posted on 29-May-2002 5:19:50 PM by wild_child_uk
Hey Guys!!!!!

Where bout in England are u all from??
I'm from Swindon??
Heard of it??
Anyone near me???

posted on 29-May-2002 7:22:31 PM by Lana Lane
Hey sarah, I'm one and proud of it. I'm a Essex girl through and through but without the jokes before you start *big*. How I have a question for you just how happy are you about next thursday, sky one, 8pm because I'm climbing the walls. I know how it all ends but I've been dying to see it, I've missed it so much and the boys are so hot in it aren't they? You like any other shows because I'm hooked on Smallville, Angel, Buffy, Scrubs, Alias, ER you get the picture. LOL.
posted on 30-May-2002 12:16:58 PM by wild_child_uk

Yeah I'm totally excited about next thursday!!!!!
I'm a huge Alias, Dark Angel, Smallville, Charmed, Buffy and Angel fan! Oh and scrubs too! It's so funny!

Are you at or going to uni or anything, I'm going to dundee at the end of september!!!!! Scary!
posted on 31-May-2002 6:40:19 AM by Sassy
I'm from Norwich!
I'm going to Reading University which is near Swindon right??

Did you see the adverts for Roswell last night!!!!!!!!!

posted on 31-May-2002 8:07:14 AM by Care_Behr
Hi, I'm from Walthamstow, London. Near Essex!!!! I was watching Buffy yesterday and The Roswell Skyone commercial came on!!!! I'm telling ya Ihad a heart attack!!!! I fell out my chair (literally) AND I WAS Sweating and shaking!!! I LOVE ALL THOSE SHOWS TOO!!!! Any ways gotta go!!!
See ya!
Lot's of love.
posted on 31-May-2002 9:00:28 AM by Lana Lane
Hey there's lots of us obsessives out there , any more so we can really get this party started *big* And I saw the Buffy finale which was good but then the roswell commercial came on and I nearly died OMG, I'm still fanning myself and then everyone else came busting in wondering what the hell all the noise was. So they now know that sky one, thursdays, 8pm the telly's mine and I can't wait. Angel was pretty good too but sad about his son and I knew Holts had to be there. lol.

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posted on 31-May-2002 3:12:34 PM by miss_Roswell
hey this is weird I was looking at tv book to see when roswell started and was coming on here to ask. I'm from befordshire it's like the smallest county in england (bout an hour from London)

I dont have sky (evil 'rents) so I've been sucking up to my friends all day wondering if they'll record it for me. I dont think they will because they want to watch something else. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO???

Oh I support Oxford United who are local rivials with swindon.

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posted on 31-May-2002 7:41:11 PM by Pixie
HEy guy's I'm american but I lived in england (surrey) for 7 years so since I have the accent and everything do I qualify to be here?! LOL

I just moved back to the states though. I'm coming in the summer though! WOOHOO

I should go before my random thoughts escape and kill everyone!*big*
posted on 2-Jun-2002 5:11:54 AM by Kazza
Hey Guys!

Thought I'd come over and say hi!

I'm from Watford, about twenty minutes away from London.

I'm a huge Roswell fan, have been since the very beginning! I am excited about Roswell season 3 finally coming to Sky 1, but have heart for me. Since they turned off On Digital I can't get Sky 1 *sad* *sad* *sad*! I'm in the process of moving, but that won't happen for at least six weeks, so until then I won't get to see it.

So, for me there's no Roswell on Sky. Fortunately I've seen the eps via downloading them from the net (ahh the wonders of the net), but still it's not the same as watching it on TV.

So what are the adverts like?? Are they good? What do they give away?

Take care

posted on 2-Jun-2002 6:44:49 AM by Lana Lane
Jo & Kazza, I've got Sky one (please don't hurl anything at me) and if I could I'd sent you both copies and of course we won't kill you Pixie, so you liked it over here then? It's a great place to be but I bet you miss the weather. The commerical was awesome it had bits from lots of episodes all mashed together I actually fell off my chair with excitement. It's been threatening to broadcast for months and now it's finally here and I'm so happy that the words fail to come. Shiri looks gorgeous and I'm so glad that Jason had his hair cut because his hair in the earlier ones is a hoot. It was very action packed, you got to see lots of explosions and alien powers Michael and wrestling with Max on the floor pwoarr as well as shots of the others with the voice over saying coming back with the most gripping series ever, no sh*t sherlock. I could go on and tell you about every shot, I was recording Buffy at the time so I got that too but I won't bore. One thing so if it is the most gripping why air it so late in the year, bet that decision was made by a man but it was really, really good and I can't wait to see it. So what else shall we talk about? Who's your favourite character? Mines Liz, of course and I adored Alex. Your favourite guy? Jason or Brandon? Mines Jason. Stuff like that?

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posted on 2-Jun-2002 7:35:03 PM by roswelllovery2k1
Hey im Mandy, I come from Northampton in Northamptonshire its right smack bang in the middle of England.
I carn't wait till thursday. I have just had to do weeks of convincing to my dad to let me watch it because he is usally watching boring stuff on Sky Sports at the time it is on. Its only 18 weeks I told him. You should have seen his face.
My friend has been winding me up on the phone earlier about the Roswell commercial because she also saw it after Buffy which I didn't watch. I have been watching sky one all weekend hoping to see it but no luck. So she is very enjoying watching me squrim about it because I am a very big fan.
Don't you guys think that it is very unfair that bbc2 can drop roswell just like that. After all we are paying for them to run the channel you would think they would let us have a say on what shows they should show. But no they decided to show programmes that were made way before I was even born!!!
Well enough of my rambling. Ive got to think of hapy thoughts. such as thursday.
posted on 3-Jun-2002 10:09:38 AM by Lana Lane
Three days and counting. . .
posted on 3-Jun-2002 1:57:35 PM by LEL
Hey Im Lesley, and Im from a little village called stocksbridge on the outskirts of sheffield and I cant wait for thursday to come around my favourites are Max and Liz ,any one live near me????*bounce*
posted on 3-Jun-2002 4:22:51 PM by applebybehr
hey everyone! I'm gracie and I'm from Salisbury, Wiltshire. like alot of people I don't have sky (long story, we did at our old house, but we moved at christmas and we've only got cable.) my mom's friend is kindly taping season three for me!LOL! I was so mad when I heard that bbc2 weren't showing roswell, something about viewing figures I think....what do they expect when they shove it to a bad time-slot? *angry face*
anyway, hello to everyone, wild_child_uk: I live near swindon, it's in the same county right?
speak to you all soon*big*
posted on 3-Jun-2002 8:11:03 PM by wild_child_uk
Ohmygod!!!! I started this thread and only just check back and LOADSA people wrote!!!!!
Can I just say that...... ROSWELL IS ON THURSAY!!!!!!!!!!
OHMYGOD!!!!! The advert was so cool! It had chantdown babylon in it when max and liz fall and he saves her by puttin the shield up!!!!!
Also I brought Cult tv today and there is a big pic of Max and Liz from Busted in it!! Definatley going on my wall!!!
Gracie! You live like right next me!!! That's the while reason I started this thread cos I wondered if I was the only Roswell nutter in wiltshire!
posted on 4-Jun-2002 7:01:07 AM by Lana Lane
Hi everyone, Two days and counting. . and I'm over the moon that you started this thread because there are tons of english nutters out here Sarah. Anymore? But I've only been to Whilshire does that count? I only ever buy sci-fi magazines when Roswell, Smallville or Angel articles are in them. How sad is that? I loved the trailer for the new series, I have it on tape and I keep playing it over. It's real cool and keeps me in the mood till it airs Thursday. I can't wait. Did any of you do anything for the Jubiliee weekend? We went to a barbie and got pi**ed. Sweet!

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posted on 4-Jun-2002 7:43:17 AM by Kazza
Hey Lana!

I'm hopefully getting Roswell recorded for me now! My sister's ex-boyfriend said he'd do it for me!!! He's really kind!!! I'm soooo excited!!! I just wish I could see the trailer on Sky 1 .... don't supposed anyone knows if it's been posted on a website anywhere has it??

My fave stars on the show are Jason Behr and Shiri. I have to say Shiri is the nicest person! I met her when I wen to LA for the Roswell Fanforum party in February. I met her twice, Majandra three times, and Nick, Brendan and Adam once. It was soo cool!!!! They are all really nice, and Nick is really funny!!!

Only two more days to go guys!!!!

Take care
posted on 4-Jun-2002 2:23:35 PM by applebybehr
sarah- well, now there's two roswell nutters in wiltshire!LOL! I know, we live so close! very cool.
Lana Lane- hey! I am a huge sci-fi fan- have been for years, which magazines do you get? I pretty much love my sci-fi and comics....I am such a nerd!LOL!
kazza and lesley- hey there!*big*
posted on 4-Jun-2002 7:16:16 PM by wild_child_uk
Hey all!
I'm sooooooooo jealous that you got to got to LA Kazza
I'm totally addicted cult magazines as well!
I went to a street party for the juberlie and got absoluelty trashed!
It was cool! I'm so glad that you all responded to this thread!!!!
My fav characters are Max and Liz but I totally love Kyle as well!!! Also I though Alex was adorable!!
I so wished I had met the characters!
Also have you guys been watchin Jenson Ackles (Alec) Of off darkangel?? Now that is the perfect specimin of male!!!
What have you guys bin up too???
posted on 5-Jun-2002 3:15:04 AM by Lana Lane
Hello everyone How you all doing ? because it's one day and counting. . . and I can't sit still.
Lesley, I've been through Stockbridge and I love Meadow Hall I used to work there at 'the sweater shop' before the company went belly up a long time ago. I tell you I could get lost in that place for a fortnight at least.

Gracie, your mom's got way cool friend's my fella threatened to watch something on thursday night. He hasn't done that again. Silly boy! BBC2 is a swear word im my house what a set of pillocks that work there, must be run by blokes or people who have been hit with stupid sticks, repeatedly. They wouldn't know a good idea if it came and bit them on the ass much the same as JK. Season 2 anyone? I'm real nerd I buy anything that has my favourites on the front cover but usually its Dreamwatch, SFX, Cult times and movie mags. I love spiderman comics, marvel is the man and I'm liking the superman ones since getting into Smallville so your not alone.

Kazza, not talking to you, lol. You went to LA what was it like? I've been to Florida, Miami and New york but my guess is that LA's the coolest. And you met them, I bow before you we're not worthy were not worthy. So they were real nice then? Any tipbits for us? I read that both Shiri and James masters from Buffy are to be at a sci fi convention this month but it's way down south and me and a friend are hopefully planning to go to it. Fingers crossed. I'm not sure about the trailer on a web site I haven't seen it anywhere. Sounds like you've been saved by your sis's ex, what a star!

Sarah, you brought us here and I'm so happy about that because we've got a real party going on here. Max is the man but all Roswell men are honies in one way or another aren't they and I still miss Alex terribly. Don't start me off on Alec, I won't shut up . He's a doll and I love that show, not too sure about the finale through. You? I'm glad I wasn't the only one off her head over the weekend and I'm on holiday so lots of computer fun to be had.

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posted on 5-Jun-2002 4:55:12 AM by Asabetha
Hi. I'm from just south of Norwich and it's killing me that we don't have sky. Trying to sweet talk a friend into taping Thursday's eppy for me.
Love Buffy and Angel but don't see Dark Angel because of above problem boo hoo (but it sounds good from some of the cross overs I've read).
As for Smallville, not sure of that yet. Don't get to see it as it is on at the wrong time for me. Usually busy.
posted on 5-Jun-2002 5:30:12 AM by LEL
Hey everyone sounds like most of you had a good weekend*wink*glad I wasnt the only one p****d,
only one more day to go yehaaaaa!!!! I have got my vcr
ready and waiting, is it true there bringing out Roswell on DVD and Video? I hope so because I havnt seen all of season one I started watching it on sky one and then all of a sudden they took it off , I read somwhere that they will finish it at some point but dammmmm thats not good enough!!!
I agree Alec from Dark Angel is a HOTTIE very drool worthy
posted on 5-Jun-2002 2:19:31 PM by Kazza
Hey Lana,

Tibits on the stars huh? Wel not much, only Shiri and Majandra have good memories! I met them the first day I was in LA, and then again on the last day (two weeks in between) and they both remembered me and my little sister!

Oh the SFX convention in Blackpool ..... know it well 'cause I'm going! My sister, hubby, friend and me are all going.

Yeap, Shiri is gonna be there along with James Masters and Emma who plays Anya, one of the girls from Mutant X and quite a few others .... I can't wait to go and meet Shiri again!

Only one more day to go guys!!!!

take care
posted on 5-Jun-2002 4:59:47 PM by Lana Lane
22 hours and counting. . .

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posted on 5-Jun-2002 5:07:18 PM by Lana Lane
Asa, I love Castle mall I used to live in Great yarmouth and worked at Barclays on red lion street, opposite debenhams in Norwich. I miss Norwich a lot. What's been happening there and I was also busy when smallville was aired but the wonder of video. Paise the lord.
Lesley, So I wasn't the only one and if you lived close by you could come round and watch whatever you wanted on sky. And you haven't see the whole of Season 1 yet, god you haven't lived. I've got them all on tape but there are well worth so fingers crossed we get them on VHS/DVD.
Kazza, Still not talking to you because I looks like I can't get to Blackpool now, Bummer! But you never know we might just make it lol. I knew both girls would be dolls but what of the guys?

21 hours, 53 minutes and counting.... I won't be able to sleep tonight how sad is that?

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posted on 5-Jun-2002 6:15:02 PM by wild_child_uk


My mum got tickets to see a psychic (I know) tomorrow night!!!!!!!!! I have to tape Roswell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also I have to ask......... what is this about a convention in blackpoo??????? I wanna go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When, What time, Where?????? I'm going!!!!!!!!!!!!

We should all meet up!!!!!!!!!!
posted on 6-Jun-2002 5:08:31 AM by Lana Lane
9 hours, 51 minutes left to go. . .
posted on 6-Jun-2002 8:36:16 AM by LEL
I cant wait, im going to lock the door unplug the phone and ducktape anyones mouth who dares to speak while its on (hehehe)only kidding.
wild_child_uk I think I read about the Blackpool convention on the fan forum board its a ticket only event and depending how old you are its about 70pounds
but there's going to be quite a few people there like Spike ,anya and of course Shiri and loads more
hope that helps*bounce**bounce**bounce*

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posted on 6-Jun-2002 12:09:09 PM by binxter
Hey, I'm vikki and I'm from London
I've already seen all season three coz I downloaded them but I still can't wait! I just hate they don't cut any bits out coz thats what they did with buffy*sad*

Gotta go out, get popcorn, ice-cream, drinks. my mates are coming round coz I've got the biggest tv!!!
bye vikki*big*

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posted on 6-Jun-2002 12:39:46 PM by Kazza
Hey Lana,

Ok, the guys ..... well Nick was really cute! He was really funny too and posed for a picture for me. He also signed my Roswell trading card even though the management at the Virgin Megastore didn't want him too. Adam asked my sister and I about where we were from and how we were enjoying LA. Brendan was pretty quiet, seemed quite subduded, but he still signed the CD and posed for a picture. I just wish I could have met Jason ........!

The SFX convention has been put together by the magazine people. The website is . I got my tickets a while ago now so I don't know how many are left. It's the weekend of 22nd June for two days.

There are quite a few guest stars from various sci-fi shows, workshops, a dealer hall with people selling merchandise and various other things.

I'm just going to meet Shiri again and the guys from Buffy really!

Two hours and 20 minutes to go!!!! *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce*

Take care
posted on 6-Jun-2002 2:46:20 PM by binxter
*I just had to say it!!*
bye xxxx
posted on 6-Jun-2002 5:54:50 PM by Care_Behr
Hi!!!! I've watched it twice ALREADY!!!

I loved it!!! Go to the discussion thread to discuss your opinions....


posted on 6-Jun-2002 6:43:05 PM by wild_child_uk

posted on 7-Jun-2002 5:06:37 AM by Lana Lane
IT'S HERE and I'm TRIPPING Seen it three times, still fanning myself, not sure about Jason's crop but he'll fix that soon. Blackpool is so far away, I need to go but got other commitments now and my mate let me down. I'm gutted so you better tell me EVERYTHING!!! Loved reading what you left Kazza, you're so lucky. Off to read some more while watching it again . lol.

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posted on 8-Jun-2002 3:31:44 PM by miss_Roswell
Hey everyone I've been on holiday for a week now. you are so lucky to have met the stars Kazza I wish I was you but I'm still in school and the chances of going to LA-none!

I feel so jealous about you people seeing it.

Does anyone here love ER? I do that's my second favourite Tv programme I love Carter.

it's nice to know that I'm not the only one in England a complete fanactic about Roswell.
posted on 8-Jun-2002 3:47:55 PM by Lana Lane
She is so lucky and did you see ER thursday? Tense or what and I was saying aww when they kissed, I love him too because he reminds me of Keanu Reeves. I'm glad that they've made Carter the new 'Dr. Greene', it fits! Without Roswell, Buffy, Angel (ends next week) praise the lord for reruns of Smallville and Friends on E4.
5 days to go and counting. . .
posted on 8-Jun-2002 4:50:07 PM by Kazza
Hey Sarah,

I'm so pleased you've got tickets to Blackpool, it should be really good fun!!!! Coming from London I wasn't sure whether to go or not at first as it's quite a long way. Then again my sister said I was prepared to fly to LA for a Roswell Party, so why not Blackpool!!

Ahh Busted, excellent to see it on TV now! Previously I've only been able to watch it on my computer, and although the quality is good, TV is better!!!! Ahh JB's strip tease .... bliss!!!

Oh, by the way, anyone watch the football??? Weren't we great!!!! Bring on Nigeria!!!! (Sorry I digress from Roswell!)

