw this, putting up his hand he said " They found an alien after the UFO crash in the fourties, when our space ship had crashed, one of the pods flew 15 miles south of the pod chamber, it landed in a high way, that alien, was one of the protectors, it was a child, unlike Nescado. She was to grow up with The King, and the others, protecting them, being able to understand them. Her name was Alandora, she wasn't mentioned in the book, I know. Thats only for saftey matters, ofcourse. But she died in the pod when she was exposed to the oxygen, her pod was cracked, she died soon after, her body not fully developed. See they found the pod, took samples, and then stored it in a safe. But when they started to make the x-5's they didn't believe they were strong enough, so they experimented on you, injecting the chemicals in you, creating an imbalance in your system. What they didn't know was, they injected her personality and her heart into you. You are who she was. " Zan explained. He then took a breath after everything. Continuing to circle her. She stood still shocked. Frozen in place by fear, by shock.

" But there is more to this than you think. See the dupes, Ava, Lonnie, Rath and myself, we aren't really dupes. Well in a way we are, but I am nothing but a distraction. I even existed in the past life. We were creating to keep the real royal family safe, we pretended to be them at unsafe area's. But Alandora, oh she caught everyones eye. She was beautiful in every way. Even I fell for her, but the King, Oh the king was obsessed. She and him fooled around for awhile. But then she met me, falling hard,well not me, but past me. The kingdom saw this and made us soul mates, but against our wills, sure there was an attraction, but we did not love one another. We were only sixteen in earth years, we did not care of love, we just wanted to have fun. Making us soulmates was a where they basically branded us, no one listened. We went through hours of scourching pain, as they burned sigures into our skin. It was discusting whats they did. But they did it. Its like at Manicore, were only known by the numbers on our backs. But they never finished, we faught free and ran from the kingdom, they would have killed us if we had come back. For years we ran, soon fell inlove, but never married, had children or anything. We liked the way it was. But one day my closest friend, Rath, who was like a brother to me, turned us in. You pushed me into the glider, its a motorcycle but it hovers, and you took everything, two days later you were exicuted, they had killed you, oh and the King, the King never found out, they never wanted him to know." Zan explained once again.

Liz stood there emotionless, her face blank. " What?"


So what do you think?????????????????????????????????????????????

Part Nine

Liz stood there, not fully believing a word that Zan had just said. She was confused, beyond the word.
Zan walked up from behind her and rubbed the back of her neck, lightly brushing his fingers down the back of her top. His touch sent shivers down her spine, and she had only known him for a short while. He then pressed his lips against her neck and lightly tracing a circle on her neck with his tongue. Her then steped out from behind her and stood in front of her.

" It alot to take in isn't it?" he asked.

" Yeah, don't you think?" she said nervously, and obviously uncomfortable.

" But I wasn't your true love in that life time. The King was. Your first. The love of your life. But he turned his back when Ava stepped into his life." he said sadl, his head hanging low. " You remember when I said Kivar was still pissed at me for shaking with his bitch?" he said gulping. Liz nodded her head. " Well that bitch, was you. You were his obsession. After a one night stand, he fell in love with you." he said. Liz wouldn't let him finish.

" I don't want to know anymore. What was I , A slut, with a little BITCH in the mix?" she said with a smart ass attitude. " I want to see." she said whipping around towards Zan.

" Huh?" he questioned, confused.

" I wanna see, my past life, I want, " she stopped closing her eyes tight. " I need to remember."

" Are you sure?" Zan asked. His eyes filled with concern.

" Uh huh." she nodded.

Zan swept towards her, as if he were walking on thin air. He cupped her face into his hands, lightly kissing her at first, then her lightly stroked her lip, asking if he could enter, she let him. As their tongues started to dance together, Liz was hit with images.


She was walking into a large marble room, dressed in all leather, a strange micanicle thing on her arm, made of steel. She saw Zan and Max, she persumed infront of her. The first who caught her eyes was the king. She smiled at him.


