posted on 1-Aug-2002 12:33:45 AM by ps_dreamer
are there any Asian Roswellians out there???
come and introduce yourself!

Hi! I'm Benz and I'm from Thailand.

posted on 1-Aug-2002 5:16:17 AM by TeddyBehrJKT
Hiya, Benz **waves**
I'm Niki and I'm in Jakarta but am actually Filipino. *big*

posted on 1-Aug-2002 7:31:25 AM by Saymi007
Hewo Benz and Niki,

Man I thought I was the only asian roswellian here well sorta asian , im from Pakistan (South East Asia), believe it or not,and my names Sharmeen


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posted on 1-Aug-2002 9:54:18 AM by TeddyBehrJKT
Saymi007 originally wrote:
Man I thought I was the only asian roswellian here well sorta asian , im from Pakistan (South East Asia), believe it or not,and my names Sharmeen

Hiya, Sharmeen... This is you, isn't it?
posted on 1-Aug-2002 3:04:12 PM by Saymi007
TeddyBehrJKT originally wrote:
Hiya, Sharmeen... This is you, isn't it?

checks I.d and say: Yes this is very much me. sory for the very weird post I seem to have come down with a bout of dyslexia... or maybe its that my mothers driving me crazy. either way I asure u its me.. LOL..

y I added teh "beleive it or not" thingy is becasue many ppl seem to think since I live in Pakistan I dont have a Tv nor a life.. Needless to say that particular image is far from true so........ any way.. im done heheheh this has becoem way longer than intended.till later.. Take care and may the force be with y'all

posted on 1-Aug-2002 5:44:33 PM by Angelic
Kay guys I'm not asian (I'm English) but I wanted to say thankyou for using this board! I came up with the idea for it only afew days ago and well it was made yesterday! No-one was posting so I thought all was lost, but you guys are so thankyou again!!!! P.s if you wanna b-mail me I'm usally lurking round some where and I'm also a mod for this more and the general discussion!

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posted on 2-Aug-2002 2:21:27 AM by TeddyBehrJKT
Thank you Angelic and all the wonderful people that run this board b/c RF is simply the best place to go (and for me, the only reason to go online... *big*)

Thank you, too, ps_dreamer aka Benz for coming up with this thread... always wondered how many of us were here.


ps for Sharmeen, saw-ree for the double take... your sn got changed, so was just checking. LOL.

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posted on 2-Aug-2002 6:02:27 AM by ps_dreamer
Hi Sharmeen!
Hi Niki!

how's everybody doing?

*LOL* I know what you mean. Some people think that just because I'm thai, I row boat to school. *wink*

hmm...I believe there are more Asian out there?


posted on 2-Aug-2002 12:06:08 PM by babybunny
Well I'm from Pakistan too, I'm originally from Britain, though my mum is from there. So I'm Asian...yeah.
posted on 2-Aug-2002 1:07:18 PM by Saymi007

BABYBUNNY:HIII!! Im so glad im not eh only one from Pakistan.Sorry I dint get ure name so.. By teh way wat part of PAkistan u from? im from karachi.

NIKKI: Its okay u dotn have to apologize, my stoopid twin brother deleted all teh cookies from my browser so I didnt auotmaticaly sign in and I forgot my password. BIG mess.. and I had no choice but to re-register.. Anyway.. Hi again!

BENZ: I 'm glad u know the feeling of being totally misunderstood by teh outside world. Okay that didnt come out the way I wanted it to. But hell u know wat I mean right? Nuthing much is up, my college is starting Monday. ::SIGH:: SO I gotta hit the books pretty soon

ANGELIC: Girl u are a God sent!! I used to wonder how many ppl who come to this board are from asia. Now im starting to find out. Thanku

Till later. take care and may the force be with u


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posted on 3-Aug-2002 7:38:30 AM by Care_Behr
Aslumalakan... (sp?)

I'm actually English... but just wanted to say hi!!!
posted on 3-Aug-2002 10:20:04 AM by Angelic
Agin guys thanks for the suport!!!

posted on 3-Aug-2002 1:58:44 PM by aZNroSweLl anglgrl
Hi All.
posted on 3-Aug-2002 2:55:26 PM by babybunny
Saymi007 originally wrote:

BABYBUNNY:HIII!! Im so glad im not eh only one from Pakistan.Sorry I dint get ure name so.. By teh way wat part of PAkistan u from? im from karachi.

My real names actually Saira and I have family in a part called Chichawatni- though you've prob never heard of it. I have others in Lahore, and Islamabad too.

posted on 5-Aug-2002 11:49:41 AM by Saymi007
hi all,
Man college just started and im sick of it already. Oh this is going to be a wonderful year.hehehe

Care_Behr originally wrote:
Aslumalakan... (sp?)

im afraid the spellings not right but u got the basic idea so.. waliakumsalam.

Hi to the others too.

Gotsta go now my mom needs to use the phone,. Unfortunately im still on dial-up networking

posted on 5-Aug-2002 3:22:00 PM by SmileeUk
Hello ALL
I'm from Hong Kong though I'm living in England.

Do I qualify to join this forum??? LOL
posted on 6-Aug-2002 12:33:08 AM by aZNroSweLl anglgrl
I'm chinese. Anybody?
posted on 6-Aug-2002 2:25:12 AM by ps_dreamer
Hi guys!

Sharmeen , what does "waliakumsalam" mean?

SmileeUk ...hi! you certainly qualify!

aZNroSweLl anglgrl ...I have a little bit of Chinese blood in me...does that count? My grandpa is half Chinese. a couple of days my school's gonna open again! (OH NO!) I'm gonna be a junoir. so how's everybody doing?


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posted on 7-Aug-2002 3:58:27 AM by TeddyBehrJKT
aZNroSweLl anglgrl originally wrote:
I'm chinese. Anybody?

Married to a chinese guy, does that count as well? LOL

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posted on 7-Aug-2002 8:08:07 PM by kast
Hi, may I join you guys/gals,
I'm kast from Malaysia...

posted on 8-Aug-2002 7:35:28 AM by Insanity
Hi..I was born in Australia, but my whole family is from HK, so I guess I kinda qualify for this group? This is my first post, so yeah...*waves*
posted on 8-Aug-2002 11:07:10 AM by ps_dreamer
Hi Kast!

Hi Insanity!


welcome! more Asian here in this thread! *giggle*
sorry if I sound weird, wayyy too much suga!!!
okay, well...I gotta go now, just droppin' in to say 'hi'!

~Benz *happy*

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posted on 8-Aug-2002 1:34:00 PM by SmileeUk
** wave **
Hi everyone!
I'm so gald there are so many of us are Chinese or come from Hong Kong.
*bounce* *bounce*

Anyone is actually living in Hong Kong now?
posted on 11-Aug-2002 1:47:27 PM by babybunny

I'd love to visit hong kong, my friends from there and she always seem to have such a blast not to mention all the cool pressies she brings back.*wink*
posted on 12-Aug-2002 5:12:24 AM by RELA
hey there all of you I'm asian too I'm from pakistan but I don't really live over there
posted on 13-Aug-2002 6:51:06 AM by Angelic
Well my Great Grandfather is from some where near saudi arabia! Does that count?
posted on 13-Aug-2002 1:03:45 PM by Saymi007


I would have mentioned all the names but maaaannnnn there are just too many( but im not complaining!) so this is a Big hi to all of u Asians Outthere!! Live long and prosper!! Hehehee.
ps_dreamer Walaikumsalam is teh the answer to asalamualikum in urdu which is the national language of Pakistan. It means may Gods blessing come upon u. It like a hi. so hope that answers ure questions I know its late but u know how the saying goes.

so a big welcome to evryone again. Till late. Take care and hakuna matata

posted on 13-Aug-2002 2:02:21 PM by babybunny
Angelic- I have a friend from Saudia Arabia and she absolutely refuses to be called Asian, despite everyone mistaking her for one. But if you want to be one thats fair enough.*wink*

I see there are more people with a pakastani heritage. Cool.*big*
posted on 13-Aug-2002 8:58:08 PM by Liz Park
Hey, guys. I'm Korean but I was adopted and live in the States. Do I count? LOL
posted on 14-Aug-2002 8:53:10 AM by babybunny
LOL, I'm sure you do.

I live in the UK, but am still asian*wink*
posted on 14-Aug-2002 2:30:37 PM by Saymi007

Hi evry one!!

Babybunny:Hey! so ure friend doesnt like being asian Huh? Sure.. shes not exactly an asian but c'mon man that is such a bad attitude. sorry if I offend u I was justa little taken aback its lame that ppl are ashamed of thier own heritage.

Hi to evryone else!! How y'all doing?
Til later take care and hakuna Matata


posted on 15-Aug-2002 7:51:19 PM by babybunny

Yeah happy independence day*happy*

Just like to add I defence of my friend that shes from egypt, so shes not actually asian heritage. . . thats why she found it amusing that people kept mistaking her for one. Though I myself wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

Did you do anything nice??
posted on 18-Aug-2002 12:17:51 PM by Saymi007
Hehehe. Sorry Babybunny for jumping the gun. Im feeling extremly embarrassed at the moment. hehehh anyway. I had the time of my life on 14th august . To tell u wat I did would require a lot of time and patience which im sure both u and I dont have so lets just leave it at that. hope ure doing well !

Hi to everyone where have u guys disappeared to ?


posted on 19-Aug-2002 6:18:27 AM by ps_dreamer
Hi everyone!

I'm still here. *waves* it's just that now I'm back to school and I have so many homework to do. Who knew teachers can be so mean? (ok, I knew that. but yeah.)
so how's everybody doing?
still enjoy the summer while it lasts guys *wink*

posted on 21-Aug-2002 1:21:08 PM by SmileeUk
Has everyone on this forum watched S3 already?

I'm in England so it is on the air right now. Got another 8 eps to go, I think.
posted on 21-Aug-2002 2:16:03 PM by babybunny
Yeah I'm from the UK too. Can't wait till Ch-Ch-Changes. I'm usually at work on Thurs nights so I record the eppies and watch them later.
posted on 25-Aug-2002 9:00:49 AM by Saymi007

Hey everyone!

I know I dissappeared for quite a while. Im really sorry for it. I just learned first hand how sucky life can be and lemme tell u it aint a bed of roses. Plus I had this really bad flu so that along with everthng else made me sorta side tracked. But now I realised life's too short to dwell on the sucky moments and have decided to take my life into my own hands. that said id like to say hi to everyone. So hi !! How u guys doing? gotta go now. ill come back later

posted on 26-Aug-2002 2:29:01 AM by DrEaMPrYnCeZz
Hey everyone,

I'm Vietnamese!

Just wanted to drop by. *big*

See you all around!

posted on 27-Aug-2002 6:21:50 AM by ps_dreamer
Hi everyone! *waves*
how's it going?

Sharmeen, hope you get better soon *happy*

DrEaMPrYnCeZz, hi! so do you live in Vietnam?

posted on 29-Aug-2002 9:32:05 AM by willowbv
I'm not an asian roswellian but uk roswellians need your help to get roswell reruns. sign the petition at . This petition is for Sky One to show re-runs of Roswell Seasons one and two for new fans who missed the show and for old fans who want to relive the alien connection and teen angst of the show. Sky One is currently showing Season three of Roswell but has no current plans to show re-runs of the previous seasons. The sci-fi channel in the US will be showing repeats of all seasons in the autumn, Sci-fi UK does not have the rights to Roswell. US fans will be able to relive Roswell, give UK fans a chance too.
Sky one says no, it's the job of Roswell fans to make them change their minds, so please sign my petition and help spread the word

Roswell repeats relive the alien connection.

posted on 30-Aug-2002 11:09:18 AM by babybunny
signed it *happy*
posted on 30-Aug-2002 12:35:11 PM by ps_dreamer
I signed it too *happy*
posted on 1-Sep-2002 12:50:50 PM by SmileeUk
signed it *wink*
posted on 1-Sep-2002 1:03:36 PM by Saymi007

hehehe, I already get re-runs on my local cable channel. ::smug grin:: But I'll sign it nontheless.


P.S: Howz everyone?
posted on 5-Sep-2002 7:01:49 PM by babybunny
We dont have the sci-fi channel anymore!!!*sad**sad*
posted on 10-Sep-2002 6:00:33 AM by ps_dreamer
hi everyone! *looks around for people*

how's it going?

posted on 11-Sep-2002 10:30:43 AM by little cloud
Hi all!
I'm Chinese and living in Hong Kong.
Glad to know there's so many of you come from Asia too.
I thought all of you come from English speaking countries before.

You guys may call me Jenny cos little cloud actually is my nick name. *happy*
posted on 11-Sep-2002 1:52:51 PM by Saymi007
hey all!

Any one there? just wanted to drop in say hi and ask howz everyonez doing.
Also wanted to ask everyone to remember and commemorate wat happen today last year. And pay their respects to those who died.
Anyway catch u later

P.S; tommorow is my 17th B-day
posted on 12-Sep-2002 8:23:56 AM by ps_dreamer
Hi Jenny! Welcome!
hope you are enjoying this thread...well, there isn't a lot going on here. I think there are more Asian out there! we need a topic to discuss!

Hi Sharmeen!
Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birrrrthhhdayyy, Happy Birthdayyy. Haaaappy Birthday to youuuuu. *happy*
congrats you're 17! *bounce*

sooo....everyone, how's it going?
I got a chance to watch the memorial in NY yesterday. It was really sad. *sad* My heart goes out to those who lost their loved ones...

posted on 12-Sep-2002 9:28:12 AM by Saymi007

Thanx Benz! for the song and everything. hoping u have a good voice since ive been hearing off tune happy birthday songs all day long and my head cant take any more, hehehhe. I saw teh NY coverage all day yesterday too. it was really touching
Hi Jenny! wats up? howz it going?

till later
posted on 13-Sep-2002 6:48:11 AM by ps_dreamer
Hi Sharmeen,

lucky for you, I can carry a tune *wink*
I know about the off tune happy birthday songs- always get that too *LOL* *big*

posted on 20-Sep-2002 6:56:16 AM by ps_dreamer
where's everyone?

