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Here's the first five parts. Please please I hope someone FBs...

Part 1

Isabel rummaged through the cupboards, waiting for Max to speak.

“Figure out what to get Alex yet?” her brother asked.

“Yep, just finalizing a few details.” Isabel smiled to herself.

“C’mon, what are you getting him? I want to make sure I’m not getting him the same thing.”

Isabel laughed. “Believe me, brother, that isn’t likely.” She looked up to see his quizzical look. “Remember what he did for me on my birthday?” She enjoyed watching the shocked look spread across Max’s face.

“You’re kidding! Mom practically had a heart attack when she saw Alex stripping. It’s a good thing dad wasn’t there.”

“Neither of them will be there this time. Besides, I hear that Alex’s parents are going to be out of town.”

“On his birthday?”

“Dad wasn’t there for mine.”

“Yeah.” Max was silent for a moment. “What would Grant think? Besides, I for-“

“If you try to forbid me, I’m going to hit you.”

Max blinked. It had been years since he and his sister had talked to each other like that, back when they’d been comparatively normal loving, squabbling, siblings.

“I already broke up with Grant. Besides, you never thought I should be with him. Please don’t mess this up, Max. What Alex did was sweet and he was brave to do it with everyone watching and then we all just took off on him… besides, I want to do this.

Max met her glare with a weak smile "I forgot to do the dishes. Oh, one thing, give me a warning okay? Some things a guy doesn't want to watch his sister do."

Isabel smiled at her victory. "Thanks Max." Just in case, she'd have a talk with Liz. Maybe she should do that anyway.


Part 2

With only two days to go before his 18th birthday, Alex could hardly have been less excited. He sat on his bed, looking unseeingly at his chemistry textbook.

Alex figured he had a right to be bitter. The FBI, at any rate a rogue agency hidden inside it, had chased him and his friends for the better part of the year. He still sometimes woke up screaming from nightmares where Pierce had kidnapped Isabel instead of Max. If his parents heard him, he didn't tell them what he had dreamt.

If Isabel was aware if his nightmares, she gave no sign. Maybe he should be grateful she was respecting his privacy… only that wasn't what he wanted from her.

Alex's gloomy thoughts were interrupted as hit mother came in to hug him swiftly. "Sorry we won't be here for your birthday. We'll make it up to you after, okay?"

"Sure," Alex replied easily. "When we celebrate doesn't matter. I hope you and dad have a good time at the conference."

"You sure you'll be okay on your own? I'm sure you could stay with the Parkers again."

"Mom! I'll be eighteen."

"There's lots of stuff in the fridge, although I'm sure you'll be eating at the Crashdown anyway. Miss you."

"Miss you. Goodbye."

It wasn't the thought of his parents not being there that made Alex so depressed. It was the memory of the last birthday party he'd attended. Isabel's birthday party…

Max organized a big surprise party for his sister. Alex, while still not sure why Max and Isabel had different birthdays, had gotten Isabel there on the flimsy excuse of giving her back some books.

Isabel showed up to meet Alex dressed for her date with Grant. She was breathtakingly beautiful in the red she knew Alex loved on her. Maybe she'd been trying to tell Alex to stop hoping by flaunting Grant at him. Or maybe the red had been supposed to convey a different message.

Alex went ahead with his surprise for Isabel anyway, stripping out of the police uniform in front of everyone… not getting very far, because he discovered 'everyone' included Isabel's mom. At least he'd seen Isabel smile. Seen laughter, and lust, and just maybe something else.

The evening went straight downhill from there. Liz's boss showed up. Isabel disappeared. The whole gang disappeared. Only Alex and Kyle, as usual, were forgotten.

Once Isabel's mom had gone home to check on her daughter Courtney asked Alex to finish his dance. He was tempted. But Courtney wasn't Isabel. Alex just wasn't attracted to human girls anymore.

All in all, Alex despised birthdays. Why expect his own to be any better?


Part 3

Maria came over to Isabel. "We're going to close in a few minutes. Can I get you anything else? Another piece of Asteroid Pie?"

