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Author: TD DreamerBehr

Rating: PG 13 (language, shit and stuff like that)

Summary: There's a new girl in town and Max, Isabel and Michael have this akward pull towards her, What happens when they find out who she is?? And why doesn't she trust Tess??? (not that anyone does)

Category: M/L (Who else), M/M and A/I too

Disclaimer:Ya I own everything of Roswell, In My Dreams!
I only own all the books tapes and the character Belle and any other Character unrecognized, (sigh)

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Author's Notes: I would appreciate some feedback. Ok my Best friend really started this fic and then she stopped and I liked it so I'm going to try and continue from where she left off, she has up to part 9 or something but she never finished posting more than 3 so, please be nice and tell me if you see any weird symbols, she said there was last time. Oh and * this means someone is thinking*

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Dedicated to: Diehard MLdreamer 4 ever and Trish (shelle 4 eva, or something like that)


"I'm Liz Parker, it's a long time I haven't written in my journal for a long time but ever since Max Evans saved my life and I found out it got stolen and there was
all mine and Max's secrets inside I freaked, but then I found out it was really stolen by Max's best friend Michael I just couldn't write anymore so much has
happened this past year, and the fact that this idiotic tess came to town to steal
max away from me, why does everything happen around me? I am sick and tired of it. Then max comes back from 14 years in the future and tells me I have to get present
day max to fall out of love with me and in love with tess. So that's what I did but
I still love him....
more than ever for still holding on and now he's even being nice to me and wants to be friends, he's perfect"

*dring* *dring*


"hi liz"

"oh, hi max"

"um…I'm calling a meeting for us all to just meet you know see how everyone's
doing but I have nowhere to hold it. So I was wondering if we could hold it at
your house?" max asked

"Oh sure, um…could you come by the alley?" liz asked

"Sure" max answered


"So I'll tell everyone to meet on your balcony"


"bye liz"

"bye max"

5 minutes later


A soft loud whisper came from the alley but liz knew who it was. How could
she forget? liz thought as she walked to the balcony to find max standing at the
top of the ladder

"hey" said liz



Ok hope you liked it, this was really part 1 but I made it a prologue. Ok please post feedback! And I'm not sure if I'm gonna keep the title so, if you have any suggestions, send 'em my way!


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I know itz short but my friend wrote these parts and I'm not gonna change it but I promise that the 4th chapter will be longer, hopefully lol. well thanx for the feedback!!
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Part 1

Maria looked out the window for the 10th time in 5 seconds. Michael said he would
be here 5 minutes ago Maria thought, just then she heard a motor Finally. As soon
as Michael pulled into the driveway and Maria raced out of the house.

"You're late" Maria said

"5 minutes" Michael protested

"It's still late" Maria answered



"So, you know what this meetings about?" Michael asked

"Yup. Max wants to see how everyone's doing," she answered

*Here it comes*

"WHAT!" Michael exploded

"Ok let me make it simpler for you Spaceboy. Translation: Max want to see Liz

"Oh" *don't take this out on her or you'll tick her off and she might throw you off
the bike, just take it out on Max when you see him....I'll kill him, what a waste of time*

"Can you go a little slower, let's give them some time alone" Maria said * perfect now maybe
this late night chat will go to Liz's head. Who knows maybe we can have some extra
time alone too*

(Back at the Crashdown, Max and Liz are chatting)

"So how's everything?" Max asked Liz

"Oh it's good, thanks" Liz answered, " My parents are going away for a while so
I'll have to watch the Crashdown until they get back"


"Well, uh…ya I guess, Maria will probably help out

"Oh ya, well if you need any extra help I'll be available too" max offered

"Uh…. sure thanks"

"No problem" max answered

"Ok well in that case I'll keep you posted, and know that you can't wiggle yourself
out of this" Liz said as she pointed her finger at him and giggled

"Sure thing" max said as he chuckled. Max walked to Liz's bed and sat on it putting
his hand on Liz's journal accidentally. Liz saw this and got frantic but managed to stay calm

"Oh um… that's my journal" Liz said as max picked it up

"I thought you stopped writing? You started again?" max asked

"Well, uh…ya"

"Oh, well here" max said as he gave her journal back. Their hands gently touched and

Liz got all kinds of flashes,

* Flash *
Max and Liz at Michael's apartment

* Flash *
max and liz finding the orb

* Flash *
max at the hospital

* flash *
max telling liz she's his destiny

Liz tumbled backwards and nearly hit the floor but max caught her

"Liz, are you okay? What's wrong? Liz!"