*looks around*

posted on 20-Sep-2002 4:21:23 PM by Saymi007
I am the epitome of all laziness and inconsistancy.... yep thats exactly wat my mom said to me today. You know shes right in a way. But tell me one thing, is that so bad? hehehe.

Honest wenever I tried to post on this thread sumthing or the other happens so now ive just saved my post. muhahahahah.

Take that you connection demons. You cannot defeat ME!! okay I better stop being.. well.... sharmeenish and get down to business.

How is everyone? Hell.. well is everyone??
Benz im glad atleast ure still here. have we been ditched by Babybunny?? I didnt think I was that boring. hehe.

Chalo cant go on rambling forever. Just wanted to drop by and say Hi and let everyone know not all asian roswellains have dissappeared (sounds X-filesh, no?).

Till later take care and may the force be with u!!!


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posted on 22-Sep-2002 1:34:30 PM by belit
I'm Turkish, do I count as an Asian? I don't know, I live in the Europe part of Istanbul but Turkey is mostly in Asia. Whatever, it's confusing the hell out of me!*tongue*

Just wanted to drop by and say hi.

So, hi!
posted on 22-Sep-2002 3:26:46 PM by Saymi007
helo BELIT and welcome!
It really doesnt matter what side of Istanbul ure from.
You're here and thats all that matters.... in the non-wierd sort of way. hehehe.
Okay well Hi to everyone else. Where is everyone else?

Till later take care and may the force be with u!!

posted on 23-Sep-2002 6:17:38 AM by ps_dreamer
Hi BELIT, welcome!
as Sharmeen said, you're here and that's all it matters!

Hi Sharmeen!
have you been watching Star Wars lately? *LOL* *big*'s everyone doing?
does anyone like Avril Lavigne? I just bought her's pretty good!

~Benz *tongue*
posted on 24-Sep-2002 10:21:21 PM by SweetLilDreamer
::looks around and sees familiar face:: Hi Bob!

LOL, I'm Vietnamese but born and raised in the states. My dad's family is still in Viet though and we visited last summer.

posted on 25-Sep-2002 1:58:28 PM by Saymi007
Hi Sweetlildreamer!

Hi Sharmeen!
have you been watching Star Wars lately? *LOL*

Heheehe, ive always used this in almsot all my posts! I LOVE STAR WARS!!!!! Ure lucky im not big on Star TreK or id go around saying live long and prosper. heheheehe.

Avril Sumthin (I cant spell her name) is pretty good, I like her song Complicated but I havent heard any of her other songs. Im more into Classic Rock like Led Zeppin, Bob Dylan, Grateful Death etc.

Anyone else with me?
ill talk to u later, till then take care and MAY THE FORCE BE WITH U!!


posted on 26-Sep-2002 4:04:32 AM by Insanity
Hey..somebody said that they were the epitome of laziness?
Here comes a new challenger!
Name: Insanity
How long she's been away from this thread: One month and 17 days
*big* *big* *big*

Anyways...have any of you not visted your home country? I come from a HK background, but was born and raised in Australia....and I've never ever been out of Australia! *sad*

Edited to say: ps_dreamer, really enjoying your fanfic 'I want you to want me!' Hope your gonna update soon..absolutely love the Liz you've portrayed!

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posted on 26-Sep-2002 6:04:44 AM by Saymi007
Hey..somebody said that they were the epitome of laziness?
Here comes a new challenger!

Aah so ur competeing with me, ME!! for being lazy well hunny lets see wat ure made, off. Wats the laziest possible thing uve ever done?? Hmmmm? u tell me and then I tell u. This is one thing in life I know im good at!! heheheh.

Hi to everyone!!

Till then take care and may teh force be with u

posted on 27-Sep-2002 3:14:31 AM by Insanity
Saymi007 originally wrote:
Aah so ur competeing with me, ME!! for being lazy well hunny lets see wat ure made, off. Wats the laziest possible thing uve ever done?? Hmmmm? u tell me and then I tell u. This is one thing in life I know im good at!! heheheh.

Hi to everyone!!

Till then take care and may teh force be with u


Hmmm...laziest thing? Dunno...well there was this one time where I was suppose to meet my frds to go watch a movie and we all agreed to meet there at around 11...the movie started at around 11:30-ish, and I lived pretty near the cinema, so I thought that I didn't have to wake up that early...anyways, the next day we went to see the movie I didn't wake up until my frd foned me at only takes me at least like 5 minutes to get there, but I was too tired and lazy to go, I said I wasn't going in and slept in *tongue*

Can YOU come with anything better? Well, actually the chances of that happening are like 90%..LOL *big*
posted on 30-Sep-2002 9:01:02 AM by Saymi007
hmmm.. the laziest would be wen to change the channel that I used a bat to change it. hehehe. and wen I wanted sumthign to eat and didnt want to get up I used my whistle to call my Mother. heehehe. im bad im very very bad!!!

Anyway Howz everyone else? Gotsta go now till later. take care and may the force be with u!!


posted on 30-Sep-2002 10:31:01 PM by Insanity
LOL..let's call it a tie, how abt that?
posted on 1-Oct-2002 5:56:33 AM by ps_dreamer
I'm still here!

I'm glad you enjoy my fic *big* I had fun writing it's everyone doing?
posted on 1-Oct-2002 7:25:20 AM by Saymi007

Okay okay Insanity we'll call it a tie.

hiya!! glad ure still here here. Howr u doing??

So *ahem* since ive run out of things to say which is a very very rare occassion ill leave u with good wishes and the FORCE .hehehe..

Till later take care

posted on 2-Oct-2002 12:29:57 PM by ps_dreamer
you, running out of things to say???? *shock*
okay...this is a weird question. but we're all females right? I wanna know coz...I dunno. I was just wondering about it. oh, I'm female btw. (can't ya tell by my drooling over Maxie boy? *wink*)
posted on 3-Oct-2002 4:20:21 AM by Insanity
ps_dreamer, what do you mean you HAD fun writting it? ::eek:: don't tell me your gonna stop writing!

And I'm 100% female..though all these online tests say that I'm a male ::rolls eyes::
posted on 3-Oct-2002 5:51:36 AM by ps_dreamer
Insanity, oh no! . I wrote HAD? Hmmmm...sorry! I didn't even realize that I wrote that! I didn't mean to scare ya. neway, I'm continuing that fic. so don't worry *happy*
posted on 3-Oct-2002 7:19:31 AM by Saymi007

So teh weekend is FINALLY HERE, for me anyway cos im not going to college tommorow YAY!!!!!!!!

Ahh life is wonderful, atleast for now anyway. And Im gonto party party party!!
OMG did I just say party party party?
Note to self: Must stop talking to Cheerleaders!!No offense of any kind incase any of u r though.

ps_dreamer: u ask whether im a girl or not well, I am a girl, but my twin brother is convinced im an an evil alien in disguise, bent on making his life a living hell. I would say the same for him. Anyway nows not the time to discuss bad twin issues, so I beter quit now. hehehe. How r u man?

Insanity: How ya doing ?Whats up?The online test say ure a male huh? I have no idea how that happened or wat online test, but who am I to pass up a chance at dissing sumthing?

Nayway im of to do my reading. Till later take care and may teh force be with u guys, er.. I mean girls.


posted on 4-Oct-2002 9:01:24 AM by Insanity
ps_dreamer - ::phew:: Okay that's good then...otherwise I might have to resort to the dark side...Nc-17...not that I haven't already LOL

Saymi - Good, good...just been reading a lotta fanfics..and I'm on holidays, so it's allllll good! *tongue* You?
if you wanna go do the test it's at and just click on the Gender test thingy.

Where are all the others? ::look::
posted on 5-Oct-2002 6:15:07 AM by ps_dreamer
Saymi, wow. you have a twin brother? that's so cool. btw, I guess all brothers are the same. I have a big brother and he's annoying as hell.

oh I went to and took the gender test. result: I'm a female. yep, last time I checked it was too *LOL*
as for where are all the others...well, I guess we're the only 3 dominating this thread. MHAHAhahaha

~Benz *angel*
posted on 5-Oct-2002 8:13:08 AM by Saymi007

Benz yes I do very much haev a twin brother *grimace* but believe theres nuthign cool abou it. No we dont read each others mind we dont finish each others sentences and we look nuthing alike incase ure wondering since every one wantsd to know just that. Its funny really how ppl just here the word twin and ESp comes to mind. heheehe. Ure rigth baout us dominating this thread I guess we'er the only ones who haev a tendency to keep on talking no matter wat. Is that good or bad? hmmmmmmmmm...LOL!!

Insanity ya, so I took teh test and get this im a chick with some male tendencies!! wat teh hell is that? okay I know im not exactly Elle Mcpherson in grace but c'mon!!! hehehe.

Okies ill talk to u guys later, im off to read my fics!!

posted on 6-Oct-2002 1:14:36 PM by clueless
Well I saw this topic and I just stopped by. Anyway I'm originally from Pakistan, but I'm living in the U.S.*happy*
posted on 6-Oct-2002 2:42:45 PM by Comet
oh so cool!!!

Hiya, my name's April, I'm Filipino but my family lives in Zambia. And occasionally, I go to South Africa too. This was an awesome idea.
posted on 6-Oct-2002 4:22:47 PM by SweetLilDreamer
LOL, I just like popping in, and.... Being confused. Maybe I just didn't read the convo well enough? ::shrugs:: Oh well...

posted on 6-Oct-2002 4:32:46 PM by SweetLilDreamer
LOL, I took the gender test, and I am indeed female. Although the examples they put up, I did the opposite.

posted on 7-Oct-2002 12:25:03 AM by TeddyBehrJKT
Comet originally wrote:
oh so cool!!!

Hiya, my name's April, I'm Filipino but my family lives in Zambia. And occasionally, I go to South Africa too. This was an awesome idea.

Hey, I'm Pinoy, too, except I live in Indonesia...

And Benz, Sharmeen, sawree for not being around much - RL's kickin my butt big time and *raises hand* female, too LOL

posted on 7-Oct-2002 6:04:46 AM by ps_dreamer
Hi Clueless, April, SweetLilDreamer, Niki!!!

wow. all of a sudden you guys pop in this thread. it's not a bad thing though! it's great to have more people say something (other than me, sharmeen and insanity).
this thread is getting VERY very lonely *sniff*

anyway, so how's everyone doing?
I've been so busy with h/w and also I have to take PSAT next week. ARGHHH...gotta go study.



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posted on 7-Oct-2002 8:52:20 AM by Saymi007
Helo to everyone! ( sorry I just dont haev enuf tiem to write all the names cos.. okay okay okay teh real reason is..... well im just plain lazy okay? satisfied? hehe.

Anway back to the point batman! Wow! quite a few people have popped up suddenly and here I thought I could dominate teh thread. DOH!! Kidding! its great that so many asians are here. We are fa-mi-ly... I got all my sisters and me!! hhehe. U think this is bad?lucky u cant here me sing!!!okay nuff joking for now. Soooo anyway hi to all, Im going to falsify my prior statement and name everyone cos well.. I know how special u feel wen someone mentions u in a post..Soo... on with it!!:

Clueles: Hiya!! Im from Pakistan too!! Except I still live in Pakistan. How r u??

Comet: Helo!! and welcome. I know its an awesome idea we have Benz and Angelic to thank for it. So wats happening?

SweetlilDreamer: Hi! Confused? hmm.. well this is a thread for all asian who are fans of roswell, but even if u arent ure most welcome here. SO the examples were opposites of wat u answered in teh gender test huh? well atleast u werent told ure a chick with male tendencies. GAG!!

NIki: Niki, girl wher have been ?? Ahh RL huH? Ya it can be a big pain in teh ass. But no matter im here for u hun!!

Benz: hiya, looks like we're not dominating the thread anymore but im not complaining no sireee!! SO ure giving ure PSAT? Good luck and may teh force be with u!!

Did I miss anyone Huh? hUh?/ Sorry if I did. well I got a finger cramp I cant write anymore!! So till later take care and HAkuna MAtata!!!


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posted on 7-Oct-2002 2:55:53 PM by Comet
Hey everyone.

what's happening is that I'm losing the battle against real life too.....I hear ya about the homework, ps dreamer! Personally, I think they should be a law against giving out too much homework....they get to torture us enough during a ten hour period....why do they want to do it during our off hours too? lol.

and, sorry, about this, but I really need a place to vent...I DON'T WANT TO BE HEAD PREFECT!!!!!! It's bad enough being a prefect, head prefect is prolly going to kill me.....and I'll have even less time for my fics......sob!

I hate school.

on a happier note, thanks for the welcome you guys! hope y'all have an epic day...

posted on 7-Oct-2002 3:26:21 PM by clueless
Hey to all! Well I totally hear you guys bout shcool and all. Just for the record all the Homework and tests are killing me. WEll sorry, I can't really chat cause I have to go and study for my bio test! Don't you just love school?

posted on 7-Oct-2002 6:59:51 PM by TeddyBehrJKT
K, I'm prolly the oldest out of all of us (don't ask, pls) here, so my RL consists of griping about work and well... work (gotta feed the monkey as Max sez).

Anyhoo, Sharmeen girl - how was da play? Killed ur costar yet?? Kidding, kidding...