Isabel wrapped her hands around her hot chocolate, heating it again. "Actually, I'd like to talk to you and Liz for a minute." She waited for Liz to join them and the two waitresses to sit across from her. "I want to do something for Alex, for his birthday, but I need help."

Liz and Maria exchanged glances. "Look," Liz began, "I'm not sure that's such a good idea."

"I haven't treated him as well as I should. I want to make it up to him."

"You'll just make him even more in love with you, more obsessed." Maria shook her head. "If you can't let him in, better to keep your distance as much as possible. Not be mean… Liz and I are throwing him a small birthday party, you should come, give him a nice gift…"

"I'm ready," Isabel interrupted.

"Ready?" Liz repeated.

"To let Alex in. I'm going to give him a very nice gift. It will have to be a surprise."

"You'd better tell us what you're planning," Liz demanded, folding her arms.

"You’re both very determined to protect your friend," Isabel observed. "Good. But he doesn't want or need protection from me, at least not anymore." She began to grin. "Remember my birthday party?"

"Of course."

"We all forgot about poor Alex, but what he did for me was really sweet."

Liz and Maria looked away guiltily. They had forgotten Alex too, after they'd encouraged Alex's strip… something they'd both enjoyed more than best friends should have.

"It showed me," Isabel continued, "he still cares, and he hasn't given up, that it isn't too late now that I know again that I want him. And it gave me an idea of what I should get him."

"Okay," Liz agreed after thinking it over. "What do you want us to do?"

"I want the party to be at his house, his parents will be away so no interruptions this time."

"I think we should go ahead with the party at the Crashdown, with most of his friends. Then Liz and I will take him home - you'll have left the party early and be waiting for him there," Maria suggested.

"I like it." Isabel beamed. This was going to be fun. She'd get Alex back, and in the process she'd become closer friends with Maria and Liz, the only girlfriends she could discuss important stuff with.

"What else can we do?" Liz asked.

"Be ready to run interference if Max or Michael start getting all big-brotherly on me." Isabel scowled dangerously. "Max better not try pulling that King shit on me again."

"As if I want Michael watching you take your clothes off," Maria agreed, realizing a possible drawback of Isabel's plan. "Okay, some ground rules."

Isabel blinked. "What?"

"You only do this if you mean it. No ripping out Alex's heart and stomping on it or otherwise acting like certain Aliens we all know. No seducing Alex."

"Maria!" Isabel and Liz exclaimed together.

"Well, okay, but only if you're back together before that, and only if you give him enough space so he can think rationally before he says yes."

"I wasn't planning…" Isabel stammered, "I had no intention… it's going to happen by accident."

"You don't have to seduce him to make it up to him," Liz cautioned, trying to will away her blush at talking about this, "just be nice, go to some movies, drag him into the eraser room now and then."


Part 4

Alex looked around the Crashdown again. It was a nice party, great his friends were there, but… "Where did Isabel go?"

"She had to leave early," Liz told him. "Look, this is pretty much over. How about Maria and I come over to your place, just like old times?"

"Is there some Alien stuff going on? I don't see any of them."

"Kyle isn't here either," Maria pointed out, "and the only thing that could tear him away from that chocolate cake is Tess. She had to mindwarp him into thinking it was coconut to keep it safe until you were ready to blow out the candles."

Alex nodded, suspicion fading. "This was really great of you. At least there were no surprises."

Liz bit her lip to keep from laughing and spoiling everything. "Yeah, no party-crashing Alien Congresswomen."

Liz and Maria followed Alex into his home, grinning at each other behind his back.

"Since it's my birthday, I can make you watch Phantom Menace again, right?" Alex switched on the light.


Alex jumped backward as Max, Michael, Tess and Kyle appeared out of thin air in front of him. Tess had more than made up for the lack of good hiding places in Alex's living room.

"What's going on?" Alex demanded, eyes searching for Isabel again.

Tess jumped as if goosed, and Isabel appeared beside her. Alex's eyes bugged out as he saw what she was wearing.

"Happy birthday, Alex. You didn't really think that a book would be my only gift, after all we've been through?"

