posted on 15-Oct-2001 2:46:33 PM by RoswellJen007
Hey guys if any of you have any cool avatars that you can't live without and want to include them in the avatars to pick from. Please post them here and I'll get them put in for you.

I found a new place to make dollies at that is really cool.

The instructions they give there are a lil confusing though so I'm going to go through it step by step here.

Okay first off you need to have a picture editing thing such as Windows Paint, Paint Shop Pro, Corel Draw, something along those lines.

When you go to the website you will see the different links to choose from start where you want. Now you'll see heads, bodies, clothes, accesories all that sort of stuff. Now here is what you do, pick out your body and head first, now if you see a shirt that has arms on it already that means you don't need to pick out a torso as well you can just use the shirt with arms and then pick out a skirt or some pants with legs. Now you want to get these all organized so here's where you start.

Drag the head and position it near the top of the lil white screen in the middle that way you have room to work, you want to right click on this and you'll see a pop up box with some choices. You want the head to be 5 (top) so that the hair shows. Next drag over the torso or shirt, (right click and give this a 4) then drag over some legs, pants, or a skirt (give this either a 1 or a 2 depending on how you think it looks)

Sometimes you'll want to right click on things before you postion them so that they fit right once you place them. Like sunglasses are a good idea for this, if you want your doll to wear shades click on the sunglasses one their in the white box and then give them a 5, anything that is going to be on top of clothes, arms or head gets a 5 for top.

Now sometimes you'll see wings around there, if you want wings those get a middle rating, as do torso's or bodies.

Once you have played around with your doll and gotten it the way you want, well here comes the harder part. Follow the instructions very carefully. Have your paint or picture editing program on (I use paint) now you want to click the save doll button. Another window should pop up, now minimize this one for a second and let your picture editing program pop up, while this is up pop up the dolly window you minimized so both the dolly and your editing thing are showing. Now you need to hit Alt and the lil button on your keyboard that says Print Scrn (it could say Print Screen or Print Scrn SysRq, that's what mine does) so do Alt, Print Scrn and it copy's the dolly window. Now you need to go under edit and paste and the dolly should show up in your editing program. Now if it's like mine you will see the whole window, including all the options and so fourth you want to get rid of those so you have a white background.

The best way to do that is when you see the jagged lines around the dolly window that has been pasted you need to get those behind so like hold the mouse button down somewhere on the pic and move the dolly till you see white area behind where the dolly paste thing is. Click in that area and the jagged lines should be gone. Once they are you can use your mouse to make little boxes (like when you select text you move the mouse like that but just a bit at a time) on the areas you want to get rid of and do a small section at a time so you don't erase the dolly. Right click and select cut everytime you make a box. Once you have gotten rid of everything but the white background and the doll you need to resize it, to do that you need to get the double arrow thing to show up by moving the cursor to those little kind of box things, move the box in till you see that there is just a bit of white under the shoe area, and a little white on what would be the dolls left hand side (your right). Then you need to rotate the picture by going under image and then flip rotate, if you can flip it 180* and then do the other two sides and then flip it again till it's right side up again then you will be done you are ready to save it.

GO under file, save as, come up with the name for your dolly, and then save it under the gif option (if you have an older version of windows bmp, is fine) if your saving it as gif it will tell you that saving it as gif will change the color, select yes anyway. Now if the skin tone changes (it will as well as the clothes) when you send me the pic either here or in my mail to put up as an avatar tell me what colors you want instead and I will do that for you because I have all those little paint programs to really hook the doll up.

I hope that this works for you and you enjoy it, I've had fun with it I know. And if you have any questions just ask I'll be happy to answer and ask them here because some people might have the same questions and I'll answer them at once.

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posted on 26-Oct-2001 7:00:55 PM by Midnight Magi
RoswellJen007 originally wrote:
Hey guys if any of you have any cool avatars that you can't live without and want to include them in the avatars to pick from. Please post them here and I'll get them put in for you.


If I could get my BexGothDolly put on so I could have it as an Avatar would be great.*bounce*

It's saved as a .bmp though, sorry old paint version.

