posted on 5-Jun-2002 10:51:40 AM by nirvana
hey, I was wondering if anyone can send me that amazing fanart for "SPIN" by incognito, I believe the fanart was done by Blanca--it had max, liz, the poppy field and the bottle, and I had this idea and I need that picture for it. I had it before but my computer crashed and I was not able to retrieve any files...anyhoo, if anyone has the picture please do send it my way at:

thanks a bunch (",)
posted on 5-Jun-2002 9:47:34 PM by Pixie
there's a pic?????!!!!! NO WAY! that is seriously so cool. Does anyone know where to find it??!! I am in love with that story.
posted on 6-Jun-2002 2:40:08 AM by nirvana
I know how you feel dude, isnt it like the best story since sliced bread, I mean...gah its SPIN, have you read CORE already, daamit I had saved it...but hen my ocmputer crashed I lost it all. anyway somebody please do send the picture