posted on 27-Nov-2002 3:00:43 PM by Sugarplum7
This is where you nominate Best Holiday Fanfiction. A Holiday Fanfiction is what it sounds like, a story where our beloved characters are in the setting of the holiday season. It can be a long fic, short fic, or first or third person POV.

Round One Winner: Dreamer's Holiday Series by Carol000


Any nomination without the requirements will not be counted.

Happy Nominating!

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posted on 27-Nov-2002 3:13:15 PM by Kitcat26
Tricks and Treats by Sansucry
posted on 27-Nov-2002 5:55:05 PM by Kath7
I asked for this category to be added just so I could nominate Sansucry for Tricks and Treats. It is just wonderful.
posted on 27-Nov-2002 10:50:12 PM by aZNroSweLl anglgrl
Tricks and Treats by SansuCry.

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posted on 2-Dec-2002 12:48:39 PM by Cookie2697
Tricks and Treats by SansuCry

to risk sounding repetitive ;)
posted on 3-Dec-2002 12:41:07 PM by tyranese
Tricks and Treats by (SansuCry your story is awesome!)

posted on 3-Dec-2002 2:42:04 PM by LttleMrmade
Good Shit - A Turkey Story by JBehrsGurl

It's so hilarious!!! *big*

posted on 3-Dec-2002 4:01:13 PM by StardustDreamer

Good Shit - A Turkey Story
By: JBehrsGurl

It's so hella funny, and brilliant to boot! I love it!
posted on 3-Dec-2002 7:03:00 PM by A Rose Is True Blue
I'm tripling the nomination for Good Shit-A Turkey Story by JBehrsGurl. Not only is it hilarious, imaginative, and brilliant, it'll make you want to be a part of that family...


posted on 4-Dec-2002 1:16:50 AM by Morrigan Undomiel
I nominate Good Shit- A turkey story by JBehrsGurl

Its super funny and I can't get enough.
posted on 6-Dec-2002 11:30:08 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
I would like to nominate:

Good Shit-A turkey story by JBehrsGurl because....

It's good shit!

posted on 7-Dec-2002 5:33:51 PM by Dream Seeker
Defenitly Good Shit- A Turkey Story by JBehrsGurl.

It is hilariously funny. I mean...I haven't laughed the hard in a long time. If you haven't read it please do...believe me you'll be thanking me for suggesting it. *big*
posted on 15-Dec-2002 7:05:26 PM by aZNroSweLl anglgrl
Good Shit - A Turkey Story by JBehrGurl

posted on 16-Dec-2002 12:52:18 AM by aZNroSweLl anglgrl
Snowed in with a Sex God by JBehrsGurl
The Twelve Days of Christmas: A Dreamer Story by SansuCry
posted on 17-Dec-2002 6:07:59 PM by Allie1031
Good Shit - A Turkey Story by JBehrsGurl

posted on 18-Dec-2002 8:28:20 AM by ps_dreamer
Good Shit - A Turkey Story by JBehrsGurl

it's hilarious!!!

posted on 19-Dec-2002 1:43:12 AM by 2crzy4roswell
Alrighty here's my two cents worth. . .

Tricks and Treats By Sanucry
Twelve day of Christmas by Sansucry

hhmmm, I'm sensing a pattern here *scratching my head*

And of course. . .

This story was written by Carol000 I believe it was called. . . .I think it was called. . ."Labor Day Special" Can someone here help me with the name?

*mumbling to myself* "You would think you would remember the title" *still talking to myself* "Yeah, this comes from the woman who can't remember her kids names**sad*

posted on 22-Dec-2002 12:14:19 AM by Lucky Star
Good Shit - A Turkey Story and Snowed In With A Sex God by JBehrsGurl
posted on 23-Dec-2002 1:24:43 AM by Dream Seeker
Defenitly Snowed in With A Sex God-A Santa Story by JBehrsGurl
posted on 2-Jan-2003 1:49:42 PM by Kath7
The Heart of this Christmas by Kittcatt26

Absolutely perfect in every way. The characters were so dead-on I could hear them talking in my head.
posted on 7-Jan-2003 10:29:57 PM by Eccentric One
I gotta go with SansuCry's two holiday stories...Tricks and Treats and Twelve Days of Christmas (and that second one isn't even finished yet)
posted on 10-Jan-2003 12:34:42 AM by Surfgirl02
Good Shit- ATurkey Story by JBerhsGurl
posted on 10-Jan-2003 4:52:16 AM by ILYMEFOREVER
The Christmas Angel by WR *angel*