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This is the place for you to nominate fics for the Best Portrayal of Max Evans. This fic should have Max as a fairly strong, believable character, most strongly resembling the Max Evans we know from the show, or branching out to a new characteristic that you find particularly impressive.

Round One Winner: Maxeo and Lizziet by Breathless

Nomination Requirements:

Happy Nominating!

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posted on 4-Oct-2002 11:00:36 AM by Applebylicious
Own Me: Jasper711
Playing Cupid: Comet

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posted on 4-Oct-2002 1:37:18 PM by Kath7
Discord by Cookieman1234

Hope Alone by Cookie

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posted on 4-Oct-2002 9:02:08 PM by Bordersinsanity
Title: Pieces of the Past
Author: Breathless

posted on 5-Oct-2002 12:26:52 AM by ps_dreamer
Own me and Our Story by Jasper
posted on 5-Oct-2002 11:29:42 AM by wimsey
Antarian Sky by RosDiedre
posted on 20-Oct-2002 9:37:30 AM by Lana Lane
Hope alone by Cookie gets me every time, it's like season 1 all over again.
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Edited because it was the Round One Winner

Well, DRAT!

Okay, maybe not. I guess someone else should get a shot at it.

Let's go for....

Eyes of Fear by SansuCry

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posted on 2-Nov-2002 1:04:32 PM by juliana
The Homes Series by EmilyLuvsRoswell
Hope Alone by Cookie2697
Never let you down by McGees

posted on 2-Nov-2002 4:39:32 PM by mareli
Eyes of fear by Sansucry
Innocent by Mockingbird

posted on 2-Dec-2002 3:12:39 PM by LttleMrmade
The Experiment Series by LivE (The Experiment, Finding Our Normal and The Way You Love Me)

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Just giving a bump since I fear that these are "out of sight, out of mind" for many of the voters.


posted on 22-Jan-2003 8:30:55 PM by wearydreams2003
Moment in Time

(I love how he is such a sweet heart! Lol' Not to mention he sings)

posted on 22-Jan-2003 11:12:57 PM by aZNroSweLl anglgrl
The Bitter Dregs by Tasyfa.
posted on 27-Jan-2003 7:15:24 AM by frenchkiss70
Innocent by Mockingbird
Rope the Wind by Ashton
posted on 29-Jan-2003 9:22:21 PM by Dreamn Girl
Own Me by Jasper711

Breathing the Air by MoonieADT
posted on 31-Jan-2003 3:36:01 PM by aZNroSweLl anglgrl
All You Wanted by Kath7
posted on 3-Feb-2003 11:48:03 AM by Applebylicious
I gotta second Tasfya for The Bitter Dregs. I fell in love with that Max all over again!

posted on 4-Feb-2003 10:35:16 PM by Cookie2697
The Bitter Dregs by Tasyfa

And wow! Thanks for those nomination people! That's really sweet of you *happy*