Her and the king dancing in the ball room, Zans jelous gaze burning into them.


Her and the king running down the corridor, ducking lazer beam and jumping large boxs and piecies of the wall that started crumbling down.


LIz and the King, Zan, Rath, and Vilondra jumping a bridge, and diving into a large red liuid water.


Being branded soulmates with Zan.


Dieing,, being thrown of a cliff.


" Ahh" Liz cryed, stumbling backwards, tears flowing down her cheeks, Zan gathered her into his arms.

" Oh my go! Oh, please, no, no..." she cryed over and over.

" I knew you weren't ready, I just knew you weren't" Zan whispered as they both fell to their knees.


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Part Ten

Later on Liz sat in her room, sitting on her bed, photos all around her, she picked on up, a picture
of Alex, MAria and herself in front of a large bridge in Texas. Things would have been so much easier if Alex were there, but then reality hit her. She hadn't ever told him about Future MAx. How could she not. Liz ducked into her hands. She never even told Alex, even when he started to become suspicious she hadn't said anything. She only told Maria. Why?

Soon the radio started playing " Save Yourself" by Sense Field. Liz lyed in her bed crying for a while until she slipt into deep sleep.

She was in the forest, but everything was so different, it was blue, bright, filled with happiness. Then she heard someone come up behind her, she spun around ready to attack. But she saw it was Alex. HEr hands flew to her mouth, she slowy put her hand forward, touching her shirt, hopeing it wouldn't go through, but it made contact. She pressed her palm against his chest just to be sure.

" Alex." she whispered, tears in her throat.

" Hi Liz." he said with a deep voice, smiling down at her knowingly. He opened his arms, as she hugged him, pulling him close, as she cried into his shoulder. She couldn't believe she was holding him, in her arms. Hearing his voice, was a song to her ears.

" LIz." Alex said as he pulled back from LIz." We don't have time for this, their going to find me soon, and then they'll find you! " Liz stood there shocked frozen in place. " Liz Im not Dead! Im alive, Im just in Manicore. I know. I know everything. They burnt the place donw, yes. But Liz did you know that they have a total of 50 bases in America! Their are more of us than you think. Yes Liz! I'm one of you. And they have Max's kid, Tess everything. The guy who runs everything, its Khivar Liz, he's who started this. HE made all the x-5's. Save us Liz, please!"

" AHHHH!" LIz screamed, as she whipped up from her bed. Swet beads rolling down her entire body, filled with panic, fear, and angger, she new that it wasn't a dream, it was real. She had to talk to MAx, and the others.


As Max and Isabel turned a corned outside of the school exit, they were deep in conversation
about Jesse, and telling him about Isabel about being alien.

" Isabel, were only going to get pilled in more shit than we already are if you tel, you know that." MAx said as he took a bite of his apple.

" MAx, Jesse loves me, he wouldn't do anything stupid like that!" Isabel yelled as she stomped her feet.

Then as they turned another corner, someone jumped from the wall out in front of them. Isabel gasped, and Max put up his shield just for protection.

" I would put that down before someone see's you." someone said coming out of the shadows. It was only Liz. Max put down his shield and looked at her sighing. As he was about to say something, Liz stopped him.

" Alex is alive." she stated, take two steps forward.

" What!" Isabel gasped. Tears started to spring to her eyes.

" He's alive," Liz repeated, " And he needs our help.

" Liz. Alex is dead, he's been dead for over a year now." Max said. He moved closer towards Liz," Lets go."

" He came to me last night. He told me that your son is dying Max!" she yelled lowder as Max turned his back. Max whipped around, she knew that was a touchy subject. " I think we all need to talk."

" No, we are not going to talk!" Max ordered, making Isabel flinch, and Liz just stood her place. People had been screaming at her since the day of her birth, Maxie Pooh wasn't about to break her. " This is Bull Shit Liz! You know it! Alex is dead. I saw him!"

