posted on 14-Sep-2001 8:53:32 PM by Destinee
Well, the description for the thread mentioned posting fanart, and since that has recently become my obsession, and it's kind of been an escape for me this past week, I thought I'd share some and encourage others to post theirs too. *smile*





I'm usually one who stands back and waits to see what everyone else is going to do, and I don't think this is exactly the same as what schurry has posted on this board so far, so I hope this thread isn't out of place. *shy*

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posted on 15-Sep-2001 2:20:49 AM by schurry
I love your fanart! ...but I've already told you that before *smile* I just wanted to let you know that I look forward to everything you post.

oh, and I might as well ask since I'm already in this thread ...I'm making my own Roswell site ( which is going to have a section dedicated to fanart it ok if I use your work? I'm also having a fanfic section as well ( which I would love to include 'strong, dangerous ....'. My email is schurry⊕ Just let me know if it's ok. thanks!

Roswell Rocks!!


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posted on 16-Sep-2001 9:48:28 AM by polarist
Since I'm not talented I'm just going to promote other people's work.

by leta

by Zoe

by phennie



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posted on 16-Sep-2001 11:12:36 AM by MmmTabAScO
Sorry it's so HUGE!!*blush*

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posted on 18-Sep-2001 9:11:51 AM by tabasco sauce
everyone who has posted fan art thus far is really talented! those pics aree so beautiful!

No rock stands a chance against Michael Guerin (Max: Skin and Bones)
posted on 20-Sep-2001 3:43:44 PM by ChrissyP47
Decorate the board... don't mind if I do. I love making fanart.



Ok, I'll post more later.

posted on 20-Sep-2001 3:44:08 PM by ChrissyP47
dupe post

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posted on 20-Sep-2001 6:18:50 PM by Destinee
I'm so glad you guys posted! *smile* I'm loving everyone's art.

polarist- those you posted are great. Thanks for bringing them. I especially like the one by Leta. And I'm not even a polarist. Not quite anyway. *wink*

Mmmtabasco- Love what you did with the promo pics. That first one is my favorite. *big*

Chrissy- I think maybe I've seen that first one posted on the ff cherishing thread before. I think it's just lovely. Glad to see another fanart enthusiast. Come back and post often. *smile*

tobasco sauce- Thanks for leaving the feedback, and schurry, thanks again. *wink*

Dropping off a few more.





I always get kinda carried away posting them. Sorry. *blush*

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posted on 21-Sep-2001 12:09:06 AM by Fresa Chica
Wow... all these pics are really good guys! I wish I had a programme that could do that(and I knew how to use it*wink*) Keep the pretty pictures coming*smile*

Fresa Chica

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posted on 21-Sep-2001 9:21:41 PM by MmmTabAScO
I made this yesterday.....I was really missing Alex, and I just downloaded this song (Let Me In).....I think this pic of the stargazers is really sweet


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posted on 21-Sep-2001 10:02:04 PM by Destinee
Catherine, that's beautiful!! *smile*
Do you mind if I ask how you made those stars on it? What software do you use? And I love how you did the text. I have a hard time being original when I do the text on mine.

Here's another one from me. *big*


Sorry if I'm hogging the thread with my stuff. *blush* You guys need to get on in here and get to postin'! Let's decorate the place. *wink*

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posted on 21-Sep-2001 11:42:12 PM by MmmTabAScO

Do you mind if I ask how you made those stars on it? What software do you use?

Umm, lol, well, I saw the stars on a background pic and loved how it made it look all sparkly and I always tried to figure out how to do it with my program (Picture It! 2.0--not the best for fanart but I'm broke and it was the only program I could use that we already had), but I gave up and downloaded some star wallpaper and just cut out a star and pasted it on *smile*

I love all the fanart (yours and everyone else's!) but I really love the second pics on both your first and second posts!

.......I don't know why my pic is so fuzzy.. it's making me mad

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posted on 22-Sep-2001 12:33:01 AM by Destinee
Clever! *smile* I wouldn't have guessed that. You did a fantastic job. I think I've heard that software mentioned over on the FF Fanart board, and I thought they'd said it had some cool features. I don't have any experience with it though. Have you downloaded the free trial version of PSP and tried that? It got me hooked. lol

And thanks for the compliment. I'm glad you like them. *smile*

"Whether I die tomorrow or 50 years from now, my destiny is the same. It's you. I want to be with you, Liz. I love you." ~Max
posted on 22-Sep-2001 12:22:40 PM by MmmTabAScO
I did download PSP, but I couldn't figure it out....I don't know, sometimes I'm technologically retarded [blush]. I guess I'm so used to Picture It. Anyway, here's another WP I made this morning. The second one I made a long time ago, it's my favorite *smile*

I never usually whip out fanart this fast, but I think my roswell cravings are getting stronger as the premiere is getting near and I really need a dreamer fix

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posted on 22-Sep-2001 6:17:19 PM by sweetivy420
I keep trying to post pictures on this page but sometimes it doesn't work


I am having a lot of trouble posting any pictures if anyone has any advice please help me

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posted on 22-Sep-2001 7:23:14 PM by Destinee
Catherine, those are just gorgeous. I LOVE that first one. It's so dreamy. I know exactly what you mean about those M/L withdrawals. LOL. Do you ever post on FF? You should really go post that on the cherishing thread on Ros 1. I know they'd all love it over there. *smile*

sweetivy, yours is great too! Really cool effects. *cool* Thanks for posting it. *smile*

Here's my latest one.


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posted on 22-Sep-2001 11:20:58 PM by MmmTabAScO
You broke the dam!!! As soon as I saw your latest piece, with Max looking so....hurt, I just wanted cry!!! I need some M/L lovin' right now! lol

I'm kicking myself right now--how can I be an obsessive dreamer and NOT know which eppy that pic of Liz kissing Max is from. It looks so familiar....(maybe it's because I probably watched it a million times on my tapes--naw, I don't have season one and that has to be from there..they're too sweet and innocent looking)

WAIT!!!!! After staring at it for awhile *smile* it's from The Balance right?? When he "takes a step back" and she kisses him right before he climbs down--how ironic was it that Jewel's "Absence of Fear" was playing on my comp when I was staring at it, which was the same song for that scene. *Sigh* I miss Roswell. It's funny, cuz I was fine the whole summer but now it's getting down to two weeks. TWO WEEKS......Two LONG weeks, damn......

