posted on 3-Oct-2002 8:44:52 PM by Cookie2697
This is the place for you to nominate for the best feedbacker. This person MUST be a non-writer. Someone who has never written a fanfic, who only reads, but has effected the author so much that the feedbacker is basically part of the writing process. A person whose feedback effects the writer a great deal.

Nomination Requirement:

Happy Nominating!
posted on 3-Oct-2002 8:45:46 PM by Cookie2697
posted on 3-Oct-2002 8:46:23 PM by Tasyfa
posted on 3-Oct-2002 9:48:51 PM by ChrissyP47
Ok, I have two.

One was for when I was writing my fic Eternity. I enjoyed every piece of feedback I ever got while working on that fic, I know it was different and I was glad for the few readers I actually had, but everytime CEO Shaft posted I got all excited. David kept me going in the right direction and was basically the reason I finished the fic.

My second one is for rjsasko. Rick is my pal and on more than one occasion he has gotten me back on track and yelled at me when I thought about quiting Fight The Future. I love every piece of feedback I have ever gotten on that fic, but I love reading all the ideas Rick comes up with after every new part. Some of my future ideas have come from him.

Thanks guys!
posted on 3-Oct-2002 11:35:15 PM by SansuCry
I gotta go with Eccentric One because she always leaves such great detailed feedback. She was able to pick out all my subtle clues in Eyes of Fear, so much so that I think she knows my story better than I do!
posted on 3-Oct-2002 11:40:09 PM by Transparent Clear
I gotta second the nomination for CEO Shaft. His feedback is always honest and sooo thoughtful. *happy* (and often even thought-provoking) I can never thank him enough for his feedback to my stories...
posted on 3-Oct-2002 11:48:15 PM by Deejonaise
I'm going to say Rattlebox. The feedback he leaves is always insightful and very detailed. It shows that he's paying especially close attention to the story and, while that can sometimes make a person nervous, it's very invigorating as well.

I know that when I was writing my story I was motivated to pay even closer attention to detail simply because I knew he was reading it.

He's great!
posted on 4-Oct-2002 2:02:52 AM by JBehrsGurl
posted on 4-Oct-2002 6:03:40 PM by tyranese
Definitely Eccentric one & Lana Lane
posted on 4-Oct-2002 8:42:24 PM by Bordersinsanity
I would have to nominate the following:

BelevnDreamsToo -- She's always excited when a new part comes out and I usually get wrapped up in her feedback.

AJK001 -- Always there. Thanks for the constant support...

woodwinds -- I know the feedbacker is supposed to be a non-author but she's always been one to leave really thought provoking feedback. I enjoy reading it just as much as writing the part.

last but not least...
Dingoes 8 Their Baby -- I'm not sure I can nominate her since she doesn't visit this board... but she can be found over at the Boardello. She leaves feedback to almost every story over there and it's not just "great job post more soon", no... they are indepth and are written with a great deal of consideration about what actually happens by what she leaves. Thanks so much Dingoes... Without you Long To Be wouldn't be posted over there... *happy*

posted on 5-Oct-2002 11:54:17 PM by RosDeidre
Dingoes 8 Their Baby
And there are a ton of others, but these just popped into my head off the bat.

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posted on 6-Oct-2002 12:12:18 AM by Meagzie
I have to third that nomination for Dingoes 8 Their Baby (Chris) at the Boardello. She leaves feedback for every single thing she reads, and it amazes me. She's not really even a feedbacker... she's an extra pair of eyes. She sees things that you may not have necessarily meant to write, or points out things that shine through when you're not sure they have. Chris, you kick ass. *big*
posted on 6-Oct-2002 12:09:24 PM by Anniepoo98
I have three to nominate...

It Was You

These three were always there. When I thought that no one was reading my stories, I would get on the board and one of them had bumped or left a little note for more. That is something that every author apperciates!


posted on 7-Oct-2002 10:59:05 PM by TeddyBehrJKT

(Actually, love all my feedbackers but these are the people who came immediately to mind for their supportive enthusiasm and investment)

Feedback I always read fr other people's thread that strike me as being smart and insightful -


Edited out my FB angels who are also writers

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posted on 8-Oct-2002 6:42:32 PM by Kath7
There are many I look forward too (well, pretty much ANY feedback!LOL) But in particular:

Cookie2697 (my own personal soulmate in all things Roswellian)

KitKat (makes me giggle everytime)

rattlebox (has made me a better writer)

and the already mentioned Dingoes (always insightful)

posted on 11-Oct-2002 7:18:05 PM by Lana Lane
(I'm so grateful to everyone who takes the time out to put fingers to keyboard for me)

m14 definately, she gets me motived the most.
posted on 11-Oct-2002 8:38:07 PM by wimsey
Oh boy, this is a no brainer, I vote for Angela35. To me, she's the storymaker-- if I see that she's left feedback, I know it's a story I should read.


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posted on 12-Oct-2002 2:27:15 AM by Lizzie_Parker17
I vote for Dream Seeker!
She leaves great feedback and bumps my fics a bunch!also Calina

edited to get rid of luckystar and roswelladdict. They are authors :(

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posted on 16-Oct-2002 2:22:32 AM by Tanky
I'm not a writer, but I must nominate CEOShaft & Kzinti_Killer for being so wise at answering anything on this board!


Paula *happy*
posted on 16-Oct-2002 4:09:40 AM by Kzinti_Killer
Sorry Paula, but 'Best Feedbacker' can't be a writer...and I am. So I can't qualify for your nomination. Thanks though! I'm very very flattered! {{big hugs}}
posted on 16-Oct-2002 11:58:52 AM by Tanky
OOOps!...I forgot!...silly me!...