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ok here's Part 2
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"Liz! Please say something" max begged her
he put his hand on her head, and just when he was about to make a connection he heard
a soft whimper


"Liz thank god your ok" he said as he pulled her closer to him in a hug "what happened?"

"uh….."she started, then she remembered what she saw, *omg, what if he saw some
things too*

"liz?" max asked as he waited for her answer

liz struggled as she tried to get up but max sat her back down

"I'm okay max, really" liz said

"liz you fainted"

"I...I know, but I'm okay now"

"ok as long as you say your fine, but can I check you just in case?" max asked

* oh no *

"uh.. I'm fine max, I feel fine, you don't have to check me" liz said as she tried to
reasure him

"ok fine" max answered a little hurt because it sounded like she didn't want him to touch

"thank you for caring"

"liz I'll always be here, you know that" MAx answered her his voice filled with emotion

"I know max"

max pulled her closer again and hugged her protecively

"you got me really scared"

"I know but I'm fine now so let's talk about something else ok?"



"Alex thanks for picking me up" Isabel told him as she opened the door

"yeah sure, anytime" Alex answered

"well did you eat anything?"

"not really, but I think we should get going"

"oh ok"

"do you know what this meeting is about?" alex asked

"no clue"

"great" alex said as he chuckled

(At the Valenti's)

"kyle will you hurry up already" Tess shouted

"I'm putting on my t-shirt, wait" Kyle told her

"so what's this meeting about?" Kyle asked

"how am I supposed to know all he said was 'I'm holding a meeting in 20 minutes'"

"ok I'm ready" kyle said as he ran down the stairsgrabbing his wallet and shoving it in his pockets

"it's about time"

( Michael and Maria were drinking a milkshake at the crashdown)

"So tell me again why were waiting here for awhile" Michael asked Maria

"because we are letting max have some time alone before the gerbil gets here and ruins their time
like always" Maria answered

"well don't you think they had enough time? we gave them like 20 extra minutes"

"Michael, will you just shut up were gonna go up as soon as I finish my shake ok?"Maria said
*as long as I get rid of your stupid annoying questions* she thought


Just then the bell rang in the crashdown and someone that Michael had never seen walked in
and this girl got quite a few stares.

"what" Maria asked

"who's that?" Michael asked as Maria turned around to see what everyone was gapping at

"Oh My God" Maria said gaping a the person


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Ok here's part 3

Part 3

Max and Liz finally decided to get downstairs 20 mins later, when they walked they noticed Michael and Maria and they also noticed that The Crashdown was completely quiet but went straight for Michael and Maria. When they got there Liz noticed Maria's pale face and followed her gaze and frowned,

No, it can't be

"Oh my gosh she looks so familiar" Maria said

"I know"Liz said

"Hello" Michael said "Who is she?"

"I don't know" Liz answered

This whole time Max was watching this girl too and he thought he felt something towards her, like a pull. What? he didn't know. Who is she? Where did she come from?Why is she here?Is she an alien?
That last question racked through his brain and if she was, was she bad or good?

"Hi" the girl said as she came up to them, standing only a few feet away as if she was scared

"OMG" Maria said

"You're......are look just like......."Liz stumbled on words to say, it was just to weird to say, it was too unbelievable to say.

"Belle" Maria whispered finishing Liz's sentence

"Who's Belle?" Michael asked

"Umm.....I am.......Belle" She said slowly

"What?" Liz eyes widened fully

Max was wondering what Liz knew about her. He thought for a second that she was going to colapse again. He moved towards her and held her by the waist

Liz felt Max's arm around her, but tried to pay attention to the important matter at hand. She tried to focus on what this girl had just said, which was hard

"Belle?" Liz asked "How?"

"Yeah, umm...It's me"She said

"How did you? I thought you were dead" Maria said in rush

"Well um..ya itz a long story" Belle told them trying to regain her composture

"Well we have a lot of time, but before that come here and give me a hug!" Maria said with tears in her eyes

"OMG,Maria?"Belle asked as she ran to Maria and gave her a hug. After a few moments of crying they pulled themselves back together

"Liz"Maria said" Itz really her"

"But can that...." Liz took a closer look at her and tried not to believe it, she had seen this before and then she woke up crying in her bed, she took a chance
"OMG, OMG, Itz really you" Liz said as she pulled Belle into a tight hug

"I missed you so much Liz, but I couldn't come home, it was too dangerous, I had to go" Belle rambled on

"What, what are you talking about?"Liz asked

Belle looked at the two very confused guys standing next to Maria.

"Well, maybe we could go talk somewhere more private" Belle said

"Oh uh..Belle..This is Max and Michael. Max, Michael
this is sister"


Hope it's written to your liking!

