posted on 31-Jul-2002 2:46:49 PM by Angelic
Wow I'm the first one to post here! I feel so honered!
posted on 2-Aug-2002 4:41:58 AM by Antarian_Prince
hi my names matthew, I know your probably busy but im gonna write a new fanfic and I need u 2 give me sum ideas
or a title,b-mail ur ideas to me anyone,thanx
posted on 2-Aug-2002 7:07:22 AM by Lana Lane
Hi, Angelic and Matthew I'm Lana and I'm so happy that we're got somewhere to hang out in on here now. I'm so excited to see what becomes of it and to Matthew if you go check out the 'fanfiction discussion board' thread then you might be able to get a few story ideas from the challenges that are posted on there. Hope that helps.

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posted on 2-Aug-2002 8:53:48 AM by Angelic
Mathew I always find that even a fague Idea is a good one! I hope that makes some sense!