posted on 30-Sep-2001 9:07:00 PM by KtDv1
read note at bottom of page
Hey, I made a little website so you guys can download my videos from there because the previous method was not working. So if you want to check out my Roswell Music Videos, go to:

oh yeah, don't bother downloading the pod squad video b/c for some reason it got cut off half way so I have to upload it again

(I felt so inspired by schurry after watching her music videos, I just had to try and see if I could make some myself. so I messed around and went through like every episode of roswell, pieced stuff together, added a little music, and also with schurrys help u can now d/l them. lemme know what you think, im a beginner, so be nice *happy*)


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posted on 3-Oct-2001 1:53:43 PM by Kazza
Hi there Katie,

I've just tried to download your videos, but I can't, the links don't seem to lead anywhere.

I'm certain they are excellent videos and I'd really love to watch them. Could you check the links are ok?



posted on 3-Oct-2001 2:19:05 PM by schurry
Hey ...I think I know what the problem with the links are except I can never get a hold of you. I'll be on AIM all tonight and early tomorrow. I'm going to Dallas this weekend for the Texas/OU football game (woo-hoo!), so after Fri you won't see me till Monday *happy*

Roswell Rocks!!


Polarist, Truckstopper, Valentine, Rebounder, The In Crowd

posted on 3-Oct-2001 6:11:43 PM by KtDv1
hey kazza, I know the links r messed up and im trying to get them fixed now. schurry, ill look for u later tonight on aim. thanks a ton



posted on 21-Oct-2001 10:09:14 AM by KtDv1
hey I think I fixed the problem with the videos, so see the first post to find out where to dl them, thanks
posted on 30-Nov-2001 5:15:41 PM by Kimberline
The videos still aren't working....
posted on 7-Dec-2001 7:43:02 PM by shorty828
hey I saw your M/L video. I saved it by hitting the save target as Then I opened it through Windows Media Player. It was so sweet. I loved all the season1 scenes you used. Great job. And the song was nice too.

posted on 14-Dec-2001 8:04:13 PM by KtDv1
lol I didnt think anyone would ever see my videos, I put some smallville ones up too, but there is the same problem downloading. thanks for the feedback *happy*
posted on 23-Dec-2001 11:53:28 PM by KtDv1
guess what everyone! I have no idea how to get my videos on a site and make it work *happy*; however, if ur realllllllllly interested, I can send them through AIM. just IM me ⊕ KtDv1.

I have:
4 roswell videos (ML, MM, Couples, and Pod Squad)
2 smallville videos (clark/superman and CL)
1 buffy video of her and angel

sry for all the confusion
posted on 30-Dec-2001 2:31:15 AM by Kimberline
Do you have Morpheus? I can explain how to upload to it, and then everyone can share them. Anyways, I'd really like to see them, so I'll be watching on AIM. My sn is Kimmberliana.

posted on 30-Dec-2001 2:35:06 AM by Kimberline
I just figured out that only your .avi files work. I think I just got the Smallville one to work.

posted on 30-Dec-2001 5:25:54 PM by KtDv1
I think they r up on kazaa, im gonna try and get them on a working site again though

posted on 30-Dec-2001 6:50:08 PM by PodWatcher
Wow I hope you are able to get your site working,I haven't been able to find you on Morpheus/Kaaza*happy*
posted on 1-Jan-2002 2:18:05 AM by Sugarplum7
What should I seach under to find them through Morpheus/Kaaza? I would love to see them, but I can't seem to find them. Is there any way that you could give me a little hint? I am just really bad at this hida and go seek. Pretty please.

~Katie (yeah, I am Katie too. Lol!)~
posted on 1-Jan-2002 12:24:29 PM by KtDv1
hey - well the files on kazaa r called somehting like:

roswell music video - max/liz


smallville music video -smallvilecl

^^stuff like that, but people seem to have trouble finding those too, HOWEVER!, I think I know a way u can download them, without having go through AIM, so either IM me or email me at ktdv1⊕ and ill tell you how to do it.