posted on 16-Feb-2003 7:30:37 PM by Sugarplum7
Hello everyone,

I was notified that a few people have been a little confused about what is going on with the nominations. And the answer is that Round Two is over. I had planed on keeping them over for a month, but to keep things easier for myself and others I decided that Round Two would come to a close.

Now, I am trying to get the nominations tallied with the help of fellow mods for the opening of the new board. And when the move is made, I ask you now, do not start any threads for nominations.

A lot of work still needs to go into the ending of Round Two and I don't want to jump the gun and start new threads too early. Does that make sense?

I hope that this was clear, and if it isn't then just let me know by sending me a bmail, email, or just post here and I or another mod can answer any questions that you have.

Thank you,
posted on 16-Feb-2003 9:58:47 PM by tyranese
Hey Katie, thank you for clearing that up for not not only me but everyone! I was a little confused there for a moment! *tongue*
posted on 17-Feb-2003 8:42:26 AM by starlady
Crystal Clear!

Thanks Katie for all the time and effort you and all the other Mods put into these Awards.

posted on 19-Feb-2003 12:20:23 AM by aZNroSweLl anglgrl
Round two ended already? Thanks Katie...for clearing things up. *happy*