I think I'm gonna check out FF.....maybe I'll post some of my stuff, if I get up the nerve *happy*
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posted on 22-Sep-2001 11:58:17 PM by Destinee
LOL. I know. That pic does me the same way. Just makes me want to wrap him in my arms and tell him it's gonna be okay.

You're right. That pic is from The Balance. Pretty coincidental you listening to that song when you figured it out.

And I think you should definitely come on over to FF. They're always so great about appreciating everyone's work over there. There's always tons of pretty pics to look at. I think you'd love it. *smile*

And about those withdrawals...have you seen the new promo yet? Man, it makes me even more anxious for Oct. 9th to get here. Looks like we're gonna get some GREAT dreamer action. At least in the beginning anyway.

"Whether I die tomorrow or 50 years from now, my destiny is the same. It's you. I want to be with you, Liz. I love you." ~Max
posted on 23-Sep-2001 12:10:44 AM by MmmTabAScO
OH YEAH I just saw the promo, if only it was a little bigger and I could use a pause button,lol. I guess I'll check if the DDD has the downloadable version already (they probably do) I actually just posted my thoughts on the promo over at FF. Some people weren't too excited about the promos. I said that I didn't think the whole show would be about M/L making out (not that that's a bad thing). They have to progress sometime. This is just to pull in people who've been desparate for some Dreaming, I.e. ME!! I mean, it would probably go against all that Katims fricking believed in if M/L were happy all the time. Look at his track record for his "favorite couple"

Can you sense the bitterness here?

I would've watched it anyway, regardless of what kind of promos aired

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posted on 23-Sep-2001 12:42:03 AM by Destinee
ITA with every single thing you said. *big*
Honestly, every single thing. lol

But I don't think the DDD has the promo yet. Provence said on the cherishing thread that she was having trouble getting it. She's going to have to wait until she can tape it off the t.v. before she can get it up. *sad*

And I would've watched the show too. Probably will even if it takes a turn for the worst after the first few eps of M/L together. I have no willpower when it comes to this show. *dissapprove*

Hey, I did some fanart using a cap off the new promo.


Nothin' fancy. But I'm promoting the promotion. *big*

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posted on 23-Sep-2001 1:01:04 AM by MmmTabAScO
The thing about willpower...yeah me neither. I guess we're just suckers for punishment. Masochists some would say, lol. I often wondered why I was watching the show, especially when max and tess.....*shudders* and Alex died. I guess I was hoping that all the hard work I did to save the show would somehow pay off.

still hoping

Anyway, I can't believe you got that screencap, the promo's quality was so crappy, I don't even recognize that cap, lol

*sharp intake of breath* is he wearing a suit???? Oh god, he's gonna be the death of me. There's something about Jason Behr in dress shirts--'specially when he has the sleeves rolled up his forearm and it's untucked. I remember him in VLV--I just wanted to eat him up

I'm trying to figure out what Liz is wearing. I have my speculations, but it may just be misguided hope on my part...

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posted on 23-Sep-2001 1:25:21 AM by Destinee
Suckers for punishment? Yeah, Maxochists. *wink* LOL

The quality of the promo played with Quicktime was actually pretty good, I thought. Is that what you viewed it with? But I didn't get the cap myself. I actually don't know who made it. Someone posted it on the cherishing thread, and they had brought it over from the Shiri board. But it wasn't really a very good pic. I had to use several filters on it.

And yeah, he's wearing a suit. The man does wear them well. *big*
Liz is wearing a dress shirt too, and in the promo it looks like she has a vest or something on over it. Someone at FF speculated that maybe that's a flashback of their first date after the Tesster is gone, and they dressed up for it or something. shrug. Guess we'll have to wait and see. *smile*

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posted on 23-Sep-2001 1:30:21 AM by MmmTabAScO
I actually used the windows media player, it only took 10 sec. to load. Quicktime takes too long for someone as impatient as me

They have the screencaps posted over at The DDD...They looked so good, I'm inspired to make some more WP and fanart.....but not right now, gosh it's 1:30 in the morning.....ACKKKKKKK!!!!

Proud to be a Redeemer (Or is it delusional? *shrugs*) Dreamer!!!!
posted on 23-Sep-2001 5:13:30 PM by ChrissyP47
Destinee I post on the Cherishing Thread on FF all the time. I'm Piper & Leo4ever er was now I'm DeparturePrncs.

posted on 23-Sep-2001 8:24:32 PM by sweetivy420
I am having a real hard time posting so if you can't see this I'm sorry it only shows up for me sometimes on any picture that I post if any one has any clue whats going on please tell me.....and for those of you that do this sorry for it being so big


posted on 23-Sep-2001 9:43:53 PM by schurry
sweetivy420 - here's your pic in case people can't see it:

woo-hoo!! I figured out my server problem. It turns out that my cable company has been monitoring me lately and saw that I had extensive 'traffic' I guess from people downloading the music videos and everything off of me ...whatever. So the goons decided that they should firewall my freakin computer. This whole time I couldn't understand why I could see my pics and no one else could ....blame it on freakin' RoadRunner ('internet bastards' as I would like to call them now)

So in conclusion, I spit in their faces and found a way through the firewall. I had to set up a different port to run my site off of ...which means that my site is now http://www.schurry.com_69 (it should be up by the end of the week)

anyway are the two pics I tried to post a while ago:


Roswell Rocks!!


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posted on 24-Sep-2001 12:23:29 AM by Destinee
Oh, schurry, that second pic... words fail me. That's just gorgeous! Really. I love it! *bounce*

I'm so glad you came and posted. I was thinking right after I'd mailed off that im to you a few weeks ago that I should've begged you to come post some of your stuff here. That's great that you've almost got your site ready. Pretty dirty for your cable service to do that to you without even letting you know. But thanks for the link. Can't wait to come have a look-see. *big*

sweetivy- Great art! Makes me miss Alex though. *sad* Those were the days. Sigh. How did you do that streaked wind effect on the S3 group pic in the top left corner? I've tried to do that, but I can never get it to work. Do you use PSP? You did a really nice job putting it together. *happy*

Hey, chrissy! ::wave:: I haven't been posting on FF for too awful long, but I'm sure I've seen you over there. Thanks for bringing some of your work over here for us to see. It's beautiful. Bring us some more soon! *happy*
See ya over on FF!