Ahh Ep 2 (Michael, the Guys and the Great Snapple Caper) is only Five days away! *bounce*

Take care
posted on 8-Jun-2002 6:10:31 PM by Lana Lane
I had tickets but I can't go so someone else is going in my place but there will be other times, other places - if I say that enough times I'll start believing it. You have to give us all the low when you get back Promise! on Spike too. My throat is sore and my fingers bleeding from yesturday, impatiently waiting for us to kick Nigeria's ass this wednesday. Life is sweet now Roswell's here don't you think?
posted on 9-Jun-2002 6:26:56 AM by miss_Roswell
Any people who watched the Argentina match (and if you didn't where were you?) dont you love Ian Right???? Whenever he's on I always feel we're going to win. I wish the BBC had all the coverage there better than ITV. We're going to beat Nigera 9-0 so we'll have the record of the biggest win in the World Cup 2002. Maybe even 11-0 that'll be the biggest win EVER! Okay you can tell I'm a dreamer.
posted on 9-Jun-2002 7:30:20 AM by LEL
Hey everyone*happy*
Iv been sulking big style since thursday,I got myself comfy infront of TV set my vcr I was in bliss for about 15mins then the phone started ringing everyone and their uncle came to the door so I gave up watching as a bad job I'll watch it later I thought! so I sent kiddies off to bed made myself a cuppa pressed play and what did I see NOT ROSWELL I hadn't set the video on the right chanel*sad**sad**sad*so Iv since been trying to find somewhere to download the episode from but im not having any luck,
so if anyone knows of a site that I can do this, can you please put me out of my missery and post the link,thanks *tongue* I feel better after venting my frustration*big**big**big*
posted on 9-Jun-2002 10:21:07 AM by Lana Lane
Not a good time to say that I loved it or that I've watched it six times - so I won't but I had a mega fight to record it. I've seen a site somewhere that does that, I'll hunt about and get back to you. 1# Roswell, 2# England win against Argentina, 3# Lennox Lewis won, life is indeed sweet!

4 days and counting. . .

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posted on 9-Jun-2002 12:21:12 PM by miss_Roswell
I know what a great week to be English/british we also had the jubilee here.

does anyone think it was so annoying that the BBC put season 2 on at lunch time on Sunday and they wonder why it got bad ratings? IDIOTS!!!

Yay 3 lions is on the radio I love this song. Got both '96 and '98 on CD.

Does anyone here watch Big Brother- I LOVE SPENCER!!!
posted on 9-Jun-2002 3:56:22 PM by Lana Lane
God me too, he reminds me of Michael to look at or am I tripping? I want Alex out next, he does my head in and would somebody please gag Jade. I'm addicted to it, but I switched on to see iron bars, what's that all about? I dare to sleep, to have a life and all hell breaks lose.

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posted on 10-Jun-2002 6:29:44 AM by wild_child_uk
Hey Guys.... howz it going????????

It's my 18th birthday on thursday!!!!!!!!!! and I have 3 A-level exams to celebrate it... am I lucky or what!!! But I do however have a new eppie of ROSWELL!!!!!!!!!!

I've been watchin BBrother too, I hate that old guy..... sorry too much revision has made my memory lack in other places and can some one please shoot Jade!!

I should go and revise....... or sleep which ever on is more appealing when I get to my room..........

3 DAYS AND COUNTING.................
posted on 10-Jun-2002 1:21:45 PM by Kazza
Hey Lel,

If you have problems finding a site to download Busted let me know. I have a copy that I've downloaded when it was originally aired in the states (The quality is good), and I can always post a copy to you if you have problems. (E-mail me at kaznstu⊕

Wild Child Happy Birthday for Thursday!!!!!! Hope you have a really brilliant time and your exams aren't too bad for you. Good luck with the revision!

Take care

posted on 10-Jun-2002 1:41:59 PM by Lana Lane
Sarah, A double wamly for Thursday 18 and Roswell, life doesn't get any better. Any plans? and good luck for your exams. Revision sucks but it's a must! lol.

Lel, Kazza found what I remembered, hope you get to see it soon.
posted on 10-Jun-2002 3:41:44 PM by LEL
Hey Kazza
I sent you an e-mail, hope to hear from you soon
Lana Lane, thanks I hope to see it soon*big*
Wild Child, Happy Birthday for thursday*happy*hope you have a good one*big*
posted on 11-Jun-2002 4:19:20 AM by Lana Lane
How is everyone today? Me, life is sweet! You?

2 days to go and counting. . .
posted on 11-Jun-2002 3:41:05 PM by miss_Roswell
I'm well happy I JUST WATCHED BUSTED YAY!!!!!! also ENGLAND PLAY TOMORROW!!!! and if we win next round we'll have to play senegal which will probably be easier than France. WOHOO -soz really high.
posted on 12-Jun-2002 4:59:55 AM by Lana Lane
ENGLAND ARE THROUGH TO THE NEXT ROUND!!! and I'm so glad you finally got to see it Jo.

34 hours to go and counting. . . .

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posted on 13-Jun-2002 3:57:33 AM by Lana Lane
11 hours to go. . . and

(wild child uk)

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posted on 13-Jun-2002 1:17:23 PM by miss_Roswell
Happy Birthday.

I'm so pissed off. I once again cant get Roswell recorded my friends sky's broken!!! AHHHH Why does God hate me so much??? I really feel like kicking something but I don't want to be I know I'll hurt myself.

Wait a second just as I am writing this I have txt from my friend and there might be hope not sure she has a tendency to lie.

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posted on 13-Jun-2002 1:36:21 PM by miss_Roswell
Nope no hope wont get it.
posted on 15-Jun-2002 12:29:05 PM by miss_Roswell
Come Friday and we'll beat Brazil.

I look like a complete nutter at the moment. I went to this fair thing and they had face painting and I got roped into having the St. George's Cross on my face. People have been looking at me very strangly.

I'm so happy and hopefully I'll be even happy on Friday about 9:15.

posted on 15-Jun-2002 1:25:38 PM by soppysophs
hey cool thread! im sophie & im from Pinner *recives loads of blank stares* oh well. Happy Birthday Sarah! I dont have sky1 *cries* But my best friend tapes me the eppies! wow Busted was so cool! this SFX thing, I have to pursuede(I know I cant spell) my 'rents to lent me go.

~sophie, a very young english roswellian
posted on 15-Jun-2002 3:24:36 PM by Brook
Hello everyone,
I am from Romford which is in Essex.(its near London)
I have Sky one. I missed the first 20 min of Busted. I got the wrong time. I thought it started at 9 but it was on at 8 I was not a happy bunny. I did tape the rest and then when it came on the 2 days ago. I made a point of watching it all and taping it. I have now got my mother intrested in Roswell. And I have been explaining the previous seasons to her. I really hope bbc 2 will be repeating seasons 1,2 and showing season 3.



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posted on 16-Jun-2002 3:57:35 PM by miss_Roswell
BBC aint going to show season 3 (becasue they're mean barstads). Some English people are trying to get Channel 5 to pick the 3rd season up.
posted on 16-Jun-2002 5:22:30 PM by wild_child_uk
I would like to thank y'all for all the birthday wishes!!!!

I am just[/b[ getting outta bed from a 3 day hangover!!!

England won!!!! They have to play Brazil!"!![oh no] or Belgium [I hope I hope!]

Just checkin in to say thank you!!

posted on 18-Jun-2002 8:22:20 AM by LEL
Hey everyone just checking to see how you all are*big*
Sarah glad you had a good time on your birthday,shame about the three day hangover(hehehe) but Im right there with ya girl,I went on my school reunion on saturday it was a blast,also very weird seeing all my old pals,but I met up with a few of my best friends again and we are going to keep in touch this time
any way enough of my babble
whats everyone else been up to?*bounce*
posted on 20-Jun-2002 11:48:16 AM by Lana Lane
Lel, I went to reunion 2 yrs ago and it was a hoot. Everyone hadn't changed abit and I'm still in contact with 3 of them. How about a UK roswellian get together? Cool idea? I'd love to put faces to names, maybe one day. Seems like everythings been happening of late but I'm not moving from the telly tonight Roswell then Xfiles (giving the Xfiles another go seeing as though its the last series). 3 hours and 10 minutes to go till Roswell. COME ON ENGLAND! and who do you want out Alex or Spencer? (BB) I say Spencer, lol.

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posted on 21-Jun-2002 10:22:31 AM by wild_child_uk
A roswell get together sounds well cool! I'm going to the convention on Sundayt... who will I see there from this board?????

I want Spencer out and OMYGOD ENGLAND have been kicked outta the world cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted on 21-Jun-2002 1:04:34 PM by miss_Roswell

I was watching richard and judy earlier (I was that bored) and they had a reporter at the convenction and shiri was on. She seemed nice. it was quite funny because she obviously had NO idea who richard and judy wer and OMG james marsten looked so ugly (very funny though). They were being really annoying and saying all si-fi ppl are complete freaks. I mean I know there are some strnage people but quite a lot are just normal.
posted on 21-Jun-2002 1:13:14 PM by LEL
Was the convention this weekend thats just past?
did any of you go?I want details(hehe)
LanaLane-I know what you mean about not recognising anyone at school reunion most of us girls havnt changed but the blokes just looked sooooooo different
I agree about a roswell get together that would be cool!!
posted on 21-Jun-2002 5:34:47 PM by miss_Roswell
the convention started today.
posted on 23-Jun-2002 6:12:53 AM by Lana Lane
#2 questions. How is everybody today? and a favour to ask. Anyone who went to the convention please could you enlighten us on what happened, I was going but RL got in the way. Thanks.

4 days and counting till all new Roswell!
posted on 23-Jun-2002 8:26:27 AM by soppysophs
hey! OMG!!!! the England Brazil match, I watched it at school live! I cant believe we're out! *crires* my 'rents are crule, crule people! I wanted to go to the SFX thing! *cries(again)* My friend thinks she botched up the tapping of Significant Others *cries(again, again)* am I the only one that thinks Big Brother is a pile'o'parp?

posted on 24-Jun-2002 3:08:58 PM by wild_child_uk

Shiri was sooooooo sweet, when she was on stage they said something like, do you fancy out of the guys?

She said something like well Max is sweet and loving etc, although he did cheat on Liz.... I guess I kinda like the bad boy and so.... I think I was have to say half way between max and michael... fancy is such a weird word, Yea I would shag Max and Michael!

Ok if anyone else went I know this wasn't the exact diaoge but I'm going from memeory here.. give me a break! Lol

I got her autograph and picture and another signed picture for Littlebit.

Victoria Pratt (shalamar from mutant x) was really nice too, but she was very flirtly with all the guys but it was really funny.

Emma Caulfield was ill, bless her. But she was also really nice on the stage. and James Marsters what can I say.........

Everyone just loved him! He had such stage presence! And loved all the attention. He was really funny and tried to get though all the autographs and even stayed when all the others when home.

I loved it!!!!!!!!!!

Anymore questions??
posted on 24-Jun-2002 4:05:18 PM by miss_Roswell
do you have any idea how jealous I am of you??????
posted on 24-Jun-2002 4:24:11 PM by Kazza
Hey guys!

I also went to the SFX Convention, although I was there for the whole weekend.

It was really cool! I got a pic with Shiri and with Emma Caulfield (Anya), although I missed out on James Masters because it was just soo busy!! Poor thing had to stop signing autographs around 4.00pm on Sunday because his hand was hurting too much and then go back to it later!!! He was VERY popular!!!

I asked Shiri a question on the Saturday ... I asked her what her favourite episodes to film were and why ... she answered "The Pilot because it was all new and exciting, The End of the World, and Sexual Healing because she got to make out with Jason so much!!!!!"

She also told us about how nervous she was before the first audition with Jason Behr, and how gorgeous she though he was when she first met him!!!! She also said how kind he was every time they had to do a 'make out' session, making sure she was comfortable and happy etc.

There were loads of other questions, but my mind's mush at the moment! I should have some good pics of Shiri from Sunday, as I managed to 'bag' a seat at the front when someone went to have their pic taken with James!

Will post when I get them developed!!!

Take care

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posted on 25-Jun-2002 3:14:26 PM by soppysophs
Jelously Overload, Bad Spelling Overload! you guys are sooooooooo lucky!!!!!! I wished I could have gone *mumbles some thing about bloody parents* anywho im glad you guys had fun

posted on 26-Jun-2002 5:25:21 AM by Lana Lane
Sarah, how jealous am I? Not only do I get the in depth low down from the guy that I gave my seat too (huh? long story) I have you too. I love it! Thanks so much for the rundown (I'd shag them too, all three in fact) and please rant on all you like about everything and anything. Also who's the guy? I agree, sex on legs.

Kazza, I can't wait to see the photos and thanks for the cool rundown. Any more? I've got all day.

I'm so happy that you guys had fun!

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posted on 27-Jun-2002 3:34:43 AM by Lana Lane
All new roswell in 11 hours and 25 minutes YAY!
posted on 27-Jun-2002 9:28:47 AM by wild_child_uk
Lana Lane....... my sig pic is Alec from Dark Angel... his name is Jeson Ackles and you cannot believ the amount of people that have b-mailed me asking about him, I've counted about 11!!!

posted on 27-Jun-2002 10:10:14 AM by Care_Behr
Anyone live in Walthamstow or near it? I would really love to meet up with some fellow Roswellians!!! Anyone?
posted on 27-Jun-2002 4:07:38 PM by miss_Roswell
sox never even heard of it, where abouts is it???
posted on 27-Jun-2002 4:52:29 PM by Kazza
Hey guys!

For any London fans, I thought you might like to know there is potentially going to be a Roswell/Smallville convention next May (2003).

It's likely to be in Heathrow and the details are being finalised at the moment. It sounds like it's going to be like the SFX convention, over two days with star guests from the show.

As soon as I have more info, and ticket booking info I'll let you know!

Take care
posted on 27-Jun-2002 5:52:49 PM by wild_child_uk
Maybe we can all meet up this time!
posted on 27-Jun-2002 6:04:01 PM by Care_Behr
posted on 28-Jun-2002 12:29:33 PM by Kazza
Hey guys!

I take it you like that news huh??!

Seriously, as soon as I have more info I'll let you know. The organisers are not going to give out full details until a few stars are signed up. But as soon as I know I'll let you all know too!

Take care

posted on 29-Jun-2002 5:17:47 AM by soppysophs
wow cool thanx for the info Kazza *happy*
Amie, I think I live about 15miles away from Walthamstow, BUT it takes ages to get there 'coz of the North Circ'

posted on 30-Jun-2002 8:17:45 AM by wild_child_uk

I know this is a Roswell board but I was just wondering whether any of you guys are going to the Buffy and Angel Halloween Ball in London, November 1st. Its at the Thistle Hotel, Heathrow.

Are any of you going, cos I'm not sure yet...
posted on 3-Jul-2002 11:42:06 AM by miss_Roswell
everyones gone all quiet lately. hey to anyone who watches BB EVERYONE nominated Jade how funny is that. So what's everyone up to? I'm pleased to say I break up on Friday!!!!!!!!!!! WOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted on 3-Jul-2002 11:51:37 AM by Care_Behr
I Like Jade, shes entertaining.... I want Adele or Alex to win... did anyonesee Kate fall over yesterday....twice.... hehehe
posted on 3-Jul-2002 3:44:26 PM by wild_child_uk
Jade annoys the crap outta me! But I'm gonna vote adele out! At least Jade is entertaining!
I want Pj or kate to win...
Don't you think Tim is a vain wanker!!! Did you see him shaving his chest in bed the other week! Lol

How is everyone?

God my a-level results come out soon!!!!!! scary!

Hey I'm going to Corfu on Monday and so I won't be on for 2 weeks can you all do me a favour and bump my story soulmates for me please!!?

Cheers babes!

posted on 3-Jul-2002 3:53:39 PM by Care_Behr







I SAY BRING BACK NARINDER!!!! quote : "I did my poo! It hurt alot!" hehehehahahaha!!!!!
posted on 5-Jul-2002 6:31:38 PM by miss_Roswell
Hey adelle is a bicth yay she's gone jade is a bitch, kate's kinda boring, tim's an annoying git, alex is okay, I quite like pj and dont mind johnny but I dont care much about anyof them to tell you the truth. HEY EVERYONE I BROKE UP TODAY WOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! NO MORE SCHOOL FOR TWO MONTHS!!!!!!!!!
posted on 5-Jul-2002 6:32:29 PM by miss_Roswell
Oh yeah and wild_child good luck in getting results back. Hope you did well.
posted on 7-Jul-2002 6:27:56 PM by wild_child_uk
Hello all!
I'm going on holiday tonight! Wahoo!!!!

Thought I would just share cos I'm soooooooo excited!
posted on 12-Jul-2002 8:42:27 PM by SmileeUk
Hey girls! I hope I'm not too late joining you all! I did see this thread until now.

I'm Yvonne & live in London, near Heathrow Airport to be more precise. I'm a Roswellian S1 dreamer. Well, who else will you expect???!!

I couldn't go to the convention in May as I had other commitment. Kazza, just keep us posted about the next one! *bounce* Thanks a bunch!
posted on 12-Jul-2002 8:46:46 PM by Care_Behr
MY Mum wouldn't let me go to the SFX convention... I didnt talk to her for 2
posted on 14-Jul-2002 6:14:31 PM by Lana Lane
I had tickets but I couldn't go so I gave them away. Say it with me slowly I..gave...them...away. I'm with everyone when I say "HUH?" I still haven't recovered, what a doofus I am because I'd kill for the opportunity to meet the gang and any of you guys. Maybe one day and there is always Heathrow isn't there because I'm so going!!! So with real life hounding me what have you guys been upto? 4 days and counting....
posted on 14-Jul-2002 7:29:29 PM by SmileeUk
I have the last 2 eps recorded but did watch it yet as I know there are more Isabel's scene than ever. Not that I do like Katie's acting (she's good) but I prefer M&L interactions.

So I'll catch up with the ep discussion later (much later......).
posted on 15-Jul-2002 12:24:37 PM by miss_Roswell
Hey people, I don't have sky so I rely on my friend to rcord it for and as I said I've broken up from school and she lives like an hour away from me so we don't get to see it each other often during holidays an STUPID JO forgot to give her a bloody tape to record the episodes on so I haven't see a roswell S3 eppy for ages sniff sniff oh well all the beginning ones seem to be about isabitch so I don't care THAT much. Anyway I feel better after my little rant who's everyone????
posted on 15-Jul-2002 2:58:56 PM by Care_Behr
I love to see all the little names everyone calls Isabel.