" Mabye its time I show you something." Lzi said softly. She knew she would have to show him sooner or later. She lifted up her leg ripped and knife from out of her boot, cutting along one of the arteries in her arm.

" Liz NO!" Max screamed as her ran over to her grabbing her arm. Looking down at it, black ooz dripped out. He looked up to Lizs eyes. Fear scattering in his own.

" Im not human, and Im not Alien." Liz said. " Im a Mutant. " she said sadly her head hanging low.


Sorry that all of the chapters have been so short, but yeah, I promise that the up coming parts will be longer. So tell me what you think.
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Part Eleven

" Max, please listen to me!" Liz begged as she walked after him, as he walked away from her and down an alley. He was completely horrified by the imformation he was just fed.

" Max please!" Liz screamed as tears came to her eyes. " Please..." she cried, falling to her knees.

Max turned around and saw Liz on the ground. When Liz looked up, she noticed that Max was crying, he was scared, and sad at the same time.

" I never turned my back, after I found out about you being an Alien Max." she said softly, then she screamed " Never!" she closed her eyes shut tight. " But no, you turned from me, you say you love me! You loved Me! And now, now your running away scared. Im in more shit, than you have ever experianced in you life!"

" What do you expect me to do!" Max yelled. Ran started to pour on top of their heads. " Huh? Bundle you in my arms, saying ' Everything is ok'?"

" Yes, that is exactly what I expect!" Liz yelled. " You said you would love me no matter what! You fucking Son of a bitch! You lied. " she yelled. Running over to him, and shoving him to the ground. " You fucking bastard."

Max looked up at her from the ground, he started to notice it was night outside, the ran was pouring, and Liz had this energy around her. Not the energy you can see, but you can feel it. She looked dark, evil almost. She actually scared him for the first time in his life.

" And while your down their," she said, she pulled the pendent out and pulled it over her head, taking one last look at it, then throwing it at Max. " Why don't you go fuck Tess again, because we are over Max."

MAx looked at her shocked. The word repeated over in his mind, how could she want it to be over!

Then as Liz started to walk away, anger ran across Max's body, she even had power in the way she walked, she made time freeze, but at the moment Max didn't really give a shit.

" Im a fucking son of a bitch?" Max yelled. Liz turned around, nodding her head. " Listen to what Im about to say and listen real good, Go to hell Liz, and while your at it, GET HIT BY A CAR AS YOU CROSS THE STREET BITCH!!!!!!!!" he yelled as he headed back down the alley the way he was heading the first time.

Liz cried as she crossed the street to get back to the crashdown that night, she couldn't believe Max wanted her to get hurt. She went to the alley and began to climb the ladder that went up to her balcony. As she was about to reach the top, someones head popped out from over the wall. What the hell, Liz thought. Then out of no where a shot rang in her ears, and all she could feel was a killing pain in her shoulder. The pain ripped through out her whole body, making her let her grip go on the ladder. She screamed as she fell to the cold hard ground, the blood draining from her body. She could feel her life slipping away, by the second. And she was welcoming it.

TBC Should I continue, what do ya think? More Zan and Liz interaction? Alec and LIz? Or even Logan and Liz? TEll me what you think. Oh and by the way, Liz isn't eighteen she's nineteen, no one knowa though. *bounce**angel*
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Part Twelve

" Liz!" someone screamed as they saw Liz falling to the ground. They ran over to her like the spead of light. They grimaced as they saw her face covered in blood. Blood was covering the ground making a large puddle. They kneeled down next to her and pullled her head into their lap. Blood was running from her nose, blood clogged her mouth, as it started to spill down her cheek.

" Liz." he whispered. " Liz you have to look at me, you have to!" It was Max. He had felt horrible about what he said, and was coming back to hopeully make things better. But Liz still wouldn't open her eyes, she was losing blood, and there was nothing he could do. Her face started to turn pale, her lips ice blue. Max saw this checkin her pulse. There was nothing.