Here's one from me.


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posted on 29-Sep-2001 8:52:24 PM by ChrissyP47
Hey guys! If you guys are at all interested in seeing some of my old work please go to my site. *big* Thanks.

posted on 30-Sep-2001 11:54:29 PM by schurry
Just thought I'd post the pic I did today on this thread. I know, it's really cheezy

fight's some more to finish off the Mummy collection:

Roswell Rocks!!


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posted on 3-Oct-2001 11:27:11 PM by Destinee
Chrissy- I went to your site. You've got some really awesome work. I LOVE that K/T manip, and your collages are just fantastic. That one with Tess telling Max she got what she wanted gave me chills. Really great work! *happy*

schurry- I have to tell you again how cool those pics are. You did such a great job with those, just like you always do. Your art is just the best! *happy*

Okay, I've been on a real fanart-making frenzie, but I'll try to keep it down to a minimum. *big*





Not exactly a minimum maybe, but that's all I'll do. lol

MmmTabAScO, where'd you go? Did you ever make any thing new with those new promo screencaps? Come post! *big*

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posted on 4-Oct-2001 2:03:13 PM by schurry
ooh Destinee!! I love that first pic! It's my new wallpaper now's gorgeous! *smile* ..and don't think you have to slow down the fanart making. The more the merrier *smile*

ok..just dropping by to post another manip that I did.

Roswell Rocks!!


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posted on 13-Oct-2001 7:33:01 PM by Destinee
*shy* Schurry, you can't tell it from this silly-looking smiley, but this is me being flattered. lol
That's so cool that you used one of my pics for your wp. I'm glad you liked it so much.

That manip you made is amazing! You did a really awesome job on it. I love it! *happy*

I've missed this board so much!! I'm so glad it's back up. Missed this thread too. I think I've probably made quite a bit of art while it's been down, but I haven't really been liking the way most of it has been coming out. I'll drop off a few pieces though.



This is my first ever non-dreamer art.

That's all for now. Hope everyone enjoys! *happy*

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posted on 14-Oct-2001 3:10:54 AM by MmmTabAScO
I'm still here!! *happy* I've been sick for like the past two weeks. So sick, I didn't even really enjoy Roswell *sniff, sniff* and you know how much I've been looking forward to that!! This bug has sucked all the joy I have from being on the computer, so I haven't really finished any of the WPs I started before. I think I made a total of hmmm, ONE wp during the time I've been away--it's really sucky too, just cast pics in a single line across the middle with the roswell font, I was being lazy. I just wanted to make a quick one that wasn't so graphic intense, just a black background. I'll post it in a minute just so I'll actually be ON topic, lol


Looking at all this new fan art is really making me want to start again though *happy* one of your new fanarts is my wp now *happy*

By the way, how'd you like the first eppy?
posted on 15-Oct-2001 12:39:26 AM by KrystalParkerEvans
I'm not into cliffhager-ism, but I did this to a friend of mine as a birthday gift...
It's pretty simple, but I'm just getting to know Corel Photo Paint 10... hehehe... Fortunatelly, we'll get along real soon!! *wink* Oh, and geez you guys, these pics are WONDERFUL!!!!!

Okay, here it is! Be nice to me! *happy*


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posted on 15-Oct-2001 1:50:37 AM by MmmTabAScO
Hey good job Julz!!! *sigh* the things we do for our friends, lol, j/k

posted on 16-Oct-2001 12:15:24 AM by Destinee
Hey Catherine!
I'm sorry to hear you've been so sick. *sad* Hope you're all better now, and it's good to see you back posting. Love your wp. I really like that pic of Michael you used. Not exactly the mullet, and not the Farrah Fawcett do. *tongue*

So you didn't enjoy Busted? Have you re-watched it since it aired? I have to admit I was pretty disappointed in it when I first saw it. It just didn't live up to my expectations. But I've re-watched it several times now, and I've had a complete change of heart. I really think it was a good ep for the season premiere, I just hope they don't all move so fast, you know? Plus, we got some really great M/L screencaps to work with from it. *big*
I'm really looking forward to tomorrow nite's ep. Are you?

You have any new art to post yet? Thanks for the compliment on mine btw. I can't believe people are using my pics for their wp. Makes me feel all famous or something! LOL

Jules- Love your art! I don't ship them either, but it's a good pic, I think. And the words on it are great! Do you mind if I ask what font that is?

And of course I always have new stuff. LOL.



Does anyone have any suggestions for free servers to use for uploading pics? I'm using fotki, and they're going to start charging after this month is over, so I need to find somebody else to use. *sad*

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posted on 16-Oct-2001 1:03:31 AM by schurry
Lovely art Destinee, Catherine, and Julz!!!!! I love it when people post new pics. It's like Christmas everyday! hehe *happy*

well....hmm, thoughts on Busted: I thought it was an overall good ep. A little cheezy though, and what's with the incredibly fake-looking wig on Isabel during that flashback?! I started laughing my a$$ off. ...I was also really disappointed in Shiri's acting. She normally does a great job, but I'm starting to wonder now. We'll see how tomorrow's ep goes. The one plus about Busted was definitely Max's strip scene ..hehe. He sure knows how to please the ladies *happy*

ok...please don't stone me, but I made some polar art. Since I saw Julz was posting a little UC I decided to go ahead and post what I've done here too.



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posted on 16-Oct-2001 3:17:13 AM by MmmTabAScO
Does anyone have any suggestions for free servers to use for uploading pics? I'm using fotki, and they're going to start charging after this month is over, so I need to find somebody else to use.

I use to upload my pics, you just start an account and upload WPs and stuff into albums and such...I don't like to tell everyone about this, cuz they might start charging a fee or something if we do this too much *big*

you know, it took me forever to find the right Michael pic. All of them were too blurry, or side-view pics. Or the hair was just too much *happy*

Just like you, I liked Busted after I watched it the second and third time. I think we were, I don't know, over-hyped up for the premiere. it was a good eppy, Jeff just seemed so mean, understandable, but I'm used to the goofy, unassuming guy. That blond wig was just too much lmao. everyone knew she cut her hair, would it have made a diff if she cut it three weeks or three months later?? I'm not feeling the Jesse/Isabel thing either. Maybe it wasn't their shining moment, but the chemistry was, well, not there IMO. I hope they explain how they got together, then it'd be more sensible.