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Hi guys! I'm terribly sorry it took me so long to post this. I know my last post was in April and I'm sorry guys. But thank you to everybody that left feedback and this part is for Angelique. Hope you like it!

Part 4

Max and Michael stood there shocked at what this girl had just said. *Here she is claiming to be Liz's sister and I never knew about her? How can Liz have kept this away from me?* Max thought

"She can't be your sister Liz" Michael said, finding his voice "I mean where has she been all this time?"

"I dunno, but I know she is my sister, I mean, Ok sure she'll definetly have A LOT to explain but I know who she is!"

"Well Hey" Max and Michael said in chorus

"Hey" Belle said, eyeing them

"It's ok Belle, Max and Michael are totally trustworthy." Maria said "Well Max is trustworthy Michael is a little..."

"Hey!" Michael said

"Ok whatever but can we at least go to a more private place?" Belle said * Besides if they do anything I can always kick their asses* she thought refering to Max and Michael

"Sure" Liz said "We can go to my room

Just then he bell rang and Isabel, Alex, Kyle and Tess walked in

"Hey guys" Maria said to them all, except for Tess who naturally she would always hate

"Say bye guys now!" Belle mumbled

"Who's...what?..." Alex said confused trying to form a sentence, this girl looked EXACTLY like...but no that can't be? There's no way! "Liz who's this?"

"Alex, it's umm..."

"Alex" Belle said in a pitched voice cracked with emotion as she ran to Alex and jumped on him. *Whoa there girl, he's mine*

"Uh ya"

"It's me! It's Belle!

"What? That can't be.."

"It's true Alex it's really her"

"But that's impossible Isabella Alexandra Parker is dead, she died 2 years ago! It says so on the tombstone!" Alex said frustrated, he wanted it to be her, he really did but it was impossible! He was crying like a baby at her funeral!

"Well...Wait I have a tombstone?"

"Belle" Maria warned her

"Ok ok, I was going to explain that Alex, but not here, not in front of all these people"

"No there ok" Liz said, although she was eyeing Tess a little, she couldn't help it, she hated the girl

"No, Liz...I agreed to those people but no more!"Belle argued "Well except for Alex"

"Great" Alex said "But tell me you aren't a ghost"

"I'm not a ghost Alex, look pinch my arm" Belle said pleading him to believe her, all she wanted was to have her family back and that was Liz, Maria and Alex. Her parents too, I guess. Alex walked up to her and pinched her arm

"AAH Ow!" Belle shouted "Did ya have to pinch so hard!"

"uh..sorry" Alex said


I hope y'all liked it! And I'm going to post some more parts very soon! I'll try posting part 5 today also and other parts later on in the week.

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Hey guys! I'm back and I know I said I'd post yesterday but something came up. And I want to post this new part today cause I'm going shoppin' tomorrow. I hope you like this new part

Marteloise- Oui! Isabelle ces't mon nom et mon ami Trish m'avais donner l'idee. Tout le monde m'appelle Belle. lol. Excuse moi si j'ecris pas bien. lol. Merci pour le commentaire!*big*

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wild_child_uk- Don't worry Belle is 16 and she is not going to pull a Tess. This girl is sweet and tough but she won't ever do anything to hurt the ppl she loves, you'll see. So no she won't go after Max, And you'll see why she doesn't trust Tess soon!*big* I've already said too much.

Well I hope you all like this! Thanks again for the fb! Keep it up!

Part 5

"Well I don't know about any of you guys, but I want to find out why you said you couldn't come back 'cause it was too dangerous" Maria said to Belle

"Well I need to talk to you guys privately" Belle told them all, casting a glare in Tess' direction

A woman about in her late 20's walked up to the gang

"I'm sorry Liz, but I haven't seen this girl around town recently and...she's just...Well I mean...I don't want to hurt you but, she looks so much like your sister" The woman said hesitantly

"Oh umm..." Liz started, she was trying to find the right words to say when Belle jumped in, like she always did when we were younger, yup it's definetly her! Even though she was about a year and a half younger she watched over us all, like we did for her

"Hi, it's nice to meet you" Belle said

"Yes it's nice to meet you too, I'm jennifer and you are?" She said eager to hear her name

"Oh umm...I'm late a meeting with the owner, Liz can we start now?" Belle looked at Liz. She was never one to use many words, kind of like Michael in a way.