Liz edged up to the scowling Max. "Time for us to leave." Max didn't argue, unlike Liz not even looking back to see Isabel wave her hand over the CD, which began to play as it hovered above the tabletop.

I've been watching you and all you do
For quite some time
Knowing all the ins and outs of you
I should've known what was on your mind
But all the world is spinning round and round
Inside my head tonight
I will fall into the darkness
And I fear I will never see the light

Michael grunted as Maria elbowed him in the ribs. "What?"

"Lets get out of here before your eyes fall ouy."

"Wouldn't it be rude to leave already?" Michael argued. He sighed in defeat as Maria glared at him. "Fine."

Isabel moved slowly towards Alex, swaying her hips, slowly unbuttoning the top two buttons her sheer, translucent brown shirt, letting it begin to fall from her shoulders. Alex stood transfixed, gaze locked where the shirt slowly slid away to bare the tops her breasts.

Isabel hesitated. She had Alex completely entranced, as planned, but something was wrong. She looked quickly around. Kyle and Tess were still there. Isabel turned around, giving Kyle one of her looks. Kyle blanched, then whispered in Tess' ear, then finally threw Tess over his shoulder and carried the laughing girl out of Alex's house.

Part 5

The interruption broke Alex's trance. "Wow, Isabel, what are you doing?"

Isabel wriggled her ass before turning around. "Nothing you wouldn't do for me." She paused to listen to the lyrics for a moment.

So let me in
All that I wanted from you
Was something you'd never do

"But all this," Alex protested, "It's like a dream… even the song is from my dreams… it's too good to be true.."

"It is inspired by some of your dreams, Alex." Isabel smiled. "I've loved that song ever since I first heard it during the heat wave." Alex smiled back in recognition. "The outfit is from the cover of Maxim I believe. It is all right for you to dream occasionally about other girls, as long as you mostly dream about me."

"It looks even better on you than it does on Katherine Heigl," Alex avowed loyally, breathing a sigh of relief. "You're sure this isn't another dream?"

Isabel undid another button, revealing even more of her bosom, dancing closer. Alex's eyes followed her, the bounce of her breasts, the way the deep black fabric of her dress clung to her thighs and ass, following it as it slid down her legs to her feet. Isabel stepped out of the dress, continuing towards Alex, slowly undoing the last buttons and letting her shirts fall from her shoulders. As she reached him she was dressed only in a tiny black thong.

So let me in
Oh please tonight
Don't let this end
I'll Fall

Alex was forced to reach out and catch Isabel in his arms as she began to fall, holding her naked body against him. Isabel parted her lips, moistened them with her tongue. Alex leaned down and kissed her.

Isabel kissed back, her arms going around Alex's neck, her nipples growing hard as they rubbed against the fabric of his shirt. It was in the way, so she moved a hand down to touch it, making it fall apart so there would be no barrier between his skin and hers. She only realized Alex had been moving when he laid her gently on his bed.

"Can I touch you?"

Alex, always so careful. So undemanding. All he'd ever asked was the one thing Isabel was most afraid of giving. Her heart. "Yes Alex, please touch me." Before he could she reached out to run her hands down his broad chest.

Alex knelt on his bed beside her. Isabel realized he was studying her, as if to commit every detail to memory. He reached out hesitantly to cup her right breast.

Isabel pressed herself into his hand. How had she ever given up Alex, with all his patience and dedication? She reached up with one hand to run the back of her fingernails down his chest. He was good-looking too. Not that that was the most important thing, but it helped. Alex slowly ran his thumb across her nipple. Isabel responded with a small moan.

Encouraged, Alex continued exploring, brushing her nipple with his fingers, then the palm of his hand. He rested his other hand on her thigh. "Oh Izzy, you're so beautiful."

"Keep on, Alex."

"You don't have to do this Isabel," Alex said regretfully. He wanted to take full advantage of tonight, of his birthday, of having a beautiful nearly naked Isabel in his bed, but he had to make sure it would last. "If this isn't going to be real… I can't have tonight be perfect, and then go back to real life the way it has been. And you don't have to do anything because of what happened last time, I know you had to go rescue Tess, or because of other stuff."

