posted on 25-Aug-2002 2:20:48 AM by DreamingOfMax84
Hey y'all, I need some help. Does anyone know of any place where I can get fan art?? Also, I would really appreciate it if anyone has their own to post your site for me. Thanks.

*~Ria~* *bounce*
posted on 25-Aug-2002 9:31:23 PM by Lilac Stardust
what exactly are you looking for? I make some.....

I keep most of them here:

also check out the fanart thread.....

posted on 26-Aug-2002 1:46:29 AM by DreamingOfMax84
I'm looking for a little bit of everything. Thanks I guess I didn't think to look on the fan art thread. *big* Thanks again.

*~Ria~* *bounce*

P.S. Everyone else can still give suggestions. *happy*