Benz Quickie question - you getting Starworld on cable? They're airing Roswell - not that it's any big cause for celeb as it's still S2, but still... Roswell. 'Nuff sed.

clueless Hey, nice to see ya here!

Insanity Hiya! Been AWOL on this thread, so excuse the belated greets...

Everyone Sawree for not being able to list down all your names (only looked at the last two pages), but hi! RL treatin' ya good?

K, nuff rambling... off to work now.


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posted on 7-Oct-2002 7:56:57 PM by clueless
Hey Niki its good to see you too. So hows everbody? Hey Sharmeen, Its sool to see someone from Pakistan here! If you son't ming me asking, when in Pakistan do you live? Well, I lived in Karachi, Pakistan before. Well I g2g, but I'll be back later!

Bye for now,
posted on 7-Oct-2002 11:48:50 PM by SweetLilDreamer
Name's Amy. LOL, learn it, live it, love it. Or you could give me a nickname. Everyone else seems to.

Hm... I'm the youngest everywhere in the Ros community so the homework is light...

posted on 8-Oct-2002 8:46:31 AM by ps_dreamer
Hi everyone! How's it going?

Comet, I totally agree. there SHOULD be laws against too much HW. it's just not fair!!! *pouts*

Amy, so you say you're the youngest here? if u don't mind me asking, how old r u?

Niki, in Thailand we have UBC here. and Roswell S2 is on UBC series channel. it reruns every monday. *sigh* I'm still waiting for Season 3. watching the eppies on my computer is not satisfying.

Sharmeen, thank you! *big* I'm sure the force will be with me. Hakuna Matata to you too!

u guys wanna hear something strange? I was looking at the HANNIBAL's poster the other (just looking) and I dreamt the guy was after me! and I'm Clarice! *LOL* anyway, 'nough of my rambling.

~Benz *angel*
posted on 8-Oct-2002 8:57:19 AM by Insanity
The only time I'm away from the thread, all you guys pop in! LOL, anybody notice it as well? *big*

ps_dreamer - You musta cheated on the gender test! CHEAteeeeeeeerrrrrrr! ::begins chant and starts point fingers:: LOL, j/k

Saymi - I know, eh? That test is bogus!

TeddyBehrJKT - No worries..just as long as you pop in and say hi once in a while!

Hw? Mwhahaha...I'm on holidays at the moment...mwhahahahaha! Sorry, that was really I live all my hwk to the last minute

posted on 8-Oct-2002 11:29:44 AM by Saymi007
Helo everyone!!

U know I tell myself im not going to come online today... no....not at all... I need to do my homework and my assignment practice for the friggin play but needless to say I dont listen to myself a lot!! did that make any sense??
SO here I am and I see my favourite discussion is taking place HOMEWORK DISSING!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!

Clueless:Salamz!! Homework is horrible isnt it? I know im living the nightmare for 12 years now!! im just waiting for it to finish!!! ARGH!! Hey ure from KARACHI? I live in KARACHI!!!!!!! the City of lights BABY!!! though at teh moment its teh city of noise wat with the election campaigning going on!!

Comet: Aah! Yes School! we all hate it dobt we? DOnt wanna be head prefect. that was never a problem for me since my teachers are just looking for excuses to throw me out. I odnt know I just irk them or somehting. Maybe it me??? But seriously if u dont wanna becoem head prefect just talk to the head adminstator.. im sure theyll understand thats wat my friend had done.

Niki: Hey man!! I havent killed my co-star quite as yet but im devisng a plan to do so and make it look like an accident. Got any suggestions?? I tried to get some stuff from a Perfect Murder but nothing !!! He is the most Moronic being I have ever come across. I did drop the heavy sword on his foot though.. BY mistake!!!*bats eyes innocently*hehe. Oh and im getting Star World, Roswell season 2 all over again HELLPPPP!!!! Man hope RL lets up on u! U can talk ot me anytime! though since ure older then me I cant give much of advice since I have a LOT of growing up to do myself or so says my mom!! hehehe.

SweetlilDreamer:U dont get much homework? Exactly how old aer u?? Im soo jealous!

ps-dreamer: So u dremaed about hannibal after u?? Freaky...*x-files music playing in the background*

Insanity: Hiya! how are u??U got vacations?/ *Steam sprouting out of ears*HMph u luck *beep* u!! Kidding!!

So anyway I should go now. Till later take care and may the force be with u!!


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posted on 8-Oct-2002 6:24:14 PM by clueless
Hi everyone. Well it seems that everone hates hw, well who doesn't? Speaking of HW I ahve to go and do some math hw along with some french. God I just hate school. Don't teachers understand that we have lives. Well I g2g.

Bye to all,
posted on 8-Oct-2002 7:05:03 PM by SweetLilDreamer
LMAO, maybe I shouldn't have said anything about being the youngest. I'm thirteen. Whee! LOL, the big ONE-THREE. Eighth grade.

LOL, what else? Oh, I better see "talena" posting soon!

posted on 8-Oct-2002 7:16:54 PM by talena
Yea yea, here I am Amy, posting like I promised. I didn't know whether to post here or not, but here I am. Lol, I am Asian, but I live in America, so I don't know ::shrugs:: Anyways, it is so cool to see so many other Asians on this board. I'm glad to know I wasn't alone! Most of you know me as talena but some know me as Jen, either way works. I'm a sophomore in high school and don't get me started on homework! Grr! Anyway, good luck with all your homework and RL, I'll be back to post more later. Sorry if I sound snippy, the Homework Nazi has found me!

posted on 8-Oct-2002 8:41:44 PM by clueless
Hey guys. I was just stopping by to see was up. So was up? Well nothing awesome is hapening here. Well I'll ttyl.

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posted on 9-Oct-2002 12:48:00 AM by SweetLilDreamer
talena: Ack, I'll never get used to that name, LOL. I live in the states too! Born and raised, my dear, and I am posting! LOL, I'll post anywhere, really.

clueless: Nothing is going on in my life. It's all a snore, nothing is new or interesting.

posted on 9-Oct-2002 8:40:35 AM by Insanity
Saymi - Mwhahaha...! AND (bear with me a little longer), Season 3 of Roswell's gonna be on in 2 week's time! *bounce**bounce**bounce* Eeeeeeeeek! And about bloody *censored* time as well! We've waited like a year! Man...can't wait! Except it's on at a crappy time...11pm and on a Thursday! GRRR!

Hiya clueless! French hwk? Urgh....never did well in it...I swear my teacher held a grudge against me and she always picked on me...

Sweetlildreamer - Wow, you're 13? ::Insanity feels very powerful and might:: *tongue* Finally, somebody's that younger than me! *big*

Hiya talena! Aren't you the one that's been doing all those fanfic art covers..? They're great by the way*happy*

posted on 9-Oct-2002 9:44:42 AM by ps_dreamer
Hi everyone! *waves*

Insanity, eeekkk! french? you and me both hun! the teacher always picks on me and my friends. arghhh! oh and that gender test, I didn't cheat. really! *bats eyes innocently* *big* hehe. and what do u mean u finally found someone that's younger than u? how old r u?

Sweetlildreamer, 13! well, ok...I thought that you'd say 11 or something. enjoy being young, hun. it gets worse when you're older. trust me.

Talena, Welcome to this thread! you're asian too? well, somehow I didn't expect that! so from what country (in asia) r u from?

~Benz *angel*
posted on 9-Oct-2002 11:53:12 AM by Saymi007
Hey all!!!
DO I really have to write evryonez names? I cant I swear I cant I just dont have teh energy!! Ive been at play rehearsal teh whole day and well dealing with an ass of a co-star can be PRE-TTY tiring!! So just wanted to drop by and say hi to everyones.
So.. HI EVERYONE! Watsup? Howz life treating u? I want teh whole uncensored version, honestly I love listening to peoples problems, and well giving advice( even wen its unwanted!!!). SO lemme know, everything and anything, Im here!!
Gotsta go and cook my momz on this ure-a-girl-u-should-learn-how-to-cook-KICk so.. Till later Take care adn Hakuna Matata!!

posted on 10-Oct-2002 4:58:17 AM by Insanity

ps_dreamer - Me? I'mma...30 years old! *big* Okya, kidding...I'm really 15..and I go to an all girls skool, so that like....TOTALLY ruins my chance of dating and find a Max! *big*

Saymi - heyaz...your an actress? or is this for skool..? And good luck with that cooking thingy you mentioned...all I can do without failure is cook 2 minute, oh and boil water! *wink* *bounce*
posted on 10-Oct-2002 12:48:48 PM by Saymi007

INSANITY: Hey man , u go to an al girls skool I go to an all girls college! I usd to go to a co-ed skool back in teh good ol days but becuase of all teh co-ed colleges in my city being basically Shitty I had to convert yo all girls btu its cool I stil get to meet guys in this inter city activities like my play. No im not an actress thank the lord ( Not that theres anything bad in being one but ya know) I just got teh lead role in an inter city college play, unfortuantely as mentioned the guy playing opposite me is complete JACKASS!! So.. thats the deal.

Hi to everyone else. How r u guys doing??
well im off to read my fics till later, take care and my teh force be with u!!

posted on 10-Oct-2002 2:58:54 PM by Comet
Hey guys!

how's everyone doing? I hope RL hasn't been treating everyone too badly, lol! it's actually laid off me quite a bit and this is the closest I've come to being psyched in a while....I just found out I'm NOT head prefect.....that caused a major celebration dance....and then I got the results of my geog. test back....98%....can we say, YES?!! plus, tomorrow is teacher's day in my school which guessed it, the favorite word of every student I know....HOLIDAY!!! sigh. now all I need is a good bowl of rocky road and I'm on my way to heaven...hope everyone has a killer weekend. I know I fully intend to!*big*

take care!
posted on 11-Oct-2002 9:04:25 AM by Saymi007
hewo everyone!!

So I have fianlly mastered teh art of making Chocolate Cake. Yep after several unsuccessful attempts in one of which I out salt instead of sugar and in one forgot teh eggs I haev learnt how to make it. YAY!!!ya so .. anway...Wts everone else palnning to do for the weekend? My OCUsin is getting married this weekened and in weddings over here theres a funstion where people do these dance sequences which erquire loads of practice.. im unfortunately in one fo these dances. UGH!! Odnt get me wrong I love dancing but theres only so much a person can practice ya know?. I should stop rnating now, im probably scaring u guys off or sumthing, uh-oh HSarmeenz gone into rant mode RUM FOR URE LIVES!! hehehe. Anwho... Anyone got any plans as interesting as mine? hehehe.

Comet: You got a 98 in Geo?? Oh my GOD!! isnt that against teh laws of nature or sumthing, I get an B + in it and im happy and u get a ninety firggin eight??? WOW! Congrats man. Though u sure u didnt cheat or sumthing did u? Hmmmmmm...
MAn ure lucky u get a holiday on teachers day, our lovely college just HAS to celebrate it doesnt it? And sicne I have such a good releationship with the teachers im usually gievn some kind of wired thing to do liek say out loud the virtues of being a teacher or sumthign . GAG!!!

So.. im off to read. Till later take care, happy weekend and hakuna Matata

posted on 11-Oct-2002 11:07:22 PM by SweetLilDreamer
::glare:: I sound 11?!?! ::pout:: Oh well.

LOL, okie doke, since talena is off in her own world right now, I'll tell you, her heritage is Vietnamese.

posted on 14-Oct-2002 7:10:33 PM by SweetLilDreamer
*big* Just wanted to be one hundred.
posted on 15-Oct-2002 8:57:34 PM by clueless
Sorry to have benn MIA for awhile, but I had a lot of Hw, and I needed time to read some fics too. So hows everyone? Well I really don't have to chat right now, but I'll be back tomorrow! Till then!

posted on 18-Oct-2002 11:50:17 AM by Saymi007
Helo everyone!!
Sorry for playing the disappearing act on u guys but I had a really busy week wat with the play and stuff and watever time I spent on teh imaginative board. Also not forgeting the fact that I had a sucky sucky 2 days! Fight with the boyfriend u see...Who could known all guys are so pig headed?

Im really really sorry. So howz everyone doing, Clueless Homework still going strong huh? Ive gievn up on doing it all together since my teachers hate me anyway and even if im compelled to do it. I make bambi eyes and ask my friends to do ti for me. hehehe. IM am E-VIL *insert wicked cackle* mu-mu-mu-hahahahaha. Anyway I better go im begining to scare u guys off again. Maybe I should take my cousins advice and see a psychiatrist.hehe

posted on 20-Oct-2002 5:49:50 PM by nallitie
my mom is from singapore.....anyone else from singapore? but I live in germany....and I am german. natti

posted on 24-Oct-2002 10:08:38 AM by ps_dreamer
Hi everyone! how's it going?
sorry I haven't been here for such a long time...been busy and all that.

Sharmeen, how's the play hun? oh, and guys ARE pig-headed. no surprise there.

nallitie, 'Tag! Wie geht's dir? I can speak a little German. although I suck at it, taking german classes don't seem to help. anyway, welcome to this thread!

posted on 25-Oct-2002 7:51:59 AM by Saymi007
hey all!!

sorry I disappeared (again!) but the sucky 2 days turned into a sucky week. But its all good now. turns out that when guys act pig headed teh lesser pig headed ones apologize. hehe. Yep made up teh boyfriend. My head is fianlly less cluttered wth work. and last but definitley not the least, got my revenge from Mr. Pretentious actor. heheheh. The Plays finally over and on closing night the director held a dinner at her house. We ended up having a food fight. No guesses on whom I hit.....thrice! and with eggs. mumahahahahaha. satisfaction is underrated!!!!! so its all cool now . you wont be hearing any weird emotional outbursts for m me any more. no at teh time being anyway. Soo.. anyway..
Hows everyone else doing have guys planned anything for halloween?? ill seeya guys later.
Till then take and may the force be with u!!!!!!1


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posted on 26-Oct-2002 7:31:35 AM by Insanity
sorry guys for not checking in sooner!

