posted on 16-Nov-2002 6:52:00 AM by Mia Nora
Hi! *happy*

Im not sure if theres another thread with a question like this but oh well ill post this anyway....

can anyone tell me the best site to get pictures from? I particularly want some that are from episodes..if u get the jist. and also other pictures too... They should basically be Max/Liz but also others cause ill need them too =)

Can anyone help plz!? I'll be awfully grateful *shy*

I hope I posted in the right place....cuz I actually need some for some banners.*bounce*


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posted on 16-Nov-2002 2:27:17 PM by Bordersinsanity
Roswell Screengrabs

This has almost every episode posted and they update once a week.


posted on 17-Nov-2002 5:26:45 AM by Lolita Behrbuns
There is also [] and [] , but the screengrab galleries are the best.

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