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This is the place for you to nominate fics for the Best Portrayal of Michael Guerin. This fic should have Michael as a fairly strong, believable character, most strongly resembling the Michael Guerin we know from the show, or branching out to a new characteristic that you find particularly impressive.

The Round 1 Winner in this category was Innocent by mockingbird39.

Nomination Requirements:

Happy Nominating!

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posted on 2-Oct-2002 7:28:01 PM by It Was You
Author: Destinee
Title: "Strong, Dangerous, and Undeniable"

posted on 3-Oct-2002 8:29:46 PM by ChrissyP47
Author: Tasyfa
Title: Reawakening
posted on 3-Oct-2002 8:49:46 PM by Tasyfa
Boys of Summer by RosDeidre
posted on 5-Oct-2002 1:03:08 AM by ps_dreamer
Beloved Unloved by DMartinez


Selling the drama by Peachykin

posted on 15-Oct-2002 12:34:27 PM by JBehrsGurl
Antarian Sky by RosDeidre

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posted on 17-Oct-2002 12:54:34 AM by Cookie2697
Boys of Summer/Taking You Home by RosDeidre
Antarian Sky by RosDeidre
posted on 17-Oct-2002 7:41:26 AM by mockingbird39
Let Her Fall, by Bennie BA
Winter Solstice, by RosDeidre
posted on 18-Oct-2002 11:11:31 PM by goodvibrations
the best Canady fic I've read! I mean this is amazing and the author really captured Michael

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posted on 19-Oct-2002 3:39:36 AM by Lana Lane
Long to be by Bordersinsanity and
Antarian Sky by RosDeidre
posted on 21-Oct-2002 9:29:41 PM by LuvRug
Long to be by Bordersinsanity and
Antarian Sky by RosDeidre
posted on 22-Oct-2002 11:19:49 AM by TaffyCat
Antarian Sky by RosDeidra
posted on 2-Nov-2002 1:11:32 PM by juliana
The Homes Series by EmilyLuvsRoswell
Antarian Sky by RosDeidre

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posted on 2-Nov-2002 7:35:20 PM by Anniepoo98
I am going to have to go with the OOTW trilogy by Kath7. You can just see the characters evolve in that series, and Michael espically.


posted on 12-Nov-2002 2:04:54 AM by Cinder
I.O.U. by Fehrbaby (awesome story that all should read)

Selling the Drama by Peachykin

The Praetorians by Doc Paul

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posted on 9-Dec-2002 3:45:49 AM by Lana Lane
The Face & Ghost by Natcam
posted on 10-Dec-2002 1:53:51 AM by ISLANDGIRL5
Finding Ulysses, by Peachkin.

What can I say, this Michael found the polar girl in me.

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posted on 11-Dec-2002 10:54:05 AM by Into The Woods
All you Wanted by Kath7
I never felt a more realisitic Micheal. It felt like Roswell, although the fic is an AU*happy*
Innocent by mockingbird39
Also a very, very realistic Micheal.
Thank you guys*happy*
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Just giving a bump since I fear that these are "out of sight, out of mind" for many of the voters.