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This is the place for you to nominate the most heartwarming lines from a fanfiction, meaning those lines that were just so adorably sweet or sappy. Your favorite declarations of love and friendship. The lines that made you cry because they were so meaningful.

Nomination Requirements:
Quote (& preferably who said it too!)

Happy Nominating!
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I'm sure I'll edit this to add more, but for now here's a few . . .

From “Out of the Blue” by Ashton

Liz: "You didn't love me at first sight?"

Max shook his head slowly and his hand unconsciously covered hers, his thumb beginning a gentle caress against the back of her hand, as his voice lowered to an intimate whisper. "I loved you even before that. In fact…I think I even dreamed you into life."


From "Rope the wind" by Ashton

Max: We don't live in a perfect world, Mr. Vaughn, but there are in this world…perfect moments.


Melissa *wink*

Wanna see what life would be like if the shooting never happened?
Well read my fic and find out:

Running with Scissors

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Wow, so am I the only one that can come up with nominations for this category? (Yes, that is a challenge if anyone's wondering *wink*)

Anyway, here's another one. It's from "Darkness in Light" by jasper711:

They smiled at each other a moment longer, before settling down to the ground. Liz’s voice warmed his soul as she continued to speak. “We’ll just have to learn together, but I have to say, I know you.” She giggled playfully, batting her eyelashes dramatically. “I walked with you once upon a dream.”

Melissa *tongue*

Wanna see what life would be like if the shooting never happened?
Well read my fic and find out:

Running with Scissors

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Michael got a guilty look on his face. "Listen, about what I said yesterday...I'm sorry. I just...well...I like you, ya know? And, well, I'm not really that good with girls. I didn't know what to say, that was the first thing to pop out of my mouth. I'm sorry."
~Michael Welcome to College, To Maria

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Just so LuvRug's nomination doesn't get thrown out, can I add that the authors of Welcome to College are Eerie and I? I'm not nominating myself...just helping out a nomination for me, lol.


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sorry stupid stupid stupid Kieran*smacking self in head* could I forget the authors...stupid stupid...
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I'm gonna have to go with maxs silverhandprint's Unintended..

“Dammit Liz, don’t you understand it doesn’t matter? Because no matter how I feel I am still going to have to get the money to give to Darren. I am still going to have to let you go. And after I let you go I will still never be able to see you again. So what the hell do you want Liz? Do you want me to say I love you? Because I do. Do you want me to say that I never want to let you go? Because I don’t. Do you want me to say that I’ll be miserable without you? That I’ll always have this unbelievable itch to find you and take you away and never give you back? Because I will. I admit it. But it won’t change my mind. Because I know it’s what is best.”

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I second Wench On A Leash's vote!!!
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Tasfya's Reawakening

Max is telling Liz about the song that was in his head while they were making love for the first time

"I know it's from the women's point of view, but right from the first time I heard it, I wondered what it would be like to love someone that much, and to fall that hard, that easily...Now I know."

Rosdeidre's Antarian Sky

First Liz tells Max this and later Max tells Liz the same thing

Max interrupted her, finishing the sentence as he kissed her, "Because soul mates… love forever," he whispered fiercely.

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“I don’t need a happy ending, Max. I just want to enjoy the dance.”

From Sansucry's Tricks and Treats.

That line was absolutely amazing!
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Ok, so this isn't really a line, it's more like Liz's thoughts, but I couldn't find a category that fit so this'll have to do . . .

From "Hindsight" by Watcher Tara:

Still, she’d give anything to take the granolith and live just for a day that other Liz’s life. To know the feeling of waking beside her husband, to know the joy of making love to him, to face the uncertain future by his side, their hands clasped so tightly as though to make them one being. A single entity with two heads, two hearts and one soul. Maxandliz. Perfection.

I just had to nominate this!

Melissa *tongue*

Wanna see what life would be like if the shooting never happened?
Well read my fic and find out:

Running with Scissors

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Just giving a bump since I fear that these are "out of sight, out of mind" for many of the voters.