posted on 2-Oct-2002 5:06:29 PM by Sugarplum7
This is a category for a fic that you might be reading that isn't getting as much recognition as you think it deserves. Maybe the feedback is low, or it's not even on our board and not many people have heard of it.

Round One Winner: What's So Great About Normal? by Allie1031


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Happy Nominating!

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posted on 2-Oct-2002 7:50:51 PM by Rapunzel
Author: shelbecat
Title: When I Have Fears
posted on 4-Oct-2002 1:38:17 AM by Meagzie
My World by Suli
posted on 4-Oct-2002 8:54:43 PM by Bordersinsanity
Title : Between the Sand and Stone
Author : Kath7
I hate to admit this but I was meaning too but since I was writing a fic pretty much taking place the exact same time as hers I didn't read it because I didn't want to use any of her ideas... so yes, I know its been completed for some time I still haven't read it. Eventually I will... I promise. Sorry Kath!
posted on 8-Oct-2002 8:36:42 AM by Lucky Star
Unseen by Sugarplum7

posted on 8-Oct-2002 1:23:07 PM by Deejonaise
Long to Be by Bordersinsanity. It's on my to do list.
posted on 8-Oct-2002 6:10:31 PM by ChrissyP47
"The Day The Music Died" by Lonnie Incarniate
posted on 8-Oct-2002 6:33:49 PM by Morrigan Undomiel
Fight the Future by ChrissyP47
posted on 8-Oct-2002 6:36:57 PM by Morrigan Undomiel
OOops forgot stuff

JBehrsGurl "All that Glitter"

limegreenli "I can't hide my pain no more"

posted on 9-Oct-2002 6:31:59 AM by Hawk
Author - Leaving Normal
Fic - Crash & Burn
posted on 10-Oct-2002 3:49:37 PM by WiLdFyRe
The Alien Diaries by JustThisOnce
posted on 10-Oct-2002 10:47:10 PM by Krazykitti
Memoirs of a Star by Lillie.
Still Yours by Kzinti_Killer.
Something Destined To Be by Raychell75.
Car Ride to the Crashdown by Crimson.

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posted on 13-Oct-2002 11:40:12 AM by wild_child_uk
Always waiting for someone else....A dupes story.

Realistic Dreamer
posted on 13-Oct-2002 8:09:49 PM by Bordersinsanity
Title: To Have & To Hold
Author: Pathos

I've been meaning to get to it. Everyone is talking about it. Yahoo groups... friends... everyone has asked if I read it. I even went as far as to get the word document but time just isn't on my side... I promise I'm going to get to it. Especially since everyone is talking about it. I need to do it.

posted on 14-Oct-2002 5:56:37 AM by ps_dreamer
Double Jeopardy I, II, III, IV *big*

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posted on 15-Oct-2002 6:45:22 AM by A Rose Is True Blue
Eh..Aly's going to kill me for never finishing it but;

Captive Hearts by Breathless


Maxeo and Lizziet by Breathless
posted on 15-Oct-2002 12:25:24 PM by JBehrsGurl
Shadow's Of Antar by StarDustDreamer
posted on 21-Oct-2002 12:58:19 AM by Nerrivik
Title - Maxeo and Liziet
Author - Breathless.

Not reading YET

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posted on 22-Oct-2002 9:45:19 AM by Anya
Author : TatiLoca
Title: Save Yourself
Email : Bright_Eyes619⊕

posted on 22-Oct-2002 11:10:53 AM by TaffyCat
Kzinti_Killer: Still Yours

I so need to remedy this and read it!
posted on 23-Oct-2002 12:55:27 AM by sugarplum17
Gravity Always Wins by RosDeidre. *Hangs head in shame*

I actually did start to read it, but I had to stop and slip back into my real life for a second and then I forgot to finish it. *sad*
posted on 25-Oct-2002 10:16:36 AM by Anya
Silent Nights by Rela
posted on 9-Nov-2002 12:26:19 PM by Eccentric One
Author: Ravrac
Title: Harvest Time
Link: viewthread?page=1&forum=dreamer-fanfiction&id=144640

I am reading it, but not many others are. I think people are really missing out.
posted on 9-Nov-2002 2:16:18 PM by Cinder
Semi-Charmed Life by Maxs Angel
Kiss the Flame/Rope the Wind by Ashton
Cocking-Caulking by DMartinez
Aftermath of War by DMartinez
Boys of Summer/Taking You Home by RosDeidre

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posted on 10-Nov-2002 2:17:37 AM by Lelea
Cocking-Caulking by DMartinez
posted on 10-Nov-2002 10:27:58 PM by Assilem_1
Just Emotions by JBehrsGurl . . .