Had camp this week, which totally sucked but was also great at the same time...cause well, had a good time cause I was with my friends and we went to lots of places which was really cool, like the Zoo and some old jail..but also, I missed seeing this week's episode of Roswell - Michael, the Guys and the Snapple Caper - and Mum forgot to tape it, so kinda mad at the moment.
Okay, rant over.

Will pop in to catch up with fics, since I haven't been here in a WEEK!
posted on 28-Oct-2002 1:46:57 PM by Saymi007
HELOOOOOOO????????? any one there?????? Im I teh onwy litwle onwe herw?
posted on 28-Oct-2002 6:31:20 PM by SweetLilDreamer
Present! I mean, HERE! I mean, ::thinks:: I don't know what I mean.

posted on 29-Oct-2002 3:35:20 AM by Insanity
I'm here, I'm here! ::waves frantically:: Me, Me! I'm hereeeee!

Btw, do any of you guys know of a good fanfics that's M/L, funny but also romantic and it's completed? I'm having such a hard time finding any kind of fanfics..
posted on 29-Oct-2002 10:35:11 AM by ps_dreamer
Ooohh, oooh!!! *raises hand impatiently* I'm here too!!!!

Insanity, hmmm...I can think of some complete funny/romantic fanfics but I guess you've read them all. ya know, stories like Spin/Core, First Date/Double Date or even Party Challenge. Bet you read 'em all.

Hmmm... *scratches head* lemme think... right now, the only funny that came to mind is Once upon a fanfiction by Gamma Rho Girl. can be found at the CC board. Caution: Extreme humor.

Oh and a little shameless plug *big* my new fic is called Angel in you. (link in my sig). just started but it's supposed to be a romantic comedy [smile

~Benz *angel*
posted on 1-Nov-2002 10:40:09 PM by ps_dreamer
where's everyone?

*looks around*
posted on 3-Nov-2002 6:46:07 AM by Saymi007

Sorry sorry sorry for being MIA. But Life has totally beena roller coater these days, one minutes its perfect teh next minutes its in teh gutter.
Ugh!! My parents are gettign on my case about me andn my boyfriend saying that im too young for a such a committent, and teh society I live in frowns upon retionshiops like this, so basically me and teh boyf have a whole lot of things going against us. which is affecting our relaionship alot, we're fighting more, talking less adn teh distance doesnt make it any better.
Sorry for dumping these problems on u guys but I really needed an outlet. Phew!! that did me good. Now all I need is some stuff to break and ill be set!!hehe.
How many of u got Star World? if u do did u guys se THE END OF THE WORLD? It aired on thursday, I saw half of it coouldnt get myself to see teh rest. Too much to handle!! I wanted to enter teh T.V and throttle Tess, then Liz and then Future MAx. Any one agree with me?

Well thast wats been going on on my front( which is alot) Wast happening with u guys??
Till later take care and may the force be with u


P.S: INSANITY!!! Buddy where have u been? I thought had ditched us or sumthing!!

P.P.S: Hiya Benz im here! how r u btw? ANd wen are u updating I want you to want me?? I want to know wat happens next!!!!
posted on 5-Nov-2002 6:03:34 AM by Insanity
::waves:: Aloha fellow..erm, homies? *big*

ps_dreamer - yeah I've read Spin/Core, First Date/ Double Date (which was totally hilarious...loved the klutzy Liz Little Mermaid created...and Party Challenge..well I tried it, but after all the party challenges it kinda got boring...and well...just too much smut (technically they didn't do it, but was pretty close!) But will check the one you recommended on the CC board. Thanks!
LOL, I don't think I can handle reading another of your fics and then having to wait for another part! That's why I prefer long fics...*big*

Saymi - Yooooooooooooo!! Wassup?! Ditch you guys? Nahhhhhhhhh, you're suck with me forever and ever...::mwhahahaha::
That totally sucks about your parents getting on your case abt you and your bf...and I totally understand what you saying that your parents don't approve of you having a parents are like that too, they're like 'You can't get a bf until after uni!!! Okay?! NO BF WHILE YOU'RE IN HIGH SCHOOL!' Uck...
I kinda liked EOTW....well the office kiss where Max just grabs Liz and kisses her...that's my fav part of the eppy..
Totally hated seeing the betrayed look on Max's face when he saw Liz with Kyle...and when Tess sits with Max on the park bench I was like 'NOOOOOOOOOOOO!'

LOL, seems like it's just the 3 of us again you guys...ps_dreaner, Saymi and me..LOL *big*
posted on 5-Nov-2002 6:49:47 AM by Maxs Angel
Hi 2 all

I just saw this thread today and I just HAD to post in it!! I'm a pure bred Asian, I am Indian and am living in India right now. I thought I was like the only Indian around ... and damnit I think I am!! I just wanted to say hi coz I have like probably no 1 who knows me on the board. So here I am.

Saymi007 - Yeah I get Star World and I know how you feel .. I saw the episode all 5 times it was aired!! even 12 in the mornin on friday .. best of all my mom busted me and I got such a lecture bout it!!!! I just felt soo bad ... it was so unfair.

Heres to new frds *holds up a glass in a toast*!!

posted on 5-Nov-2002 10:08:35 AM by Saymi007

So my results are gonna be comign out in a few days..... I dont think im scared any too tired t be scared..heheeh... but im expecting a good result if I dont get one, I'll throttle all my teachers ( seems im throttling alot of ppl these)!!

INSANITY: BUddy!! Ure here u diditn ditch me! YAY!! ThankGod someone understands wat im going through. Theres still alot of tension b/w me and my folks, how do I know? well teh glares sorta give it away! hehehe. anyway how r u? wast happening!!

Max's Angel: Hiya neighbour!! Ure from India? wat city? Im from Karachi Pakistan! but almost half of my family lives in India. My Mom was born and bred in India. U can almost say im half indian sicne I visit it so much.
U watched end of the world 5 times? My god how did u do it? Man u got a lot of will power! BTW congrats again on scoring so great on teh SAT's!!

well im off teh glares have become vocal now, so Buh-bye take care and may teh force be with u!!!!

posted on 6-Nov-2002 5:51:06 AM by Maxs Angel
Saymi007 originally wrote:

Max's Angel: Hiya neighbour!! Ure from India? wat city? Im from Karachi Pakistan! but almost half of my family lives in India. My Mom was born and bred in India. U can almost say im half indian sicne I visit it so much.
U watched end of the world 5 times? My god how did u do it? Man u got a lot of will power! BTW congrats again on scoring so great on teh SAT's!!

Hiya .. I'm from Delhi actually ...originally from Ludhiana, Punjab .. ya I'm a sardarni!!... desprately trying to get to the USA to study there. Thats why the SATs(thanx again!) Hey man I like LOVED EOTW .. it was sad but sooo cute sometimes .. I just HAD to see it!!!
Tell me more bout ureself ... how old r u ....where all in India do u visit??

Nice to actually know ppl here

posted on 7-Nov-2002 9:16:30 AM by Saymi007
Hiya .. I'm from Delhi actually ...originally from Ludhiana, Punjab .. ya I'm a sardarni!!... desprately trying to get to the USA to study there. Thats why the SATs(thanx again!) Hey man I like LOVED EOTW .. it was sad but sooo cute sometimes .. I just HAD to see it!!!
Tell me more bout ureself ... how old r u ....where all in India do u visit??

Hey man ! Sorry for not replying sooner but Ramadan has started so was busy preparing for fasting etc etc.

Ure a Sardarni?? Cooooollll!!!!! So do u have those long names u know courtesy of the family or sumthing!?

U applying to study for teh US where? I was planning to apply but both my brothers are going so I thought I'd study in pakistan and take care of my parents(yep theyre annoying but I still love them *tongue*).

Man never actually been to Delhi most my family
(my Nani, khala, mamooz etc etc) all live in Mumbai. I was planing to come to Delhi this past summer but b/c of teh tensions b/w the two countries I couldnt make it. But im definitely planning to make a trip there this coming summer. Maybe ill drop by to visit u, if possible but thats a long way off so.. hehehehe. Oh by teh way im 17 years old but I honestly feel like im 30 sometimes cos my family sorta lacks a thing called maturity. Hence I make up for it!! hehehe.
How bout u tell me something bou ureself too?
Well man im off to read my fics, which includes ures!! man its great ure doing a great Job!
Till later take care and Hakuna Matata!


P.S:INSANITY , ps_dreamer where r u guys???

posted on 7-Nov-2002 12:35:57 PM by Maxs Angel


My name is Angeldeep Kaur Sarao(pretty long huh!!) .. we dont use the "Sarao" coz its like family name or something like that .. complicated stuff!!

I'm 17 too .. I've finished skol and I'm in college in Delhi right now .. but I want to go to the States so hopefully I will start college all over again next fall .. hopefully!!
And u know what I would LOVE for u to come 2 delhi .. really!

More abt me ...hmm... I'm an aries born on the 5th of april, spring of 1985 (dramatic arent I!!!!) ... u can find out what my fave bands are from my fic .. all of Liz and Max's fave bands are really my fave bands .. right now I'm doing eng honors from delhi university and ... I guess that shud be all 4 now

gtg 4 now
c ya all later


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posted on 8-Nov-2002 12:52:47 PM by Saymi007

sorry man dont have time for a big note. Just wanted to drop by and say hi! My b-days on 12th September (Virgo) I was also born in 1985 (incase u wanted know) at teh moment im doing my 2nd intermediate ( CLass 12) from DHA Degree college. Anyway thats about it. I gotsta go now, im going for EID shopping ( its too early I know but I just got my allowance and my hand is itching to splurge)!! YAY!!! so ill talk to yaz later

posted on 8-Nov-2002 11:10:00 PM by ps_dreamer
Hi Maxs Angel!
wow...what a long name! so does everyone in your country have long names?

hi Sharmeen,
I'm here computer's gone wack-O on me so I didn't get to post until now...hope you'll forgive me!

hey, hey!
I'm 16. (case u wanna know) still in my junior years in highschool. hope that I'll be going to college in the states too. *happy*


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posted on 8-Nov-2002 11:36:32 PM by Maxs Angel
Hi everyone

ps_dreamer - not everyone has long names .. im a sikh so that kinda makes it long .. basically mom wanted to call me angel but the name wasnt indian so to indianise it she made it angeldeep .. wish she hadnt though!!!!

well I gtg now

love to all

posted on 9-Nov-2002 3:30:33 AM by Insanity02
Hey, everyone! I'm born and raised in Canada, but my parents are from Hong Kong. I can't believe I've missed this thread, eh! hehe :D No, we don't actually say 'eh' after every sentence and we don't have pet beavers and we don't live in igloos. hahaha ;D

Oh, and just to try and get up to par... I'm 18 (finally, I just turned 18 a week ago) and I'm in my first year of University and I'm majoring in Criminology. Um... yeah, I think I'm half caught up now. Later!


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posted on 10-Nov-2002 3:55:51 AM by Saymi007
Man! shopping took longer than I expected. Plus wat with my mom unexpectedly acompanying me..well lets just say in that one day I gave teh Panadol company enuff business to last a lifetime. My mother loves bargaining so it took a looooooong time before I could actually get some shopping done and I was fasting too. SIgh!! Nayway nuf of my shopping woes hehehe.

ps_dreamer: Hiya! wHERE U BEEN??? I hear on teh computer problems. annoying arent they? Hmm. Welli think I can reach some level of forgiveness if u update one of ure stories ::smiles innocently::hehehe.

Max's Angel: ELO! Sasriakal! (did I spell it right im really sorry if I didnt!) Ure lucky u got ANgel asa short form of ure name mine is Shumo. Ugh! needless to say im teh butt of many many jokes!!

Insanity02: Welcome! dotn worry we wont stereotype u the way u described it. hehehe. I know wat it feesl like to be judged immediately. so I wont make teh same mistake. SO where in Canada do u study? My brother is studying there in York University, Toronto.

Well thats nuff for. Ill talk to u guys later. Till then take care and may teh force be with u!!


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posted on 10-Nov-2002 4:05:37 AM by Insanity02
Really? Your bro studies at York?! I have 2 friends who study there too! They're both in first year, though and since there are so many ppl I don't think you're bro would know them. hehe :D

Well, I'm at SFU in British Columbia. Crim is really fun. It's amazing what I'm learning! Did you know there are 80,000 laws in Canada! Crazy, huh? It's a total blast, but it's EXHAUSTING!! I have 3 more weeks of school left before finals and I have 2 major oral presentations, 3 midterms, and 3 papers due! It's almost unbearable And I just had 2 midterms last week! Ugh... I need sleep... zzzzz..... whoa, okay, okay, I'm awake. hehe ;) Kay, talk to you later!


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posted on 10-Nov-2002 5:42:17 AM by Saymi007
aiii u got me tired just thinking about all that stuff u gotta do.
Megan, do ureself a favour and SLEEP!!!!!

