posted on 8-Sep-2001 3:35:42 PM by schurry
I made some Roswell skins out of the new promos. Tell me if you like them and I'll see if I can make more. All you do is save the zip file to the Winamp Skin Directory. There's no need to open the file because skins are recognized as zip files *happy*

Right click on the screen shot and go to 'save target as'

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posted on 8-Sep-2001 9:45:28 PM by schurry
Here's another one that I created:

right click and go to 'save target as'

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posted on 18-Sep-2001 5:46:57 AM by Bordersinsanity
those are so cool... You are wonderful... *kisses*

posted on 27-Sep-2001 4:57:55 AM by Fresa Chica
These are so cool, I wish I could make stuff like this, but I don't know how*sad* I'll just have to rely on you to make such cool stuff like this*smile*

Fresa Chica

"I can read your dreams, from your fantasies to your fears. Imagine the good I could do on this planet, the mysteries I could solve. Now imagine what your government would do if they found out about me."-Isabel
posted on 15-Oct-2001 1:59:23 PM by Love Of My Life
I downloaded the first one you posted. It looks really cool. Thanks for making and posting them. *big*
posted on 24-Oct-2001 2:46:17 PM by schurry
Here's some more skins that I just made. Directions are at the top of the page:

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posted on 25-Oct-2001 8:25:18 PM by RoswellJen007
I totally love the new skins, blue max goes with my blue themed desk top but I also love eraser room M&L. Thanks for them!!!!!!!!!
posted on 27-Oct-2001 9:42:34 PM by Destinee
Thanks for these, schurry. I just love 'em! *happy*
posted on 1-Nov-2001 9:05:36 PM by schurry's a new one. (specifically requested by my friend ChrissyP47 *wink*)

oh, and please leave that precious feedback! *happy*

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posted on 1-Nov-2001 9:20:02 PM by ChrissyP47
Hehehe! Thankies! I love it.
posted on 4-Nov-2001 8:09:12 PM by scifidreamer
dude, these are so cool. I had been looking for new skins for my winamp and am totally psyched to rotate all the ones I just downloaded (good lord do I sound like an over anxious beach bum or what*big*?)
so thank you for taking the time to make these and post them.
posted on 11-Nov-2001 11:44:27 PM by schurry
Boy is Kyle a cutie!!! He's my Roswell stud-muffin now ..hehe *wink*

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posted on 12-Nov-2001 2:25:53 PM by beehr4shiri
Schurry, I just LUV your skins!!! But I also wanted to ask you where I could find a program for making winamp skins? Do you know?

posted on 18-Jul-2002 11:51:35 PM by Moonlit Jade
Hey everybody,
I just stumbled onto this thread while I was scrounging around for some Roswell skins (loved yours schurry by the way*happy*) and I found the last post by beehr4shiri and I have the same question. I don't know if she ever got a response but if anyone knows of where I too could find a good program to make winamp skins, could you please let me know? I would really appreciate it!!*shy*


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posted on 18-Aug-2002 3:19:59 PM by schurry
hmm ..I'll have to look and see what skins I havent posted here. But for now I'll post the one I just did. I'm also working on a polar one.

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posted on 18-Aug-2002 6:22:15 PM by schurry
here's another one I just did:

posted on 18-Aug-2002 8:19:38 PM by aZNroSweLl anglgrl
Thanks for the Swimfan skins.