You have: Isaboob, Isabore, Isabitch and my personal fave, Isawhore!!! Eurgh
I can't stand her!!!

I spent the whole of yesterday, transforming a shoe box into a box set for my Roswell tapes... how sad am I?
and in a minute, I'm gonna decorate another one for my Roswell books.

Does anyone know where I can buy 'Roswell: meet the stars' and 'Roswell popquiz' books? please don't say the internet...

Plus where in England can I buy Majandra's album or is importing the only way?
posted on 18-Jul-2002 10:29:12 AM by Angelic
I've been following this thread so I thought I better finaly say that yes I'm ENGLISH!!! I live in a town called Hayes in the London Bourough of Hillingdon which is about 4 miles from heathrow airport!
posted on 18-Jul-2002 10:32:38 AM by Angelic
Oh and my name is Vicky and I'm 16. Also ROSWELL IS ON TODAY! 4 and half hours left!
posted on 18-Jul-2002 11:31:39 AM by soppysophs
Amie, I got mine thru, sorry I dont think there's another-way. Probably the same with the CD.
Vicky, I live in the London Bough Of Hillingdon aswell, you heard of Pinner?

posted on 18-Jul-2002 2:48:38 PM by Angelic
Yeah I have. I'm not sure where in the bourough it is though. I live near Barra Hall Park a ten minute walk from Hayes Town.

Roswell in 10 minutes
posted on 18-Jul-2002 2:54:40 PM by Care_Behr
5 MINUTES LEFT!!!!! woooohoooo down with ISABORE!!!
posted on 18-Jul-2002 2:58:52 PM by Angelic
Roswell is in 1 MINUTE!!!!!!!!
posted on 18-Jul-2002 3:41:37 PM by Angelic
posted on 18-Jul-2002 4:01:52 PM by Angelic
That episode rocked!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for the next one! I can't believe what Max's dad put on the notice board, and I sooooooo hate Khavir and I'm glad that in her past live Isabel didn't sell them out! Also Jessie looked very happy at the end ;)
posted on 20-Jul-2002 4:16:21 PM by soppysophs
*sad**pout**sad*im gona see it on Monday, I REALLY hate ITV Digtal for going bust!
um Pinner is about 5-10minutes from Northwood & 10-15minutes from Harrow, if you know where either of thoes are

posted on 22-Jul-2002 4:08:00 AM by Lana Lane
Poor you and I've been to both 4 days and counting
posted on 24-Jul-2002 4:57:47 PM by SmileeUk
Welcome, Soppysophs & Vicky (Angelic). I live in Uxbridge!!! We live so close!! *bounce*

Does anyone know where I can buy 'Roswell: meet the stars' and 'Roswell popquiz' books? please don't say the internet...

Amie, you can get them from
1) Forbidden Planet in New Oxford Street, London. It's near Tottenham Court Rd tube station, opposite Argos.
2) Borders
One in Oxford St near Oxford St tube station.
Another one in Charing Cross Rd between Tottenham Court Rd and Leicester Square tube stations.
3) The Cinema Store
Surprise, surprise I have their exact address:
Unit 4b/4c Orion House, Upper St MArtins Lane, London WC2H 9NY.
It's near Covent Garden. They do mail order & here's their web site:
They also have cds, so give it a try.

Good luck! *bounce*
posted on 25-Jul-2002 3:24:33 AM by Kazza
Hey guys,

Ok, I promised more details on the Crashdown Convention in May 2003 at Heathrow, so here it is!

Tickets have just gone on sale, it is £60 per adult or £30 per child (14 or under) for all three days 23rd to 25th May. At the moment payment is only available by cheque or postal order, but they are looking to get the credit card booking facility up soon.

No stars have been announced yet apart from David Nutter who has directed some Roswell and Smallville episodes, but there should be some announcements soon. I believe they are looking at three stars from Smallville and two from Roswell, although I don't know who from Roswell.

You'll find all the information, plus booking form etc at this website,

If you need more info etc, let me know!

Take care
posted on 25-Jul-2002 6:37:34 AM by Lana Lane
Thankyou so much Kazza! I'll sent off my cheque today. I'm so excited all ready and I've got ages to wait yet how sad is that? 8 hours 25 minutes to go
posted on 25-Jul-2002 8:54:35 AM by wild_child_uk
Thanks Kazza!
I'm so going........... maybe we could all meet up!
posted on 25-Jul-2002 1:45:37 PM by Kazza
Hey Lana,

You've already sent off your cheque, you move fast girl!!! Mines been sent too ..... I'm just hoping to be in the first 150 so I can attend the private party between 7.30 and 9.30pm, that would be cool! Oh and I'm really exicted too, so it's not just you!!

Sarah, meeting up would be really cool! It would be really nice to meet some of you!

Take care

posted on 25-Jul-2002 8:22:41 PM by SmileeUk
*sad* I need help! *sad*

I came home too late & I missed the ep today (25 July) *sad* I checked the TV guide & Roswell is not scheduled for Saturday repeat! Can anyone confirm that???

Can anyone do a tape copy for me? I'll pay for the cost!

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posted on 26-Jul-2002 6:16:47 AM by Angelic
I thought it was on on saturday! Oh and were in Uxbridge do you live??? oh and soppysophs I love going to harrow!!! So yeah I know where it is now!

[ edited 1 time(s), last at 26-Jul-2002 6:18:40 AM ]
posted on 26-Jul-2002 9:16:26 AM by soppysophs
whn you say Harrow, do you mean St.Georges? 'coz me & my friends always go there

Does anyone know where I can buy some Roswell tapes, 'coz there are loads of sites but they are only for Americans?

posted on 26-Jul-2002 2:01:18 PM by Angelic
yeah I mean Harrow on the hill! However I have no idea where to find the roswell tapes!
posted on 27-Jul-2002 6:35:38 AM by SmileeUk
I haven't seen any Roswell tapes on sales in the UK either.
If they are for US market, which series have they got it out??? I may try to get a copy or something.

I don't normally go to Harrow-on-the-hill as Uxbridge has a new shopping centre, Chime & it's pretty cool.
posted on 27-Jul-2002 7:48:35 AM by soppysophs
I dont think US & UK tapes are compatable, something to do with diffrent vidieo recoders.
thanx any-way.
On the Met-line maps, Pinner is two stops away from Harrow-On-The-Hill.

posted on 27-Jul-2002 9:48:47 AM by Angelic
I'll remember that!!! Hayes is on the thames valley railway line on the Hayes and Harlington stop!
posted on 27-Jul-2002 10:04:13 AM by Kazza
Hey guys,

Most new video players will play American Videos.

You need to check your Video instructions booklet and if it mentions you can play NTSC videos then you'll be fine to watch American videos. I have a set of season three videos from my friend in America and I can watch them the same as normal videos.

Oh and I know Harrow and Pinner well .... I live in Watford, not far from either of them!

Take care
posted on 27-Jul-2002 4:20:06 PM by miss_Roswell
ive only seen like 2 eppys of this series :( bc I dnt have sky and yeah most videos play american ones now
posted on 27-Jul-2002 4:54:01 PM by Angelic
I've only been watford once but it was nice!
posted on 29-Jul-2002 8:30:15 AM by Lana Lane
Hey looks like we've got a right party going on here, I've been to watford anybody been to Lincolnshire? If not no offence but don't, its very very quiet and flat. it's okay but give me essex any day.

Also I had to tell someone that I've just recieved a mail from Crashdown conventions and I'M ALL BOOKED UP FOR HEATHROW NEXT YEAR! Wha hoooo! I'm so happy considering that I had to miss the SFX convention due to my Grandma having a stroke. She's fine now and at 84 she loves Roswell and we fight over Max all the time. A right game old bird but she's under strict orders not to wig out on me next year.

I hope to see some of you there and it's now 3 days and counting till more roswell

and thanks for the info Kazza. ta rah!

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posted on 29-Jul-2002 8:53:28 AM by Angelic
I've gone through Linconshire, but uh...*big* there wasn't much about. I wanted to go to the convention next year but I couldn't get anyon else to go!
posted on 29-Jul-2002 12:49:07 PM by Chica
Hi my name is Rebecca and I'm Angelic's little sister! She told me to come here to say hi, coz then she could keep an eye on my on this board *wink*. I love Roswell and am hooked, more so than my sister! I wish it wasn't being canceled coz it rocks!!! *angel*
posted on 29-Jul-2002 1:38:00 PM by Angelic
People please don't listen to my sister! Anything she tells you usally ain't true!
posted on 29-Jul-2002 1:54:12 PM by Chica
*cough* Liar. You lie so bad you nose is as big as ponacho's!!!*angel*
posted on 29-Jul-2002 2:49:12 PM by wild_child_uk
Hey Angelic, drag your little chica to the roswell convention and we will all meet up for a bit there!
posted on 29-Jul-2002 3:14:52 PM by Kazza
Hey guys!

Hey Lana, I got my confirmation for two tickets to the Convention next year too ..... I'm so exicted already!!!! I'm dragging my man along with me!!!*big* *big* *big* He loves it really .... especially if they manage to secure one of the girls like Shiri!!

Can't wait ...... anyone else coming???!!!

Take care

posted on 29-Jul-2002 3:36:31 PM by Angelic
Wild Child that sounds good! I still have to try and get my tickets though!
posted on 30-Jul-2002 5:25:58 AM by chica
It'll be soooooo cool. I wish it would rain. I'm melting, I'mmm mmeeltttinng. *tongue*
posted on 30-Jul-2002 12:22:54 PM by chica
I AM in a mental asluym so excuse any weird things I might say.
posted on 30-Jul-2002 3:05:11 PM by Angelic
2 days till Roswell!
posted on 31-Jul-2002 5:39:11 AM by chica
WooHoo! We're having a party!
Sabrina the Teenage Witch
posted on 31-Jul-2002 2:47:55 PM by Angelic
Guys there is now a board for non American Roswellians! I only brought it up with the other mods yesterday!!!!
posted on 1-Aug-2002 4:16:15 PM by Kazza
Hey guys!

I just heard that William Sadler is going to be at the Convention at Heathrow next May!

I'm so happy!!! He's one of the few Roswell stars I haven't met yet ..... I can't wait!!!!

Sorry, just thought I'd share!!

Take care
posted on 1-Aug-2002 5:32:03 PM by Angelic
That is so cool!!!
posted on 2-Aug-2002 11:05:23 AM by babybunny
Hey guys, since this is an English thread 'd thought I'd pop in and introduce myself.

I'm Saira, 18 and obviously from the UK, lol.

Are many people going to the convention? I've never met any Roswell stars, though I'd love to meet JB.*wink*
posted on 2-Aug-2002 11:16:47 AM by Lana Lane
Hi babybunny (love your story) well are far as I know it's just me and Kazza but it would be so cool if more of us could go. We could make a party out of it or something and I'd love to meet Bill (Jim) too. I'm a sucker for the older guy although if Jason made it there O!M!G! he'd never get out alive would he? Yum! Smallville is going to be there too. Should be interesting to see what happens there.
posted on 2-Aug-2002 1:18:46 PM by chica
Angelic and I should be going. The tickets won't run out too fast.
posted on 3-Aug-2002 10:56:21 AM by Lana Lane
I guess not so that makes 4 anyone else? I'm so happy and excited when I've still got 9 mouths to go. How will I cope? 5 days and counting till all new Roswell
posted on 3-Aug-2002 2:25:58 PM by wild_child_uk
I'm going!!!!!!!
Sent of for my tickets last wednesday!
I'm dragging my mum!!!
I'll be at Uni in dundee and so I'm gonna have to take a flight from scotland to heathrow and meet my mum there. I'll have to take some days off uni as well but hey.... it's Roswell and completely worth it!!!!!!!

We should all say hello to the roswell fanatics board if we are allowed to ask questions like at hte SFX convention!

I was wondering I sent for my tickets on Wednesday... Do you think I willget in the first 150 or not???


P.S Hey Baby Bunny!
posted on 3-Aug-2002 3:03:46 PM by babybunny

Hey guys.

Well I wish you the best, have loads of fun and come back and tell us how it goes*wink*

Wild-child Your all the way from Scotland? Wow, thats pretty far. I can see that your a pretty dedicated Roswell fan.

Lana Lane Thankyou*big* and yeah it would be damn cool if Jason was there, did any of you go to the SFX convention in Blackpool- when Shiri came?

Oh and please call me Saira*wink* I don't know what I was thinking when I came up with that user name. LOL.
posted on 3-Aug-2002 3:14:44 PM by Angelic
Guys should I move this thread into the non roswell forum?
posted on 4-Aug-2002 2:57:59 AM by Lana Lane
Sarah, Scotland? And I thought I was obsessed! I'm so happy that more of 'us crazy Roswell freaks' are going and I sent mine off over a week ago so fingers crossed.

Saria, I take it from your response that you can't come? That's really sad because I would have loved to have met the person who is writing such a wonderful story as you are. A marriage of convience is one amazing story. I was all ready to go to Blackpool but my Grandma had a stroke so we had to go and see her (she's fine) Did you go?

Angelic, YES I think you should move this to the other thread, it makes sense. bye.
posted on 4-Aug-2002 4:16:57 AM by Angelic
Lana thanks! And I'm gonna move it
posted on 4-Aug-2002 9:46:21 AM by wild_child_uk
Hey Saira, I went to the Sfx convention... Shiri was sooo nice!
She couldn't believe all the people that acame to see her!

posted on 5-Aug-2002 2:51:50 AM by Lottyjp

Thanks for the welcome *happy* I guess I missed you when I posted *sad*

Oh well *happy* I've not read all the thread yet *happy* but I will, ;)

I'll be back *happy*

posted on 5-Aug-2002 8:58:32 AM by wild_child_uk
Did any of you know that there is a Wicked show called Roswell on Thursdays... you should all watch it!

Who knowz you might like it!

posted on 5-Aug-2002 9:19:53 AM by chica
Yeh that show is wicked (DUH!!!!)*tongue*
posted on 7-Aug-2002 7:57:13 AM by Angelic
1 day till Roswell!
posted on 7-Aug-2002 2:34:21 PM by Care_Behr

You know what... I think I heard of that show before...

hmmmn... I'm not sure...

Apparanatly there's this buff guy in it? Jason Behr? I dunno!!!

posted on 7-Aug-2002 7:08:51 PM by wild_child_uk
Ummmm ....... yea I think I've heard of him!

And he definatley isn't pinned up all over my bedroom walls! ;)

posted on 7-Aug-2002 7:58:00 PM by Care_Behr
Oh no!!! no-one would ever dream of putting a complete strangers pic on their wall... and that's exactly why my
walls are completely behr of these 'Roswell' and 'Jason Behr' pics!!!

posted on 8-Aug-2002 5:46:17 AM by Angelic
Roswell is today!!!!!!!
posted on 8-Aug-2002 7:49:21 AM by chica
We're gonna see some more brillant, great, undiscribeable Roswell. Party! Party!*bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce*

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posted on 8-Aug-2002 7:55:40 AM by Care_Behr

I have a question...
How long do you think Roswell will last
in our hearts?

I'm 16 and personally I plan on making my children and grand children watch it!!!!

I swear I'll still be watchng it when I'm like 80!!!!

I'll NEVER let it go!!!

How bout ya'll?
posted on 8-Aug-2002 8:31:20 AM by miss_Roswell
I'm so happy to be back my phone lines haven't been working so I haven't been able to come on internet you have no idea how much toture that was so instead I watched ALOT of roswell episodes. I watched Departure the other night and bawled my eyes out I didn't watch EOTW though because I wouldn't be able to cope. Roswell's ontonight for up to date, people living in the 21st Century but in my horrible house I can only dream of it (or just read the transcript at crashdown and look at screencaps) it's very cool that's there's a whole board for non americans.

Also do you have any idea how jealous of the people going to the convention you better all tell me about it and I want every single detail!!! I saw a picture of Jason at thwe moment (playing basketball) and he looked mighty fine!!! Even though he looked like he was growing curtains and perosnally not big fan of curtains so might have to get someone to attack him with scissors!!!

Anyway I'm so glad I'm back *happy**happy* so writtern quite a bit sorry.
posted on 8-Aug-2002 8:38:03 AM by Care_Behr
Welcome back Jo!!!!
posted on 8-Aug-2002 9:07:22 AM by Angelic
Welcome back Jo! Care_Behr I recon its gonna last forever!
posted on 8-Aug-2002 9:49:25 AM by chica
Sure every detail of the convention. But woundn't that make you Green with Envy?
posted on 8-Aug-2002 1:39:15 PM by SmileeUk

I think it'll last for a very long time!!! Me, personally, will make it to my 80s too!

I just love the M&L magic ..........hmmmmmmm.......... *happy*
posted on 8-Aug-2002 2:53:50 PM by miss_Roswell
Thanks for the welcomes back and it will make me green with envy but that is a sacrifice I will have to make because I NEED to know what happens. So every itsy bitsy deatil please. I'm so jealous Roswell starts in like 6 minutes and I can't see it what episode is it today????

Oh yuck sorry but this music on the radio is so bad. Anyway I'm still not sure if I've caught up on all the sotirs I read, probably not. Oh well I'm sure I'll find them some time. Enjoy watching Roswell and dont think of me all alone here sitting in front of my computor with no sky *sad**sad**sad*
posted on 8-Aug-2002 2:56:40 PM by miss_Roswell
You know how some mums make their kids eat green vegtables well I'll MAKE my kids watch roswell. My husband is going to be made to watch them as well if he wants to marry me. Roswell will NEVER DIE with us around!!!!
posted on 8-Aug-2002 4:17:13 PM by Care_Behr
Ditto!! It's gonna be like compulsive!!!

I am trying to save money for the convention, but it doesn't seem to be happening.

