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This is where you nominate your choices for Best Future Fic. These are the fics that still have roots in the show’s universe, but there is a twist—our lovely characters are now adults and all grown up.

Round One Winner: Time Will Tell by Ashton


Nominations without the required articles will be considered invalid and not counted.

Happy Nominating!

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posted on 3-Oct-2002 11:21:57 AM by Angelic
Will you still love me? by flohmac

posted on 3-Oct-2002 8:16:52 PM by Kath7
Innocent by mockingbird

posted on 6-Oct-2002 6:05:17 AM by mareli
Innocent by mockingbird
To have and to hold by Pathos
Forget by Angel

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posted on 10-Oct-2002 6:03:20 AM by 2crzy4roswell

Never Let You Down

posted on 11-Oct-2002 11:43:42 PM by limegreenli
Innocent- mockingbird39

never let you down-mcgees

will you still love me- flohmac

there's more so I'll be back.
posted on 11-Oct-2002 11:56:33 PM by TeddyBehrJKT
Pathos' To Have & To Hold
Cookieman1234's The Art of Forgetting
AnneB's Hope Alone

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posted on 13-Oct-2002 6:11:40 AM by ps_dreamer
What dreams may come by Allie1031
posted on 13-Oct-2002 11:04:45 PM by mia3
Innocent by Mockingbird
Hope Alone by Cookie
The Art of Forgetting by Cookieman -new & short story, but it sure had my attention! GO READ IT!
posted on 14-Oct-2002 11:18:22 AM by Brook

To Have & To Hold by Pathos
posted on 15-Oct-2002 5:11:53 AM by Moonlit Jade
Senseless by Majesty (posted at Bordello; near the end of the page) -

Innocent by Mockingbird39

for now... *wink*

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posted on 15-Oct-2002 6:41:08 AM by A Rose Is True Blue
My Karma Just Ran Over Your Dogma by Mollie and Pheebs(Crashdown Gurlie)

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posted on 15-Oct-2002 7:03:29 PM by clueless
Innocent by Mockingbird39

posted on 16-Oct-2002 4:30:32 PM by jane
The Future Arc co-authored by Danilise and Kara, at the Roswell Underground (see URL below)!

This is a series of over 70 short stories about M/M, M/L and I/A in the future, but they all run together into one Fabulous story!

This series is based on S1, before Tess came! Yaaay!
***Well worth reading*** are many of the hundreds of stories at this wonderful archive! ~jane

posted on 16-Oct-2002 6:44:03 PM by TeddyBehrJKT
Again, I'm seconding jane's nomination for the Future Arc series by Danilise and Kara...specifically, the story The Pizzsmashio Queen

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posted on 22-Oct-2002 11:47:02 AM by TaffyCat
Innocent by mockingbird39
posted on 23-Oct-2002 7:35:11 AM by MoonMouse
Will you still love me by flohmac
Innocent by mockingbird
posted on 27-Oct-2002 6:24:55 AM by ps_dreamer
Live's Loving a Prince
McGee's Never let you down

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posted on 28-Oct-2002 9:56:04 PM by McGees
Growing Up, Growing Apart, and Falling in Love
by Deejonaise

by mockingbird39
posted on 29-Oct-2002 4:43:58 AM by JBehrsGurl
What Dreams May Come
By: Allie1031
posted on 2-Nov-2002 12:44:20 PM by juliana
Innocent by mockingbird
Twister by DMartinez
Hope alone by Cookie2697
Growing Up, Growing Apart, and Falling in Love by Deejonaise

posted on 3-Nov-2002 3:38:28 PM by juliana
Fortunate Son by TaffyCat
posted on 4-Nov-2002 5:58:16 AM by starlady
Twister by DMartinez

posted on 6-Nov-2002 11:17:43 AM by shorty828
never let you down by mcgees
posted on 8-Nov-2002 9:32:18 PM by Batman
From Behind The Tree
posted on 10-Nov-2002 10:36:19 PM by Assilem_1
Just Emotions by JBehrsGurl

Wanna see what life would be like if the shooting never happened?
Well read my fic and find out:

Running with Scissors

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posted on 11-Nov-2002 10:16:53 PM by JBehrsGurl
I'm sorry but I just HAVE to vote for Allie1031 again!
"What Dreams May Come"
Its the best dang story ever!
posted on 14-Nov-2002 7:47:13 AM by Shelly 2
Innocent by mockingbird
The Way You Love Me by LiVe
Antarian Sky by Rosdeidre
posted on 23-Dec-2002 5:19:39 AM by Sugarplum7
Just giving a bump since I fear that these are "out of sight, out of mind" for many of the voters.


posted on 8-Jan-2003 3:20:46 AM by Chicky_D
Flirting With Fate
by nicolebehr
posted on 10-Jan-2003 12:25:31 AM by Surfgirl02
Will You Still Love Me? by Flohmac
Fortunate Son by Taffycat
posted on 21-Jan-2003 1:51:32 PM by frenchkiss70
Innocent by Mockingbird
To have and To Hold by Pathos
posted on 21-Jan-2003 8:52:59 PM by katrina
Innocent by mockingbird39

Twister by DMartinez