posted on 18-Sep-2002 8:25:04 PM by Sweetie Pie
Does anyone know where I can find video clips, NOT music videos, just video clips from the episodes? Thanks.
posted on 21-Sep-2002 3:19:07 AM by Kazza
Hi yah,

You can get Max and Liz video clips from 'The DDD'. The link is here:-

Hope this helps!

Take care

posted on 26-Sep-2002 11:16:02 AM by Angelic
There pretty cool from there!
posted on 9-Oct-2002 5:57:25 PM by Sweetie Pie
Thanks a lot!
posted on 10-Oct-2002 1:23:23 PM by JBehrsGurl
They have a lot of video clips at "Images of Roswell" but as for episode downloads I'll have to get back to you, I have a link to a site but its on my comp at home and I'm at work so I'll be back! LOL!

posted on 15-Dec-2002 4:40:29 PM by ChrissyP47
I'm going to close this thread because your question was answered.

If you or anyone else has further questions about video clips, I have almost every episode and would be happy to make one or two clips for you.

Also, Kazaa as all the episodes for download from there so its pretty easy to get things you need.