"yes, yes let's go" Liz said "Excuse us" She said to nosy jenny. And with that settled, the whole gang walked up to Liz's room

"I don't trust her" Belle stated just as Iz shut the door

"Who?" Max asked

"Her" she said pointing at Tess

"She's ok" Max said

"Who are you by the way?" Belle said

"Belle this is Max Evans, Michael Guerin-"

"He's my guy" Maria cut in as she walked up to Michael and put her arm around his waist as Michael put his arm around her shoulder in a protective manner * they make a cute couple, come to think of it so do Max and Liz*

"As I was saying, this is Isabel Evans-"

"Cool my name's Isabel too! But call me Belle, Sorry" she mumbled as Liz looked at her skeptically

"This is Kyle Valenti and Tess Harding"

"Hey don't forget me!" Alex protested

"Ya and me!" Maria added

"You guys she already knows you!" Liz explained

"So" They said together *just like old times* Belle thought

"Anyways" Liz started "These are our friends"


"Well, ok now that that's all settled and you know I'm all happy and stuff that your back right? right" Maria said not giving Belle a second to answer "But how and why was it dangerous?" Maria asked

"I'm not saying anything with them around" Belle said pointing to Tess, Kyle and Isabel.
Isabel felt a slight pang at the thought that this girl didn't trust her, and tried to mask it quickly, but not fast enough for Belle who caught it and felt guilty. "Ok I agree to Max?...and Michael? and her" she said pointing to Isabel" But no one else"

"Ok guys maybe you should just go" Alex said to Tess and Kyle

"But why should I go?! She's the-" Tess started to scream but Kyle stopped her and said that maybe they should leave, and he lead her out while Belle breathed a sigh of relief

"Thank god! I thought she was gonna have a temper tantrum!" Isabel said making them all laugh


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Part 6
"Ok Belle your with people you can trust now" Maria said "You can tell the six of us anything ok?"

"Ok Well I guess you all want to know why I'm not dead?" Belle asked

Everyone in the room nodded their head, even though Max, Michael and Isabel didn't know her they all had a weird feeling toward her and they did want to know what happened

"Well here it goes, I want you to know that I'm not a whole lot diffrent than all of you-"

*Trust me you can't get any weirder than them* Maria thought

"But it's kind of hard living your life when there's people chasing you everywhere you turn. I didn't know what to do and I mean I was only 13 years old at the time and I was stupid and thought I had no other choice but to run, but that turned out to be a mistake 'cause then they noticed who I was, Back then I wasn't ready at all but now....I'm stronger, I can hold them back for...oh no" All of a sudden Belle got a little light headed and was thrown onto the floor grabbing her head she fell to that floor screaming"NO!" and holding her head as if it was gonna fall off.

"Belle!" Liz screamed and ran to her sister who was in apparent pain and then just like it started, it stopped.

"Belle?" Liz asked

"Yeah" She said acting like nothing happened

"What the hell just happened?" Michael asked

"Well umm...I get these really painful headaches.."Belle started

Then it hit Michael, *That's exactly what happened when I touched the key only it looked triple more painful for her, what is she???*

"Headaches's don't make you go flying backwards" Max added

*Oh no, I'm screwed!:
* Belle though

"Look it happens sometimes, b buut this one was more....powerfull" Belle stuttered" Look I don't have time to make you understand" Belle finished as she rushed to leave the room

"That was the weird" Maria said

"Tell me about it" Liz added

"She's not who she says she is" Michael said

"What?" Liz asked

"She's diffrent"

"What are you saying?" Liz asked "Michael you know, usually I'm always behind you on everything, when someone comes to town and you don't trust them I'm always behind you, because you know I understand, but she is not diffrent"

"Michael" Maria said "Are you saying she's an alien?! Hello?!?! She's Liz's sister!"

"What?" Isabel said, now she was ROYALLY confused

"Yeah she's my sister" Liz said " She was in a really bad accident and they never fund her body"

"That's horrible" Isabel said "Well if she's your sister, then she can't be czecho"

Maria smiled


"But when I got a vision last year, that's exactly what happened but it looked more painful for her" Michael explained, they had to understand

"But she's Liz's biological sister" Maria said

"Come to think of it, I don't remember anything about her before I was 8"

*Which would make her a six year old* Max thought

"That was when I first saw her"

"Maybe we should just ask your parents" Maria suggested

"I will but what will we tell my parents? Um.. Hi mom, dad, your daughter that has been dead for 3 years is now back from the dead? Somehow I don't think that would go over very well, I can't say that!"

There was a sharp scream from outside the bedroom

"Uh...I know this is a bad time, but I think someone already knows" Alex said

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Belle ran down the hall only to go running right into.......

Hope ya liked it!
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