"I'm doing it for me, too. I've made up my mind Alex. I want you back." Alex squeezed her breast lightly. She closed her eyes as she felt his other hand move up her thigh, then squeeze her ass.

"You can't." Isabel's eyes flew open. "We never broke up. You never officially dumped me."

Isabel cringed at the pain in his eyes as Alex remembered Grant, but his touch remained gentle. "Give me another chance?"

"All you ever had to do was ask."

"Do you want to… to go on, Alex?"

"More than almost anything."

"Me too." Isabel stroked him through his pants, felt how hard he was for her.

Alex moved his hand to her other breast, leaned forward to close his lips over her nipple, gently laving the tip with his tongue.

Isabel gasped, decided that Maria's conditions had been fulfilled. Well she hadn't given Alex much space, but he'd been able to think. Close enough. She undid Alex's belt and jeans, slipping a hand inside. She kept her hand around him, squeezing and relaxing slightly, as Alex stood beside the bed to let her pull down his jeans and boxers, freeing him into her hand.

Alex struggled to control himself as Isabel pumped him slowly. "Izzy…" He ran his finger over her nipple again. He loved her breasts. They were full and perfect and he'd never been able to touch them like this before today, even through Isabel's clothes.

Releasing Alex, Isabel rolled off the bed, kneeling on the carpet in front of her lover. Before Alex could protest she took him in her mouth. She cupped his balls in her hands.

Alex ran his hands through Isabel's long golden hair, gently urging her back, but Isabel ignored him. He held her hair back, looking down at her full lips on him, her breasts, her ass not hidden by the thong she still wore.

Isabel squeezed his balls, then her hands went around to squeeze his ass, causing Alex to thrust his hips slightly forward. Isabel took him deeper, then pulled back and swirled her tongue around his tip.

Alex cried out, fingers tightening in her hair, then letting go. Her hair fell around her breasts. "Oh god Isabel." He moaned quietly as he looked down. Isabel's mouth was still around him as she licked him. "But what about you?"

Isabel finally let go, her teeth grazing him gently. "The night isn't over yet. Besides, this is your birthday."

Alex helped her stand up, drawing her close for a deep kiss. He could taste himself in her mouth. Brain starting to function again, he kissed his way down her neck, paying close attention to her breasts again. His hands gripped her ass as he kissed down her stomach, kneeling in front of her.

"Alex… this is your birthday. I'm making up with you."

Alex ignored her. "I want to explore you." He stroked her clit, kissed her center, finally pulling the tiny black thong down her long pale legs. "I want to taste you." He flicked his tongue against Isabel's clit, slipped a finger into her entrance, moving in slow circles, then withdrawing his hand to make room for his tongue. Sweet. Spicy.

Isabel moaned as she felt his mouth on her, his tongue in her, but remembered what this evening was supposed to be about. Making up for how she'd treated Alex. About his birthday. In short, about Alex. She reluctantly pulled away.

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Part 6

"Isabel?" Alex questioned. Had he been doing it wrong? He'd just wanted to give her as much pleasure as she'd given him, or at least as much as he could since he doubted the first was possible.

Isabel lay down on her back on Alex's bed, stretched slowly, and smiled at Alex. He climbed onto the bed beside her without arguing further. Isabel put her arms around him, rubbing her breasts against his broad chest, feeling his power source stiffen as it brushed her heat, and she knew he was ready again. She kissed Alex deeply, tongue stroking against his, then Isabel smiled at him. “Your birthday, remember?”

“Tonight is about both of us,” Alex protested, hands cupping her ass and pulling her against him.

“Of course it is.” Isabel pushed Alex onto his back, sat astride his hips. “But more about you.” She peered at him from under long eyelashes, running her hands over his chest, fingers gently pinching his nipples. “You can thank me later… you never did finish giving me my birthday present.”

“Oh! That works for me.” Alex grinned, reaching up to cup her breasts. He let go of one, running his finger around it in semi-circles, working out until he reached her nipple. “You’re so beautiful.”