Plus, apparantly, Roswell comes out on DVD soon, So I want that too!!!

*sob* I need a job!!! *sob*
posted on 8-Aug-2002 4:22:17 PM by chica
I'm gonna make my kids and grandkids watch as homework and write there own fics. It'll last till I'm 100!
posted on 8-Aug-2002 4:26:40 PM by miss_Roswell
ROSWELL IS COMING OUT ON DVD!!!!! NO-ONE VER TOLD ME THAT!!!! I'm SOOOOOOOOO Happy now seriously Amie you have made my day. Made my year!!! WOHOO!!!! *bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce*

When are they out and how much. OMG I think I'm hyperventilating!!!!*bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce*
posted on 8-Aug-2002 5:43:35 PM by wild_child_uk
Hey peeps,
Roswell DVD's are gonna be on sale in like November. I think that is what BEx said and you can find them at or com.
How did ya find the eppie then??

posted on 9-Aug-2002 6:34:46 AM by Care_Behr
I heard, they will be coming out in October... I don't know how much, probably the same as Buffy or something...


The Max and Liz, scene was soooo cute, when Max said he needs more convincing... awwwww.

I felt for Max when those people kept asking him why he was out... at night... on new years...

Is it just me? Or did the ending, with Max and Maria seem that it was made forthe Max/Maria shippers?
posted on 9-Aug-2002 9:44:10 AM by Dia
I'm just found this thread (how slow am I?!LOL) I live in Battle, East Sussex. Anyone heard of it? Battle of Hastings, 1066 and all that!

I loved the episode last night too! It was so cute *happy* I was really confused at the beginning though. I felt really bad for Michael, but I can understand what Maria was saying.

Roswell on DVD in November!!!! Yey... I have waited so long for it. Heehehehe Yipee *bounce*

I thought that ending and the beginning was kinda for the polarists and the Maria and Max shippers too! ICK sorry to any polarists or Max and Marai shippers *happy*

Dia xxx

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posted on 9-Aug-2002 11:37:25 AM by miss_Roswell
Hey Dia welcome to us crazy english people!

I'm so happy about the DVD's now YAY!!! I only have a DVD player on computor (only actually got one DVD and that's Lord of the rings) but we're getting one when the price goes down. We're so cheap! But I can't WAIT for that! Will we only be able to get them by Net??? I hate buying things from the net, oh well.

Yeah I haven't seen eppy but read script and seen screencaps and they're kinda mean to Max. None of them ever go out though! It's probably because in America you have to be 21 to drink and in England even though you're meant to be 18 no-one really gives a s*** so many people start going to pubs when they're like 15 or 16. Anyway that's not really important. I hope they bring out S3 eppsidoes on DVD because I don't have 2 of them *sad**sad**sad*

Yay! It's friday today the weekend is upon us and the football season starts tomorrow! EXTRA YAY!!!!

Sorry if this popst was kinda strange I'm ina weird mood today
posted on 9-Aug-2002 2:06:39 PM by SmileeUk
Welcome Dia! (Can I say that? As I have joined the Asian forum as well???!!!)

Roswell DVD ...... yappie ......... *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* You made my day!!! I have taped the Sky version & BBC version & I can't decided which one to keep as they are slightly different ( a minute here & there) I missed an ep in S3 too. If it's on DVD, life will be a lot simpler!! Yappie!! *bounce* *bounce* *bounce*

Last night's ep - I love it! It's a bit of every one as in S1 & they all do so well in their little part. I agree with Amie about the M&L scene where Max needed more convincing *big* I love it! *big*

Don't you think Max & Maria have over-done it by walking hand-in-hand into the party? I also like the fact that Kyle finally realised he loved Isabel. No excuse for Jesse not being at home for new year's eve.

Overall, I love this ep!
posted on 9-Aug-2002 2:39:27 PM by Angelic
WELCOME DIA!!!! I loved last night epy! I'm so glad that Liz's dad finally got over himself. Jowever my mum pointed something out to me earlier that I wanted your opinion about. Ya see in Roswell in the middle there is one nice episode befor it all goes to well.... shit to be blunt!

Season 1: Sexual Healing

Season 2: first half of heart of mine (up till the Max Tess
kiss! Yuck!)

and this season it seems to be last nights episode. So guys fromnow on bad things are gonna happen. I haven't really read spoliers on what happens (ya know episode guides that sorta thing) I kinda know what is gonna happen but for you who don't sorry! I just think that its nice that they put in a sweet group type episode but I know now that something bad is gonna happen after!

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posted on 9-Aug-2002 7:41:04 PM by miss_Roswell
I just wanted to mention when SmileeUk mentioned Max and Maria 'over did' it (this is meant trying not to offend you just wanted to say how I see that) was just both of them (Max more than Maria) weren't available (even though Maria and Michael have broKen up they aren't over really) so them holding hands was just them I suppose telling people that.

before I go I know this is meant to be a happy place and all but don't you think it's really awful the thing with the 10 year old girls that are missing at the moment. Their parents must be going through hell. *sad**sad*
posted on 10-Aug-2002 7:55:14 AM by chica
I know I'm 10 and I'm not allowed out with my frieds cos of it. And Angelic your right and I have spoiler's cos I got told some. It's so fun. But it has a sad and open ending.
posted on 10-Aug-2002 10:01:57 AM by SmileeUk
You know what I mean - they showed Max & Maria holding hands in the opening scene to make it a cliffhanger so that you would stay on & try to find out what actually happened. But if you really think about it, they didn't need to hold hands at all even they were walking uphill.

Anyway, some good news for everyone:
Roswell is repeated on Saturday Sky 1 2pm!!
Yes, 2 pm!!
Repeat - 2pm!!

I just watched it YES! YES! *bounce* *bounce* *bounce*

(I wish someone told me what time it was as I missed an ep 2 weeks ago!)

(and yes, Jo, I feel sorry for their parents too. I still hope they can be found safe & alive.)

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posted on 11-Aug-2002 1:44:29 PM by babybunny
I liked the Max/Maria interaction, its very rare when we get to see them bond at all.

And yeah I hope they find the girls soon*sad*
posted on 11-Aug-2002 6:14:12 PM by Angelic
Thought I'd pop in and say hi!
posted on 12-Aug-2002 11:38:17 AM by wild_child_uk
Hey guys,
Sorry haven't been around. My bestfriend was killed in car accident on thursday. Things have been tough.

I had an e-mail today about the Roswell Dvd, thought you guys would like to see it.

posted on 12-Aug-2002 1:52:08 PM by chica
I'm sorry to hear that Sarah.
Roswell DVD's are on my Christmas List as of now and Roswell is about to down hill with Evil Gerbil returning (by that I mean Tess) and she...............
I don't want to spoil this ending!!!
posted on 12-Aug-2002 1:53:54 PM by Angelic
I'm really sorry. If I can help in any way I will. I'm sure that goes for everyone else here too!
posted on 12-Aug-2002 2:45:14 PM by miss_Roswell
Oh Sarah that must be so horrible for you. I'm really really sorry. I know that it must be so hard for you and her family, I'm so sorry.
posted on 13-Aug-2002 9:03:36 AM by willowbv
I'm sorry for your loss Sarah

Roswell : I love the max and maria interaction, I'm a dreamer the whole way but I like max and maria together, they interact well

help uk roswell fans get roswell reruns on sky by signing the petition ⊕

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posted on 13-Aug-2002 12:11:21 PM by Lana Lane
Sarah Thinking of you. I'm so very sorry.
Thankyou so much for the link.
posted on 13-Aug-2002 12:17:10 PM by chica
I'm sure everyone's really thinking of you Sarah I'm really sorry.
posted on 13-Aug-2002 12:31:02 PM by Lana Lane
willowbv originally wrote:

Roswell : I love the max and maria interaction, I'm a dreamer the whole way but I like max and maria together, they interact well

I second that. I know that they were only playing with us and I had a heartattack to begin with but it was a fun espisode. I loved reading what I'd missed while I was in hospital (except one piece of terrible, heart breaking news) I've missed you all and it's 2 days and counting till a new Roswell you know that show that we're all totally obsessed about!

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posted on 13-Aug-2002 1:58:57 PM by babybunny
Sarah she was your best friend? I real for you hun*sad* I understand that it must be tough. Hope with all my heart that you feel better soon and I'm sure your friends in a better place.

Those who are Max/ Maria supporters- do you have any idea why their shipping is called Ground Zero?

posted on 14-Aug-2002 4:17:02 AM by Chica
I third what willowbv said. I'm at true dreamer but Maria and Max bonding was a sort of old twist.

I mean they used to always bond cos of Liz and you hardly see it anymore!

posted on 14-Aug-2002 3:07:31 PM by Angelic
Are any of you guys going to Reading Festival? I'm going on Saturday to see SUM 41! They so rock!
posted on 15-Aug-2002 6:26:45 AM by Dia
Hi guys!

Sarah I am so sorry about your bestfriend *sad*

I don't mind Maria, Max interaction and I especially loved it at the start of season 2 after Liz left for the summer and the 'girlfriend' relationship...but I dunno. Just in this episode it kinda felt weird. Does that make any sense?

LOL So SKYone are doing repeats of Roswell now? Yey. Hey does anypme here like Vanessa Carlton's new song 'A Thousand Miles?'. I love that song *happy*

Dia xxx
posted on 15-Aug-2002 6:55:43 AM by chica
Dia, I love Vanessa Carlton's - A Thouand Miles! I did think the Max/Maria interaction was weird but very rare and nice to see. *angel*

If you like Buffy there's a board with stuff about 7 season it has lots information. *big*
posted on 15-Aug-2002 12:15:20 PM by wild_child_uk
Hey guys.
Thank you for your kind words, they mean alot to me.

She was my best friend since infant school. I still hasn't really hit me yet, I keep thinking I can phone her up and chat but I can't. I can't explain. I just trying not to think about it. Bad idea I know but..

I live close to Reading, it's a cool place, the festival is always fun. I usually go.

Hope you have fun.
posted on 15-Aug-2002 2:15:42 PM by SmileeUk
Sorry to hear that, Sarah.

My uncle (my mum's youngest brother) also passed away recently & it's not the same without someone close.

I am thinking of you.

posted on 15-Aug-2002 2:47:04 PM by chica
Sarah, are you going to go to this year's reading festival?
posted on 15-Aug-2002 5:33:34 PM by Angelic
Tonights episode was great! If Max was in bewitched he would be soooooooooo funny!
posted on 15-Aug-2002 6:26:55 PM by SmileeUk
I have to agree with Angelic.

I like this ep too better than I thought. I just wished Liz was the main character in bewitched! *happy*
posted on 16-Aug-2002 7:18:17 AM by chica
I was laughing at that epy I wish it had been M/L cos that would have been sooooo funny!
posted on 16-Aug-2002 1:10:36 PM by willowbv
totally loved the ep and it was nice to see max in a shirt that wasn't dark blue or really dark when him and michael were flicking the t.v. on and off. he looked very nice*happy*

posted on 17-Aug-2002 2:06:47 AM by wild_child_uk
Hey guys, do you have your tickets come though yet? just wondering..
posted on 18-Aug-2002 5:54:12 AM by chica
I ain't going to it but Angelic and Razieal are going to the festival on Saturday and have they're tickets already.
posted on 18-Aug-2002 11:25:34 AM by Angelic
Is anyone else geting there G.C.S.E's on thursday? I am and I'm getting so nervous! For that matter, how did it go for you guys who got there A Levels last Thursday? That pass rate this year was 94% which is high! I hope you all did well! I hope I do next year. I'm taking English, history, biology and chemistry. In fact I can't wait to go back coz I haven't been to school apart from tests since May 1st and I'm so board!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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posted on 18-Aug-2002 12:01:27 PM by chica
I've don't want to talk about school yet but as Angelic said the pass rate was 94% but some say the exams were much easier than last year which I don't think is true.
posted on 19-Aug-2002 7:10:35 AM by babybunny
Just because people are doing better- doesn't mean the exams are easier. They're never happy...can't it just mean that people are trying harder? because I definetley know how hard people worked to get grades this year.

It just makes me mad. Grr.

Anyway I got AAC.Those who are getting results on Thurs good luck*wink*

Oh speaking of Thursday- ch-ch-changes is being aired. Can't wait.*bounce*
posted on 19-Aug-2002 7:26:12 AM by chica
I know what you mean but as I said I do not believe it. Well Done babybunny!

I can't wait for Thursday. How many of you are Dreamer's?

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posted on 19-Aug-2002 8:20:21 AM by willowbv
I am a dreamer to the max!!! max and liz forever!!!
but liz still needs to have a few words with him about Tess, I mean if my boyfriend cheated on me, I would'nt rush back into his arms, there would be a few issues to discuss
posted on 19-Aug-2002 9:49:40 AM by Angelic
3 days till Roswell!
posted on 19-Aug-2002 10:07:12 AM by chica
willowbv your right. I might not go back to him untill he'd proved he'd loved me like singing a song from below my bedroom window. *cheesey grin* Or cut an arm or leg of for me.
posted on 19-Aug-2002 5:52:42 PM by wild_child_uk

Well done Babybunny! A-levels were a bitch, I took them as well. I got BCCC. And I got into Dundee. What uni did you apply to or didn't you.

Good Luck Chica for Thursday, I remember getting my G.s.c.e results. They are always better then you think they will be. I thought I had failed all of them but I didn't!

BTW, I am a first class, grade A dreamer to the core. But you guys are right Max should be doin some groveling... also when is the Future Max thing gonna come up??

What I was wondering is Kazza, have you tickets forthe Roswell convention come though?? Cos mine haven't. I have read on the website that they were gonna send them nearer the time but I thought I read that you were in the first 150 and so have yours... am I wrong??

posted on 20-Aug-2002 3:51:54 AM by chica
I'm not gettin my results Angelic is but cos she's my sister I'm nevous anyways!
Though I've been told I could pass at the age of (inaudable whispers)

P.S What's the Convention website cos I forgot

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posted on 20-Aug-2002 8:05:32 AM by Angelic
chica originally wrote:
Though I've been told I could pass at the age of (inaudable whispers)

What ya mean 10?

Well done Wild Child thats really cool! And well done for getting into Dundee! Me I wanna go Bristol to do Chemistry! But I have 2 years left to wait....

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posted on 20-Aug-2002 12:29:21 PM by chariZmatic
Hey Guys its me- BabyBunny

Angelic- I'm from Bristol! LOL. ts a great uni, but I wanted to live away so I didn't apply there.

Sarah- Well done hun*happy* I'm going to take a gap year then I'm off to Birmingham next year. Where are you from originally? What subject are you taking? I'm going to take psychology.

posted on 20-Aug-2002 2:15:09 PM by wild_child_uk
oo Saira, I'm from Swindon, it's well close to you! I went to a few psychology conferences in Bristol. I'm doing American Studies and History.
What are you doin in you Gap year, I wanted to do Camp America but I was too young by 13 day... pain in the ass!
Never mind.
posted on 20-Aug-2002 2:35:30 PM by Kazza
Hey guys,

Sarah, Sorry I haven't replied earlier. I am in the middle of packing as I'm moving in the next week, and I'm surrounded by chaos and boxes!!!!!

No, I haven't got my actual, physical tickets for the convention yet. I do, however, have an e-mail confirmation which has my ticket numbers in it (in the 30s).

I think they're not going to send out the tickets till nearer the time, probably a month or two beforehand. Are you going to stay at the hotel or nearby, or do you live close enough to commute each day? I live close enough to commute each day, about 30 minutes drive away, but I'm seriously considering staying over so I can really enjoy it.

I'm so excited, I can't wait!!! I really hope they manage to get Nick (Kyle) along too. I know Jason B would be so cool, but I don't think he'll come. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!!

Ok, back to packing!!

Take care
posted on 20-Aug-2002 2:40:31 PM by Angelic
Are yes the question of whether to live away from home or not. The way I see it for me its cheaper to go to a Uni away from coz I live in London and we all know how much rent in London can be. Bristol is a good Uni and kinda cheap, but if I don't go there I wanna go Brighton or um.... I don't remembers its name but its a uni in Wales! Either way I wanna do Chemisry. For the last 2 years I've been doing triple science, coz I love it (expect Physics!) Any way I've pretty much done all the A level work for it already, and found that easy so I have to do it. Unfortuantly I also wanna be a childrens doctor, so I'm gonna do Chemistry then a PHD. And as thats gonna cost me an arm and a leg in books living away from home is a great idea. Of course I don't even begin to choose for another year...
posted on 20-Aug-2002 6:21:36 PM by babybunny

Sarah- That is darn close girl! Your my virtual neighbour. LOL. I really haven't planned anything yet. Its kinda a long story but I was meant to go to Brummyland this year, they wanted BBB, I got AAC but because they wanted a B in each subject I didn't get in, but they offered me a place for next year. Stupid. I know.

I'm prolly gunna travel a bit, work and getta bit of work experience.

Angelic- I was thinking of going to UCL in London, but the expenses kinda put me off and plus its not a campus university. Your going to do chem? Well all I can say is good luck to you...its not an easy subject.

Bristol is quite a nice place to live. When I go to London for a few days, the difference is quite amazing. Bristol is a lot more quieter and countryish, yet its got enough nightlife aswell as being quite modern.You'll prolly like it.

posted on 21-Aug-2002 3:49:05 AM by chica
Kazza - Did you say only 30mins? That's close. Where do you live now that it only takes so short?

Ain't braggin but for Angelic, Razaeil and I it only takes 20mins! Thats only in bad traffic and by bus!

Vicky is it Aberisweryth or Swansea?


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posted on 21-Aug-2002 7:13:57 AM by Angelic
I've been Bristol before and I love it. Not all of London is buzy. Where I live its dead, nothing happens!!!! And yeah the one in Wales I woudn't mind going to is Aberisweryth!
posted on 21-Aug-2002 12:39:22 PM by moonie

I just thought I'd introduce myself... I live in southampton which is in hampshire, (heard of it????)and I'm 16!

