posted on 23-Aug-2002 8:00:02 AM by carolina_moon
Hey everyone, I just wanted to see how many Kiwi Roswellians we have here!*big*
posted on 27-Aug-2002 6:46:06 PM by Phi
I guess I qualify for this board, I've lived in New Zealand for a little over eight years.

Most of that time I've been in Wellington but I moved north about three years ago.

What about you? *bounce*
posted on 30-Aug-2002 9:55:18 PM by carolina_moon
I'm a wellingtonian myself*big*I'm glad someone replied I was beggining to think that I was all alone here!*big*
posted on 31-Aug-2002 12:12:29 AM by Phi
I know the feeling, sometimes it's a bit like being left out of an insiders joke *tongue*.

I've noticed around nine members stating their location as New Zealand.

Its good to know there are kiwi's out there that can understand my whinging about TV 2's lack of response from my endless e-mails pleading for more re-runs *sad**big*.

Are you a Dreamer, Candygirl, Stargazer, Polarist...?

I'm 150% Dreamer *big**bounce**big*
posted on 9-Sep-2002 11:06:07 PM by Paganrosa
Hi, just found your message by accident - I'm a kiwi based dreamer - do you guys have any of the shows on video *bounce*
posted on 14-Sep-2002 2:49:16 AM by roswelllover
lol I qualify for this board too...........I'm a dreamer and yeah I do have the show on video but only s3 *sad* I'm REALLY hoping for re runs but I doubt stubborn TV2 will [pouts] hi to everyone *waves hello*

posted on 17-Sep-2002 1:20:29 AM by BaBee_ImaJyn
kia ora cuzz!! (waves) lol *big*
hey yup ima Kiwi Roswellian!!! *wink*
hehe from the windy town of wellington *bounce*
and I too wish TV2 would play sum frickin re-runs *sad*
(lets out a frustrated scream) lol cuz hello I wanna
tape all my fav eppys especially meet the dupes (pout)
oh well fingers crossed that MAYBE we'll get lucky again
and that they dont stop doing the re-runs half way through like b4 (stomps foot)*angel*ow hell look at this im
blabbering so ill give you poor folks a big LATERZ!!!!

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posted on 17-Sep-2002 9:40:04 AM by tamira
hey everybody, I'm a kiwi. and damn proud off it too!*big* I'm not from windy welly, but at the moment it sure feels like it. I'm beginning to walk at an angle. *tongue*
and like the rest of you I really do wish tv2 would play some re-runs. mainly season 3 though because at the time they started showing it my video went all funny and instead of hearing jason behr sexy voice... I got static*sad*.
I reckon we'll get them eventually but they probably won't show them for another 6 months and when they do they'll take it off half way through. they say that "history never repeats" but you can be sure that with tv 2 it always will*wink*.
see yas*happy*

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posted on 18-Sep-2002 9:23:33 PM by tamira
has anyone read next weeks tv guide?
we're finally getting The Dead Zone and Wolf Lake*bounce*.incase you haven't they're on wednesday on prime at 8.30 and 9.25. all I can say is about bloody time*big*.
oh and by the way is anyone going to the
Rock 101 concert in auckland on Oct 13th?
Lifehouse and The Goo Goo Dolls are just two of the bands playing*happy*, I can't wait. I'm going to get my ticket today so I don't miss out*bounce*, they're two of my favourite bands*bounce*.
posted on 22-Sep-2002 8:02:04 PM by Paganrosa
Hi Guys, if you have any of the shows on video tape is anyone up for tape trade? It would be great to get in touch with someone in NZ, I'm based in South Auckland and would love to complete my collection. I have some shows from Season 1 & 2 and most of Season 3 except I missed the start of the New Years show*sad*. If anyone is interested it would be great to hear from anyone*angel*
posted on 22-Sep-2002 8:57:56 PM by tamira
what one's do you want?
I've all of season 1&2 as well as season 3 but the first 7 or 8 episodes (s3) suck badly coz my video was playing up, but the others are fine. I'd be happy to tape them for you*happy* just let me know and I'll sent them up to you*big*.
posted on 24-Sep-2002 1:17:48 AM by Paganrosa
Hi Tamira, thanks for your offer - I've dropped you a note to your Bmail - talk to you soon.*bounce*
posted on 6-Oct-2002 4:49:03 PM by Phi
Hey Tamira, I'd be interested as well. I have the first fourteen episodes of season one and all of season three but I REALLY want the white room *big*.
posted on 14-Oct-2002 4:59:11 AM by tamira
just a short note to let everyone know, if they don't already, that tv2 is repeating episodes from season1 starting with a double episode of sexual healing and crazy on friday 25th of october.

