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This is the place for you to nominate people for the category "Best Author of an AU Fic". This person should excell at taking the characters out of their normal world and putting them in new and different situations that are not related to Roswell. Maybe their characters are rarely aliens.

Round One Winner: Ashton

Nomination Requirements:

Happy Nominating!

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INVISIBLE by Applebylicious

Will you still love me? by Flohmac
posted on 3-Oct-2002 11:03:08 PM by Hawk
sugarplum17 - Breakaway
lileve - The Denial Game
Comet - playing Cupid
Cole81 - The flowersack children

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posted on 4-Oct-2002 12:59:25 AM by aZNroSweLl anglgrl

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Playing Cupid: Comet
Journey of Discovery: Comet
Best I Ever Had: Fanatic101
Own Me: Jasper711
posted on 4-Oct-2002 1:40:33 PM by Saymi007
Comet for Journey of Discovery
Kitcat26 for Steps of Faith
applebylicious for INVISIBLE
posted on 11-Oct-2002 5:37:12 AM by Moonlit Jade
PEACELOVESHEEP (Divinity & The Apartment)
Jasper711 (Our Story/Own Me & The Hybrid Theory Series)
n/a (Not Applicable) (Alternate Universe Series especially), which is here: viewthread?forum=work-by-author&id=680
and her other work is located at schurry's site here: http://www.schurry.com_69/fanfic/fanfic.html

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Tyranese definately
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I nominate Susan709. I mean who isn't reading "The Party Challenge"? If you're not, you should be it's great! *tongue*

Also Kath7...She's great!*angel*

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Author : TatiLoca
Title: Save Yourself
Email : Bright_Eyes619⊕

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Jasper711 (Own me/Our Story)
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Loving the Enemy by April. This is seriously a must read for any M+M fan. I've been waiting to see an idea like this played out forever. It puts Maria DeLuca in a role I've never seen her in before . . . a skin. You can find it on
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Comet - Playing Cupid
Mia Nora - Prisoner of Love
Faith Evans - Takin Back Whats Mine
LindaCrazy4Love - A Forbidden Love
Jasper711 - Own Me and Our Story
Breathless - Captive Hearts

posted on 15-Dec-2002 11:25:41 AM by Cominatcha
Okay, I have another vote now. I just finished reading Death of the Oleander by April on and it was even better than Loving the Enemy. It's set on Antar, and Maria is this peasant, and Michael is the General, and, in the midst of falling in love, they get thrown into a raging war with Kivar and Nicholas.

A must read for any M+M AU Antar story fan!! Read it now!!
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Just giving a bump since I fear that these are "out of sight, out of mind" for many of the voters.


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Destiny's Circle
posted on 22-Jan-2003 11:15:14 PM by aZNroSweLl anglgrl