posted on 19-Jul-2002 11:44:59 PM by Lisa1783
If anyone would like this Roswell template, just email me. I was planning on using this as my own Roswell page but I don't really have time to keep it running. It already has a title on the main graphic on the top - Starry Fire. If you want this template for yourself, email me quickly within the next 5 days. I'm sorry if I sound greedy but I'll have to charge $5. It really is a good deal because I put in a LOT of time with the graphic and the web designing. If you want to change the title, I'll be glad to do it. You should also have a basic knowledge of HTML but I'll be glad to help you out with whatever problems or ideas you might have. This template involves a lot of css but it's easy to understand. If I don't get any offers within 5 days, then I'll give it to whoever wants it. My email is LWo1783⊕

Here are the screenshots of the splash and main pages.



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posted on 25-Jul-2002 3:23:53 PM by Lisa1783
Okay, does ANYONE want this template? It's cool, I swear it is! *big* Please?
posted on 26-Jul-2002 11:51:22 PM by Melpomene
I'd like it if you want to give it to me.....I think you did a wonderfull job on it.*happy*