I was really loving Max though. I read a fic recently by Kath7 (Sins of the Father--something like that) that had a phrase in there about Max being able to instill an innate loyalty and trust, regardless of his actions. he can just look at you with those amber eyes and your a goner--that's how I'm feeling about him now. He may have pulled a lot of shit, but I'm still feeling him *happy* I love him! I blame the writer's for inconsistencies like Max's character in general......

Thanks for the compliments u guys!!

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posted on 16-Oct-2001 8:46:27 PM by KrystalParkerEvans
Destinee, thanks sweetie! Like Catherine said, "the things we do for our friends" hehe! I used.... Hmmm lemme see... "English111 Vivace BT", do ya know it? I just looooove it!! Not to mention YOUR fan art... makes me look soooo much smaller! And that goes for ALL OF YOU!!! HEHEHE!

Schurry, sweetie... hehehehe! Couldn't keep your polar feelings huh? I'm not a polar, *thank goodness LOL no offense!!!* but I LOVED your work!! *happy*

And Catherine, yours were just AWESOME!

I wish I did know how do use Photo Paint 10 better lol! No, make that use the COMPUTER better!! LOL!

Okay, see ya sweeties!
posted on 20-Oct-2001 6:35:30 AM by Love Of My Life
Wow there is some amazing fanart here. There's a lot of talent here. I especially like Destinee's work. Must be the dreamer in me. *wink*

I hope you guys don't mind me posting some of mine. I hope you like.






posted on 21-Oct-2001 2:40:53 PM by Destinee
Stone you, Schurry? Absolutely not. Those pics are fantabulous! You are the queen of manipulations. *big* You always do such an awesome job at that, and these are no exception. Even though I don't ship them, (I'm a platonic polar, does that count? lol) I really love both those pics.

Catherine- Thanks for the Webshots suggestion. I've used their wallpapers before though, and I've kinda taken the idea in my head that their software caused me lots of problems with my computer. I know that's a completely different facet of the site than using it to store pics, but I'm just a little leery of the whole site because of that. Have you ever had any problems with it at all?

And regarding your Max comments on Busted, I have to say, yeah. I still love him too. *happy* That was a great line you quoted from Kath's story btw.

Julz- I do know that font. I'm sure I've probably even used it myself, but I just didn't remember it looking like that. I'm with you. I really love it! *tongue*

And I appreciate the compliment, but I can't say I agree with you about my stuff making yours look anything less than beautiful. That pic you posted really is great! Got any more for us? *happy*

Love Of My Life- Aww, you're so sweet to say that. I'm glad you like my work. *happy* You've got a lot of talent yourself. All those pics are fantastic. I especially like the first two. I just love the words on both of them. Thanks for posting them!

Okay, I'm just gonna test this out and see if this site I'm trying allows outside linking. It didn't say anything about it, so we'll see.


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posted on 24-Oct-2001 3:51:15 PM by MmmTabAScO
Destinee: I've never had any problems with Webshots that come to mind.....but they do make it pretty easy to upload photos--u dowload this thing called MyPhotos Assistant and it's pretty self-explanatory, I like it but Like I said before, I'm too lazy to look for another place for uploading *wink*

BTW, I really like you fanart *happy*

Here's a new WP I made last night....after seeing SO, I was in a stargazer kinda mood--I MISS ALEX!!!!!!

posted on 6-Nov-2001 12:10:12 AM by schurry
Destinee babe ..I havent seen any new pics in a while.'s things goin'? I love that last pic you posted ('resting here with me') It's gorgeous

oh, and MmmTabAScO, that Stargazer pic is simply breath-taking *happy*

Here's 2 new pics:



...and here's the link to my art from my site (which is not up yet): [URL=http://www.schurry.com_69/Multimedia/fanart/schurry/art.html]http://www.schurry.com_69/Multimedia/fanart/schurry/art.html

posted on 6-Nov-2001 9:14:18 PM by sweetivy420
This is the only one I got for right now I hope it shows up


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posted on 10-Nov-2001 12:58:48 AM by schurry
Here's some more :


posted on 11-Nov-2001 8:44:44 PM by Destinee
Hey, guys. It's been awhile for me. Thanks for asking about me schurry, that was so sweet of you. *happy* I've kinda slowed down a little on the fanart-making. I've been in a little bit of a creative slump I guess, 'cause I've been going thru writer's block with my fic too. And I also didn't know if I should post any more while I was using fotki either. They said they wouldn't allow outside linking if you didn't start paying for an account, so I kind of expected everything I'd posted from there to disappear. I see it's still here though. I've got a new server now anyway, so I've got lots of new stuff I can post. *big*

But first, I've gotta tell you guys how much I've been enjoying your work.

Catherine- I love your stargazer wp. I really like that pink and green color theme. I've been wanting to do something in those colors myself, but I'm not quite sure how to go about it. Anyway, you did a fantastic job on it. I miss Alex a bunch too. *sad*

Sweetivy- It's good to see you back with more art. I love the pictures you used, and the words are so cute. Nice job! *happy*

Schurry, what can I say? Your pics always astound me. I went to visit your site, and I really enjoyed looking at all your work. You totally rock at doing manips, you know that, right? I don't know how you find so many great pics to work with, but I love what you do with them, girl. *big*

Okay, here's a few of mine.




And my humble attempt at a manip. I haven't done one in so long. *tongue*


Now, somebody else come post some more. *bounce**big*

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posted on 28-Nov-2001 1:36:49 AM by schurry
aww damn! I can't see your pics anymore Destinee *sad* I'll have to keep visiting your portfolio that you gave me. I saw your most recent one with Max and Liz laying down's gorgeous *happy*

...and you're so sweet to me! Thanks babe!

here's some more that I've done since the last time I've posted (I've been on a Zan kick lately*wink*) :










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posted on 28-Nov-2001 5:10:41 PM by MmmTabAScO
*this is me hyperventilating*
OMG!! I love Zan!! 'Specially after seeing those pics! I think I'm going to go back and look at them, lol
Your dreamer manips always make my heart beat a little faster, I love them!