I might be going to the crashdown convention, but I don't know whether I can afford it.

roswells tomorrow!

so thats all I can think to say...

posted on 21-Aug-2002 12:47:19 PM by Care_Behr
hi and welcome...
posted on 21-Aug-2002 1:18:03 PM by SmileeUk
Hi Moonie, welcome!! I was living in Southampton ages ago! Love the place!

Many congratulations to babybunny & Wild-Child_UK! Well done! *bounce*

Good luck to Angelic (or should I say well done!?)
posted on 21-Aug-2002 1:54:20 PM by Kazza
Hey Chica!

I live in Watford, just have to jump on the motorway to get to Heathrow, it's really straightforward and even I can't get lost driving!!! (My sense of direction is terrible!)

So, who's looking forward to Roswell tomorrow night??!! I have to say I've already seen Ch-Ch-Changes and it's very cool!!! Won't give any spoilers away though!!!!*big*

Take care
posted on 22-Aug-2002 3:38:29 AM by chica
Kazza I know what happens in Ch-Ch-Changes I read a site which has every episode on it cos it's American. I can not wait! It's tonight!
posted on 22-Aug-2002 4:26:52 AM by Razeail
Well in about half an hour me and Angelic are off to get her GCSE results. Just wanted to say good luck to the rest of you getting your results today.
posted on 22-Aug-2002 5:47:40 AM by Care_Behr

I am also only half an hour away from venturing out of my house to pick up my results...

Ugh... can you say scared?

No-one's in my house, they've all gone to Margate... bastards!

I can't wait for Ch-Ch-Changes... I've heard it's one of the best eppy's... I know I'm gonna cry for some of it though... I already know wha happens too!

Good bless transcripts!

posted on 22-Aug-2002 6:07:57 AM by Angelic

Sorry I had to get that out. So I have to go back up in 2 hours. I didn't have long to wait but now it seems like a loooooooooooooong time!!!

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posted on 22-Aug-2002 8:42:39 AM by Care_Behr
well..... I'm back.... sense my disappointment?
posted on 22-Aug-2002 9:04:13 AM by chariZmatic
oh oh. Guys how did it go??

Carebehr. I'm sure they weren't that bad...

Gah. I hate results day.
posted on 22-Aug-2002 9:28:01 AM by Care_Behr
chariZmatic originally wrote:
oh oh. Guys how did it go??

Carebehr. I'm sure they weren't that bad...

Gah. I hate results day.

Not bad?


*insert sarcastic laugh*

I'll tell ya them if you promise not to
laugh at my dumbness...?
posted on 22-Aug-2002 10:17:56 AM by babybunny

Its me again. (ChariZmatic)

::gives you a big hug::

If you need to talk or anything. You have my Aim....I think*wink*

I'll promise not to laugh...

But still its not the EOTW. You can always resit and/or do better in you As's. Thats IF you've done badly. LOL.

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posted on 22-Aug-2002 10:24:39 AM by Care_Behr
thanks... I'm just... really disappointed in myself...

For anyone that cares, here's what I got:

(Speaking and Listening): E
I.T: F (Even though I'm sure I aced the exam... the foundation level was so easy!)

SCIENCE: Double award: DD


R.E: C

Now tell me those don't suck!!!

Jeez, I never knew I was so dumb!!!

Excuse me while I go wallow in my self pity and bow my head in shame!
posted on 22-Aug-2002 11:04:01 AM by babybunny
Carebehr. you got a couple of C's didn't you? Thats not bad.

And dont call yourself dumb!! I know people that have done awful- like totally failed all their GCSE's and then gone onto get A's in their A levels.

And about that foundation paper. Its easier to get a couple of marks and pass the higher tier/ middle peper. In foundation you've got to get quite a lot right. If you think you've been marked unfairly, just ask for a remark.

But truthfully, Exams don't measure intelligience, they measure memory....

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posted on 22-Aug-2002 11:08:58 AM by Angelic
Hi everyone! Ok so I got,

(Speaking and listening:B)
English Lit:B

Not too bad eh?
posted on 22-Aug-2002 11:10:05 AM by Angelic
Oh and Care_Behr that is like better than most of my school! My bestfriend went into most of exams... lets just say I thinkshe failed them!
posted on 22-Aug-2002 12:13:48 PM by Lana Lane
babybunny originally wrote:

But truthfully, Exams don't measure intelligience, they measure memory....

DITTO to that and CONGRATULATIONS to everybody and your far from dumb Amie.

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posted on 22-Aug-2002 12:57:10 PM by chica
Well Done everyone! That's to everyone who got results this summer!

Ch-Ch-Changes airs 2hrs 5mins! *angel**angel**angel*
posted on 22-Aug-2002 1:30:12 PM by Care_Behr
one hour and 30 minutes left!!!!
posted on 22-Aug-2002 1:54:43 PM by SmileeUk
babybunny originally wrote:

But truthfully, Exams don't measure intelligience, they measure memory....

Amie, I agree with babybunny. Watch Roswell tonight to get back to your happy mood! We are here to share anything, ok. You have us!

BTW, many congratulations to Angelic!
posted on 22-Aug-2002 2:38:59 PM by Care_Behr
20 minutes!!!
posted on 22-Aug-2002 2:42:30 PM by wild_child_uk
Roswell in 20mins!
I'm not sure whether I wanna watch..... not very dreamer friendly... I have a low tolerence level for things that make me sad. I had nightmares for like over a year when I accidently read Chrisken's Whom amoung us. (Max and Tess if you haven't read it)
I will tape it though and then grab a pillow and fast forward though the sad bits!!!
I'm so pathetic!
Well done y'all on you results and Amie, just so you know Babybunny is so right, a friend of mine got U's on all her G.S.C.E'S except Maths which she got a D and she just got back her results for A-levels and did better then me.... she got CBB! I was so proud and not even a little jealous.... honest!

posted on 22-Aug-2002 2:50:57 PM by Care_Behr
Awwww thanks... you guys rule!!!

10 minutes left!!!

Sarah, I know what ya mean about the ep, I'm getting ready to bawl my eyes out... still watching it though... lol...
posted on 22-Aug-2002 2:54:18 PM by chica
Bawling ain't the word! Crying an ocean!

8mins and I'm sitting there through it ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dreamer friendly or not!
posted on 22-Aug-2002 2:55:29 PM by Care_Behr
5 minutes!!!

How sad am I?
posted on 22-Aug-2002 2:56:48 PM by chica
4mins! I'm getting really *bounce*
posted on 22-Aug-2002 2:57:59 PM by Care_Behr
gotta go...



posted on 22-Aug-2002 3:00:16 PM by chica
It's starting after these few commerials!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted on 22-Aug-2002 3:02:59 PM by chica
It's starting now!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm bitting my knuckle!
posted on 22-Aug-2002 3:28:11 PM by wild_child_uk
LoL you are too funny!
I have to recording in my room.. I don't wanna cry. My brother has his friends round and I don't wanna look like a dork cryin at a tv show. Even if it is the best programme in the entire world and the other shows should be bowing down in awe! lol

I've gone mad, yes I know!

posted on 22-Aug-2002 4:44:47 PM by Angelic
OMIGOD..... Ok so I didn't watch it, but I was out to dinner with James (Razeail) and my parents went out to dinner to celebrate my results. My sis did better than me (not Chica, my older sister. Oh and I have a brother too!) But I did beat her in English and History whoohoo! I still can't believe I passed Physics, but I so fucked up chemistry! I was supossed to get an A* but only got a D... never mind. But I passed DT, when I fell asleep in that exam after 20 minutes!!!!!!! Maybe I should have tried harder at that.....

Oh Becky and Amie you too are soooooo weird *big*. Specialy you Rebecca. For future note Becky cheats in the game of life and sulks when she loses snakes and ladders!!!!!

Any hoo, I'm gonna go surf round the site and jump for joy for my results, and you should too Amie!!!*bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce*


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posted on 22-Aug-2002 5:54:09 PM by Care_Behr

posted on 22-Aug-2002 7:06:41 PM by SmileeUk
I love this epp too. I am so glad Liz aired her frustration and Max needed to know he's not fully forgiven. Let him grovel more!

I feel sorry for Michael though. The way Maria dumped him, slept with him & told him that was 'spontaneous' just wasn't nice at all *sad* He's right to tell Maria to see other friends for her problems. Way to go Michael! Somehow I have the feeling that Michael would always love Maria & watch out for her.

7 days & counting!!! Can't wait for the next epp!

*bounce* *bounce* *bounce* and please don't tell me what's coming up next! I tried to avoid any spoiler for a long time now!
posted on 22-Aug-2002 9:17:12 PM by Lana Lane
I loved tonights episode just is much as I love coming here and catchning up in what's been posted. You guys are so funny. I can't wait for next weeks even though I know what happens how sad is that? On a side note has anybody got there crashdown convention tickets yet? I'm still waiting I guess I'm too impatient just needing them in my hot little hands pronto so it can finally sink in 6 days and counting

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posted on 23-Aug-2002 7:08:31 AM by chica
Me? Weird? No Way!

But I'm the youngest here and I didn't manage to cry! I came close but didn't! I just bit my knuckle every time a sad part came up!
posted on 23-Aug-2002 8:53:57 AM by Care_Behr
I have just put in 'Roswell' in and It said that the boxset will be released on November 26th... Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!

I can't wait!!!!
posted on 23-Aug-2002 1:43:23 PM by Angelic
That is so cool! Its just in time for my birthday on the 3rd of december!!! Whoo Hoo!
posted on 23-Aug-2002 1:50:10 PM by Care_Behr
posted on 23-Aug-2002 2:08:28 PM by chica

I want it for Christmas! But Angelic is!

My bithday is in just over a month and I'm getting the Roswell Convention Ticket as a present!
posted on 23-Aug-2002 3:15:12 PM by Angelic
haha becky! I'm getting it!!!
posted on 23-Aug-2002 4:10:48 PM by chica
Wait until I get my hands on you!!!!!
You'll be SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted on 23-Aug-2002 6:57:08 PM by wild_child_uk
All these questions..... lol

The tickets for the convention are getting sent nearer the time but if you wanna know anymore then go to

If you register for the latter tell them I sent you!

So who's definatley going then?

So after much convinceing, mainly just my urge to see Jason B, I watched changes and I must say I felt strangely refreshed after listening to Liz have a go at Max. It's about time girlfriend.. now time to make him grovel lots and lots I say!

So the summer is nearly over! What am I gonna do when I go to Uni... I won't be able to spent like 8 hours a day here! The cheek of it!

Later peeps

posted on 23-Aug-2002 7:07:15 PM by babybunny
LOL. Whos gunna be at the convention?
posted on 24-Aug-2002 2:04:38 AM by wild_child_uk
I am I am!!!!!!!!!
posted on 24-Aug-2002 3:28:46 AM by Angelic
Guys I'm not around today coz I'm off to READING!!!!! Whoo hoo! I'm gonna go see SUM 41 and Foo fighters!!!! I soooooooooooo can't wait. I'll tell you all bout it when I get back!!!!!
posted on 24-Aug-2002 6:00:58 AM by chica
I'm going cos I'm getting the ticket for my b-day!

Ohh! Did Razeail mention HE WENT TO SCHOOL WITH A FAMOUS BAND!!!!! But I don't remeber which one?!?!?!
posted on 24-Aug-2002 6:26:23 AM by Care_Behr
All you Dreamers!!!! Come play 'connection Records'... the links in my siggy!!!

please join!!!
posted on 24-Aug-2002 7:38:05 AM by willowbv
Care_Behr originally wrote:

she totally didn't get any answers but what could he say that would make her feel any better. As a dreamer that episode was soo sad but it had to happen. I cried but not as much as in END OF THE WORLD or DEPARTURE. Liz was totally right max always hurts her and then thinks that saying sorry will just make it go away, life isn't just that easy.
And Maria and the whole Michael thing. Okay I was okay when she broke up with him but to sleep with him knowing what he would think? that was not good. And is it me or is her clothing getting shorter and shorter. In the New Year ep when she was wearing the really short skirt and now in this ep when her short or skirt whatever it was was the same length as her coat. What is up with that.
I can't wait till next weeks ep*happy*
posted on 24-Aug-2002 10:55:18 AM by chica
I don't feel the last ep gave enough hatred on the whole Max/Tess thing. He got off lightly cos she didn't look like she was finished with him.
posted on 24-Aug-2002 12:48:56 PM by wild_child_uk
Hey people!
I am soooooooooo jealous, I live 20 mins from Reading and am I going noooo!!!!!

Whats's this about someone going to school with someone famous?? I went to school with Billie but that is almost like hangin my head in shame then braggin! lol

The latest eppie was really sad esipicallly when she shu the window and he mouthed I love you.

But she should have sorted this crap out earlier, I mean why take him back if he was only gonna keep whining bout his son. I must have been well hard on Liz and it's true that she must have been reminded everytime he bought it up. Personally I wouldn't have got back with him till he had grovelled for years! ;) Ok it is Jason Behr what am I sayin.. of course I would have got back with him!

Anyhoo, how are all ye?? Looking forward to the convention? I am! I hope they get Nick to go. Lets just hope Isaho stays at home shall we!

Mine you I must say I liked her hair in I married an alien, I thought she looked really nice.
But why oh why are they writing about her, didn't they get the memo sayin that we don't give a s**t bout Katie Ho.

Anyway later y'all

posted on 24-Aug-2002 12:58:04 PM by babybunny
No I meant out of the Roswell cast. LOL. Is Jason gunna be there?

You guys better take loadsa piccies.
posted on 24-Aug-2002 1:10:15 PM by wild_child_uk
I doubt he will be there.
posted on 24-Aug-2002 1:27:22 PM by chica
I'll take a camera, babybunny!
posted on 24-Aug-2002 7:02:38 PM by Angelic
I've been and I've returned! But before I tell you about my day I must clear something up. Up untill the age of 8 James (Razeail) went to school with Steve from SUM 41!!!! But at 8 he moved to England from Canada with his parents!!!!!

Ok so now on to reading. First off we got LOST!!!! Ahhhhhhhh! Expect we were heading in the right direction but were told to go the other way. That and James read the map the wrong way! I told him but nooo he wouldn't listen. Ok then after 20 minutes of walking we got in and queued for our wrist bands, and then entered the grounds at about lunch times. The first band we saw was the libertines. They were ok. Then we sae Midtown and they rocked!!!! After that we saw goldfinger who were pretty good! Then A, who were f*****g awsome. Starbucks rocked, and James and me sang along to "nothing" (the song not actually nothing), which finished their set. Afterwards we saw Rivals Schools, but left half way through to go see SUM 41!!! They rocked like nothing else and was the highlight of my trip. I was jumping about and doing the sum 41 salute and everything. Half way through the set I looked up on the big screen, and some girl and climbed up on her boyfriends shoulders and got her tits out. It wasn't a pretty site I can tell you!!!!! After this we had dinner and the queued for 2 hours to get Sum 41 autographer that we never got. Ok that pissed me off a lot, but we got to listen to the get up kids, face to face, and saves the day. I'm really up set about the signatures coz we queued for 2 hours then they weren't taking any more just as we got real close, and we stood for an hour of our time get soaked coz it rained. I got to see them though, which was a cool thing. But the weirdest thing of today was that I got toliet paper at the toilets at lik 5 in the afternoon!!
posted on 25-Aug-2002 5:14:33 AM by Care_Behr
I think David Beckham used to go to my school... I know he Definately worked over at our local dog track about 10 minutes away from my house before he was discovered as a football player... Actually... yeah I'm sure my head teacher once said he went to my school...

Angelic: Glad you had fun, toilet paper? at 5pm? MY GOSH!!!! lol..
posted on 25-Aug-2002 5:47:03 AM by Angelic
I know I was as suprised to at the paper being there!!!
posted on 25-Aug-2002 6:04:52 AM by chica
Sounds like you had a wicked time! But I don't care!
posted on 25-Aug-2002 6:27:11 AM by Care_Behr
chica originally wrote:
Sounds like you had a wicked time! But I don't care!

lol... That's nice...
posted on 25-Aug-2002 7:28:57 AM by Angelic
Becky your like really evil!
posted on 25-Aug-2002 7:49:27 AM by Care_Behr
I second that... naughty naughty becky...
posted on 25-Aug-2002 9:49:48 AM by chica
What?!? Are we starting a hate Becky Club now?!?!? Hey can I join?
posted on 25-Aug-2002 12:11:18 PM by Angelic
posted on 25-Aug-2002 12:12:07 PM by wild_child_uk
I'll join!!!!! Can I be president???
Just jokin babe!

I love Goldfinger!! I'm so jealous that you got to see them!

posted on 25-Aug-2002 12:20:17 PM by chica
Your all making laugh! Thanx Sarah!

Care_Behr I joined Connection Records. I'm still waiting for the first record!

By the way call me Bex! Chica is a cool screen name but I prefer Bex

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posted on 25-Aug-2002 6:35:28 PM by WR
Hi everyone,

Chica suggested I visit this page, so I thought I'd drop in to say hi.

I live in Hampshire, about 45 minute train ride from London.

I don't get excited on thursdays, because despite the fact I have Sky One, I've already seen all of series three!

As you are doubtless aware, I enjoy writing. If anyone hasn't read any of my stories, and would like to do so, visit my site at The Stuff of WR

I love feedback, so please send it, even if it's constructive criticism.

Take care, everyone.

(ps - Chica, details of the UK Roswell convention?)

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posted on 26-Aug-2002 4:48:10 AM by chica
WR - The details of the Roswell Convention are as follow:

Friday 23 - Sunday 25 of May.
The Stars at the moment is Jim Velenti (Don't remember his name!)
It's at a hotel near Hethrw Airport (I'll look it up.)

Thats all I think!

