posted on 12-Jun-2002 10:27:51 PM by KtDv1
Hey, I know everyone here isn't pro-Smallville, but people have been questioning here in the past and getting Schurry's episode downloads. So I figured, I'd let everyone know that I started posting my Smallville music videos on my site:

My Roswell videos will be up there soon also. You have to be a streamloader member to download. It is fast, easy, and free, so please give it a shot.

posted on 12-Jun-2002 11:47:36 PM by Kimberline
beautiful. I'm so glad you got a place to store your vids. I can't wait till all your Roswell ones are up. Please tell us when they are, ok? I'll be waiting....

posted on 13-Jun-2002 12:03:56 AM by KtDv1
lol hey! long time no see!

thanks, yeah im finally acutally trying this whole "get the videos up online" thing again ;)

thanks for the support
posted on 5-Jul-2002 2:06:21 PM by KtDv1
new smallville video up entitled 'what do I have to do' surrounding lex and his father. yeah I know its still not roswell, but id like to consider it the next best thing.