posted on 5-Sep-2002 3:28:40 AM by Mia Nora
Hi guys(I hope im posting this in the rite place)*big*

Ok this is like (I hope) a very simple request that id like if someone would consider doing for me(pleeeeeeeeze?)

Ive got 3 pics of man and woman facing each other(in a way) and anyway wat im trying to get at here is that I was wondering if any of you would help me and put max and liz faces on them.Sadly I dont have any tools or programs that would enable me to do that....*shy**sad*

I dont mean to be a if anyone has the time or inclination then id be VERY grateful. Its alrite if you cant though. It mite be too annoying or watever request but...can someone help? pressure*happy*

Thanks ALOT!

Yours, Mia
posted on 5-Sep-2002 10:58:31 PM by Gabriel Knight52
I'd give it a shot. *big*

Can you post them here?


ps. Do you have a banner for "Prisoner of Love" yet? *wink*

posted on 6-Sep-2002 12:00:37 AM by Mia Nora
Thanks Gabriel!!!!!*big* u want the pics posted here? or the links?(cuz im a bit confused*shy*) Tell me and ill do it in a Jiffy!!*bounce*

PS. no, no banner for prisoner of love yet...Chrissy is still working on it for me...(Thanks Chrissy!) I bet itll be GREAT!*happy*

posted on 6-Sep-2002 11:43:02 PM by Gabriel Knight52
Mia: Just post it (them) like this:



ps. Darn it. How far along is she? *tongue*
posted on 7-Sep-2002 1:43:39 AM by Mia Nora
heh...thanks again Gabriel!...ok so here they are...

Ok this one may be a bit small but...maybe sumthin can be done about that I dunno!(HECK maybe they all need enlargin...however way u feel workin with)

These pics just so u knw...I want for my stories....theyr a bit(ok ALOT) unconventional*big*...but..I guess thats an adequate description of me lol...*tongue*

I hope you can do it Gabriel, if not well thats ok anyway...just tell me if u can or cant

Thanks a big Bunch,*bounce*

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posted on 7-Sep-2002 2:42:42 AM by Gabriel Knight52

Pictures gone incommunicado *sad*

HOw about posting the links? Maybe that would work.

If all else fails you could send them to my email. It's under my profile