Oh and you B*******!!!!!! Mine you I could be sad and download them all... But nah!
posted on 26-Aug-2002 9:05:17 AM by Angelic
Guys I'm home, from staying at James house. Also I would like to say that Sarah you have to be Vice Presidant of the bex hating group!!! Oh and Gold Finger were really cool! James liked them alot too!!! But I throughly sugest that you all see Midtown coz they were soooooooo good!
posted on 26-Aug-2002 9:54:35 AM by chica
Can I be Tresurer? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?????
posted on 26-Aug-2002 1:08:19 PM by Care_Behr
The first song is posted!!!
posted on 26-Aug-2002 1:31:17 PM by Angelic
I've posted my connecion already!!!
posted on 27-Aug-2002 4:41:10 AM by chica
So have I!
posted on 27-Aug-2002 1:02:00 PM by chica
Hello?!?!?!? Anyone here?!?!?!*sad*
posted on 27-Aug-2002 10:08:08 PM by wild_child_uk
I'm here just lurkin!
God it's like ten to three in the mornin

posted on 28-Aug-2002 4:21:10 AM by chica
Geez Sarah!!!!! I was in bed 9:30!!!!! but is cos I'm the littlest here! But your terrible!!!!!

Oh and if Miyagwa posts here... please make him welcome. He's my uncle who's new and hasn't posted here yet!
(Please ingnore the 3 posts if you try to read the posts it comes up with nothing!!!!)

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posted on 28-Aug-2002 10:51:18 AM by wild_child_uk
Ok oK Let me get this sorted out... Angelic is your sister????
How old are you???
How old is Angelic???? 16... 17?
I'm lit confused!
posted on 28-Aug-2002 11:41:03 AM by Angelic
I'm 16 sarah and becky is 10 almost 11

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posted on 28-Aug-2002 12:14:03 PM by chica
11 on the 25th of September!!!! To be exact!!!!
posted on 28-Aug-2002 3:30:53 PM by Care_Behr
wow!!! Bex is 10?!?!? You would never know... She speaks so maturely. wow!
posted on 28-Aug-2002 4:11:57 PM by Angelic
Becky, mature???? Have you got the right girl? Her and the devil are one and the same!!!
posted on 28-Aug-2002 4:22:06 PM by Care_Behr
lol.... my bro's the same... he's 11. he is Antarian_Prince on here! ugh he annoys me soooo much!!!

You know what I mean though, the language she uses is more mature.
posted on 28-Aug-2002 5:22:44 PM by Angelic
Yea I know what ya mean, she can be mature when she wants to!!!
posted on 28-Aug-2002 6:26:02 PM by wild_child_uk
wow!!! Bex is 10?!?!? You would never know... She speaks so maturely. wow!

See that's what I was thinkin... I couldn't believe she was only 10, I thought I had read it as a mistake!!
posted on 29-Aug-2002 5:38:38 AM by Angelic
Nope, its correct. It says so on her birth certificate!
posted on 29-Aug-2002 9:17:48 AM by chica
or it it did last time I checked!
posted on 29-Aug-2002 11:46:49 AM by chica
If you want to see future eps go to this site:
posted on 29-Aug-2002 2:22:08 PM by Care_Behr
What stores in Oxford Street sell the meet the stars and pop quiz roswell books?

This is urgent cause I'm going tomorrow to buy them.

Roswell in 38 minutes!!!
posted on 29-Aug-2002 2:36:32 PM by chica
don't know of any... Roswell in 35mins!!!!!!!

Also this is the 300th post!!!

I feel a celebratory woohoo, coming on...


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posted on 29-Aug-2002 3:59:30 PM by Angelic

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posted on 29-Aug-2002 4:09:31 PM by Care_Behr


posted on 29-Aug-2002 4:12:50 PM by Angelic
I know this is really bad! Last week was sad, but this week I'm jumpinmg up and down and chewing my nails in anger!!!
posted on 30-Aug-2002 4:53:27 AM by chica





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posted on 30-Aug-2002 6:44:30 AM by Sarah_helen
Hey*happy* I'm veeeeeeeeeery late to this thread but I'm also from England!! Berkshire, near London*happy* but like loads of people I don't have sky:( so my main pass time is to make up plans to kill the bbc and take over the world forcing everyone to watch roswell!! lol*tongue* anyway! HI!
posted on 30-Aug-2002 7:10:54 AM by chica
Hi Sarah! hope you enjoy your stay! 6 days and counting!!!

posted on 30-Aug-2002 11:05:45 AM by babybunny
Heheh. I take it you guys are spoiler free. WOW.

Well I already kinda knew what was gunna happen. I have no will power.

Is Tess in the next ep? Or the ep after?
posted on 30-Aug-2002 1:04:29 PM by chica
I think it's the ep after.. and I'm not spoiler free it's still sad though!
posted on 30-Aug-2002 2:08:45 PM by miss_Roswell
Sarah_helen originally wrote:
but like loads of people I don't have sky:( so my main pass time is to make up plans to kill the bbc and take over the world forcing everyone to watch roswell!!

totally with your sister. Instead of reading Shakespear we would have to study roswell (I sure as hell don't mind studing Max!!!)

I'm back in England and I love my holiday and everything but I'm so glad to be back in England. It's just so normal and easy. England is great and it takes being in another counrty to realise that but I'm happy to be home.
posted on 30-Aug-2002 3:13:46 PM by chica
Glad to here it miss_Roswell!!!!!!
posted on 30-Aug-2002 6:20:06 PM by wild_child_uk
Yo peeps!
Can you believe that I missed Roswell on Thursday??? What kind of fan am I!
That's it people just shoot me now.

What am I like!

Thank god its on tomorrow! I will have to come home on my break and press record! Oh how funny!

Can you believe that CEO Shaft is gonna send me the un aired pilot!!!!!!!! How cool is that!!!

So did you guys all have a good summer?? When you say what you did this summer are you like me and gonna have to say........ well I was on the Roswell Website like the entire time!!!!!!!

Opps! I shuld have been doin overtime for uni but no! Who wants to sit on reception or a checkout at Tescos when you can read Roswell fanfics!!!!!!! lol

Bye for now!!!

posted on 30-Aug-2002 7:02:48 PM by babybunny
Heh. Sarah I feel your pain. Really I need money for uni too but I'm quitting my job. Doesn't really make sense. Oh well.

I work on Thursday nights and got home halfway through Roswell. I had to record it on three different tapes. LOL. Do they show the repeats on Saturday? I thought it was Sundays . . .and an unaired Pilot?? Not fair!! I want it.
posted on 31-Aug-2002 5:13:33 AM by chica
Download it babybunny!!!!!
posted on 31-Aug-2002 4:22:11 PM by babybunny
Oh oh. Do you know where I could download it from?
posted on 1-Sep-2002 4:35:00 AM by chica
I have a downloading programme called Kazaa and you can download anything anyone else is sharing...

and no, I don't know where to get it!!!
posted on 1-Sep-2002 12:37:36 PM by SmileeUk
unaired pilot ????!!!! I WANT that too!!! Tell me where I can a copy!!!

I also missed the 1st 15 minutes from Thursday so I taped it on Saturday (2pm Sky 1).

Max is dead!!!??? I saw Max's body that turned into ashes, WOW! So if his alien spirit goes into Clayton's body, does it mean he becomes Dolly the sheep??? You know, the genetic engineered sheep. An alien king in a 78 year old body?! What can Max do??

4 days and counting!!! *bounce*
posted on 1-Sep-2002 1:36:00 PM by Angelic
Just thought I'd stop in and say hi!
posted on 2-Sep-2002 12:49:06 PM by wild_child_uk
God I can't wait till Chant Down Bablyon!

It's supposed to be *gasp shock*

.......a dreamer eppie!!!!!!!!!!

3 days and counting!

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posted on 2-Sep-2002 2:02:24 PM by chica
But Max is dead... Is he in that old man's body?
posted on 2-Sep-2002 3:51:34 PM by wild_child_uk
Yeah I think I understood it as Max's soul is fighting Claytons in Max's body. But Claytin is basically in control but Max is drivin him crazy with thoughts of Liz, so Clayton goes to kill her.

I could be wrong, oh well we will see on thursday!
posted on 3-Sep-2002 6:20:54 AM by Care_Behr
Ooooh, you know that Majandra Delfino movie I told some of ya'll I'd seen? 'Shriek if you know what I did last friday the 13th'? IT'S ON TV!!!! The bad news is that it's on Thursday..... AT 8PM!!!! But there's always repeats right? I think it's on Sky Movie Max 4... it's definately on movie max something... I just saw the advert... lol... just thought I'd let ya'll know...
posted on 3-Sep-2002 6:25:33 AM by Angelic
I don't get sky movie max (my parents didn't see the point in getting the move channels coz we never watch em'!)
posted on 3-Sep-2002 7:31:29 AM by wild_child_uk
Don't worry the film isn't very good you aren't missin much!
posted on 3-Sep-2002 2:38:54 PM by Angelic
No fair I have school tommorow!!!!
posted on 3-Sep-2002 3:04:38 PM by chica
The world's smallest violin is
playing the world's saddest song just for you!

I'm gonna be sittin here till Thursday!!!! HaHaHa!!!!!!!
posted on 4-Sep-2002 7:47:53 AM by Angelic
Ok so I've already been to school today.... half a day rules!!!!!! I start full time tommorow though we don't come in til ten...

But Ok the real bad thing is I can't do ENGLISH AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! It clashes with Chem and I loooooooooovvvvvvveeeeeeee chem, so now I'm doing phycology instead!!!

[ edited 1 time(s), last at 4-Sep-2002 11:13:57 AM ]
posted on 4-Sep-2002 1:55:09 PM by miss_Roswell
I was back at school today *sad* half day as well which was cool. They have to bring us back SLOWLY. But the thing they do to you on half days are make you sit through LONG, BORING ASSEMBLIES!!!! I HATE THEM SO MUCH!!!! So anyway I wont sit here and rant on about school.
posted on 4-Sep-2002 3:10:57 PM by chica
Tell me bout it Jo! I ain't back to tommorow (Thursday) but I just want to see my friends! I'm starting my last year of primary! Biggest in the school!*big*

posted on 4-Sep-2002 4:51:26 PM by Angelic
Jo I know what you mean, our new head of 6th form kept going on and on!!!!!!
posted on 4-Sep-2002 6:43:32 PM by wild_child_uk
I go back end of Sept!!!! Mwahahaha!!!!!


Just so you know!*big**wink**tongue**big**wink**tongue*

posted on 5-Sep-2002 1:48:19 PM by leaving_normal
Hey, just thought I'd add my name to the list of English Roswellians!

I'm from Harrow, near where Kazza lives (Watford). Anyone near me?

And college starts tomorrow :( I've had three months of summer hols and it still doesn't seem anywhere near enough. Well, last year of college then it's off to Uni, lucky me. I'm thinking of applying to Brunel Uni in Uxbridge, if theres anyone out there who can help me out on this whole uni thing it would be more than appriciated. I wana study business, I did well in my AS levels (4 A's), and if anyone knows of any good business unis either leave me a msg or bmail me! Thanks a lot!

Roswell's on in an hour and 15 minutes *happy*
posted on 5-Sep-2002 2:51:25 PM by chica
Hi leaving_normal!!! I live a in Hayes which is a 40min bus ride... the 140... heard of it???

12mins till Roswell!!!

Had to go back to school today*sad* but was ok... I saw all my friends... that was good... singing happy song!

Me in a mental sylom!
posted on 5-Sep-2002 3:29:04 PM by miss_Roswell
First day(well full day) back went okay. Managed only a few sarky comments to teachers, didn't have an assembly so thats good (got it tomorrow though I think I might be a little late!) I got bloody homework though. Evil cow of a teacher. Chica have fun in your last year in primary school,next year wont be so great the whole school just takes the piss out of year sevens well they do in my school. But you dont notice until yur older and out of being year seven. God whata patronising cow do I sound like. I'm sorry I know how annoying that can be with an older brother. Glad you had fun with your friends. I know now that al of your are sitting in front of your telly's watching gorgeous Max and I'm sitting here wishing I had sky. Oh well. Tell me if its good.
posted on 5-Sep-2002 4:01:05 PM by Angelic
posted on 5-Sep-2002 5:19:28 PM by wild_child_uk

If you want info on Uni's then go to

Hey everyone!!!!!

I'm going to Barcelona for a long weekend and so I'll be back on Tuesday! Don't miss me to much ok! lol

Tonight's eppie was sooooo cute!!!
Max was lookin fine!

Hope you all enjoyed it!

posted on 5-Sep-2002 5:36:31 PM by Angelic
Have fun!!!!

leaving_normal, my boyfriend, my sisters boyfrined, my sister, my mum and my dad ALL wnt to Brunel!!!!! In fact my sis is about to start her second year! I'm gonna try to break the evil cycle that I'm stuck in!!!!
posted on 5-Sep-2002 5:48:55 PM by Cass of the Netherworlds
Hey guys, I live in Bath, in the South West. I was surprised (and pleased *happy*) that there are so many of us English Roswellians out there. Don't get me wrong, Americans are great, but it's nice to se people who are at the same place Roswel-wise. They all know what happens before we do! Anyway, wasn't tonights episode great! I'm so glad Jesse knows...but what's he going to do?
Anyway, got to go - school night and all. I've only been back two days and it sucks already! No more staying up late for all the people in different time zones to post. *sad* Bye

P.S. He's ALIVE!!!!! *big**bounce* *big*
Sorry, I just had to say that. (Embarrassed smile.)
posted on 5-Sep-2002 6:00:50 PM by wild_child_uk
Cass of the Netherworlds
The whole reason I started this thread!!!
Everybody... the person lives really close to me!!!!

I live in Swindon!!

Which school do you go to?? I used to go to Stonar School I dunno whether heard of it and if so... don't hold that against me! lol

I know a ton of people from Bath...


posted on 5-Sep-2002 6:39:19 PM by Cass of the Netherworlds
My friend's mum teaches at Stonar! I know loads of people in Swindon! This is so cool! OK, I'll stop using exclamation marks now.
I go to Bath High, by the way. Where do you go? Anyway, nice to see someone from the South-West.
posted on 5-Sep-2002 7:00:23 PM by wild_child_uk
Ooo who's your friends mum???
I know Bath High! Ohmygod this is so cool!
Is it you guys that wear the blue check skirts???
Or is that Royal High?? Dunno

How old are you then?

I'm 18 I'll be going to uni in sept. I've just finished Stonar!

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posted on 6-Sep-2002 8:05:29 AM by Angelic
Just poping in to say hi (lunch breaks are so cool you can go home!)
posted on 6-Sep-2002 9:44:33 AM by Brook
Hiya everyone,
I just popped in to say hi. I am from Essex, Romford to be exact. Any one live near me?

I loved that eppy yesterday.

I had my friend stayed over last night and we watched it
with my mother. I am so happy Max is alive.

I am not looking forward to see the gerbil coming back.

Anyway I better go and read some fanfiction.

Bye all

posted on 6-Sep-2002 9:59:43 AM by Care_Behr
Hi Brook!!! *Waves*... I'm kinda close... Walthamstow? Know it? My cousins and aunt and uncle live in Romford...
posted on 6-Sep-2002 12:57:56 PM by chica
Thought I'd pop in say hi! I've been at school so haven't had the time to post here!
posted on 6-Sep-2002 7:31:08 PM by Dr Luvs Patient

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posted on 7-Sep-2002 6:53:33 AM by willowbv
hi, I've been visiting this thread for a while and haven't really posted a lot about myself.
I'm 17 and live in Leeds. Right now I'm going through the whole fill in your personal statement trying to convince the uni admissions people why I should study English and Psychology at their uni and choosing my six unis.
I've narrowed it down to Manchester Met., De Montfort in Leceister and Lincoln (still hunting down my other three). Any one been to Leceister or Lincoln?
posted on 7-Sep-2002 7:05:15 AM by chica
No I haven't... But I'd liked to...

Does anyone here like Sliding Doors??? I'm trying to find a fic on it but I can't do you know any?
posted on 7-Sep-2002 5:46:24 PM by miss_Roswell
I've seen sliding doors, I used to have it on video untill someone spilt jam or something on it and ruined it. It's a great film I love James in it. But I haven't seen any fics on it sorry.
posted on 8-Sep-2002 10:05:56 AM by chica
Oh well *sighs* I've started to write my own now any way! Will you guys read it?

Can't wait till Thursday!!!
posted on 9-Sep-2002 5:20:21 PM by wild_child_uk
I got into Mancehester Met! But I'm not going there.

How is everyone! I just got back from Barcelona!

Absolutley Wicked and Spanish men.... nice! ;)

English men..... v.drunk!


posted on 10-Sep-2002 12:08:25 PM by chica
Really... Ok... I'm fine!
posted on 11-Sep-2002 5:25:47 PM by wild_child_uk
Hey where are all my fellow Roswellians gone???

I'm soooo excited! I've just booked my flight from Dundee to Heathrow for the Convention and I've booked into the Holiday in for the weekend... I'm sooooo looking forward to it!

Where are you guys stayin etc???

posted on 12-Sep-2002 12:26:42 PM by chica
I'm staying at my house, travelling by bus/car (don't know yet!) and gonna enjoy myself!
posted on 12-Sep-2002 12:28:20 PM by moonie
just thought I'd tell everyone that I saw the trailer for swimfan on tv last night. I've seen it twice now, both times on channel 4 at around 10:45 pm. I just thought you'd like to know. because I was getting worried that there wasn't much advertising for the film going on. but hey I've seen the trailer and it looks good!

posted on 12-Sep-2002 1:31:23 PM by chica
Cool Moonie!!!
posted on 12-Sep-2002 2:05:41 PM by wild_child_uk
Dunno whether you guys watch Dark Angel but it;s comin soon on Channel 5!
posted on 12-Sep-2002 4:17:00 PM by miss_Roswell
I saw the trailer for swimfan, I'm not sure I want to see it, I'm one of those strange people who likes to kinda think of Shiri and Jason as Max and Liz and seeing them in other films and stuff with other people. MNy friend said she read a review of it and she thinks it looks really really good. The film I REALLY want to see is A walk to remmeber with Mandy Moore in it. I'm hopefully going to see it on sat.

