posted on 25-Sep-2002 4:40:03 PM by luvroswell26
hi. I am just wondering if anyone can tell me how to make a cover art. I have one that Lolita Bherbuns made for me, but I'm interested in making some of my own for my other fics, but I don't know how to do it. if anyone can tell me, either reply here, b-mail me, or email me at: tazgirl026⊕


jenn *tongue*
posted on 25-Sep-2002 4:52:03 PM by schurry
What art programs do you have?
posted on 25-Sep-2002 9:50:06 PM by Bordersinsanity
schurry~ your art rocks... I just have to say it...

Okay, I'm off again...

posted on 25-Sep-2002 10:30:35 PM by luvroswell26

I'm not really sure. where do I find it? I don't even know if I have one. if I don't have one how do I get one?
posted on 28-Sep-2002 1:13:21 AM by schurry
Bordersinsanity originally wrote:
schurry~ your art rocks... I just have to say it...

Okay, I'm off again...

LOL ..thanks babe! Right back at ya! *happy*

luvroswell26 - hmm..I have a feeling you don't have any. Just look at all your programs under your start menu ....some art programs are Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Corel, etc. If you don't have any, I know you can download Adobe Photoshop off of Kazaa Light (which is what I originally did) ..just make sure you download the full version(around 111Mb) with a serial included.

I've started making tutorials for people. They're for Adobe Photoshop 6.0, but I think it may be the same on other versions.

Read through the tools tutorial before going to soft glow *happy*
Photoshop tools
Soft Glow

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posted on 17-Oct-2002 11:18:39 PM by ChrissyP47
Since schurry answered your question I'm going to be closing this thread. If you have any more questions, I know schurry started some tutorials, or feel free to bmail either schurry, or myself or one of the other fanartists.