posted on 10-May-2002 5:00:54 PM by Blanca
I just created my first quiz -- "Which Roswell guy is for you? -- and I was wondering if people would mind going over there and taking it to see if it works properly.

Please don't send this link out to anyone yet because I need to make sure that there aren't any kinks in it first.

If you get a chance, could you please post your feedback here and let me know what you think. Did it work with your browser and system? If not, let me know what you are on. Is it too short? Too long? Were you happy with who it gave you? What did you think of the description? Were the questions appropriate and did they make sense? Did you like the graphics? How did it look on your computer?

Thank you in advance for testing this out for me! Enjoy!


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posted on 10-May-2002 8:29:05 PM by Cookie2697 done yourself good! LOL! I got Max...I'm a happy girl!

It worked fine...perfect. It wasn't too long. The questions were great...really cute *happy*

I give it two thumbs up *happy*
posted on 10-May-2002 11:07:09 PM by Kitcat26
OOO!! What a great idea!! Hehe I got Max too, I'm very pleased.

I was wondering if the banner will be available to post on sites soon...I'm also wondering if it would be possible to put the banner of who your guy was on your signiture?? (I want the whole board to know! *tongue*)

THis was great, thanks for the link. EVerything looked good to me!
posted on 11-May-2002 2:40:48 AM by Lizzie_Parker17
Oh I got MAx too!
I am so happy!
posted on 11-May-2002 3:37:41 AM by mandyhanford
It works great! I got Max too. YEAH! Too bad I don't really have Max or Jason. [sigh].
posted on 11-May-2002 5:46:07 AM by Sugarplum7
Hi Blanca!

I just took your quiz and I thought it was great.

It was cute, short and sweet (a perfect balance, not too short and not too long). The questions were easy to answer (no mulling over decisions). To put it shortly. I LOVED it!

The end description was great! Everything was great! You've found a winner!

I thought the "who's my man?" button was cute.

I got Max, so I am one happy dreamgirl. Heehee! I can't wait until you've loaded the code! That way I can have a Max banner thing to replace the Josh Hartnett one I have. The banner was beautiful, BTW.

It would be nice to have a few more quizes like this one, which roswellian are you? And perhaps a "roswell girl quiz" for balance, you know? If you ever get it done be sure to tell us about it. Heehee!

This was such a fun thing to do.


PS. I toyed around a little with the answers, all the results made sense, and the descriptions were great! All the banners were lovely, and the quotes you chose were so fitting. Valenti's, Kyle's, and Alex's made me giggle, and Michael's made me go "awww". "I want you to see me" has to be one of his better ones. You rock, chica! This quiz is great!

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posted on 11-May-2002 10:39:20 AM by char
I got michael!!!!*bounce*

that was fun and it works fine.

I got michael, ner ner ne ner ner!!!*shy*

okay.... I'm done.
posted on 16-May-2002 9:15:33 PM by Blanca
Thanks for the input, guys! The quiz is now live at my brand new domain...

Here's the link:

I've added the codes at the end so you can post the icon with your man OR link to the quiz with this one:


Feel free to pass on the link and enjoy!


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posted on 16-May-2002 11:07:18 PM by shorty828
Wow, awesome quiz, I never though I would have gotten alex, but what you wrote sounds perfect to what I like.

posted on 17-May-2002 4:25:30 AM by Sugarplum7

Thanks for the info! I am off to see if I can add Max to my sig!


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