posted on 14-Feb-2003 12:49:39 AM by wenhaver
Hey creative types....

I've been asking people for banners, like the green one at the top of each page, for the new site on the new server.

We need little ones (200 x 60), big ones (500 x 300), ones that look good on dark or light backgrounds.

You can look at some of the themes that we're using, go to -> styles -> demo.

If you design a banner that goes specifically with a particular theme, email the name of the theme along with the banner to me at hziegler⊕

Any questions, feel free to bMail me...



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posted on 14-Feb-2003 12:53:42 AM by Lisa1783
I went to the website but I couldn't fine the styles.
posted on 14-Feb-2003 12:58:50 AM by wenhaver
Here's the direct URL:

posted on 18-Feb-2003 6:39:32 PM by jamielauren
Just wondering, does it have to go with the demo layouts or can you create a whole new one (I.e. color scheme, font, etc.)?
posted on 22-Feb-2003 4:35:45 PM by wenhaver
You can create a whole new one, if you want *happy*