Thanks Destinee! I'm glad u liked the WP *happy* I've been in a little creative slump too, I think I'm just really stressed out--I'm waiting to see if I'm being accepted to any of the colleges I applied to, ACKKK!!!!

I wish I could see your fanart :(

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posted on 3-Dec-2001 1:03:34 AM by Destinee
Hey guys! Wow, it feels like I haven't been here in forever!

Schurry, all I can say is oh my goodness gracious! You outdid yourself with those pics, girl. I think I already told you on the Fanart board, but I just adore that M/L/Mi manip. I actually love that pic of Michael, Farrah Fawcett hairdo and all. LOL. And he looks like he's looking right at Liz. Amazing job on that! And those Zan manips! smilesvenuto
LOL. I've never really been into Zan all that much, but oh what you can do with the man. *tongue*. That ani is especially cool. Just an amazing job on all of them! *happy*

Catherine, I'm sorry to hear you've been so stressed. *sad* Have you heard from the college yet? I'll cross my fingers for you and hope everything works out, which I'm sure it will. *happy*

I fixed all my art so you can see it now. I had changed all the URLs when fotki took away my outside linking, and then the site I moved to also wanted me to start paying after my trial account expired, so no more linking from there either. Hopefully I can stay where I am from now on.

I've made so much new stuff since I last posted here that I'm having trouble choosing what to post now, but I'll try to keep control of myself. *wink*

Here's this one 'cause schurry already said she liked it...*wink*

And here's this one because I've been on a graffiti art kick lately...

And this one because is everyone as psyched as me to see the Pilot?! I've been on a Pilot spree the past couple of days.

And this one 'cause... well- just because. No commentary. *big*

And I'll save the rest for another day. *tongue*

Schurry I'm so glad you've been posting so much of your work here, and I'm totally eager for more.

And any other artists lurking out there, come on in and share! *happy*

posted on 5-Dec-2001 12:28:09 AM by Destinee
Where is everyone? *sad*

It's probably shameless of me to post right after myself, but I have more Pilot art I thought I'd share. I did warn I was on a rampage with that, right? lol




Did everyone watch tonight? Wasn't it positively dreamy? *sigh* I miss that Roswell.

Next week, I guess it'll be EOTW art. *wink*
posted on 5-Dec-2001 2:09:41 PM by schurry
Destinee originally wrote:
Where is everyone? *sad*

It's probably shameless of me to post right after myself, but I have more Pilot art I thought I'd share. I did warn I was on a rampage with that, right? lol

Did everyone watch tonight? Wasn't it positively dreamy? *sigh* I miss that Roswell.

Next week, I guess it'll be EOTW art. *wink*

I'm here!!! *happy* ...and I love Pilot art. It is and will always be my favorite episode. I got into a trance last night just watching Max gaze into Liz's eyes. How long has it been since we've seen him do that? ..let alone put her first above the whole alien crusade? Way too long in my opinion. Please feel free to post whenever possible! ....I love fanart *happy*

Destinee babe, the art is gorgeous. I love how you blend things so well ....I have a really hard time doing that. You have no idea how many collages I've started, then scraped halfway through because they didnt look right.

..and I can't wait till next week's ep!! EOTW is third on my favorites list ...with Sexual Healing right before it. Future Max is just yummy! Bring that fanart over right when you finish it!! I'm excited *happy*

oh yeah ....and here's another pic I finshed *happy*

posted on 5-Dec-2001 4:39:19 PM by schurry
Well, I seem to be on a M/Mi/L kick lately. Here's another one lol:

posted on 8-Dec-2001 4:01:22 PM by schurry
ok, now it's my turn to ask: Where is everyone?!?

People, come and post your fanart!! please! *happy*

Here's a EOTW collage in light of the re-run this week:

posted on 8-Dec-2001 5:00:42 PM by Destinee
I'm still around schurry! Guess it's just you and me, babe. *wink*

Those M/L/Mi pics totally rock! Where DO you find those pics to manip? You just do an awesome job with them. The words on that first one are really clever. *wink* And that EOTW collage is simply fantastic. I love the way you use those brushes.

Thanks for the compliment on my blending. That actually makes me feel really good because I have an awful time with that too. If it's not just adding one pic on top of another as a layer, I can almost just forget it. I don't know how people start out with a blank canvas and make a well-blended collage. I've made two or three, but they're really hard for me. That looks like what you did with yours and it really does look great. *happy*

I haven't made any EOTW art yet. That ep just makes me so sad. But I do like the dance with Future Max (even though it's terribly bittersweet too), and of course the part where Max kisses Liz in Whitaker's office, so I may make something with those caps this weekend. Anyway, here's a few more of mine.




Catherine? Where'd you get off to? Don't you have any new goodies to show us? *tongue*

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posted on 10-Dec-2001 2:52:08 AM by MmmTabAScO
I'm still here! I love all the new stuff though!

Schurry, your manips are always so awesome, I love that eotw piece too

Destinee, love the pod squad one, remember how the only thing that complicated things was the FBI and being discovered? *sigh* oh well......

well, I just found out I was accepted to the school I applied to.....woo hoo! Now, I'm coming to terms with the terrifying notion of leaving home....ackk! 12 years in the same room, same bed--it's incredibly surreal to think this time next year I won't be home. I guess it won't hit until probably the day I leave, lol. Then the real terror will set in *happy*

I think my sister did something to the computer when she worked on it the other day--I can't seem to find any of my roswell downloads. I was in the process of copying files onto disks when this happened--all my screencaps have disappeared! That put me in a little funk because I had a whole load of stuff to work with and now I have nil....

I should be starting up soon, hope to see more fanart from u guys!!!!
posted on 10-Dec-2001 6:18:18 PM by maxiesdreamgirl
I don't have any fanart but I'd LOVE someone to loan me one of their so I can post it with my stories
And keep up the awesome work that you guys do!!

posted on 10-Dec-2001 11:22:34 PM by schurry
Destinee originally wrote:
Where DO you find those pics to manip? You just do an awesome job with them. The words on that first one are really clever.