All her fics rock, but this one really doesn't get the attention it should . . .

Quoting a sig again:

Read it
Love it
Bump it . . .

Melissa *tongue*

Wanna see what life would be like if the shooting never happened?
Well read my fic and find out:

Running with Scissors

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posted on 5-Dec-2002 4:42:06 PM by Wench On A Leash
Definitely gonna have to go with Kiss The Flame and Rope the Wind, both by Ashton.

posted on 8-Dec-2002 10:36:40 AM by starlady
Where once Stood Kings by DMartinez

Completly different than all the rest. check it out on the Conventional Couples board.

posted on 9-Dec-2002 12:25:27 PM by Cookie2697
A New Hope by abbimorgan
posted on 12-Dec-2002 1:43:25 PM by Allie1031
Desolation by Finn
posted on 13-Dec-2002 3:19:51 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
I'd like to nominate...

"Where Once Stood Kings." by DMartinez.

It's really great and totally different...GO CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!
posted on 22-Dec-2002 10:13:31 PM by aZNroSweLl anglgrl
You Don't Know Me by moonieADT.
posted on 2-Jan-2003 4:33:51 PM by Tasyfa
JO's Linger.

abbimorgan's A New Hope.
posted on 2-Jan-2003 10:45:58 PM by Wench On A Leash
Actually, I don't think "Loners' Conquests" by teddybehr783 gets quite the credit it deserves. It's very good.. now if only the author could come back with an update.

I highly recommend reading that fic though, it's worth it.

posted on 3-Jan-2003 1:11:44 AM by aZNroSweLl anglgrl
Wench On A Leash originally wrote:
Actually, I don't think "Loners' Conquests" by teddybehr783 gets quite the credit it deserves. It's very good.. now if only the author could come back with an update.

I highly recommend reading that fic though, it's worth it.


I second that.
posted on 3-Jan-2003 3:04:56 AM by aZNroSweLl anglgrl
Tell me your dream by Phi.
posted on 5-Jan-2003 12:32:21 AM by mermaidgirl
Tell me your dream by Phi

Twelve Days of Christmas by Sansucry

A Twist of Fate by Anne
posted on 5-Jan-2003 6:06:36 AM by ps_dreamer
Peachykin's fic: Finding Ulysses, Selling the drama and The Memory of Her

absolutely brilliant *happy*
posted on 5-Jan-2003 8:17:51 PM by The Lone Freckle
Rope the Wind by Ashton

I read Kiss the Flame but I just don't know if I'll make it to the sequel.
posted on 7-Jan-2003 10:27:10 PM by Eccentric One
Title: I Found You Again
Author: MoonieADT

Absolutely amazing!
posted on 8-Jan-2003 5:47:19 AM by ps_dreamer
I Found You Again by MoonieADT
posted on 8-Jan-2003 11:45:32 AM by JBehrsGurl
Running With Scissors
by: Assilem_1
posted on 21-Jan-2003 1:59:44 PM by frenchkiss70
I want you to want me by ps_dreamer
Semi-Charmed Life by Maxs Angel
Running With Scissors by Assylem_1
From The Ashes by Ripley Rip Tide
posted on 22-Jan-2003 8:12:40 PM by wearydreams2003
Moment In Time
by Fanatic 101

GREAT fic...just not updated in awhile.

posted on 2-Feb-2003 10:12:31 PM by aZNroSweLl anglgrl
High Speed by The Lone Freckle.
posted on 3-Feb-2003 6:43:29 PM by Cominatcha
Death of the Oleander by April.

People have read it, but not enough! It's M/M, AU, PG-13, though some parts do threaten to push it into the R rated category, and it's set on Antar!

A warrior.

A peasant.

A love nobody is willing to accept.

A love that could die along with an entire planet if somebody doesn't act fast . . .

Sound interesting? Check it out on