" Liz!" he yelled. Then pain and fear of losing Liz built up in his heart, causing real pain. " LIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!" he screamed at the top of his lungs.

" God please...." his voice trailed off.

That night Elizabeth Anne Parker died, in the arms of her first and only love. She was remembered by many, and
even people who didn't know her came to the funeral. Max Evans, never saw another woman after her death, never looked touch or thought about another. He visited her grave every day, every night, told her everything that she was missing, how much he loved her, and that he never meant what he said, hopeing he could change it, hopeing he could hold her once more in his arms, color in her skin, her smile brightning the room.[I/]

Two years later, Alec, Max, and Logan found something. A kew to their existance. As Logan sat in his leather chair, he spoke to an ex- scientist, who had experimented on Liz. His name, Gregory Blandora. He was sixty six, sitting in his chair, his face twisted with fear, Fear he would be killed after giving all this information out.

" Its ok Greg," Logan said as Greg started crying. " No ones going to hurt you."

" We, " Greg gulped. " We fed her drugs, um created her genetic make up of diffrent type of well SPECIAL creatures, she's made up of well, what you call an alien, the x-5 genetics, and well there is also something else. A creation that I made. Since she was an experiment, I felt, that I should try it out." he stopped starting to cry, " but I didn't know it would do harm."

" What harm?" Logan asked confused.

" She had these seizures, worse than any of the others, she would turn crazy, like a wild beast, but we learned how to control them, we gave her this, well, we created an artery, it was filled with a chemical, which pumped through her heart, controlling her." he started crying again as he spoke.

" But if chemical was pumped through her heart, she would be exposed, she would die," Logan explained confused beyond the word.

" No, it wasn't hasardious, its like ridalin for kids, but way beyond stronger. But what we didn't know was the mistake." he said." One day when we let her out of the dark room, to go chase down the men in the forest, she got shot, in the head. No one should survive from that. But two day's later, in the morgue, she sprung back to life, not remembering a thing. She came back stronger than ever. Thats how she got out. Somehow when she got shot, the artery crossed with the other blood veins, mixing. It go's unnoticed. But its there. Its like a whole other being inside of her. And if it breaks out like it did that night of the escape, the whole world will go to hell." he said as the images of sientists, his friends, were murdered by her hands, he cried. Then he heard a noise outside the window. He stood up and started to shake.

" Thier here, they know what I've told you, I have to get out of here. " he said, then turning around and grabbing Logan by the shoulders, " She's alive, she's alive Logan. And the creature has taking over!"

Before he got to finish and bullet went through his heart into Logans shoulder. Hearing the comotion Max ran through the door, bending down onto her knees, helping Logan up.

" Logan what happened?" she asked shocked.

" She's alive, Max" Logan said looking into Max's eyes. " She's some where out there."

Max looked off out the window, she had to find her sister.


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Part Thirteen

Max sat in his apartment, staring at a photo. A photo of Liz Parker. The love of his life. But now he had to move on.
He had to be happy, it's what she would have wanted. He had fallen inlove with a woman two months ago, her name was Rebeca Smith. She was amazing. Light brown hair, deep green eyes. She made his world spin round. But he always seemed to compare her to Liz, the way she smelt, walked, talked, thought. As he sat there staring at the picture, he thought of a moment he would never forget, just like all the other moments he spent with her.

They were sitting in the park, Liz was jumping around trying to catch a butter fy, making her look like a six year old girl
so free, and so happy. She had the sun shinning in her hair, making her look almost god like. She dropped next to max on the soft green grass.He was reading his Chem book trying to catch up. Liz slowly closed the book and tossed it over to a near tree. She pulled on Max's arms bringing him on top of her. Stray hairs hanged on liz's face, before she got the chance to brush them away Max did. He bent down and kissed her cheek, then her eyes, then her nose chin, only little pecks, making her giggle a little.

" Max?" she asked as he stopped. He stared at her waiting for her to continue. " You know how much I love you right?"