Girl, you are just too kind to me! As far as the bodies I used, they're all different. Liz is Ashley Judd ....and I noticed that Brendan has the same body type as David Boreanaz (which I used in the 2 pics above) and also like Joshua Jackson. ....and of course Jason has a body like Mark Walhberg (boy is he HOT!!) and Antonio Sabato Jr. - I used Mark's body on all my Zan pics *happy*

I love that Tarzan liz pic!! It's very cute. The one above that is beautiful too ...Liz has that dreamy expression that I love *happy*

Congrats Catherine!!! *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce*

maxiesdreamgirl - What kind of pic were you looking for?'s the latest:

posted on 11-Dec-2001 3:05:52 AM by maxiesdreamgirl
Hi Schurry,

Thanx for getting back!!
LOVE your work too so where can I see what else you've done and if you don't mind I'd LOVE to borrow one or two.

love the new one btw

posted on 11-Dec-2001 3:34:58 AM by schurry
Here's my site:

http://www.schurry.com_69 ...all the fanart is in the Multimedia section

You can find mine and Destinee's there as well. I havent updated them in a while, but I'll try and do that tomorrow *happy*
posted on 11-Dec-2001 5:11:06 AM by maxiesdreamgirl

I've spent the last hour just crusing round your fanart sites and here....totally in ore!!*big**big*
What you all do is beyond me and respect to you!!!*tongue*
I just had to sit and stare at each one for like ages and ages.
AWESOME...every single one!!
I've wanted to get some for a while now but never got round to it *sad*
But now is sososo the time to do it!!!*bounce**bounce*
But here's the thing...
....there all SO GOOD!!
After bringing on the biggest headache known to man I would LOVE to use your 'BWMLluvin.jpg' one for my new story if I could.
It's PERFECT for it!!!
Thanx again for getting back to me and for giving us alittle tastier of heaven on earth.

Take care.


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posted on 11-Dec-2001 1:55:05 PM by schurry
Thanks *happy*

Sure ...feel free to use whatever you please *happy*
posted on 11-Dec-2001 3:38:39 PM by maxiesdreamgirl
Thanx back SCHURRY,

I have a degree in art so if I knew now to do it I would try my hand at it too.
It looks like sososo fun.
Can't wait till your next lot comes out.


HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM. I'm a TOTAL SPAZ and I've tried to post but I can't. It's driving me nuts.

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posted on 12-Dec-2001 12:23:53 PM by Chrissy
SCHURRY,.... I've been trying to log into your site to see it, but it never lets me. And I can't see any of the fan art that you have posted. I don't understand why I can't see it, and everyone else can.
I know that you do great fan art, because you have done a few for me in the past,... so I wanted to check out your lastest pics. But I haven't been able to see anything,......... HELP!!!!!!
posted on 12-Dec-2001 3:07:25 PM by schurry
Chrissy originally wrote:
SCHURRY,.... I've been trying to log into your site to see it, but it never lets me. And I can't see any of the fan art that you have posted. I don't understand why I can't see it, and everyone else can.
I know that you do great fan art, because you have done a few for me in the past,... so I wanted to check out your lastest pics. But I haven't been able to see anything,......... HELP!!!!!!

hmm ....that is really weird. Actually, someone else emailed me with that exact problem. Maybe it's because you have a firewall of some sort? I have no idea.

Ok, I uploaded my most recent pics to a Fotki album :

Did you see any of the mummy pics I did? I can upload those as well if you havent *happy*

[ edited 1 time(s), last at 12-Dec-2001 3:35:11 PM ]
posted on 12-Dec-2001 3:35:31 PM by Chrissy
I used to be able to log into your site with no proublem, that was back when I kept asking you to do some fan art for me. That was the last time I could see any of your work. So,... it's been a couple of months.
I don't understand what the different is from then to now. I can see everyone else's art work displayed on this page but yours. And I'm dying to see yours, because I'm reading everyone's comments, reguarding your work.
posted on 12-Dec-2001 3:37:48 PM by schurry
hehe ...we must have posted at the same time. I put a link in the above post to the fotki album *happy*
posted on 12-Dec-2001 3:43:53 PM by Chrissy
Oh my Gawd,... SCHURRY,... it worked. I can't believe it. I love all of your work. The Zan fan art is amazing,... good job,.. no,... Amazing job Schurry. I saved that link to my favorites. I hope you will be posting and updating all of your latest works there. Because It seems that, I can only view them there.
Thanks again for taking the time to help me with this.
I hope to be seeing more of your fan arts there.

edited to say,... no I haven't seen anything that you have done in over three or four months. SO whatever you can post on that new link you just gave me,.. I would be so greatful for.
Thanks again....

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posted on 12-Dec-2001 9:10:41 PM by maxiesdreamgirl
I know I don't really belong here, I don't have the skill to even dare to dream but I just had to say a big....



THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU... DESTINEE for all her help and for the loan of the picture.


[ edited 1 time(s), last at 12-Dec-2001 9:11:40 PM ]
posted on 15-Dec-2001 4:24:43 AM by Destinee
Of course you belong here Jayne! I'm so glad you posted. And you're welcome. The pic looks great in your sig line. (Almost makes me wish I'd thought of it first. *wink* ) Anything else you need, just give me a shout. And you know what? I'm sure if you have an art degree you'd be great at fanart, you should give it a try. I bet you'd have a blast with it. *happy*

Catherine! *wave* Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. *bounce* It probably will be kinda hard at first to leave home if this is your first time to be away, but I'm sure you'll meet so many new people and will encounter so many new experiences, you won't be too homesick for long.

That's the pits about losing all your screencaps. I know it takes a long time to collect them. But just think of all the time you can spend M/L shopping now. So to speak. LOL. Hope to see some new work from you soon! *happy*

Hey schurry! *big* I've been seeing you posting all over the place lately. I love your latest candy pic. I'm so envious of your talent, girl. You've been turning out some really amazing work. And you handle those brushes like a pro. I just love what you've been doing with them. *happy*

I haven't been feeling very creative lately. This is the only thing I've done in over a week.