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posted on 10-Nov-2002 6:34:19 AM by Maxs Angel
HI everyone

I dont have much to say but I thought I'd come and say Hi anywz!


posted on 11-Nov-2002 1:29:04 PM by Saymi007
hiya everybody!
Okay so im at home really erally sick but the good news is no college!!! I woud have jumped for joy but that would require movement which is totally out of the question at the moment. Umm anyway just wanted to drop by and say a little helo and give my sympathies to anyone whoz suffering from Monday blues like me!

posted on 12-Nov-2002 2:15:50 AM by Insanity
Hi! I'm SO sorry for not coming here often! Bad me! ::does slapstick to herself:: *big*

Saymi - Awww...that sucks! Is the tension between you and your parents better now? Cooled down a bit? How's you and your bf doing?
Me? I'm doing okay...exams next week so most likely won't be on *sad* Urm...Lost my bus pass so it totally sucks cause there's only 5 more weeks till the end of skool and now I gotta pay for my bus fare *sad**sad*

Max's Angel - Hey, welcome to our little cozy home! *big* You wanna go to college in the USA? Which one do you want to go to? Harvard? Princeton? *tries to remember others from TV shows* Nope, that's all I got.

ps_dreamer - Hiyaaaa! I've been gone as I can't exactly throw a fit like Saymi *tongue* j/k
When are you going to update your storyyyy? I really wanna know what happens next! Please update soon?

Insanity02 - Heeeyyyyyy sistaaaaa! *happy* You're like the long-lost sister I've never ever had! ::gives hug:: Okay, I think I better stop living up to my name..hmm..
80, 000 laws?! I kinda love my country more *tongue**big*

posted on 12-Nov-2002 11:49:54 AM by ps_dreamer
Hey everyone! what's up?

Maxs Angel,
Hi to you too!!! *happy*

HI!!!! Welcome!!! *goes over and hugs warmly*
can I call you Megan? coz I'll sure be confused between you and Insanity if I call you Insanity. (ok, I'm getting confused already- *lol**big*) study criminology! that's sounds like a fun subject. but don't wear yourself up, should get some good (beauty) sleep!

Sharmeen, Insanity
I updated "I want you to want me!"
Yey! for me!

And oh, I did get those Monday blues...well, it was actually Monday bored. I was watching this movie in class and it was soooooooo boring! had to keep slapping my own face to stay awake! *tongue*


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posted on 13-Nov-2002 6:43:57 AM by Saymi007
Hiya to everyone!

Id love to give individual replies btu I dont have time have to go prepare iftar. But all is welon my part
(Thanks for asking Insanity ) I worked out things with my parents they gaev me that usual lecture that im too young for a commitmetn Yadda yadda yadda but they trust my judgement adn hope that im making teh right decision. The fighting as a results of my parent s disapproval b/w me adn my bf has finally stopped he called me and we had a LOOOOOOOOOOOONNG talk and cleared teh air. Aah to be young and in Love! hehehe Thanks once again all of u guys for listening to all of my rants it meant a lot to me. Well gotsta go now. Gota go make iftar . Till later take care adn hakuna matata


posted on 13-Nov-2002 8:17:22 PM by Insanity02
Maxs Angel - (No offence to you guys who are America! It's just stats that I'm shooting off here!) Did you know that 1 in 30 people in the states have a Criminal record? That's actually really really high, but it also depends on what kind of crime you're looking at... But then again isn't all crime bad? hehe :D Sorry, have I scared you? Well, I have TONS of relatives who live there, so.... :D

Saymi007 - I'm glad you're feeling better. I totally how it feels to be so sick you can't even move. Ugh, it sux. And I'm so glad to hear that you've cleared the air with your bf and your 'rents!

Insanity - We should be proud to live up to our name! That's the whole purpose of it! We can scare ppl together! Whoo-hoo! Mwa-hahahahaha!!!! Okay, I'm starting to scare myself.... hehehe *big*

ps_dreamer - Yup, Megan's fine. You can call me that. hehe ;) *big* I was starting to get confused myself when I was reading some of the messages!

Well, I've gotten 1 oral presentation over and done with! Yay! Two midterms and the last presentation coming up next week. Ugh.... Then 2 term papers due the week after. But I'm gonna sleep tonight and worry about it tomorrow.

So, how about you guys? What do you guys do? Work? School? And what are you doing besides reading tons of fanfic and watching reruns over and over to tide you over now that we don't... *sniffle*... have Roswell anymore... Well, actually we have the reruns in Jan on the Sci-Fi Channel, but it's just not the same. :(

Okay, happy thoughts, happy thoughts... Everything's good. hehe *big* Kay, Talk to you guys later! I gotta go to work!


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posted on 14-Nov-2002 3:52:39 AM by Insanity02
Hey, guys! I posted this on the Cast Discussion board too, but I thought, I'd enforce it and put it here too.

I found a poll for choice hottie or something. Majandra's doing really well. She's number 2 behind Jessica Alba, but our beloved Shiri isn't doing so hot. Even Emilie de Ravin's ahead of her! So if you have time please please please go vote! *chanting: Shiri, shiri, shiri, shiri, shiri........* hehe :D

Here's the link:

posted on 14-Nov-2002 9:12:40 AM by Saymi007
BUURRRRRPP!! hehe excuse I just had a realy really big iftar I was ravenous I hadnt had any Sehri either. Just wanted to drop by and say hi to everyone.

Megan: Man! just hearing wat u haev to do makes me tired and here I thought I had it bad. I get like 7 assigments a month which thanks to my laziness I finsh at teh very last mintue, by last minute I mean literally last minute, I once finished one of my assignments in CLass!! Thank God I didnt get caught. My teachers arent very big fans of me. Dotn ask ME why *bats eyelashes innocenntly*hehehe. Every things good with me. It gets pretty Lazy in Ramzan since fasting takes a lot outta u. Thanks for ure kind words and thoughts.

Insanity, ps_dreamer, Maxs Angel Hiya how r u guys? Anyone of you sufferign from sudden winter symdrome like I am? honestly one day it was humid and hot and the very next day BANG its Cold and foggy!!! Karachi weather I tell u, as unpredictable as teh freakin Government!! hehehe

Well im off to read me fics, oh if u guys have time, check out the challenge I put out at the Discussion Board, MAx's Angel I think ull recognize the movie its Hindi. WEll till later Take care and Hakuna Matata!!

posted on 17-Nov-2002 6:00:08 AM by Saymi007
Heloooooooooooo??? Honestly im starting to feel like a drill Seargent now wat with always calling on u guys!!!
posted on 17-Nov-2002 10:58:19 PM by Maxs Angel
Just to say Im still alive

Hi everyone!!

posted on 18-Nov-2002 11:15:26 AM by ps_dreamer

Shiri, Shiri, Shiri, Shiri...

*snaps back to reality*

oh right. Megan, I voted for Shiri. arghhh...couldn't believe that she's not in the top ten.

hey Sharmeen, glad everything's all right with your folks and your guy now. as for winter symdrome...what winter symdrome? it's been raining hard for the past couple of days... winter's not like this. *pouts*

hi to everyone out there, hope everyone's doing okay. I just got better. yesterday I had this cold...had to stay in bed for the whole day. sucks big time.

anyway, guys...come post and keep this thread alive! it's been kinda lonely lately.

anyway, ciao!

posted on 21-Nov-2002 3:05:23 AM by Insanity02
Where is everyone? I'm all by my lonesome here. *sniffle* hehe *wink*

Thanks to those of you who've taken the time to vote for Shiri! Just don't activate those automatic voting things because there were 3 IPs who were doing it and she got 372 votes deducted! *sad* She's still in the top ten, but she's at like 5 or 6 now and the next closest person is like 200 votes ahead of her! So, go vote, but remember to actually click on the site. No automatic voting gizmos!

Kay, that's it. Gonna go sleep. I've been awake for 19 hours and I'm like a walking zombie. Later!

posted on 21-Nov-2002 6:44:49 AM by Saymi007
hehehe im feeling sorta ashamed of myself wat with getting mad at u guys for not being here adn disappearing myself. I was sooooooo busy teh past coupla days. I was helping my brother with her ATLANTIS assignment. why I was helping my brother u ask? well its b/c im a warm and generous person thats why plus hes gonna treat me to Kabbab Tikka Tommorow hehehe. Well just wanted to stop by and hi. So HI!!!!

posted on 21-Nov-2002 11:48:43 PM by totallyaddicted
I'm new and well sorta, I've been lurking this board for a year and a half I think, but for some reason I've registered today, anyways I'm a New Zealand born and breed indian and I'm 16! so glad to knw there's more asians, and glad to know there's an indian too (waves to angel) I've been having my end of year exams just did chem and earth science....yeah sience's but they were easy so it wasn't that stressful, only have bio, pysics and accounting to go dreeding at the thought of doing accounting....shivers anyhow its Friday and who studies on Friday rite.......I think I'll go now b4 I bore you. *tongue*
posted on 22-Nov-2002 4:01:56 AM by Insanity02
Hey, guys! School is an absolute killer! On Wed, I handed in a 5 page report and wrote a final. Thurs, class presentation. Then tomorrow (Fri) I have to write another final! Then next Fri I have a 12 page paper due! *sad*

This is SO incredibly stressful! And because of it, I've broken out in cancar sores! (No, not cancEr, cancAr) They're these really painful blister things in your mouth and they hurt like a B*TCH!!! I can't remember when I had so much trouble eating or drinking or brushing my teeth!!! I can't even wipe my mouth normally because of it!

Okay, sorry.... I'm a bit touchy...

Saymi007 - I totally know the feeling with being busy... It just plain old sux.

totallyaddicted - Welcome! It's great to have you here! Mwah! *tongue*

Kay, I'll talk to you guys soon... I hope... *happy*
posted on 22-Nov-2002 9:19:50 AM by ps_dreamer
Hi guys!

totallyaddicted, Welcome!!!
ya know, I've been a lurker on this thread for quite a while too. but then I read this story and I just had to give some sort of feedback. so that was why I registered.

Megan, ahhh you poor thing. try not to stress out too much. oh yeah, cancar sores. they're really annoying aren't they? my mom always forced to me to drink lots and lots of water for it to go away. hurts like *%#$^! but it works.

Sharmeen, busy? I understand that coz I am too. school work...arghhhh... I need to finish reading Frankenstein this weekend. I have about...*goes to check on the book* ...about 150 pages to go!!! ack, I'm too lazy.

posted on 23-Nov-2002 6:37:28 AM by Maxs Angel
Hey every1

I'm so sorry that I havent been around, I never seem to find myself alone with the comp anymore. Jeez.

totallyaddicted Heyya .. how u doin? where are you living dear fellow countryman ... woman ... whatever!!!
Nice to c some1 else from around here.

My apps are nearly done, THANK GOD, but now mom's alwz on my tail so I can barely find time to write, which is annoying coz the scenes are floating around in my head begging to be written.

posted on 23-Nov-2002 7:10:36 PM by SmileeUk
Hi everyone! **wave**

I'm still alive. (not that many people have noticed that I didn't post a lot here *sad*) Just lurking over here most of the time. How is everyone?

Welcome, totallyaddicted

Does eveyone know we need cash for this site or else it will be closed in Feb 2003? Do you have any problem to pay via paypal? Just wonder how everyone pays, that's all. I can do it via paypal which is then charged to my credit card.

Hey, ps_dreamer, I finally have caught up with your I want you to want me and it is GOOOOOOD! Please keep it coming!

See you around! *wink*
posted on 24-Nov-2002 4:47:57 AM by Insanity
:::waves::: Heya Guys! Remember me? lol
Sorry I haven't been in here for such a long while...there's just been a lot of stuff going...for e.g, had my exams all week last week, so I couldn't log on..and just been feeling down yeah...

Originally posted by Saymi:
(Thanks for asking Insanity ) I worked out things with my parents they gaev me that usual lecture that im too young for a commitmetn Yadda yadda yadda but they trust my judgement adn hope that im making teh right decision. The fighting as a results of my parent s disapproval b/w me adn my bf has finally stopped he called me and we had a LOOOOOOOOOOOONNG talk and cleared teh air. Aah to be young and in Love! hehehe Thanks once again all of u guys for listening to all of my rants it meant a lot to me. Well gotsta go now. Gota go make iftar . Till later take care adn hakuna matata

Awww..I'm glad that you and your parents worked it out! And also glad to hear that your relationship between you and your bf is going smoothly. Your parents sound like cool ppl..congrats! *big*

Originally posted by Insanity02:
Insanity - We should be proud to live up to our name! That's the whole purpose of it! We can scare ppl together! Whoo-hoo! Mwa-hahahahaha!!!! Okay, I'm starting to scare myself.... hehehe

rotflmao!! I think you deserve to be the #1 Insanity...*looks up adoringly* I just don't have the skill to be that insane!! You truly are THE ONE..ahhhhmmmmmm *bows down*

:::waves::: Heya Totallyaddicted! Welcome to the thread chica! Make yourself at home *angel*

Has anybody read the fic Kiss the Flame by Ashton? It's so good..!! And the good thing about it that it's on the Repost board and it's completed! If guys are ever feeling bored, go check it out sometime *wink*
posted on 25-Nov-2002 8:56:18 AM by ps_dreamer
hi everyone!
how are you guys doing?

I did start reading Kiss the Flame by Ashton. it was good! however, I didn't get finish it.....which reminds me I have to go and finish reading it.

yeah...I know that this site needs cash otherwise it'll be closed in Feb 2003. I, myself, don't have credit card so I can't pay via paypal. hmm...I'll need to figure something out. really wanna help keep this site alive coz Roswellfanatics really mean a lot to me.
neway, hehe *big* thanks for reading my fic. I'm so happy now.

...and so yeah, I still haven't finished Frankenstein...I'm such a lazy ass! somebody help me stop this contagious disease? *wink*


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posted on 25-Nov-2002 9:40:34 AM by nallitie
Heeeeeeeey guys!! Sorry I disappeared!!! Your German was pretty good ps_dreamer!! Mir geht es gut!! *wink*

ttyl, byebye, hugs.. natalie
posted on 26-Nov-2002 2:40:53 AM by Insanity
ps_dreamer originally wrote:

I did start reading Kiss the Flame by Ashton. it was good! however, I didn't get finish it.....which reminds me I have to go and finish reading it.

