posted on 5-Sep-2002 11:18:09 PM by starbright
I was wondering if there were any free programs that I could download for the purpose of fanart. Can anyone help me?

posted on 6-Sep-2002 6:09:18 PM by MoonLily
I don't design fanart, but I know a lot of people use PaintShop Pro.

Try this:

I hope that helps!
posted on 6-Sep-2002 6:27:37 PM by beehr4shiri
Ann, you could try looking for program called "Ultimate paint" in any search engine too.*tongue* Excellent for designing fanart, IMO...*big*

May *bounce*

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posted on 7-Sep-2002 1:07:00 AM by starbright
Ok. I downloaded ultimate paint. Not to sound stupid or anything, but how do you work it? I have no idea. Can you help me?

posted on 21-Sep-2002 10:45:22 PM by Starlight
I would love to try to make some myself.... so if someone could help us both out, I would be grateful
posted on 22-Sep-2002 3:20:49 PM by aZNroSweLl anglgrl
Can someone give me the link to 'Ultimate Paint'? Cause everytime I search for it and click on it, it doesn't work. Help me.