And here's a couple of older ones. *happy*


posted on 15-Dec-2001 4:44:54 PM by beehr4shiri
*May sneaks in to see if it's clear *

Hey guyz!!!*waves*

I posted most of this stuff on FF, but this is my first timer on this site!*angel*So I really hope you won't get mad at me for hogging all the space on this page...*big*

Here are SOME of my obsession Roswell fanart :


Please, don't kill me? *tongue**bounce**angel*

May *big*
posted on 19-Dec-2001 2:15:08 AM by Destinee
Hi May!
I think I've probably seen all those over on Cherishing and commented there, but I think they're all great. Thanks for bringing them over. And no worries about taking up the page. It's great to have another artist posting with us. *happy*

Schurry, why aren't you posting your movie poster manips here? They get lost so quickly on the cherishing thread. But they're probably on the Fanart board too, aren't they? I haven't been there in several days. Anyway, I miss you over here. *sad* *tongue*

I've got a few new ones to share. *happy*


What did everyone think of Samuel Rising? I was ecstatic over the amount of M/L screen time in this one. I wish all the eps were like that. Not all about them, but enough dreamer scenes to keep me happy. LOL. I just loved seeing Max going to Liz to talk over his troubles. Just like in the old days. *sigh*




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posted on 19-Dec-2001 3:00:46 AM by schurry
Hey guys! ack! ..sorry I didnt drop by sooner. Finals were killing me :( ...but I did manage to make some fan art in between study breaks. I havent been reading fanfic in a while ...I need to desperately catch up *happy*

Destinee babe, you're so sweet to me *happy* I love those new collages you did ..especially the snow one. That scene was sooo sweet! I love how they were both laughing and joking around while they skated. I watch Roswell for those moments.

The episode itself was pretty good, but I was getting tired of Max putting Liz on the back-burner. I was so happy at the end when he finally gave liz the attention she deserves *happy*

May ...I've always loved your stuff. I see it all the time on the Cherishing thread. My absolute favorite will always be the one where Max and Liz are hugging in the Crashdown ...with the purple/blue colors. It's very beautiful

Ok, ...for some reason I've been on a poster kick lately, but I need to get back to making those banners for Cookie. So here's the ones that I've done:






posted on 20-Dec-2001 9:45:35 AM by Chrissy
Oh I so wish that I could see what your posting Schurry,... Hopfully your also posting your new fan art on that site you directed me to last time. I do check that site out daily for new updates. *happy*
posted on 22-Dec-2001 1:33:56 AM by schurry
Hey Chrissy! ...yeah, I'm updating that Fotki account as well as my site as I finish each pic ;)

Well, I've been inspired by Final Fantasy's what my obsession leads to lol:

posted on 22-Dec-2001 11:33:18 PM by blurry venus
schurry...your new themed arts are beautiful and extremely creative. WOW!!!

Hi everyone, I'm Nicole. I usually post on the FF Fan Art boards under the same sn, and I can't believe that this board is up and running again! How exciting! Just wanted to say hi to everyone and apologize for not being able to attach some art onto this post cuz I'm home for christmas and all of my stuff is on my puter ⊕ school.

Happy to be posting again...
posted on 23-Dec-2001 8:16:51 PM by beehr4shiri
schurry originally wrote:

May ...I've always loved your stuff. I see it all the time on the Cherishing thread. My absolute favorite will always be the one where Max and Liz are hugging in the Crashdown ...with the purple/blue colors. It's very beautiful

Is this the one you like, Schurry???*big**bounce*


And BTW, I wish I had your talent in manipulating posters like you do! *sigh*

Your pics just look GREAT!!!*wink*

And Destinee, thanx for your feedback here and on Cherishers both! And big thanx for leaving FB on my fic!!!*big*

May *angel*

P.S. AND Destinee, girlfriend, You ARE writing new part of SDU at the moment, right???*wink*

[ edited 1 time(s), last at 23-Dec-2001 8:18:49 PM ]
posted on 24-Dec-2001 5:22:45 AM by Destinee
Schurry, all I can say is WOW! Those pics are just completely awesome. I saw the one with all of them together that you posted on Cherishing, but seeing them separately gives it even more impact. They really are amazing-looking! And I love all your movie posters. They're fantastic, and so well-done. I was going to tell you which ones I especially liked, but I can't do that 'cause I love them all. *tongue*

Nicole, I'm glad you stopped by. *happy* I'm sure I've seen your work on FF, and I think I've probably even left you fb before, but I can't seem to recall any particular pics you did at the moment. I'm really looking forward to seeing some of your art over here when you get a chance to post it. *happy*

May, you're more than welcome for the fb. Both on your fic and the art. I have to agree with Schurry. I think that may be one of my favorites too. I love that water-color effect you used on it. *happy*

And yes, I am working on a new part to SD&U, but the words seem to be coming one at a time from my brain, kicking and screaming all the way, lol, so it's coming pretty slowly. I'll try to get it out as soon as I can, though. Thanks for asking about it. {{hugs}}

Here's just a couple of new pics from me.



And an older one I never posted anywhere before. *tongue*

posted on 24-Dec-2001 6:43:15 AM by maxiesdreamgirl
I know that I have no right to even post here, I'm haven't done any fanart.... YET *giggle* thanx again for the link Destinee. LOVED IT!!!*bounce**bounce* but I need my fix *big**big*


DESTINEE....your making it so hard for me now, your art is just TO DIE FOR! It just keeps getting better and better. As I said before, I'll have to change it weekly...hell DAILY *major giggles**big**big* CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT COMES NEXT.
btw your posting more to your story soon *angel* I'm speechless how happy at makes me feel.
T H A N K Y O U!!!

SCHURRY....your new FINAL FANTASY is just TOO MUCH *bounce* *big* *bounce* *big* LOVE IT!!! You continue to amaze me!!

BEEHR4SHIRI...not only do you write out of this world *big* but I just sat and stared at your work fo ages....I had to it wouldn't let me pass otherwise *giggle*

T H A N K Y O U all sosososo much for making my day and for posting such awesome work. KEEP IT UP and maybe one day you'll be seeing mine too *nervous giggle*

H *angel* A *angel* P *angel* P *angel* Y *angel*

H *angel* O *angel* L *angel* I *angel* D *angel* A *angel* Y *angel* 'S
to you all!!


