posted on 13-May-2002 3:40:38 AM by char
hey everyone!

I'm looking to find roswell downloads of S3. If anyone knows where I could find some PLEASE REPLY! know you want to*big*

I live in Australia and I havent seen any on s3, (we may never get to) so I keep watching my old epi's over and over again.

have a heart and help me out.....*sad*....please?
posted on 15-May-2002 5:16:57 AM by TeddyBehrJKT
hi, saw ur plea emailed u the link *big*

posted on 15-May-2002 1:06:03 PM by Kitcat26
Could ya email me it too please?? *big*


posted on 15-May-2002 8:00:48 PM by TeddyBehrJKT
Cath - I bmailed it to you.
posted on 15-May-2002 8:01:07 PM by TeddyBehrJKT
sorry double post

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posted on 16-May-2002 12:41:44 AM by nickeygurl13
You've probably already gone here by now, but has great dreamer videos, for S1, S2 and S3.
posted on 16-May-2002 6:50:31 AM by Kitcat26
Thank you so much TeddyBearJK!!!! *big*

Oh and Nickeygurl13~ Yup I've gone there (great site), but thanks anyway!! I really appreciated it.

Thanks again guys, youre awesome!!!!!!! *tongue**bounce**tongue*

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posted on 18-May-2002 6:06:52 AM by nallitie
could u email me too??
posted on 20-May-2002 5:27:45 PM by jeremiah
could you bmail me the address please?
posted on 20-May-2002 9:30:16 PM by schurry
you all might as well post these links here won't hurt and it'll save a lot of time *happy*
posted on 22-May-2002 2:06:25 AM by phyco352
UUUhhhhhhhh could I get some of that download action too.


posted on 22-May-2002 6:32:16 AM by TeddyBehrJKT
schurry originally wrote:
you all might as well post these links here won't hurt and it'll save a lot of time *happy*

k, here's the link to Desert Skies

had to take down the RH link b/c I found out the site owner doesn't want it published publicly.

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posted on 22-May-2002 2:09:25 PM by Lilac Stardust
I've also been able to get episodes off of Kazaa if anyone still needs anything like that. you would need to download their software but its not a big deal.

~Lilac Stardust
posted on 23-May-2002 1:24:42 AM by Fresa Chica
thanks for posting the link*happy*
posted on 12-Jun-2002 1:55:50 AM by Apathygirl666
hey lilac is the kazaa software safe coz ive seen that when I tried to play whole eppies on it and I heard its not all that safe...did u have any prob wit it?