“So are you.”

Alex looked up, met her eyes, saw that she meant it, and smiled at her. He sat up enough to put his arms around her neck, playing with her hair again, and pulled her down. His tongue flicked against her left nipple, then he took her breast in his mouth.

“Good… Alex…” She was beginning to think his fascination with her ‘cones’ had certain benefits, but Isabel was ready for something else. She reached behind herself, taking Alex’s erection in her hand. Alex’s whole body trembled beneath her, and he pulled back. Cool air replaced his warm lips on her right breast, his other hand slowly letting go as Isabel sat upright again. “Alex…”

“Yes. If… if you want.” He had trouble speaking as her thumb stroked the head of his power source, still held firmly in her hand.

“I’ve wanted this… you… I just wasn’t ready before.” Isabel lifted herself, lowered herself again.

Alex reached for her thighs to slow her. “Careful… I don’t want to hurt you.”

“There must be some advantages to being a genetically engineered human-Alien hybrid, Alex, I don’t think you will.” She liked Alex’s hands on her thighs anyway as she finished taking him inside her, felt him stretch her, but she’d been right. “See? All good.” She kissed him softly.

Alex reached up to put his arms around her, her breasts pressing into his chest, and kissed her back, sucking on her bottom lip again. He moaned into her mouth as Isabel started moving her hips. He began to match her rhythm, and they moved together, mouths locking together, parting to kiss necks and throats and then their lips met again. He felt Isabel’s walls contract against him, guessed what it meant, and was happy, but after what she’d done earlier he wasn’t ready. Isabel kissed him deeply, after a pause continued moving her hips against him.

Isabel gasped as she climaxed, kissed Alex so not to shout although it probably didn’t matter. Until that moment some doubt had remained, what if she and Alex weren’t completely compatible physically? Now she finally knew they were compatible in everyway. She could still feel Alex inside her, he hadn’t come with her, so Isabel resumed rocking her hips. Alex’s arms tightened around her as he exploded into her. Isabel lay her head on his chest.

“Thank you,” Alex whispered as his breathing returned to normal.

“Happy birthday,” Isabel whispered back, “and thank you to. It was everything I hoped for.” She kissed him then laid her head on his chest again, closing her eyes and listening to his heart beating.

Alex held Isabel close. She was still on top of him, but he hardly noticed the weight. There were too many other delightful things about their position to notice. “Me too. Including you lying in my arms after like you are now.” He kissed her cheek, and then they were quiet.

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Part 7

Isabel began to slip out of his arms. Alex pulled her close to him, marvelling at the feel of her naked body against his.

"I thought you were asleep," Isabel said kissing his shoulder.

"No, just felt like being still and holding you."

"That's sweet, but I need to go." She pulled away from him, Alex letting go very reluctantly, and sat up.

Alex looked at her pleadingly. "Do you have to?" Even in his disappointment he still noticed how beautiful Isabel was, and couldn't resist gently cupping her right breast.

"It's getting late. Besides, aren't you worn out by now?" Despite her words, Isabel pressed into his hand. Alex was making deciding to leave even harder, and it was still his birthday after all.

"I just want to hold you." Alex gently squeezed her breast.

Isabel realized he was serious, and how much this meant to him. "I'll see what I can do." Alex's parents were away, it would be a shame to waste this opportunity. She kissed Alex, removed his hand, and padded out of the room.

Alex nervously awaited Isabel's return, trying not to get his hopes up. He'd already had one impossible dream come true today. He could hear Isabel's voice as she talked on the phone, but couldn't distinguish her words. She returned after only a couple minutes.

Isabel walked towards Alex, still nude, conscious of his focus on her. He was always focused on her, of course. "I told them I'm staying with Tess." She kissed him on the cheek and slipped back under the covers.

"Thank you." Alex pressed kisses to her neck and collarbone before cuddling her close again.

Part 8

It was beginning to grow light when Isabel awoke again. She watched Alex sleep for a couple minutes. He seemed so happy, so at peace. Just like she felt. She really should have done this long ago, Isabel decided. She would have to tell him that, but she hesitated about waking him. His birthday… I really should let him sleep… well, maybe he wouldn’t complain.