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posted on 26-Dec-2001 6:53:28 PM by beehr4shiri
*big*Maxiesdreamgirl -you can be a witness of my inflating ego!*wink**big* Thanx for all support,guyz! *angel*

Destinee- OMG, hun, all 3 pics are GREAT!!!*big*
But that 3rd one you never posted before....DREAMY!!!!
*claps* You go girl! LOL...

And peeps, anyone who wants to know, I posted 3 new parts to my fic!*big* ENJOY!!! And Merry Christmas to who ever celebrates it!!!

May *wink**big*

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posted on 27-Dec-2001 1:12:33 PM by schurry
Hey blurry venus, and welcome! *happy*

yep beehr4shiri, that's definitely my fav of yours. The colors are just so gorgeous!

aww Destinee, I love that Christmas pic! I just love to stare at it because it has that glow to it ...very dreamlike *happy* ..and that blue one is beautiful too!

hey maxiesdreamgirl! Feel free to come by anytime ...with or without art. We always love the company *happy*
posted on 28-Dec-2001 1:05:52 AM by Destinee
Jayne, May, & Schurry, you guys are the sweetest. Thanks so much for the compliments on my pics. And Jayne, schurry's right. It's good to have you posting whether you bring art to the thread or not. Hope you continue to visit. *happy*

I downloaded some new brushes during my four-day holiday from work and had myself a little spree. *big*





I'll save the rest for later. *tongue*
posted on 28-Dec-2001 11:08:29 AM by maxiesdreamgirl
Schurry~ Thanx *big* and I will *bounce* I need my fix of your work hun *angel*

and Destinee~ * THUD! * god spree more often, PLEASE feel free to spree all over the place Your new ones are just too gorgeous to do them any justice *sigh* can I post one of them as a siggy soon???

Take cares


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posted on 28-Dec-2001 9:25:44 PM by Destinee
LOL. Thanks Jayne. You always put a smile on my face with your compliments. And absolutely. Feel free to use anything you'd like. *happy*
posted on 30-Dec-2001 3:43:56 PM by schurry
Sorry I've MIA for a while people .... I've been caught up in the Christmas holidays *happy*

absoultely beautiful pics Destinee!! *happy* I love that first one that says "I love you..." The glow that you put on it is really cool. ...and it looks like your a expert already with those brushes *wink*


[ edited 1 time(s), last at 30-Dec-2001 3:45:09 PM ]
posted on 30-Dec-2001 6:44:08 PM by schurry
Here's some more:



[ edited 1 time(s), last at 31-Dec-2001 2:02:09 AM ]
posted on 1-Jan-2002 4:01:00 AM by Destinee
I just love those schurry! They're so cool. The Roswellian Pie is my favorite. I don't know how on earth you can manipulate so many bodies in a single pic and still make it turn out so spectacularly. Really great job!*happy*

And thanks for the compliment on mine. You're a sweetie. I don't know about being expert with them, but those brushes are really a blast to play with. I could spend hours with them. And, well... in fact, I do. LOL

Here's a couple more examples to prove my point (as if you needed any, lol).


Hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year! *happy*
posted on 1-Jan-2002 7:28:58 PM by beehr4shiri
*bounce**big*Destinee-Hun, how do you do it!!! *sigh* What program are you using???*tongue* I LOVE your pics!!!*angel*

Soooo, will there be new part of SDU soon, perhaps? *hint,hint*

And schurry , OMG, girl, you humble me!!! LOL...
Hilarious pics!!!*big*

maxiesdreamgirl -Sweetie, you're always welcome to come and join the fun!!! *big**wink*

2 new pics, peeps!!!



May *wink**angel*
posted on 3-Jan-2002 4:02:06 AM by maxiesdreamgirl
*bounce**bounce*Thud Destinee, Schurry and Beehr4shiri *CUDDLES* to you all for the new stuff. I just LOVED THEM ALL and I just can't stop smiling now*big**big*

*sad**sad* I'm alil' upset though *sniff* because we can only post lil' things now *bottom lip now pouting, drooping while begining to tremble* I understand why but What am I going to do now?? Can they be made any smaller????
Am I obsessed or what *big**big**big*
Keep up the awesome work.
Can't wait for more, more, more *giggles*
Take care

posted on 3-Jan-2002 12:06:02 PM by schurry
Destinee, you're stuff is just gorgeous as usual. Keep up the good work with those brushes ;)

beautiful work beehr4shiri! ...they're all so colorful! *happy*

aww, cheer up maxiesdreamgirl ...little pics are still cool *tongue*

ok, here's 2 more posters I needed to drop off before I leave. I'm going out of town, but I'll be back in a few days *happy*

posted on 3-Jan-2002 3:08:42 PM by beehr4shiri
Schurry,hun, I couldn't see those 2 new posters...*sigh**sad*

[ edited 1 time(s), last at 3-Jan-2002 3:18:41 PM ]
posted on 3-Jan-2002 3:09:44 PM by beehr4shiri
Thanx guyz!!! *big* You are the best crowd...*wink*
And this is little sumtin-sumtin for ya...*angel**tongue*





P.S. Schurry, I managed to see those posters...!!!
*bounce* Damn, girl, the 1st one is..well... SWEET!!!!*big*

[ edited 1 time(s), last at 3-Jan-2002 3:30:56 PM ]
posted on 6-Jan-2002 12:55:03 PM by mrsjbehr
Guys, these are all so cool. I especially love the ones Schurry did with the movie posters. How do you do that? I have Paint Shop Pro, but I have no idea how to make the pictures like yours! Please tell me. My email is precious_pet⊕
Thanks to anyone who answers.
posted on 6-Jan-2002 3:53:39 PM by mrsjbehr
here's mine...what do you think?

posted on 7-Jan-2002 1:49:03 PM by micha
ok, even though I can't create fanart for the life of me, I hope it's ok for me to come over and say that I absolutely love all of your fanarts!!

Destinee.. love the first fanart on this page, amazing but you know how I feel about your fanart!!

All of you have talent for this and I wish I had that but then not of all us are creative geniuses!!! I know I am not!!

keep up the amazing fanart, I totally love it and it's always interesting to see what people can come up with!!

posted on 8-Jan-2002 4:52:39 AM by beehr4shiri
*big*Oh, Micha, don't worry about not being able to make fanart...Your fic RULEZ!!!*tongue**bounce*

May *happy*