You HAVE TO!!! It is such a bloody good story *big* But be warned...after you finish that, there's Rope the Wind and that one isn't finished...there hasn't been an update for around 2 dunno if Ashton's planning to update or not *sad*
Went to check out her/his other fics and none of them are that's a no-go! *sad*
posted on 26-Nov-2002 3:08:44 AM by Insanity02
Can someone post the link to Ashton's fics? I'm gonna need a good read after the week from hell. Like I said before I have finals and papers and presentations galore coming up.

Now I have registration tomorrow (Nov 26), but the thing is, everything's full already! They only had like one course per section and there's like 20,000 students in the entire University! And on top of that, they let all the general arts students register first and (no offense to anyone in general arts) many of them don't really know what they're going to do so they just take a little of this and a little of that, and they've taken ALL the Crim courses!

I'm so stressed out, here! I need those courses! Yeah, maybe I can take an extra course next year, but I need them now because they're pre-requisites to the ones for next year! God! It's so damn screwed up! I'm trying very hard not to swear here, so I'd better go before I do. I'll talk to you guys later. Thanks for listening.


P.S. I heard that the site needs a bit of help so I sent some money too. I could only dig up about $20 because I'm a student and money's a bit tight. And since the Canadian dollar is pretty much worth poop, 20 bucks is like 35 here. But every penny counts, right?

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posted on 26-Nov-2002 2:02:12 PM by MRP
hello all. I just joined.
I'm from israel (well I guess in a time like this everybody knows where israel is in asia...) and roswell is now running its second season.
school's a bummer and roswell gives me a "to be continued" lifes great ha?

talk to me
posted on 1-Dec-2002 11:45:55 AM by Saymi007
HIya everyone!

Okay first of all im soooooooooooo sorry I havent posted here since like forever! But u guys know teh business factor and and add a boyfrds mom adamant on "Girl Bonding" and a mom whoz gone crazy making preparations for Eid in teh mix and well it just equals pandamonium. I love both of them to death but how much shopping can a person possibly do man?? You tell me.

But ive finally managed to calm down my mom a little with teh shopping since eid is barely 4 dasy away. And Khurramz coming for the holidays(yay!) so his mom factor is semi over. SOLACE atlast!
Nywho nuff of my rantings adn ravvings about life and wat not, wats up with u guys? Hmm. work is a sore point for everyone isnt it? Honestly work can suck soemtimes but then agian without work life is mundane right? But nuthing like a good ol afternon doing nuthing but channel surfing in jeans that shouldve been thrown out 5 years ago and a shirt with more holes than a sponge. hehehehe. Comfy no?

ps-dreamer, Insanity, Megan(Insanity02), Max's Angel: hiya how u guys doing? im so sorry once agin for not answering sooner, hope all is well with y'all, and ure not beating ureself up work! Its the ending week of Ramzan so its pretty slow here ( finally).and also hope RL is treating ya great!

MRP, Totally addicted: hi and welcome! How u guys doing? Hope Life and everthing related is good.

Well ive done with my apologies and my heloz so im off to read my fics. Y'all take care and may teh force be with u!


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posted on 3-Dec-2002 3:40:34 AM by Insanity02
Hey, guys! Sorry, I've been MIA for the last little while but then again, it's finals time so I think I sorta have an excuse. *wink* And you guys seem to be too busy too! *sniffle* hehe *tongue* Just kidding! Well, hope you guys will be back soon! Later!

Oh, one more thing.
MRP - Welcome! Hope you like it here! Mwah! *tongue*

Kay, bye!
posted on 3-Dec-2002 4:56:19 AM by Maxs Angel
Hey u all!!!

I finally found some 'alone' time so here I am!! Life seems really full these days. College is a blast, I have so many gr8 ppl to hang out with. Its just amazing what the right kinda crowd can do to a place. I mean I used to HATE it out there. Now I make it a point to go every single day!!!
I finally finished the last of my apps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yipeeeeeee. Now I just have to wait for 5 months!! Thats the sick part.
I finally found time to update my fic and damn it felt so good! I'd forgotten what feedback used to feel like.
Like its pretty obvious life is peachy right now.

JUst coz I'm feeling so good Im gonna post one of the new fics I've been planning.

love to all


edited to say: I did it, I did it. I posted a new fic. Its called Life on the Rocks. The link is my signature. Its partly my life story. Whatcha think ha!!

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posted on 3-Dec-2002 5:05:30 AM by Insanity

Hey guys! Finally, this is the first time I've been on Roswellfanatics since they closed the site down for improvements...::kisses computer screen::

Insanity02, was it you that asked for the link to Ashton's fics?
Here's the link to all the parts of Kiss the Flame: viewthread?forum=repost-fan-fiction&id=15984&sr1=#post23254
The link for Rope the Wind is on the last page of the thread I think *big*
If you'd like to read any of her other stories (which have not been completed *sad* ) you can find them by just typing 'Ashton' into the searchbox (Okay, I'll admit I'm just lazy *wink* )

And I think there was a newbie? Welcome ______ (insert name here [sorry, I can't remember your name! ::Insanity smacks herself:*happy* to the thread! And make yourself ⊕ home! *bounce*
posted on 4-Dec-2002 3:02:08 AM by totallyaddicted
hi again
seems like everyone's lives r busy, well I'm officially on my xmas holidays and boy does it feel great 2 months without skool is like heaven lol.
lifes pretty good besides me not having anything to do which fab fanfic fills the gap and there's also the weather ,I think it's like been such a long time since we had hot weather it actually feels like summer, for the first time.

megan I knw how it feels the stress of havin exams but urs is even worse considering u have ur finals. GOOD LUCK in advance.

MRP-Welcome, isn't long since I jst joined.

Angel- I'm gonna go read ur story, since I have all the time in the world lately. good to hear lifes terating u good

Sharmeen- you seem to be a busy person, I guess that excuses u though, I mean RL is a pain.

Insanity, benz- can't forget u guys, how's life?.

Well tht's it from me, gtta go read fanfic now!

posted on 4-Dec-2002 6:36:28 AM by ps_dreamer
hi everyone!!!

how's everyone doing? and me both hun. I have also been busy. school. *sigh* yes, my midterm exam is next week so that means less time for reading fanfics, more time for studying! ARGH!

Hi MRP! Shalom! (see? benefit of having an Isreali friend) Welcome!!! *gives a warm hug* I hope you'll like it here. *happy*

Sharmeen, hi there! haven't seen/talk you for a long time! how's it going? hehe...solace at last huh? and talk about shopping...I gotta do the christmas shopping. haven't done it yet. I think it's so hard to think of a perfect gift for your family/friends.

Hiya Angel. how are you doing? seems like life's treating you good. that's great hun! *happy**wink**happy**big*

Insanity, hello! ....and I still haven't finished Kiss the flame *hangs head in shame*

hi totallyaddicted! hey, hey! did I hear someone say x-mas holiday?? OH GOSH, I'm so jealous of you!!!

posted on 5-Dec-2002 1:06:39 AM by Maxs Angel
Hey you guys!!

yeah, you know, life is treating me good! I wonder what I did to deserve it!!!

Saymi007 and totallyaddicted this is for the 2 of you. I have this idea thats benn plaguing me. I wanted to discuss it with some1 who watches hindi movies? Do either of u?
If so, tell me coz I'm dying to tell some1 bout this thing, and mayb have someone coauthor it with me.

Love to all

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posted on 6-Dec-2002 2:20:42 AM by totallyaddicted
hey again!
ps dreamer- lol yeah xmas holidays it sure hell feels gud, and it's only been 9 days since.

Angel-hey! I bet ur enjoying every moment of ur great life, who wouldn't but I'm glad for u.
yeah I watch Hindi movies, so u have an idea, spill

well tht's it from me, not very much.

posted on 6-Dec-2002 7:28:52 AM by Maxs Angel
Hey every1

totallyaddicted Here goes. You must have seen Dil to Pagal Hai, right? Well, I was watching again some time back and I think its the perfect M/L romantic comedy. Dont u think? The characters can be worked in like this:
Shahrukh khan - Max
Kajol - Liz
Karishma Kapoor - Isabel
Akshay Kumar - Alex
the couple that gets married in the movie - Michael and Maria
and Kyle can be Maria's brother (even in the movie the girl who gets married has a brother in the gang)
the story can be what the movie is, as it is
What do u think?

posted on 7-Dec-2002 12:32:46 AM by Insanity02
Hey, guys! I'm free!!! Free at last!!! Today was my last day of school. Yeah, I have finals coming up, but... eh, it can wait a while. And today I got a new comp! It's totally awesome! I'll have to pay my mom back $500 since it was a bit over my limit. It'll take me about a month to do that.

Sorry, I can't post more. I gotta go. I'll talk to you guys later! Oh, and thanks, Insanity, for posting the link for Kiss the Flame!

posted on 8-Dec-2002 1:05:48 AM by Insanity
Heya guys!

I've still got 2 more weeks of school left *sad**sad**sad* And to top it off, the teachers gave us 2 assignments to do! ARGH!!!

ps_dreamer - Hey gurl...when are you going to update your fic? I'm hanging on for a new part!
And you baddddddddd gurl, shame on you for not finishing Kiss the Flame! j/k

Max's Angel - I read one of your fics....Semi-Charmed Life I think it was called and I gotta say it is a totally awesome story! When will you update? Please let me soon!

*gets out incense and starts praying for ps_dreamer and Max's Angel to update their fics*

Btw, where's Saymi? ::look:: Hope she's alright

posted on 8-Dec-2002 1:41:32 AM by totallyaddicted
hi evryone.
just dropping by to say hi.
not much except I'm bored to death, I've been reading every fic I can find tht I haven't read alreday,and well those are pretty slim, my days are so much longer now that I have so much time on my hands, but heck it's way better than going to skool!.

Angel-I bmailed u abt ur dea, it's kinda long....

well that's it from me, I'm off.

posted on 9-Dec-2002 11:43:40 AM by Saymi007
hey everyone!

I know im fresh outta excuses for being MIA! *bows head and waits for the angry shouting* Im really really sorry but Eid was hear and my DADA ( grandfather) lives with us and is teh eldestin teh family so everyone was comign over to meet him. An eid lasts for a good 3-4 days here. Plus Khurramz here so wat time im not spending with family im spending with him (Time hog!)

But im happy and I guess thasty all that matters right?
Im a little put off though cos I cant afford ot give anything to FAnatic at teh moment im flat broke and My Rs.58 equal one single Dollar so it really expensive but im still saving up
nyways hope everythng going well for each adn everyone of u! heres giving all my love care and gratitude for ure friendship. Ive just recently realised all teh things I take for granted u guys being one em. SO thankyou from teh botom of my heart for ure time and care, each and every one of u!!!

posted on 15-Dec-2002 12:53:50 AM by ps_dreamer
hi everyone!

where are ya''ll?

*looks around*

well, my exams are finally over!!! WHOOPPPEE!
hope everything''s alright with you guys...


posted on 15-Dec-2002 4:36:29 AM by Insanity02
ps_dreamer - You're so darn lucky to have finished your exams! I still have one more on Wed. *sad* It totally bites! Out of all my friends, I'm the last person to finish her exams! And most of them are sleeping over at one of our houses because they're gonna see the midnight show of Lord of the Rings. They're almost as obsessed with that as my Roswell obsession! hehe *big*

Insanity - Don't worry, there's only one more week... which will last an eternity, but I feel your pain.

Saymi007 - Glad to hear that you're happy! After all that's the most important thing in life, right? Just keep the priorities straight. Think about long term happiness, not temporary, on the spot happiness. *happy*

totallyaddicted - Thanks for the luck! I think I'm gonna cash it in for Wednesday! Oh and welcome! hehe :D Sorry, I didn't reply sooner... maybe I should start reading a bit more carefully. hehe *big*

Kay, talk to you guys later!
posted on 16-Dec-2002 11:57:20 AM by Saymi007

Man the lat week before vacation. YAY!! then finally ill be free!1 But the last week is turning out to be the hadest week. Im sooo tired u wanna know my schedule? no? well ure gonna have to lissen to it anyway:

wake up 6:30 get ready for college, leave for college 7:00 am
8:00-3:00: college
3:30: have food take bath change clothes
4:00-8:00: go for tutions 8:30: come home finish homework assingments
10:00: Meet khurram at some place or another, eat dinner.
And my day goes on till around 1:00 aM. Hence why I havent been able to come online but ive got a little free time. So im here.
So just wanted to say hi and vent a little! hehe
Till later TAke care and Hakuna matata


posted on 16-Dec-2002 10:44:45 PM by pixie89
Hi, everyone!*happy*I'm an Asian too!*bounce*
posted on 17-Dec-2002 3:23:20 AM by Insanity
Heya guys!

Last week of skool...


How's everybody else? It is BOILING Down Under...nearly like 30 degrees (will get hotter in Jan and Feb..argh!)
posted on 17-Dec-2002 4:10:24 AM by Insanity02
pixie89 - Welcome! Where are you from? Hope you enjoy it here!

Insanity - It's winter in Canada. It's just absolutely pouring almost everyday! But skiers and boarders up in Whistler are loving it! They're getting tons of snow!

Kay, better go. It's late and I have to get up early tomorrow to pay my tuition for next semester and then I have to study, so I'll talk to you guys later.

posted on 17-Dec-2002 10:05:49 AM by ps_dreamer
pixie89...HI!!! Welcome!

Insanity, hiya! last week of school huh? me too!!! I'm so happy *big*'s hot here too...almost 30c. it sucks. I mean, what's winter without the cold air, right?

Sharmeen, girl...I feel for ya. *goes over to give a warm hug* BE STRONG!