Oh in Swimfan is it shiri or the blonde girl who goes pysco???
posted on 13-Sep-2002 12:28:44 PM by moonie
I just went on, (which tells you when all the latest dvds and videos are out) and it said that roswells gonna be released on 26th november!!! it doesn't say how there selling it. e.g: whether its a box set of each season or a few episodes. and it also doesn't say whether its dvd or video. but I think its good news!

posted on 13-Sep-2002 12:44:33 PM by chica
miss_Roswell... Angelic and Raezeil have gone to see A Walk To Remember!!!
posted on 13-Sep-2002 2:23:02 PM by miss_Roswell
Good news about the roswell dvd??? That's FANTASTIC NEWS!!!! Wohoo will they seel it in England or just over internet????

Was A walk to remember good, I heard that it's sad will I have to take extra tissues and waterproof mascara???
posted on 13-Sep-2002 7:15:33 PM by wild_child_uk
Oo I just saw the SwimFan advert!!!!


Can't wait to see it!
posted on 14-Sep-2002 10:53:17 AM by chica
What rating is Swimfan?
posted on 14-Sep-2002 3:07:35 PM by willowbv
swimfan is a 15 and I too have seen the trailers on t.v. and in the cinema and it looks really good. I'm going to see it the day it comes out with my friends after college.
went to see A Walk To Remember on Friday and yes I cried, some bits were really really sweet. Mandy was ok, definitely better than Britney was in crossroads. But the one that totally impressed me was Shane West, the guy who plays Landon...good actor and was totally hot in this movie.
posted on 14-Sep-2002 4:45:09 PM by miss_Roswell
I saw A walk to remmebr today. It was really really good but SO SAD!!!!! I CRIED MY EYES OUT!!!! Shane West is really really hot. And I was very impressed. I didn't even think of Mandy as a singer turned actor I just forgot about it. It was a very good film though.
posted on 15-Sep-2002 10:25:23 AM by chica
If you cried your eyes out you wouldn't be able to type cos you can't see!!!
posted on 15-Sep-2002 1:17:52 PM by Angelic
I saw a walk to remember on friday. I cried so hard for about 45 minutes!!!!!!!!! But I loved every minute. Razeail kept moaning it wasn't as good as the book!!!!
posted on 15-Sep-2002 1:49:27 PM by wild_child_uk
Oh I so wanna see 'A walk to remember'! I'm going to see Signs tonight.. my mummy wants to see it! Lol I'm 18 and I still can't say no!
Mind you it might have something to do with her telling me she would take me to TGI Fridays! *yummy*

Hope y'all are alright!

posted on 15-Sep-2002 2:18:37 PM by miss_Roswell
My brother saw signs and said it ws good. He went wiht two girls and said they got very scared.

Oh A walk to remmebr is so sad I started crying well I don't want to ruin the story but I started crying less than half way through (I knew the ending kinda) and didn't stop until the end. Everyone should go see it and I haven't read the book I have wanted to for ages.
posted on 15-Sep-2002 3:30:18 PM by chica
Hiya'll!!! It's my b-day in 10days!!! I'm gonna be 11, 11, 11!!
posted on 15-Sep-2002 4:57:02 PM by miss_Roswell
it's my birthday a week tomorrow.
posted on 15-Sep-2002 6:19:02 PM by wild_child_uk

There was me with my mum walking into the cinema going to watch 'Signs'... (good film BTW).

And guess who was in the in front of us in the queue??

Prince William!!!!!!!

As in future King of England... Prince William!!

I was like huh! He turned and smiled at me!!!!!...
At me!!!and then he went and watched 'The Guru!'

He had a bodyguard and everything!!!!!!

Ohmygod.. Ohmygod!

Ooo Ooo and I saw the advert for Swimfan... it's alot longer than on TV..... she doesn't die at the end does she??? (shiri that is)


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posted on 16-Sep-2002 10:48:17 AM by chica
I'm fraid she dies!!!

But you met Prince William!!! Did you get anything signed?
posted on 16-Sep-2002 11:27:07 AM by wild_child_uk
Ohmygod does she really die???? That's so sad! Can you b-mail me and tell me what happens! I don't want to spoil it for other people!

posted on 16-Sep-2002 12:29:56 PM by moonie
if you wanted to find out the end of swimfan, go to and it'll tell you exactly what happens in the film and how it ends. its where I go to find out the end of all the films as I have to know what happens before I watch them. I can't stand surprises!

posted on 16-Sep-2002 4:10:20 PM by Angelic
Jo you MUST read the book!!!! I've read 2 books now by sparkes and there so good (a walk and the rescue). I'm bout to read a bend in the road. He was the guy who wrote the book turned film message in a bottle with kevin kosna (can't spell).

Wild child holy s***! That is so cool seeing prince william!!!!!!!!
posted on 17-Sep-2002 3:46:24 PM by miss_Roswell
I know I shoudl read the book but I'm not I want to. Soem how I think it might spoil the film. I don't really know I'm chatting rubbish.

You're so lucky I never see anyone famous (actually if anyone intrested Spencer from BB3 is coming to a nightclub in bedford on fri and the netx week it's the rainbow ppl! wow!) I've onyl ever met some guy that use to be in casulty johnathon somthing. My friend was in London and she and her mum decided to go to harrods to see what they couldn't afford and guess who was there. THE BECKHAMS!!!!! All three of them! So not far. God if I saw david beckham I would not be able to control myself!!!
posted on 17-Sep-2002 5:16:47 PM by Angelic
Well now there are now 4 beckhams....
posted on 18-Sep-2002 2:21:23 PM by chica
That don't matter! But I've never met eny1 famous!!!
posted on 18-Sep-2002 4:19:54 PM by miss_Roswell
Yeah but when she went there, there was only three of them.
posted on 21-Sep-2002 7:15:41 AM by willowbv
I went to watch swimfan yesterday and it was good.

PLOT: the plot was like fatal attraction for teens, lacked originality and they could have made it more complex...saying that some bits were really good like Madison throwing Amy (Shiri) in the pool and when she gets all psycho.
First reaction: Opening sequence, I thought, no way, she (Shiri) is not sleeping with him in a car!!

RATING: okay who in their right mind would cert this film as 12A?!! I for one would not let my 12 year old sister or anyone under 12 go see this movie. I would have prefered a 15 cert so we could see action I.e. when she runs Shiri off the road and when she hits Ben's best friend with a baseball bat.

SHIRI: I was a little disappointed because though Shiri was like the girlfriend, it wasn't a role that really allowed her to shine. I couldn't help it, I had to make comparisons between M&L and Amy and here boyfriend. It was too much like a deja vu. He cheats on her, just like Max with Tess, only Tess didn't go psycho and as usual she takes him back. Amy however did what Liz should have done and slap him (a little harder than Amy did by the way) and ask him why at the beginning instead of taking him back and then asking him why he cheated on her. I felt no sympathy at the beginning for Ben (her cheating boyfriend) because he had no reason to cheat on her, Max had the whole I'm a confused leader-my soulmate slept with her ex-and aliens might be responsible for the death of one of our gang-and Tess is my former wife issue, this guy had no such history. So when Madison went pyscho, I was all for it...u do the face the pyscho. But after she beat his friend down with a baseball bat...he went back to being the faulted good guy in my books.
The last scenes where she kidnapped Amy were the best...and she (shiri) doesn't die although you're not sure till the last second.
All in all, I'd say go see it, just to see a guy cheating on his girlfriend get more than his share of vengance, Erika Christensen plays an excellent psycho and of course for Shiri.
Good movie but I wouldn't go see it twice...I'd buy it one video though

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posted on 21-Sep-2002 1:44:47 PM by chica

You really should read a walk to remember!!! It is sooo sad but sooo good!!!
posted on 21-Sep-2002 1:58:45 PM by Care_Behr
I took my brother to see Swimfan today,
(Lana, we're still going right?) and we both LOVED it!

And the nice ticket attendant gave us two posters each! awwww

I thought the film was really good and I would go see it again and I will get it when it comes on DVD...

posted on 23-Sep-2002 7:30:25 AM by wild_child_uk
Hey Everyone!

I'm going to see The Sweetest thing tomorrow night, then Swimfan the next night! Can't wait!

Just wondering... Someone made a comment on the Other Shows part about Alias.. Is it on English tv again???
Also Dark Angel is back on! Wahoo!
Channel 5 at like 7!
Isn't it great!
posted on 24-Sep-2002 4:52:32 PM by Angelic
Please don't hate me but.... I really didn't like swimfan!!!! I thought it was slow to get into it and coz of that I couldn't enjoy it.... Sorry!!!! However.... I'm gonna see Papa roach in november as well as Avil Lavigne!!!!!!!!! *bounce**bounce**bounce* Oh and on saturday I'm taking bex to chessington!!! Whoohoo! Its for her birthday. Its tomorrow!
posted on 25-Sep-2002 2:38:03 PM by Angelic
I know I aint been around much lately coz I just noticed that wild child is now a mod for this forum!
posted on 25-Sep-2002 3:40:05 PM by Care_Behr
Avril Lavigne?!?!?!?! WHERE?!?!?! I wanna go!!!! I LOVE Avril Lavigne!!!! When and where is she playing Vicky?!?!
Is it just her or other artists performing?!?!? I soooo wanna go!!!
posted on 25-Sep-2002 3:44:59 PM by wild_child_uk
I'm listenin to Skater Boi!
I love Avil Lavigne!

I just watched Swimfan....

She had a boyf who cheated on her... but she forgave him and they got back together...

She works as a waitress....

She loves a brown haired, brown eyed boy...

Sound familier....

Just wonderin...
posted on 25-Sep-2002 4:05:19 PM by Care_Behr
He was a sk8er boi
she said see ya later boi
he wasn't good enough for her

Now he's a superstar
slamming on his guitar
does your pretty face see what he's worth...

I'm lovin it lovin it!!!

but hey,
I'm a sk8er girl, where's my sk8er boi?!?!?

LOL... I am a sk8er... I'm serious...

I agree with some ppl about swimfan, although Shiri rocked it wasn't a part that seemed like it was MADE for her...
like the role of Liz Parker was... y'know... like when Shiri acts as Liz, you could believe Liz Parker was a REAL person...

Did you like the film though Jo?
posted on 25-Sep-2002 4:21:25 PM by miss_Roswell
What film??? it was my birthday on monday and I got 'A walk to remember' as a book. I know I know I'm like obsessed its just I've read a few stories that reminded me of it okay actually only Go ask Elizabeth by ashley (if anyoen hasn't read that shame on you and you shoudl it's BRILLIANT kinda sad though so if you dont like sad endings dont read it!) tomorrow I have a bloody geography trip ahhhh we do like the same hing every single year they're so boring!!!!!!
posted on 25-Sep-2002 4:27:45 PM by Care_Behr
posted on 25-Sep-2002 5:21:50 PM by Angelic
I can't remeber when avil lavigne plays, but its in london somewhere....
posted on 26-Sep-2002 11:14:16 AM by Angelic
Roswell is on today!!! Whoohoo!
posted on 26-Sep-2002 5:32:55 PM by leaving_normal
Hey Everyone,

I am so slow, I know, it's terrible! I havent posted in here's me catching up!

I saw 'A walk to remember' and 'Swimfan' on the days they came out. A walk to remember made me cry so much! Even my boyfriend shedded a tear (altho he won't admit it!) I thought Shiri in Swimfan was excellent again, but I'm not too sure it was the best film I've ever seen! T Am I going mad or was the guys best friend in swimfan who that evil b*tch killed the same actor as the guy in A walk to remember? One of Landon's best friends?

Chica I ride the 140 to Harrow Weild all the time! It's so weird to think how close we live together!

Angelic I went to see Brunel at the weekend, it's looking like a definent yes!

Wild_child_uk Prince William! You are soo lucky!

Four Aliens and a Baby OMG, I know some ppl may disagree but I loved this episode! Everyone gave TEss a piece of their mind.. .the baby was soooo cute... Liz and Max are great together again... Their parents know!!! It reminded me a bit of 'Destiny', although I have to say Destiny was a lot better. I loved so many bits in this episode though, my fav quotes being 'Why isn't she dead yet," "Max wouldn't let me" and when Liz says "Get up Bitch!" omg... I would have loved Liz to kick her ass all the way back to Antar!

Anyway... my ramblings... must get back to writing that personal statement!

posted on 27-Sep-2002 8:28:38 AM by willowbv

Am I going mad or was the guys best friend in swimfan who that evil b*tch killed the same actor as the guy in A walk to remember? One of Landon's best friends?

you are not going mad, he is the same guy and he was also Billy, Maria's ex-boyfriend in the BEHIND THE MUSIC episode of roswell

Four Aliens and a Baby OMG, I know some ppl may disagree but I loved this episode! Everyone gave TEss a piece of their mind.. .the baby was soooo cute... Liz and Max are great together again... Their parents know!!! It reminded me a bit of 'Destiny', although I have to say Destiny was a lot better. I loved so many bits in this episode though, my fav quotes being 'Why isn't she dead yet," "Max wouldn't let me" and when Liz says "Get up Bitch!" omg... I would have loved Liz to kick her ass all the way back to Antar!

totally agree with you on the whole ep, I totally loved it. but what was up with Maria's little flick hair and that jacket they had max wear? who told him the green and blue go together?
anyway, I loved Tess she was really great to have back and I'm gald Liz finally made the choice to forgive Max. my favourite other quote was Tess, "I was raised by a killer!" - my response, SO WHAT, GET OVER IT!
anyway, can't wait till next week, final ep...ever. I'm so going to cry.
p.s. did anyone watch the last ever ep of the X-FILES after?

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posted on 27-Sep-2002 11:14:22 AM by Brook
I loved 4 Aliens and A Baby.
I loved watching Liz used her powers on Tess and sent her flying. Tess look shocked.
I am glad the parents know.
It was sad at the end where Max watched the baby and his parents drive off.
Max and Liz are great together.
I can't wait till the last eppy. I am sad to see it all end.

Oh I watched the last ever X-files it was great. At last Mulder kissed Scully. The baby was Mulders. I had a feeling thatwas the case
Cancer Man is dead.*happy*

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posted on 28-Sep-2002 5:46:14 PM by Angelic
leaving_normal originally wrote:
Angelic I went to see Brunel at the weekend, it's looking like a definent yes!

I was there on wednesday with my 6th form! Its was ok, but I'm leaning more towards swansea!!!!! But thats not for 2 years yet!!!
posted on 29-Sep-2002 1:41:58 PM by leaving_normal
Thanks for clearing that up about the actor, I didn't realise the guy played Billy as well!

I'm still thinking about Three Aliens and a Baby... I've never really liked Tess, but looking at it now, she gave the whole series a bit of an 'edge' factor. Everyone hated her because she got between Max and Liz, but we'd all tune in every week to see if Liz would kick her ass! I think she did the best thing blowing herself up... but Max giving up his baby was soo sad. He looked so heartbroken when the car pulled away, and Liz was so great, holding his hand and everything. I was wondering why Diane and Phillip couldn't have raised the baby? I can't believe one more episode and thats it... so much could have been done with the series and with characters... I feel really bad for saying this but maybe they should have brought Tess back for longer, earlier in the series instead of the whole Jesse/Isabel storyline. They could have made the whole coming back from antar thing two episodes long... it would have been so great for them to bring back Alex as well... btw where did Brody go?

posted on 29-Sep-2002 3:54:06 PM by Care_Behr
Vicky, could you try and get me some details about the Avril Lavigne concert please... I really wanna go!
posted on 30-Sep-2002 3:03:14 PM by miss_Roswell
I haven't seen 4aliens and a baby yet I'll prob see it sometime next week but I can';t wait. I am going to CRY MY EYES OUT when I watch graduation just thinking about it makes me upset. Oh well all good things coem to an end and there is alwaysn the fantastic fiction out there.
posted on 30-Sep-2002 3:27:47 PM by Angelic
Amie I will get details from my friend tomorrow for you!!!
posted on 3-Oct-2002 4:08:31 PM by Care_Behr
Can't talk right now!!! Too upset!!! Too many tears!!!

*runs off crying, screaming "NooooooOOOOOOOOOO!!! It's not over!!! IT'S NOOOOOTTTT!!!!!"

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing... DENIAL!!!!
posted on 3-Oct-2002 4:51:48 PM by leaving_normal
OMG... Graduation... They left... It's all over!

I can't believe it... *sad* I agree with Care Bear, its time to enter denile!
posted on 4-Oct-2002 8:18:52 AM by willowbv
I felt sooo short changed!! how could they just give us an hour!...well I'm grateful that we got a third season at all. I cried for like ten minutes after and my brother came up stairs for the sole purpose of laughing at me while I cried, I didn't care anyway*happy*
Loved the max and liz proposal and the wedding,it was so sweet and micheal telling maria he loved her and then driving off...that was soo typically him*happy* I would have like some like cool alien power show-down with the secret unit, at least flinging some guys in the air or something. but OMG, it's over...
posted on 4-Oct-2002 8:39:31 AM by wild_child_uk
I'm back!! Can't believe I'm in scotland for university! Missin my parents a little... not much! lol

I haven't seen Grad yet but mum's sendin it to me soon hopefully!

Can I just say that I loved Tess in 4Aliens and a baby! I thought she kicked ass! Don't get me wrong, I hate what she did to Max and Liz but I thought she rocked in this eppie.

Max and Liz wot more can I say......... excellent!

posted on 4-Oct-2002 4:20:25 PM by Angelic
What can I say..... Its gone... no more.... sanity slipping away.... going crazy... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted on 4-Oct-2002 5:02:06 PM by Care_Behr
Angelic originally wrote:
What can I say..... Its gone... no more.... sanity slipping away.... going crazy... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey, Vicky, did you get the details?