Isabel pulled the blankets off the bed. Alex was already aroused from the contact of their naked bodies as they’d slept. She rolled him gently onto his back and knelt between his legs. She leaned close, supporting herself with her hands on his thighs.

Isabel flicked her tongue against Alex’s length, then against the tip of his erection. He grew harder, moaned slightly, but his eyes remained closed. Isabel sighed in minor irritation.

Alex woke when he felt Isabel move around. Figuring she was just going for a drink of water or something he kept his eyes closed, tired and unwilling to fully awaken. When she yanked the covers off he opened his eyes, preparing to protest. The sight of Isabel, naked and beautiful as she stood over him, changed his mind. Alex hastily closed his eyes again and waited to find out what she had in mind. He was unable to suppress a moan as he felt her tongue on his cock. Her tongue moved to his balls, then Isabel took him into her mouth, swirling her tongue around him. Alex’s eyes flew open as he moaned, his hips moving slightly upwards. He closed his eyes again and tried to lie still.

Isabel sat up, looking at Alex with a stern expression.

“Isabel?” Alex finally questioned, opening his eyes for good.

“How long have you been awake?”

“Since you pulled the covers off.” He waited. “That was a wonderful way to wake up. But aren’t you, um…”

“It isn’t your birthday anymore,” Isabel pointed out. She smirked. “You shouldn’t have pretended I wasn’t even waking you.”

Alex sighed in defeat.

“Don’t look so disappointed. I didn’t wake you up without a reason.”

“Oh?” Alex smiled up at her, lifted his arms. “Come here.”

Isabel slithered up his body, kissing the hollow of his throat and lying atop him. She sighed happily as Alex kissed her, sucking on her lower lip. His mouth moved to her neck as he cupped her breasts, slowly teasing her nipples. They moved slowly, languorously, in recognition of the early hour and their tiredness. What could be better? Her boyfriend, nude beneath her… she’d wasted so much time. “Alex,” she began, pausing to nibble on his ear.

“Hmm?” Alex put his hands on her ass, squeezing gently.

“I just wish I’d done this sooner.”

“Me too… no, I’m glad you waited till you were ready.” He slipped a hand further down, between her legs.

“I’m ready,” Isabel assured him, smiling at the double meaning. She kissed Alex on the lips again, their tongues stroking one another, as she took him inside her.

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The last two parts, to the best readers and FBers any writer ever had. *happy*


Part 10

“Best birthday I’ve ever had,” Alex whispered as they lay in each other’s arms. He kissed Isabel’s neck. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Isabel smiled. “It was fun. But,” she sighed, “I’d better get up now. I have to get home.”

Alex wrapped his arms around her, preventing her from getting up. “Sure you have to go?”

“Mom and dad will worry.”

“You should at least get a shower before you go home.”

“Alex!” Isabel twisted out of his grasp, slapped him lightly on the ass. “Are you staying I stink?”

“I’m saying if you get a shower now, I can scrub your back.”

“Well, when you put it that way… okay.” Isabel grinned.

Part 11

Alex and Isabel were laughing and giggling as they got out of the shower, wrapping themselves in towels as they walked back to Alex’s room.

“Want breakfast before you go or anything?” Alex asked, eager to retain Isabel’s company as long as possible.

“I’d really better get dressed and get going, thanks any… EEK!” Isabel jumped back, clutching the towel tighter and ducking behind Alex.

Alex gulped as he saw his mother standing there, a tiny black thong dangling from one finger. “You’re home a day early… I’ll explain everything…”

“Isabel, right?” his mom interrupted.

“Right. I’ll just put on some clothes.” Isabel snatched her thong back and darted into Alex’s bedroom, kicking the door shut behind her.

Alex looked at his parents. “We’re both eighteen, we’re in love… we didn’t do anything wrong.”


Alex gave his dad a disgusted look. If Isabel had been human, they would have. “I need to get dressed too.”

“Then we need to talk. Oh, and happy birthday.”

“It was,” Alex muttered under his breath.