posted on 22-Jun-2002 11:27:43 PM by beehr4shiri
OK, since I don't know how many of you guyz go to FF, I decided to bring some of mine videos to you, in case you haven't seen them before.*tongue*

I posted links over on Fanforum, but not everyone goes there, I think. *sigh*

Anyway, I hope you like them...*big*

Remember that these videos are on Imagestation, so at this moment the only way to DL them is SAVE TARGET AS. *sigh*

This is one of my Dreamer videos. :D Just 'Save target as' to download it.
It'a called "One more time".

#1 Dreamer video

And a Candy video. If it won't work for anyone, try DL older divx codec (3.11. or 4).

The process is the same (Save target As to download ;)). first Max/Is video.

Here's the link, if anyone wants to see it.

I think you'll like this one. I call it grinning video, cause another one, bawling one is in the works as we speak.

So guyz, enjoy the show...

My Shining light video

P.S. If it doesn't work, just DL older codecs (3.11 or 4.11).

New Max & Is video

Procedure is the same as for the previous videos for DL.

May *bounce*

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posted on 22-Jun-2002 11:43:08 PM by mandyhanford
The video's were great (dreamer). Thanks.

posted on 23-Jun-2002 4:03:40 PM by scorpio25
Hey the vids are great, can I ask a favor and can yopu post how long/ the length in min. of the vids cause sometimes when I dl them they cut off and I don't know if I dl'd it all, thanks

also do u guys know where I can find the interviews of the cast that were on Silver Handprint site