(HeHe... I've actually been known to dress like that quite often, minus the wings though.)

*big*Thanx for any help in bringing individuality upon me within this board.*big*

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posted on 27-Nov-2001 6:18:56 PM by Midnight Magi
Hey, now the Avatar's are soon to be back will my dolly be there?

Please, pretty please, with Behr and Fehr on top!


posted on 28-Nov-2001 1:53:06 AM by schurry
oh wow ..I want to try out the dolly making now. Thanks for all the info Jen!!

until then ...and you add this pic to the avatar list? thanks!

posted on 28-Nov-2001 2:31:18 AM by RoswellJen007
Hey guys, I have the goth doll loaded on my hard drive and if I can load it up I will, I'm just waiting on word from Wendy or Heidi, also I have saved the M&L pic Schurry.
posted on 28-Nov-2001 3:56:29 PM by Midnight Magi

(Give's her a hug and a batch of cookie's)



posted on 28-Nov-2001 5:18:04 PM by schurry
Thanks Jen *happy*

ok, here's Liz and Max from Sexual Healing. It took me a while because I had to design their clothes and change the hair too umm .....could you load this as an avatar as well?. I'll try and do more. Anyone have any scenes they want duplicated?


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posted on 30-Nov-2001 10:30:35 PM by schurry
here's another one I just did :

posted on 3-Dec-2001 9:10:37 PM by SpAcEgUrL370
schurry, your stuff is so cool! are you going to be making dolls for your site?
posted on 3-Dec-2001 10:01:51 PM by SpAcEgUrL370
could I have this one as my avatar?


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posted on 11-Dec-2001 6:29:55 PM by Faith Evans
I have a few of Liz and some others I didn't make that were posted on Fan Forum oh back in season 1, I saved cause they looked really cute, but for the life of me I can't remember who made them would it be alright to include them here or since I didn't make them it would be wrong to post?

Just thought I'd ask.

posted on 12-Dec-2001 2:28:48 AM by RoswellJen007
Go ahead and post I can put disclaimers here on this thread saying that the dolls weren't made by me and if you want credit or them taken down just ask. Schurry your dolls are awesome. The goth doll will be posted next time I update av's (toomorow) I just have to resize it in my paint program, change it to gif and then it will be up.
posted on 13-Dec-2001 1:48:15 AM by Faith Evans
I didn't make these, I just saved them from FF.

aliengirlLiz - Alien Girl Liz

crashdown_chick - Crashdown Chick

This one is most lickly to big to use but here it is anyways.

liz-pilot-doll - Liz Parker this one's my fav

maria - Maria

Maria_and_Liz - Maria and Liz

roswell_tv - Roswell TV

small-liz - small Liz with alien

These are all I have.

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posted on 17-Dec-2001 7:57:30 PM by PiggyMoon59
can I send jpg dollies to u?

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posted on 24-Dec-2001 2:22:50 PM by mystic
mystic with wings

Just seeing if this works..?

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posted on 24-Dec-2001 10:33:35 PM by aria51

I had a dolly avatar/pic but I made one that I like much better. If it's not too much trouble could you put this one up in the dollies by board members please, so I could use it as mine? Thanks.

Here she is: moi
posted on 24-Jan-2002 11:53:32 PM by Faith Evans
Just bumbing this up in hopes these dollies can be added in the next update.


Please Pretty Please!!!!!!
posted on 21-Dec-2002 5:38:30 PM by Tanky
....mmm...this is my dolly...

*bounce*...Thanxs already!

Paula *happy*
posted on 25-Dec-2002 5:14:34 AM by JBehrsGurl
I will forever be your slave if I can have this as my icon!!!


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posted on 27-Dec-2002 11:58:01 PM by Anniepoo98
Here's a few of mine! Just trying this to see if it works!


Liz Parker


Tess Season Two Promo


Just a random one


Yet another random one


Isabel from the Prom


Me... which I would like to use as my image thingy!

Hope you all like them!