Megan...I miss snow...*sigh*...I want snow! *pouts* --- I'm so jealous of you hun!


posted on 17-Dec-2002 10:43:40 PM by pixie89
Thanks, Insanity02 and ps_dreamer! I'm from Malaysia, where we're so far behind in watching Roswell.....*sad* Thanks again for the walm welcome!*wink*
posted on 17-Dec-2002 11:29:02 PM by dreambehr
Hi, everyone! I'm from Malaysia too and I'm a huuugge fan of Roswell. We just watched Departure yesterday and I'm crossing my fingers for the station to show Season 3 next week!*wink*
posted on 18-Dec-2002 11:56:06 AM by ps_dreamer
hi pixie89 and dreambehr!!!

hehe...ya know...we're not far apart from each other...I'm from Thailand. seems as if we're all suffering from the same syndrome! NO S3!! I'm also crossing my fingers for a season 3. stupid tv stations don't know how important Roswell is. thank God for the advanced technology- internet!'s everyone doing?


posted on 18-Dec-2002 10:59:01 PM by Maxs Angel
Hey ppl

I'm so sorry that I havent been around. Its amazing how life just catches up with you sometimes. With college, and hanging out with two different groups of friends, planning parties and going out for movies, and drolling over a new guy in my life I havent had time to breathe even! But cant complain coz damn life is good!!

Luv 2 all
esp the new ppl aroung here
posted on 18-Dec-2002 11:19:48 PM by pixie89
ps_dreamer originally wrote:
hi pixie89 and dreambehr!!!

hehe...ya know...we're not far apart from each other...I'm from Thailand. seems as if we're all suffering from the same syndrome! NO S3!! I'm also crossing my fingers for a season 3. stupid tv stations don't know how important Roswell is. thank God for the advanced technology- internet!'s everyone doing?



I agree! How I wish I could watch S3!*big*
posted on 19-Dec-2002 12:16:05 AM by dreambehr
ps_dreamer- Thanks for the warm welcome! Aren't you from FF too? I think I saw you over at the JB board. The TV stations definitely don't know how important Roswell is to us. I'm so hoping for Season 3 because Max and Liz got back together!
posted on 19-Dec-2002 7:09:22 AM by ps_dreamer
Angel, girl!! haven't seen you for a while! seems like you're enjoying yourself there! hope life's treating you great!

hey pixie89...ya know, u can download clips/episodes of S3 from the net?

dreambehr, yes...I'm from FF *big* I'm just everywhere am I? hehe...yeah...I love JB board. *dreamy sigh* Jason's such a hottie *wipes drool off my mouth* ...oops! Sorry! got carried away *wink*

posted on 19-Dec-2002 9:07:09 AM by dreambehr
ps_dreamer originally wrote:
dreambehr, yes...I'm from FF *big* I'm just everywhere am I? hehe...yeah...I love JB board. *dreamy sigh* Jason's such a hottie *wipes drool off my mouth* ...oops! Sorry! got carried away *wink*

Don't worry I know how you feel. He's a cutie!
posted on 19-Dec-2002 5:40:47 PM by ps_dreamer
dreambehr originally wrote:
Don't worry I know how you feel. He's a cutie!

Amen! I hear ya girl! *happy*

Sooo...what's everyone doing this christmas/new year?

I...well, don't have any specific plans. so I guess I'm spending the holiday with my family just chillin' and having fun.

what about you guys?

posted on 19-Dec-2002 11:16:14 PM by pixie89
It's okay, ps_dreamer. Thanks for the tip!*happy*I have a small christmas tree, that's all..*big*
posted on 20-Dec-2002 12:32:49 AM by dreambehr
We're just probably going to go to Christmas mass and chill out at home too.
posted on 20-Dec-2002 11:55:19 AM by Saymi007
elo Everyone!

hehe. no im not here again to burn out my agression.


* insert crowd screaming in the background and that catchy baseball music playing*

VActaion are here!!!!!!!! Im at the moment doing the running man, yes while typing. hehehe.
Pardon my wierdness factor. Im just really really happy! After all isnt it the season to be jolly? falalala and everything else thrown in?
God I love this season. It just makes me feel so Christmasy!! It being Christmas season and all *wry grin*. Im sure all of u guys are feeling the christmas spirit too. Even though christmas is not an offcial festival celebrated in Islam. Most of us Pakistaniz love celebrating it. It really doesnt matter since its all about sharing giving and togetherness rght? Before I go into a full fledged speech ill spare u guys the head ache and my say good byes and leave my best wishes to new friends and old!!!!
Till later take care and be jolly!!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S: Even though I dont need to welcoem u since ure welcome anyway still...Welcome Dreambehr and Pixie89 Im sure reading my above written post ull find out ure now in the thread where normal things are seldom said. hehe atleast in my case anyway!
posted on 20-Dec-2002 12:34:16 PM by Saymi007
elo Everyone!

hehe. no im not here again to burn out my agression.

* insert crowd screaming in the background and that catchy baseball music playing*

VActaion are here!!!!!!!! Im at the moment doing the running man, yes while typing. hehehe.
Pardon my wierdness factor. Im just really really happy! After all isnt it the season to be jolly? falalala and everything else thrown in?
God I love this season. It just makes me feel so Christmasy!! It being Christmas season and all *wry grin*. Im sure all of u guys are feeling the christmas spirit too. Even though christmas is not an offcial festival celebrated in Islam. Most of us Pakistani love celebrating it. It really doesnt matter since its all about sharing giving and togetherness rght? Before I go inot a full flegded speech ill spare u guys the head ache adn say good byes and leave my best wishes to new friends and old!!!!
Till later take care and be jolly!!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S: Even though I dont need to welcoem u since ure welcome anyway still...Welcome Dreambehr and Pixie89 Im sure reading my above written post ull find out ure now in the thread where normal things are seldom said. hehe atleast in my case anyway!
posted on 20-Dec-2002 2:27:02 PM by destiny
Hey I am asian, indian asian, my parents are form india but I am born here in the UK :D I thought I was the only one but then I have found out there are so many.
posted on 20-Dec-2002 7:17:04 PM by aZNroSweLl anglgrl
Yep. There's tons of us here.
posted on 20-Dec-2002 10:05:31 PM by Craig Beatty
Hi All

Thought I'd pop in for a minute and let you know that if any of you had been considering coming to Sydney for the Convention in January, well, unfortunately it's been cancelled.

Here's what Ming posted on austr-alien:

This announcement was meant to be a wonderful revelation about who would be coming to the January convention. I am however the bearer of bad news to tell you that the plan for Channel Nine to sponsor us has not gone ahead because one of the actors that they were hoping to attend was unable to come in January, they have however agreed to reschedule later in the year when all invited cast are able to attend.

I cannot begin to say how profoundly sorry I am to everyone for this, after going to Sydney a few weeks ago and going through the venue things were really going well and the organisors were getting really enthusiastic about the event. We are at this stage looking at rescheduling March of 2003.

I will be refunding everyone's convention tickets in the coming month regardless of weather or not we will be holding a convention later in the year, should you have booked a flight for January that you cannot get refunded, there will still be a get together and viewings of episodes but the convention at this stage will not be happening as planned for January.

I want to thank everyone for their support over the year and along with the other organisors I wish to humbly apologies to everyone. As you can all probably imagine we feel terribly disenchanted, but no matter what the difficulties we will still try to make this go ahead later in the year.

Ming Johanson

We've been shafted again for being so far away. They'd already been talk that the Ibis on Pitt Street was becoming the unofficial base for interstaters and people from O/S, so alot of fun planned it appeared!

Take care.

posted on 21-Dec-2002 12:20:57 AM by dreambehr

Thanks for the warm welcome! Actually the crazier this thread is the better. I'm kind of whacked up anyway!
posted on 24-Dec-2002 9:53:54 AM by ps_dreamer
destiny, HI!!! welcome... I hope you like it here. we're all very friendly...sometimes a bit out there, but don't be scared! *wink*

Hi everyone!!!

*sings loudly*
Jingle Bells
Jingle Bells
Jingle all the way
Oh what fun it is to ride
in a one horse open sleigh


*LOL* *big* I'm also in a Christmas mood. I'll be staying 'til midnight waiting for my Santa Max *happy* who's Santa Max? well, check this pic out. I found it on the multimedia board. it's made by someone on FF:

*drools* hmmm....that behr chest *wink*

posted on 24-Dec-2002 11:12:02 AM by Saymi007
hey guys!!!



Im going all out with teh smiliez. hehehe. I wish everyone a very very very very very very very veeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyy Merry Christmas. May all ure dremas and aspiration come true and all ure gift wishes come true too!! I want all teh details of who got wat so I can live ly thru u guys!!

Till later Take care, be jolly and HO HO HO!!!!!!weihnachten003

BTW ps_dreamer That pic? HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT !!!!!! My keyboards drenched with all the drool. hehe. Khurramz getting jealous! Cool!

Regards and Happy Holidays

posted on 25-Dec-2002 8:31:24 AM by dreambehr
A very merry Christmas to everyone!!! *bounce**bounce**bounce* Hope you all had a great time!
posted on 25-Dec-2002 10:08:28 AM by ps_dreamer
MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody!!!!

posted on 26-Dec-2002 2:26:04 PM by SmileeUk
Happy Christmas to you all!

Does anyone know the link to
* 'A Kiss From A Rose' and
* 'Just Max' ?

Can't remember who the author is - silly me! There are my favourite stories!

I was reading A Kiss From A Rose in the Dreamer board but then it disappeared & I missed the ending. I can't find it in Repost or Work By Author (yes, I would remember the author if I come across it again)

Please help!! B-mail me if you can. Thanks!

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posted on 27-Dec-2002 2:33:58 AM by Insanity
::peeks in::

Okay, I know I've been a BAD BAD girl...noooooo, not THAT bad kinda girl..the one as in I haven't been here in ages yeah, REALLY SORRY..just been a lazy ass.

urm...I know I'm late with this but:


Hope all you guys had a wonderfull chrissy and a happy NYE! And NY!
posted on 27-Dec-2002 6:14:55 AM by Saymi007
Elo everybody!

SmileeUK: I think the author is Lana Lane if im not mistaken. Ill try to get u the links ASAP.

Insanity: Yes u r a baaaaad girl. Hoe could u ditch us liek that? hhehe. Just kiddign man just givin u a hard time. Howr u doing? Hope u have a Rockin New year!


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posted on 27-Dec-2002 4:49:19 PM by Insanity02
Merry Christmas!!! Okay, I know I'm late, but Merry Christmas! What did everyone do? I just had dinner with the family. And then that's it. Yeah, it was pretty uneventful... hehe *big* Kay, bye!

posted on 27-Dec-2002 5:32:38 PM by SmileeUk
Sharmeen: thanks. I also think it's Lana Lane! Insanity has given me a link to Just Max but the story was delected from the board. Your help is much appreciated. *wink*

Insanity & Insanity02: are you twins? I just noticed you guys have more or less the same name *happy*
posted on 30-Dec-2002 11:21:16 AM by Maxs Angel
Hi u all
I know I know .. I've been gone so long that no1 even remembers me probably .... life seems to be really catching up with me lately.
But that'll all change soon. I'm gonna be back, with a bang. I promise!

4 ne1 who's read whatever I've written of Life on the Rocks, actually for even those who havent ... I have been in love with this guy for like 6 years now. Its made me very miserable for a very long time and I'm very VERY proud to say that I have FINALLY got closure. I'm officially and completely over him. Do you have any idea what that feels like? I feel like this massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders, like I've been liberalted and Man I Love this feeling!!!!

Love 2 all
posted on 30-Dec-2002 12:19:50 PM by Saymi007
hey to all!

Just wanted to wish everyoen arockign new year! I had a full thing planned but guess wat?? Khurram had to fly to Islamabad at teh last moment cos he had a prob with his Visa *sad* . So it looks like im going to be spending new years all alone at home. Oh well! kAy sera sera. wat will happen will happen!

Max's Angel: Hiya! Ure kidding about the forgetting thing right? u better be. I know exactly how u feel bout getting over this guy. I thought I was in love with a cousin of my friends who didnt even give me the time of the day. But I eventually got over him cos lifes too short to get stuck in one place right? Im happy for u girl. May the new year bring u loads of happiness and courage to face the future.


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posted on 31-Dec-2002 3:20:02 AM by dreambehr
Hi, all! Hope everyone had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! Cherish Roswell forever!
posted on 1-Jan-2003 3:07:57 AM by ps_dreamer

posted on 1-Jan-2003 4:01:59 AM by SmileeUk
Happy 2003 to everyone!

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posted on 1-Jan-2003 6:09:46 AM by Maxs Angel

May 2003 bring loads of happiness and success for all of you.

posted on 2-Jan-2003 10:44:57 PM by Insanity02
Hey, hey! Happy New Year! Wow, time flies, doesn't it? It doesn't seem that long ago that everyone was freaking out over Y2K and now it's 2003! Hope you guys had a blast!

SmileeUk - Nope, Insanity and I aren't twins, but we are both insane! hehehe *big**bounce* The name thing is purely coincidental. *tongue*

posted on 3-Jan-2003 1:15:16 AM by Insanity
Heya guys!

Did everybody have a great NYE and a Merry Xmas? Hope you guys did!

My christmas sucked...went on the net all day *tongue*
But NYE defintely made up for it!