yyyyaaaaaayyyy(picture kermit the frog after he's introduced the next act)*bounce**bounce**bounce*
posted on 26-Oct-2002 3:47:58 AM by roswelllover
I was jumping for joy when I found out tht tv2 was showing roswell reruns though I found out 5 minutes b4 it was abt to start that there were re runs.......but I'm happy anyways lol if only I had come and read it in here tamira, it's been a while since any posts how is evryone!
finally Tv2 has givin in

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posted on 26-Oct-2002 6:11:20 AM by tamira
I'm good. I'm all set for a night on the 'puter reading roswell fanfic. I've got my coke (a-cola, I'm addicted*tongue*), my strawberries and to top it off I've got some "real" chocolate dip (yum yum*wink*).
also I got the new tv guide for the week starting the 2nd nov and I saw that tv 2 has done it again... they've taken roswell off! and put on some crappy comedy( I think) even though they still had 3 or 4 more episodes to go. those bad people, those very, very bad people!
for those of you that wanted me to tape s1 for them, the offer still stands. just let me know.
anyway I hope everyone's good and I'll talk to you's later
bye (waves like a bloody looney)

p.s for those of you that write I'm about to put up another fanfic challenge on the f/f discussion board, if you looking for a new story to write you might want to check it out*angel*.
posted on 28-Oct-2002 1:46:45 AM by roswelllover
NOT AGAIN!! TV2 needs help, arrg TV3 shows too many re runs and Tv2 can't keep to the smae show, will there be an episode on this friday.......
anyways I guess I can cope with it for a while I have my sexual healing episode to watch over and over again, I didn't like crazy Tess arrived in tht episode[pouts], I feel sorry for Alex he's left out and I think what Maria's doing is wrong I mean she's trying to change Micheal, she should love him for who he is and Max and Liz (sigh) I love S1 m/l lol
how was labour weekend? mine was Crazy I was one of them ppl stuck in the dragracing traffic yesterday.
hope everyone's weekend was better than mine (sad) bye *big*
posted on 28-Oct-2002 6:02:30 AM by tamira
yeah they'll still show it on this friday, at least that's what they advertised. another double epsode - Tess, Lies and Videotape and Four Square. but then that's it.
such a bummer!!!*sad*
posted on 29-Oct-2002 4:31:02 PM by Phi
You're kidding me! ARGH!!!!!!

I'll be sending some choice words to them. How can they get away with messing us around like this?!

*tongue* Ok, my rant is over *wink* Thanks for the info Tamira.
posted on 2-Nov-2002 7:27:10 PM by Emzmit
Hi all

I'm from Wellington too, and I found this thread by accident, usually I just stick with the fic.

I thought it was going to be the end of Roswell repeats too, but while we don't get any episodes this coming Friday they are on the following Friday. Hopefully we'll at least get to see the end of the first season again.

Cool to know there are some kiwis here!

posted on 2-Nov-2002 8:13:25 PM by Haylzies
Hi peoples, another Kiwi here, I only found out about this thread through Emzmit (above).
I usually only visit the fanfic boards here too but this is cool *happy*
posted on 5-Dec-2002 2:57:06 AM by BaBee_ImaJyn
wayhey! well tv2 finally got their asses into gear
and have been playin roswell on fridays again
after that is all the messing about
anywho im stoated cus season two is right
round the corner bout hmmm.... two eppy's away? *big*
well im leavin now I've got sum extra sugar
to get out of my system! *happy*
posted on 8-Dec-2002 4:10:18 AM by bex2beez
Hey everyone!!

LOL at haylz and here cocacola avis! And I thought I was addicted.
posted on 12-Dec-2002 5:55:50 PM by tyranese
Oh my goodness how could it take me so long to
find this place?!! I'm from Napier and I only
really post on the Fanfic board too! So good to
know there's others from New Zealand. I knew
there were a few but I had no idea there were so



posted on 3-Jan-2003 7:01:57 PM by tamira
this has nothing to do with roswell, but if any of are into Dark Angel it's now been released on DVD and VHS. both seasons. I've left a post on the Other Shows Disscussion board but since this is directed mainly at Kiwis I thought I'd leave a note here as well. just in case anyone was interested.*tongue*
posted on 3-Jan-2003 11:03:02 PM by carolina_moon
Hey , I'm am proud to say that I have every single episode of Roswell ( all 3 seasons ) on tape although I don't want to give them away, If you provided the tapes I could dub them for you!?!*big*
posted on 3-Jan-2003 11:06:49 PM by carolina_moon
I just came back after reading the other two pages of feedback ( *high 5's all 'round cause Kiwi's rule*) and I think I was a little late with the tape thing!*big*
posted on 12-Feb-2003 6:16:52 AM by Craig Beatty
Hey you guys

You'd better start posting otherwise this thread will disappear much like your cricket team! LOL

We're way beating you in this arena!

Take care.