posted on 26-Jul-2002 12:20:26 PM by ChrissyP47
Hey everyone!

Incase you didn't see on the top, I'm the new mod for the Multimedia Forum. It's really exciting and I can't wait to start doing things here.

I'm probably going to start making a few little changes, and I'll be trying to get more people over here since it seems like only a small group of us posting.

Anyway! I just wanted to introduce myself. And hoped that everyone else would do the same.

OK. My name is Shannon. I live in AZ. I just turned 17 two weeks ago.

I'm a Season 1 dreamer and for the most part stick to anything dreamer. Except when it comes to my art. Then anything goes.

I've been making music videos for a year now and fanart for about two years. I have an addiction to music videos and have been downloading as many as possible lately. It's kind of sad. *wink*

Ok, well that's everything about me. Now its your guys' turn.

posted on 26-Jul-2002 12:46:22 PM by KtDv1
Hey everyone!

Congrats on making MOD Shannon ~ I am sure you will do a great job getting this forum into shape.

My name is Katie. Bout to turn 17 in a couple months and I live in GA.

I've been watching Roswell since the very beginning and have been a fan ever since...even during 2nd season. I wasn't a very happy fan, but loyal nontheless.

I have been making music videos for awhile focusing on Roswell, Smallville, and Buffy.

Lol, tried writing a fic one time...didn't work out.

As far as everything else goes, I just got accepted as a Beta-reader for R:TFC. Woohoo!


posted on 26-Jul-2002 1:05:47 PM by talena
Hi Shannon!

Congrats on making it to Mod! I'm happy for you and can't wait to work with you! You're doing a great job so far by the way!

Well, let's name is Jen. I live in TX. I've been a fan of Roswell since the beginning, yes, even through s2 and s3. I guess I was hoping that something would happen to save the show. *shrugs* I'm a Dreamer, but first and foremost, I'm an awakened dreamer. (both played by Jason Behr, so it's all good)

I've been making fan art and cover art images ever since I discovered the old Roswellfanatics board, and I haven't stopped since then. Although I did lose all my art when my computer was wiped out *sad*. It's ok though! I managed to salvage some of them, and to make up for the lost ones, I'm making more and more. I'm even working on a new one for one of my fics now, so I'll talk to ya later!

~Congrats again!~
posted on 26-Jul-2002 1:31:50 PM by limegreenli
I'm Aly, and will be 16 in 11 days. WWOOOOOO. Yay. I'm from New Orleans.