BTw...Ashton updated her story!

posted on 4-Jan-2003 7:23:52 PM by totallyaddicted
first of all it's been a hell'va end of 2002 for me, so I had time reading fics and stuff I just never signed in.
until Xmas came which really left no time for me.
so I hope everyone had a really great xmas and new year. very belated I know.
dreambehr, destiny: WELCOME!(it's a bit late)
Angel Great to hear that you've forgotten him, you won't forget him entierly but then there's that weoght lifted off your shoulders of knowing you no longer love him. I guess we've all been through that process sometime in our lives. Let the New year bring lots of happiness. *happy*
Hi to everyone else.
SmileeUk I heard that Lana Lane's Kiss from a rose cannot be found on the board as the parts have been deleted or taken off. Ask around the fan fiction discussion board if anyone's saved it, or seen it. hope I was any help*shy*

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posted on 6-Jan-2003 11:15:05 PM by Insanity
Heya guys!

::looks:: Where's everybody else? You guys must all be out partying or shopping...

Sadly I'm stuck at home...which is a good thing, considering today's temperature is around 32 degress (it's summer down here in Australia)...wish we had air-con though...guess I'll have to settle for standing right in front of the fridge with both doors open! *big*
posted on 7-Jan-2003 1:17:05 AM by Insanity02
Well, today was the first day of school for me. *sigh* Another semester's started and my schedule sucks. I have two classes that run from 7-10pm on Monday and Thursday nights. I'm so glad that we got out early tonight, otherwise, I'd still be driving home from school right now.

I don't know what it is about school that just makes people so tired. I fell asleep in front of the TV for two hours and I'm still tired. I'm sure it'll get better once I get back into the swing of things, though. Kay, that's pretty much it. Later.

posted on 7-Jan-2003 4:24:10 AM by dreambehr
Hi, guys!
Insanity01 - I feel your pain. I just went back to college last week after a two-month break and I'm totally missing the days when I didn't have anything to do (since I'm a total bum). But I think that I'm pretty lucky considering that my college is a five-minute drive and I don't have to travel much.

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posted on 7-Jan-2003 5:54:45 AM by ps_dreamer
Hi guys... I'm back!! *big*

*sigh* Megan, you and me babe. School started today. Already, I have loads of homework! Hmm... my schedule for this semester is pretty hard. But I'm so glad I finally talked my counselor into giving me a free block *happy*

soo how's everyone doing? *looks around*

~Benz *wink*
posted on 9-Jan-2003 2:36:30 AM by Insanity02
dreambehr - You're so lucky your college is only a 5 min trip. I wish mine were... but sadly it's at least half an hour because that's the only place with a decent Crim program!

ps_dreamer - Yeah... sucks doesn't it? And I forgot to mention that I also have early morning at 8:00 so that means I have to get up at 6:00 cuz it takes forever to drive there. AND the 8:00am classes are both the day after I have my night classes. Doesn't that totally bite? Oh, it's just 3 months. *sigh*

Okay, talk to you guys later.

posted on 9-Jan-2003 11:31:49 AM by Saymi007
Hey guys!

SOrry for being MIA (again!) But a little bit of busyness and laziness has attributed to my time being totally monopolized.
First and foremost My GrandDad sufffered a stroke and ive spending most of my time with him.
Second my college started last tuesday and my teachers have all gone Hitler on me. What with a gillion Tests and assignments.
My Bussiness School Aptitude Tutions are going horrible as well since I haev no idea what the hells going on.
And My Dumbass brothers got examz, so guess whoz helping him study?
Hehehe. SOrry for going all out on ya but since everyone was dissing life in general I though why not join the party. heheh.
BTW nothing to be alarmed about my GrandDAd. Thank God hes much better now. But lifes not that bad justa little hectic. But ill get used to it in time.
Howz everyoen else doing? Other than their absolute contempt for school. hehehe

posted on 11-Jan-2003 7:46:35 AM by Insanity
Saymi - I'm am SO sorry to hear about your Grandad having a he able to move his legs and arms and stuff?
My grandfather suffered a stroke about a year ago and's depressing to see him these days when I go to visit him. He's been moved to several nursing homes and he's just gotten so thin and fragile...he's not the same person anymore. I mean, he doesn't even care what he looks like and stuff...
Sorry to just dump all of this on you...I didn't want to make myself sound an attention-seeker or whatever. Sorry about that.

ps_dreamer, Insanity02, dreambehr - school, eh? Mine starts in around about 3 weeks...and then it's 10 weeks of 6 hour torture sessions..yep, I'm like REALLY looking fwd to it LOL

posted on 11-Jan-2003 9:03:45 AM by ps_dreamer
Sharmeen, I'm so sorry about your grandfather. I hope he gets better.

Insanity, don't worry dumping the stuff on us! My grandpa's really really old (90+) and I feel so bad for him. Nowadays, it's like his brain's getting old too... he doesn't remember anything and he's so weak. Old age sucks. *sad*
enjoy the 3 weeks while you can! times goes by really fast... before you know, school's hit you in the face! (like it did mine... *wink*)


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posted on 14-Jan-2003 7:57:01 AM by Saymi007

Insanity For Gods sake girl do u read my post at all?? I mean im the one who should be saying sorry since I always seem to be complaining about everything under the sun. Nyway My grand-dad was handicapped for 4 years before the stroke hit. Before he could atleast sit up and eat on his own, but now even that isnt possible. Its really sad seeing him day in day out ( he lives with us) since he used to be a very powerful and influenical figure here before he got sick. But he still hasnt given up on life, Mashallah, and I belive thats all that matters, a body can break easily but human spirit aint going down that easy.
Hope lifes treatign u alright take care!

ps_dreamer: Thanku for ure kind words, how r u Btw?

posted on 14-Jan-2003 10:11:08 AM by dreambehr
Saymi007 - Sorry to hear that. Sickness sucks! (what an understatement, huh?)

Insanity- That's so great having holidays! Enjoy it while you can because it's then back to books. Seeing friends are pretty fun though.
posted on 17-Jan-2003 5:53:03 AM by Insanity
Thanks to everybody for their kind sucks to see your grandparents go through the process.

And well.....just two more weeks till I exit Heaven (which isn't exactly cracked up to what it's suppose to be since Mum washes me to wash the dishes...) and enter Hell (aka School...which is an extreme exaggeration..but, what the heck).
Cannot wait to start falling asleep in class and all those sweaty PE lessons.
It's times like those you need a MAX.

posted on 23-Jan-2003 7:30:08 AM by Maxs Angel
Hey ppl

For ones that get Star World
Could you tell me which eppy was aired this time, thats Jan 23? My star networks conked off so I'm gonna miss it *sad*

posted on 23-Jan-2003 7:48:05 PM by Insanity02
Hey, guys! Sorry for being MIA for so long. Really busy with school and just life in general. Hope you guys are doing well. Talk go you later!

posted on 24-Jan-2003 7:02:17 AM by ps_dreamer
hi guys!

sorry for being gone for so long... don't worry, I'm back now!!!

how's everyone doing?

Maxs Angel, I don't get Star World- sorry! *sad*

~Benz *happy*
posted on 24-Jan-2003 7:06:15 AM by ps_dreamer
Check this out! All the Asian ppl or Asian-related, at RoswellFanatics:

aANroSweLl anglgrl
Liz Park
little cloud
Maxs Angel

WOW! 25 in total! I know there are lots more out there! hope they visit this thread...

If you're lurking and reading this- come and post!

posted on 24-Jan-2003 4:58:57 PM by Saymi007

Im here again and apologizing again for ebign away form this thread but, lifes really refuses to cut me some slack. Geesh! Nayway Howz everyone doing? Hope lifes treating all of y'all well.

Max's Angel: I get STar World, They aired HEART OF MINE on Jan 23rd, I refused to watch it, my weak heart couldnt take it *tongue*

Well till later take care and Hakuna Matata

posted on 31-Jan-2003 9:02:04 AM by ps_dreamer
Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!! ***~*~*~

posted on 31-Jan-2003 10:58:45 PM by aZNroSweLl anglgrl
Happy Chinese New Year to Everyone too.

posted on 1-Feb-2003 5:15:56 AM by SmileeUk
Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!

*angel* *bounce* *angel* *bounce* *angel* *bounce*

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posted on 2-Feb-2003 6:25:20 PM by aZNroSweLl anglgrl
How much money did you get? *wink*
posted on 3-Feb-2003 5:46:11 AM by ps_dreamer
Not a lot since only my father's side is chinese. how about you guys?
posted on 6-Feb-2003 7:55:24 PM by ML Plaisirs
Hey guys, just wanna join this group

I'm chinese, born in China, raised in China until 10 years old, currently living in US.

I never knew that there are so many asians, more specifically, chinese roswell fans, so I was quite surprises when I saw this thread. Just thought I can contribute my two cents.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone, don't envy me, both my parents are chinese so I'm drowning in money, lol j/k.

so nice to meet you all.

ML Plaisirs
posted on 7-Feb-2003 3:37:02 AM by ps_dreamer
ML Plaisirs- HI!!! Welcome! I hope you'll be posting here often... right now, the thread seems a little vacant. *tongue* There are a lot of Asians here.

~Benz *angel*
posted on 8-Feb-2003 3:22:45 PM by ML Plaisirs
Thank you ps_dreamer, I feel honor of being here. I have to agree with you on the board being everyone's too caught up in RL. I will post here more often tho, get acquinted with other asian fans out there. *big*

ML Plaisirs
posted on 8-Feb-2003 7:48:03 PM by SmileeUk
ML Plaisirs , Welcome! I must say I do envy you with so much red pocket money! *happy*

I, on the other hand, have -ve balance so far! *sad*
posted on 12-Feb-2003 2:45:05 PM by Saymi007
ML Plaisirs: hey welcoem! ure bang on target with teh Rl beinf a major hindrance. God tiem just goes by so quickly u dont realise where the hell the day goes! I wish I had that time stopping thingy it would coem mighty handy.
Benz: Longtime no hear buddy I guess more my fault than urez but u shoudl know my excuses by now with my pages full of rantings right? Hope RL's treating u well!
To teh rest helo and hope ure well and kicking, to my muslims friends EID MUBARAK!!!!!!!!!
Till later take care
posted on 15-Feb-2003 5:39:12 AM by ps_dreamer
I hope it's not too late guys...

Happy Valentine's Day! ~**
posted on 16-Feb-2003 4:41:58 AM by Insanity02
Hey guys! Happy Valentine's day! Well, very late Valentine's day. Damn, it was depressing. There were so many people buying roses and stuff!

ML Plaisirs - Welcome! Hope you like it here! So, yuo're drowning in money, huh? Lucky butt. This year we didn't even see every one we were supposed to see, so we ended up not getting that much, but it's better than nothing!

Okay, now time to do a bit o' complainin'. As most of you know, I live in Canada. And right now because of the threat of war the stupid gas prices are waaaayyyyy up! It costs almost 40 bucks for a stupid tank of gas! Grrr!!!! And it doesn't help that I still have to pay for tuition, the car and food! (My parents refuse to help me out even though I'm barely 18! Don't it bite?) Kay, I'm done. Time to study. Midterms next week.


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posted on 16-Feb-2003 7:28:51 AM by Maxs Angel
Hi everyone

I can't believe I haven't stopped by in here for like ever. I'm really sorry ... time seems to be completely flying by me and I'm still getting nothing done. Ask the few who read my fics (I haven't updated in over a month). I'm not proud of it, but what can you do with parents like mine who would kill me if they found out I indulged in stuff like this!

First off welcome ML Plaisirs. Hope you will find this place as amazing as the rest of us do. Next off, how is every1 round here doing? hope RL's not treating you too rough.

Me? Life seems to be making up for a lotve personal misery I'd faced during skol. Though she keeps putting me back in my place every once in a while, but on the whole I'm having a gr8 time. Ever had days when you go to bed with a senseless smle on your face and wake up with it right there?? Well, all of last week was like that for me. No, it wasn't coz of a gr8 valentines ... as a matter of fact I was without a date and b4 you even think it, no I'm not in love. I'm just stupidly and senselessly happy. Even I don't know why!

The only thing bugging me is that I have my first year examinations at college in little over a month and I haven't studied a word for it. But considering I'm majoring in English Lit and I love reading, it shouldn't be so bad right?!

Just one more eppy of roswell for season 2 to end. I just hate Max right now, he's being such a ... pick your word. But annoyingly , doesn't he look soooo good the night he wakes up with Tess in his arms (Baby It's You, opening scene). Well, I thought so, and talk about irony!

Well, I think I'll leave on that thought.

Love 2 all

posted on 16-Feb-2003 10:29:29 AM by Saymi007


Well well it sems everyones valentines went horribly, may I join teh club too? except my case is an exceptionally depressing one. I have a boyfriend who got midterms and I haevnt talked to him inover 2 weeks!!!!!!!1 all I get is two line emails to show that hes alive. I didnt even get wished on valentines!!!!!!

Oh well I know hes got examz so I JUST HAVE to let it go. *sigh* ANywho other than that lifes treating me pretty well by teh grace of God.
So watches cricket here?
THE CRICKET WORLD CUP BABY!!!!!!!!!!! Angel 1st March Pakistan v/s India u psyched or wat??? I cant wait!
well till later take care hakuna Matata


posted on 17-Feb-2003 2:44:05 AM by ps_dreamer
Hey guys *waves*

how's everyone doing?

My Valentine's not that great either. So I'm joining the club too! Almost all my best buds have boyfriends. Except for one. I'm not jealous of my friends coz I'm patiently waiting for Jason *LOL* *big* Well, we decide to have a girl's night on Valentine's Day! Can you believe it! It was pretty fun. Just hanging around, watching scary movies. It was *SO* scary! We screamed our asses off. Hee. *big*

~Benz *happy*
posted on 20-Feb-2003 1:44:56 AM by dreambehr
Hi everyone! Wow I didn't know there were so many Chinese fans either! I'm pure Chinese but I don't live in China.

I get Starworld too over here. YAY! It's Departure tonight. Dreamer kiss and Tess leaving! Sorry but I don't like her, especially with Max.