" Yes." he answered a bit confused, seeing her face sadden. " Liz where is this going?"

" I want to, show you how much I love you." she said getting out from under him. " But I can't becasue I'm afraid I wont you know...." She said.

" I know Liz." he said. " I know. " Leaning over he captured her lips with his.

Max was shakin out of his day dream as he heard a knock at the the door. He stood up from the chair and walked toward the door, turning the knob slowly he opened the door to the mailman.

" Um, a package for MAx Evans." he said as he showed him the large box.

" Thats me." MAx said. The man gave him the clip board to sighn and smelt the box. Max looked at him strangley.

" What are you doing?" Max asked.

" This smells wierd," the young man said," smells like my brothers gym socks," he said as he grimaced.

Max took the box from him kepping it a distance from himself and grimacing already smelling the smell. " Thanks, I think. " Max said as he closed the door.

He placed the box on the kitchen table. Taking the flaped of the box he pulled it open. Before he got to see what was iside, he heard another knock at the door. He walked to the door opening it once again. It was Rebecca. She had a smile on her face and swung her arms around him giving him a light kiss.

" Hi." she said. Smiling like she just got lucky.

" Hi."

" My word! What smells?" she said as she covered her mouth with her hands.

" I don't know yet, I just got this package and it smelt kind of wierd." Max said as he let go of Rebecca closing the door.

" Well lets see what it is." she said taking a hold of his hand and pulling him into the kitchen. She went up the box and saw nothing but package wrapping. She picked up the box and dumped what ever what was inside out onto the kitchen table. A head that was pale and blue rolled onto the counter. Including a tape.

" Ahh!!!!!!!!!!!" Rebecca screamed as she hid into Max's arms.

Max held Rebecca tight, and saw who the head belonged to. It was Alex!


Shall I continue?
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Part Fourteen

As the police arivved, Max had his room mate, Dave, take Rebbeca home, she was becoming to histarical for the police to thing.
Sitting at the kitchen table the investigators took DNA samples from the box, trying to find where it had come from. And in the living room a investigator was asking Max questions.

" IS there any one who would do this to you? Ex-girlfriend? A enemy? Anyone?" he asked.

MAx just shook his head. Khivar hadn't bothered them in two years, he had never found his son,
and Tess was dead. She killed MAria a couple months back. Michael killed her after she stabbed MAria into the back. He sent her into a grave she would never be able to dig herself out of.

" Were going to need more help with this." the investigator sighed. " Hey, can anybody call Ivestagaotor Parker!" he yelled out to the whole room hearing, grumbles and people saying they would. MAx's head snapped up when he heard the name. What was he thinking, Liz is dead, and that is a very popular name.

" She's on her way!" another policemen called as he got off the phone.

" I suggest," the investigator said to MAx, " THat you go to a hotel for the night. It would be a safe thing to do."

MAx nodded. He heard a footstep outside the door, seeing a girl in the door frame, about 5'2, blond hair, blue eyes.

" Oh, Ms.Parker!" the investigator snapped as he noticed that she was in the door way.

Max'z hope dropped. Was he really hoping it would be Liz who walked through that door.
Was he still holding on?

Later on at the Sun Shine Motel, Max sat on his his bed, with only a pair of baggy pants on, he
sat there looking at some form. He was dealing with bills that were do tommorow, and had no money for. Max didn't have a great job, he worked for a delivery service, it didn't pay much but it kept him on his feet. He never went to college making life even harder. Then he heard a car door bang, really loud, followed by screaming noises.

" You stupid, DUMB ASS BITCH!" the man screamed. Then you hear a slapping noise.
" Im sorry!" the girl screamed. She sound like she was crying,

Hearing this MAx boalted for the door, swinging it open he saw no one, but he could have sworn
he heard it.

" Hey pretty boy." a sweet voice said. Turning around MAx saw a girl with long dark hair, brown doe eyes, and, it was LIZ!

"Nighty Night." she said before she hit him over the head with something hard, making his whole world go black.


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