Y'know the concert?
posted on 6-Oct-2002 5:27:07 PM by Angelic
Girl Chez is gonna get the info 4 me tommorrow. I think the tickets are like 12.50!!!! You can b-mail her. She's 'The Charmed One'

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posted on 7-Oct-2002 8:26:15 AM by willowbv
has anyone visited Brunel university?
posted on 7-Oct-2002 10:24:11 AM by Angelic
yep 2 weeks ago!
posted on 7-Oct-2002 2:04:28 PM by leaving_normal
willowbv Yeah I visited Brunel two weeks ago, I really liked it! Loadsa night lif, as well as good courses. I visited it to do business undergraduate, and for that course its really good. UCAS forms have to be in by Oct 15th *sad* I'm still not sure where I'm applying to!

posted on 8-Oct-2002 4:14:03 AM by willowbv
leaving_normal originally wrote:
willowbv Yeah I visited Brunel two weeks ago, I really liked it! Loadsa night lif, as well as good courses. I visited it to do business undergraduate, and for that course its really good. UCAS forms have to be in by Oct 15th *sad* I'm still not sure where I'm applying to!


You and me both*happy* Brunel has my course, I want to do English and Psychology, I wasn't considering a London university but it looked really good, so it's an option. The deadline for UCAS forms, is that for Brunel or is it the deadline ⊕ your college?
posted on 8-Oct-2002 9:37:48 AM by Angelic
I lved about 10 minutes by bus from the Uxbridge campus of Brunel!
posted on 9-Oct-2002 11:26:25 AM by wild_child_uk
I'm having the best day ever!
I have my lap top back from the uni and they have installed the campas intranet! Which basically means.... I have free Internet in my dorm room for an entire year!!! I'm never gonna do any work!!! Just sit on this website all the time!

posted on 10-Oct-2002 11:45:07 AM by Angelic
I can just imagine!
posted on 10-Oct-2002 3:47:06 PM by chica
Hiyall! Been caught in work and 11+ practice tests!

I live all of 10mins on a U4!!! That's from Brunel!

Waht's your guys IQ? If you don't know here's a link to a test:

I've started a new fic hope you all read it!

See ya!
posted on 11-Oct-2002 9:34:40 AM by wild_child_uk



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posted on 11-Oct-2002 11:09:41 AM by chica
Kyle is coming to the convention!?!?!?!

posted on 11-Oct-2002 12:49:21 PM by Angelic
***Jaw drops open*** Kyle is coming?!?!?!??!

**Faints on the floor!***
posted on 11-Oct-2002 7:10:05 PM by wild_child_uk
I know I know!!!! How amazing is that gonna be!
posted on 12-Oct-2002 3:50:33 PM by chica
I soooo love the fact I'm going!!! It is the coolest thing that happened to me!!!!!
posted on 12-Oct-2002 5:12:12 PM by wild_child_uk
Hey can someone tell me where I can download eppies please, like the actually www address

posted on 13-Oct-2002 5:17:39 AM by chica
Sorry can't help you there!!!!

Where are you staying Sarah for the convention???
posted on 13-Oct-2002 6:40:33 AM by Care_Behr
It may be cool that Nick is going to the convention... but my little brother is gutted... He was really hoping that the second person to go was going to be Shiri... He was all excited and now he's not... Don't get me wrong, we both love Nick too... But when I told him he was going all he said was "Oh, are we still going?" In a perky voice but I could tell by his face he was upset...
posted on 13-Oct-2002 11:59:23 AM by chica
Tell him not to lose hope!!!
posted on 13-Oct-2002 3:47:27 PM by wild_child_uk
Ahh! I don't know where I'm staying yet! Opps!
I have the flight from Edinburgh booked but no hotel!!
My mum is gonna book it I think!
I can't believe I'm draggin my mum with me! lol
Never mind!
That is all the Roswell people going I'm afraid Chica, but three more Smallville people are going.. Shame I don't actually watch Smallville... is it on tv at the mo??

posted on 13-Oct-2002 4:45:28 PM by leaving_normal

So you're thinking of going to Brunel? *big* That would be so cool, lol... did you see the rooms without en suite tho? I was a bit weary about that cupboard they called a shower!

Well, my college says that our UCAS forms have to be in on the 15th, but I think the official closing date is January sometime. Where are you from in England?

posted on 16-Oct-2002 5:28:32 PM by Angelic
Hmmm.... anyone one out there?
posted on 17-Oct-2002 9:44:31 AM by willowbv
leaving_normal originally wrote:
. Where are you from in England?


I used to live in London but I moved to Leeds about five years ago and I love it, *happy* if I didn't live here, I'd want to go to uni here. I just finished my personal statement so I'm happy*happy*. The deadline for my college is sometime in November so I have time to choose my other unis.
posted on 17-Oct-2002 10:44:51 AM by Angeldsr03
I'm from America but I have a question for you guys
My International Business Class is partnering with a school in Nottingham to do business with. We have to make a product and sell it to the school in England. I was wondering: Is there anyone here from Nottingham? Is there certain American things you guys like to buy?
Just send me a b-mail


posted on 18-Oct-2002 11:03:16 AM by Angelic
Hmmmm....... I am so board
posted on 18-Oct-2002 12:37:42 PM by wild_child_uk
me to Angelic!

COME ON PEOPLE.. SWEAR ABUSE EACH OTHER, So us moderaters have something to do! ;)

I'm joking!!! Please don't do that!!!

posted on 18-Oct-2002 5:02:24 PM by Angelic
Rock on Wild child!!!!
posted on 18-Oct-2002 5:22:25 PM by wild_child_uk

posted on 19-Oct-2002 12:51:03 PM by Nicoletta
Any Scots?*tongue*
posted on 19-Oct-2002 3:10:02 PM by chica
Part Scot here!!!

Wild Child here you go ⊕*$£*⊕$£

Oh well vick got there first...
posted on 22-Oct-2002 4:24:36 AM by Angelic
Bex mind your language!!!! And yup part scot, part welsh, part english and a part of something else that I can't remember!!!!!!!!!
posted on 23-Oct-2002 3:42:50 PM by wild_child_uk
God I'm so bored!

I just read thought the entire of Kiss the Flame and then Rope the Wind, God they are so amazing!!!

What are all your favourite stories??

Mine are Kiss the Flame,
Rope the Wind
Secret Family
Same time next month
Forging of a Lifebond
Prisoner of Love
Sweet Rosylin
Secret of Zan
Always waiting for some else.

I'm sure there are a ton more, I'll tell you when I remember them!

posted on 24-Oct-2002 8:38:08 AM by Angelic
Oh so wild child you just have a few then... ;)

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posted on 25-Oct-2002 3:35:17 PM by wild_child_uk
Come on people share your fics! I want to know some more too read!

Yea Angelic I don't have time to read too many! ;) lol


posted on 26-Oct-2002 7:31:13 PM by miss_Roswell
I haven't been here for ages, I*'m sure you all missed me and if you didn't dont say so because I will cry. I LOVE kiss the flame and rope the wind they're like my favourite fics. But ashton hasn't updated FOR AGES! I'm going crazy here.

You guys should all go read Lana Lane's a kiss from a rose it's SO GOOD! it's a sequel to Just Max which is a short little 4 parter and even thought AKFAR is very angsty at beginning and everything it's SO emotional and (it's got a promise to a happy ending so dont worry) I like cry in every part because it's so beautifully writtern. so anyone who hasn't read that go and read it!

Er... Now and forever is a great fic also and there are so many out there that are great another one is American Dream by Sansu I think.
posted on 27-Oct-2002 4:40:03 AM by chica
Hi all! been v. busy all week! I been decorating my room! How y'all?
posted on 29-Oct-2002 2:29:35 PM by chica
Anyone in here????????
posted on 30-Oct-2002 3:16:00 AM by Angelic
Wild Child you are so persistant!!! Ok So I like:

Soccer Sweeties
Forever our love
Poolside pleasure
by Applebylicous

Dragon Heart
Little Slayer
by Blake

Will you still love me
by flohmac

There just the few off the top of my head, and are all fairly new! But there are a about 10 more, but I have to remember the exact names!!!!!!
posted on 1-Nov-2002 2:13:39 PM by Angelic
Wow its kinda empty round this place lately!
posted on 1-Nov-2002 3:58:11 PM by A_Charmed_One
Vix, hurry up and get online! I'm missing you.
Joe mite be on soon, I hope *big*
Luv ya!
Chez x
posted on 3-Nov-2002 7:46:08 AM by chica
Patient Chezzy girl!
posted on 5-Nov-2002 7:37:30 AM by Angelic
Ya muke I was online!!!!
posted on 10-Nov-2002 2:48:04 PM by Angelic
This place has been empty lately...
posted on 14-Nov-2002 8:28:24 PM by wild_child_uk
I know... it's kinda eerie.....

Angelic I don't know about you but the german roswellians could be ranting and raving for all I know and I wouldn't understand! lol I can only translate so much!


posted on 18-Nov-2002 12:38:49 PM by Angelic
Man I did german for 2 years, but I couldn't understand a word that they said!!!!!!! Ok so I'm still bad at German but, maybe we need to ask for a mod who can speak german!!! *big*
posted on 19-Nov-2002 9:47:24 AM by willowbv
I'm going to see the Counting Crows in Manchester in January, my friend scored us some tickets yayyyyy!!!*happy*
posted on 19-Nov-2002 11:11:04 AM by wild_child_uk
I'm going too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But at the NEC, I think..
I can't wait! Fav album is definately August and Everything!
posted on 19-Nov-2002 1:10:35 PM by Angelic
yea um... I've know I was going to see counting crows for just over a month, but I forgot to say! I'm going to see them in wembly though! My fav albums are august and everything after and the live album, across a live wire - well thats technacly 2 albums in one for the live one!
posted on 19-Nov-2002 6:04:36 PM by willowbv
I got into them after hearing colourblind on cruel intentions and again in Roswell, so I bought HARDY CANDY and love it. So everyone is liking AUGUST AND EVERYTHING huh? well I guess it's now on my xmas list*happy*
posted on 20-Nov-2002 3:08:04 AM by Angelic
My friend got into counting crows by watching crule intentions too!
posted on 20-Nov-2002 11:23:02 AM by A_Charmed_One
Counting Crows are brilliant! I also love Avril Lavigne. Anyone else out there like her??!! If you do, then go to this website
and join up to become a Team Avril member, where you get all the backstage gossip about herself, concerts, appearances and new videos before anyone else in the world does! You also get to win free goodies like signed t - shirts and anything else, that no one else can get their hands on. But hurry, coz there is only a week left for new members!!! If you decide to join up (and I think you should coz its great) then please B - mail me so then I know who you are!!!!!!! Please join up and B - Mail me!

Chez x *bounce*
posted on 23-Nov-2002 7:15:13 PM by SmileeUk
Hi everyone * wave*

Does anyone know the latest about Roswell DVD / video? Sorry that I haven't followed it closely. Are they on sales now & if they do, where can I can them?

ps Have you made your donations to keep this site open? We desperate need cash!
posted on 24-Nov-2002 11:06:01 AM by Angelic
According to amazon, the Roswell videos don't exsist! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted on 28-Nov-2002 6:15:38 PM by SmileeUk
Are you sure???? NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO...........................

*sad* *sad* *sad* *sad* *sad* *sad*
posted on 29-Nov-2002 3:25:25 AM by chica
She;s sure!
posted on 1-Dec-2002 6:46:26 AM by Kazza
Hey guys!

Sorry I haven't been around for a while, but thought you might wanna know about this if you're a Colin Hanks fan, (if you don't already know that is!!!)

He's appearing in a show called This is our youth at the Garrick Theatre in London at the moment.

I went on Friday and he was excellent in it!! And, I got to meet him afterwards, get his autograph and picture and stuff. He is so nice, and very patient with the fans who were waiting for him after the show finished.

If you want more details on the show, the website is

Just thought I'd share it with you all!! *big*

Take care

posted on 1-Dec-2002 2:35:54 PM by Angelic
That is soooooooo cool!!!!! I love Colin Hanks!
posted on 4-Dec-2002 1:34:21 PM by Angelic
Ok so technacly this is about Buffy, not Roswell. However there is currently a rumor that Jack Ryder (Jamies from Eastenders) is gonna be in buffy as a watcher!!!!!!!!!!
posted on 11-Dec-2002 4:51:21 PM by Angelic
Just tryin to keep us on the first page!
posted on 12-Dec-2002 12:24:51 PM by chica
Hey guys have u guys heard of Langley Grammar?

If u have... I got into it!!! I'm soooooooo pleased!

119 test score!!!! Yay!!!*angel*
posted on 13-Dec-2002 11:40:06 AM by chica
no particapation? u lot r partay poopers!
posted on 24-Dec-2002 3:06:34 PM by Angelic
posted on 26-Dec-2002 2:27:19 PM by SmileeUk
Happy Christmas to you all!

Does anyone know the link to
* 'A Kiss From A Rose' and
* 'Just Max' ?

Can't remember who the author is - silly me! There are my favourite stories!

I was reading A Kiss From A Rose in the Dreamer board but then it disappeared & I missed the ending. I can't find it in Repost or Work By Author (yes, I would remember the author if I come across it again)

Please help!! B-mail me if you can. Thanks!

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posted on 1-Jan-2003 4:10:26 AM by SmileeUk
Happy 2003 to everyone!
posted on 1-Jan-2003 5:38:51 PM by willowbv
Hey guys, Roswell is scheduled in the sky t.v. guide to start on Monday ⊕ 4pm from the pilot ep, Mon-Fri on SKY ONE
posted on 2-Jan-2003 2:35:48 PM by chica
hell yeah!
posted on 7-Jan-2003 4:22:38 AM by willowbv
hi guys, did u watch the pilot ep? yay roswell.
I made thank u postcards u can send to sky one for the reruns, here's the addy:
posted on 7-Jan-2003 4:50:11 AM by Angelic
I watched it and it was soooooo cool to watch!!!!!!!
posted on 11-Jan-2003 7:19:52 AM by june.r.!
hey. I'm june, I'm 33 & I'm from a litle town called WIGAN ,Lancashire! (june.r.!) from FF!*happy*
posted on 12-Jan-2003 10:16:25 AM by Angelic
Welcome to our little piece of the board!
posted on 26-Jan-2003 9:14:08 AM by Angelic
Hey is anyone going to counting crows tonight???
posted on 26-Jan-2003 7:17:33 PM by wild_child_uk
Oh god so jealous I'm stuck in Scotland listening to the album instead! Have a good time!

Hey the convention is soon! Wahoo! Are you guys excited?
posted on 28-Jan-2003 5:49:52 AM by MaxwellsGurlUk
Hey! I'm from Liverpool and I'm so furious that Roswell is over and I dont have Sky or the Sci-Fi channel! I have most of season three and a few episodes from Season 1 2, I was wondering if anyone knows about the DVD's and when there coming out?
Get Back 2 Me
posted on 31-Jan-2003 3:21:11 PM by wild_child_uk
Hey We aren't sure whether there is gonna be Roswell DVD's but fingers crossed.. It says on that there is gonna be but..... *shrugs*
You should come to the convention... Nicks gonna be there! ;)

posted on 1-Feb-2003 6:15:03 PM by willowbv
Angelic originally wrote:
Hey is anyone going to counting crows tonight???

I went to see them on Thurs in Manchester, they were really great!!! I got a t-shirt and some stickers. but wow, the lead singer can really sing! it sounds even better live, he's like the male version of Christina Aguilera and the boy can they rock those guitars!!
I was disappointed that they didn't sing Hard Candy or American Girls, but it was good anyway*happy*
posted on 2-Feb-2003 4:38:58 PM by Angelic
Didn't he just????? They played hard candy and american girls at wembly but they didn't play goodnight elisabeth!!!! I got the blue and orange shirt, and my friend got the gemma hayes cd. She was pretty cool too! My friend almost bought the hard candy thong, but that was a bit much!!!!

Oh yea I am looking forward to the convention!!! Its gonna rock!!!! Any of you guys gonna go to the parties in the evenings???

Bout the dvd's... they were meant to come out in november, but it got delayed!!!! There meant to come out now in may in the U.S I think, but I can't be sure!

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posted on 9-Feb-2003 5:42:39 PM by leaving_normal
Ok, this may sound really sad, but I'm a bit confused about how the convention works...

The convention is in London, Heathrow at the end of May and it's 70pounds a ticket... do we have to pay for accomodation separately?

Plus has anyone been before? What's it like?

posted on 9-Feb-2003 7:20:35 PM by leaving_normal
Just posted again to say I just got my tickets *happy* See you all in May! I'm so excited!

posted on 10-Feb-2003 12:04:20 PM by Angelic
I don't know bout accomidation, I don't need any, I can bus it in (the 140 bus rute, takes about 20 minutes from where I live! How cool is that!!!)
posted on 10-Feb-2003 1:21:17 PM by leaving_normal
I wasn't going to get accomodation, I only live in Stanmore, I can catch 3 buses there. But don't you want to go to the parties? They go on till the early hours of the morning apparently.. I'm well excited ;) My parents said they'd pay for me to go cos it's my 18th in April!

posted on 10-Feb-2003 6:12:16 PM by BelivingInTheDreamOfRoswell
Mmmkkkk nothing to do with counting crows.....god how did I miss this? I'm like forever complaining that I can't find any UK Roswellians!!! ::hits head:: Ugh.....I have no sky. How much of a bitch is that? Can't BBC2 just like pick Roswell back up? ::sends evils to BBC2 people::

posted on 11-Feb-2003 3:51:00 AM by Kazza
Hey guys!

I'm guessing you've heard Majandra is going to be at the convention at Heathrow in May too!

The organisers are also going to see if she'll sing too ... can't wait!!!!

Not too long to wait!!!

Take care

posted on 12-Feb-2003 12:30:43 PM by Angelic
NO WAY!!!! That is sooo cool! I can't believe she is gonna be there!! And yea I know bout the parties, but I might not be able to go coz my little sis is coming too!
posted on 15-Feb-2003 12:18:41 PM by chica
You've got to to be joking!!! This is gonna be wild!
posted on 18-Feb-2003 4:39:58 PM by WR
Can some kind soul point me in the direction of the information regarding the Roswell UK Part in May that was mentioned here recently?
Thanks. *happy*

posted on 20-Feb-2003 4:15:06 PM by Sarah_helen
hey did anyone here watch Roswell on the BBC? or post on the BBC boards?