Paula *happy*
posted on 18-Oct-2002 7:15:23 PM by babybunny
Oh there are a lot of amazing feedbackers...really.

But ones that pop into mind first are---

EccentricOne- Such, juicy long and in depth feedback. I love it!

Cinders-Has a knack of knowing whats going to happen next. Can't fool this one!

Insanity, IzzyLizard- Makes me laugh, its always good to laugh.

LuvJb- Love the enthusiasm.

TrueLoveConquersAll- Always consistant and understandable FB.

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posted on 18-Oct-2002 7:51:22 PM by moonbeam4747
I definently have to nominate roselluver and NewYorker18. They have been wonderful about leaving feedback. They took a chance on an unknown author. Gotta love that!

posted on 19-Oct-2002 11:41:57 AM by Rapunzel
Definitely roswellluver and Lucky Star
posted on 21-Oct-2002 9:13:51 PM by Kitcat26
Chiming in here with my vote for Dingoes 8 Their Baby. Chris is so wonderfully astute in her feedback and always comments on the things I hope will strike my readers the most. I often have a smile of satisfaction left upon my face after reading her thoughts - and sometimes it isn't even on MY fic! *happy*
posted on 21-Oct-2002 9:22:07 PM by LuvRug
CEO Shaft
Very good feedback never short always sopports

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posted on 22-Oct-2002 11:08:48 AM by TaffyCat
posted on 15-Nov-2002 2:45:50 AM by Allie1031
I would like to nominate for her constant support of my stories Roswelladdict.

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posted on 15-Nov-2002 5:39:53 PM by talena
CEOShaft (Davie!)
Eccentric One (Kara!)

posted on 23-Dec-2002 5:18:13 AM by Sugarplum7
Just giving a bump since I fear that these are "out of sight, out of mind" for many of the voters.


posted on 27-Dec-2002 12:04:35 PM by lorastar
Simply JBehrsGurl. She's awesome! Great feedbacker and writer and a good person, friend, etc. *waves to Elena if she's reading this*
posted on 27-Dec-2002 12:27:16 PM by JBehrsGurl
Jinkies Lora! *blushes* THANKS! You're a good Feedbacker too! And a damn good B-mail pal!
posted on 27-Dec-2002 1:17:50 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
Sorry guys!
I got told about this too!
Look at the requirements for this

This person MUST be a non-writer. Someone who has never written a fanfic, who only reads, but has effected the author so much that the feedbacker is basically part of the writing process.

So if you write you can't be nominated! I tryed to nominate Luckystar and I couldn't :(

posted on 27-Dec-2002 2:38:02 PM by JBehrsGurl
I nominate DreamSeeker!!!!!!!!!

She's the best!
posted on 27-Dec-2002 6:50:13 PM by aZNroSweLl anglgrl
Dream Seeker- She's there no matter what.
posted on 31-Dec-2002 2:06:40 AM by Dream Seeker
I just want to say thank you very very much to Lizzie_Parker17 (Britt), aZNroSweLl anglgrl (Justine) and my chica JBehrsGurl (Elena) for nominating me. You guys rock and are great writers.
posted on 5-Jan-2003 5:41:57 AM by Lucky Star
Dream Seeker
posted on 7-Jan-2003 3:05:57 PM by Dream Seeker
Thanks Lucky Star (Mon) *big*
posted on 8-Jan-2003 1:55:05 AM by Deejonaise
Eccentric One for her always insighful posts, roswelluver because she's always there (this girl is diligent when leaving feedback) and Jbehrbabe because she's got to be the most persistent bumper I've ever come across, lol.

So many good feedbackers that I can't name them all. They all rock!


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posted on 8-Jan-2003 11:37:07 AM by Deejonaise
Okay, I also had to come back and add frenchkiss70. Not only is she consistent but her responses are always jam-packed with emotion. She's either got me laughing or crying when I read them, lol.

posted on 8-Jan-2003 2:25:10 PM by Lillie

posted on 8-Jan-2003 2:34:10 PM by Shama
posted on 10-Jan-2003 5:03:42 PM by Kitcat26
I have to agree with Deej, frenchkiss70 is always constant with bumps and lovely feedback. It always makes my day when I see a post from her. *happy*
posted on 10-Jan-2003 9:18:51 PM by RosDeidre
The Lone Freckle! A wonderful fb'er.
posted on 10-Jan-2003 9:26:55 PM by Ripley Rip Tide
Basically any kind of feedback boosts my self-esteem and encourages me to write...And these are the people who have responded the most....If not right from the ghetto, then pretty dang close.


I'm sure I'll be back with more..


Editted to add:

the better twin

Thanks, loves!

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posted on 11-Jan-2003 12:04:32 AM by livia
posted on 11-Jan-2003 7:21:02 AM by abbs007
Eccentric One (Kara) she's just awesome, she gave me alot of advice when I was writing Undercover which helped me alot. Thanks Kara you're the best!!! *big**big*
posted on 11-Jan-2003 7:29:09 AM by Kzinti_Killer
ladylou, dzdreamer, lorilei, Tn, and Duchess67

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posted on 13-Jan-2003 8:28:51 AM by Deejonaise
Cinder, McGees, BLS40, SciFiNut111, and Solaris. I can always count on them for really in depth replies. They keep me on my toes.
posted on 13-Jan-2003 12:08:01 PM by Shama
posted on 13-Jan-2003 1:07:41 PM by NewYorker18
m14 gets my vote too!! As well as Sternbetrachter, always fbing every story they read!*angel*

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posted on 15-Jan-2003 8:08:39 PM by Wench On A Leash
b4echstarrynite gets my vote =)

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posted on 15-Jan-2003 10:56:58 PM by livia
I'll also vote for Tazno and Evid