posted on 1-Sep-2002 10:42:13 AM by QueenofDreamers
I was just wondering if any of you have ever been to any conventions before! If you have what is the farthest you've traveled??
I haven't been to any conventions (yet) although I would love to go!
My friend and I are going to a buffy convention in September but it's in Belfast (where I live so I won't be traveling anywhere really at all)
Or has anyone met any of the cast of Roswell????
I'm really interested to know sosomeone reply pls!
posted on 1-Sep-2002 12:32:56 PM by Angelic
I've not been to one yet, but I'm going in may. The furest I'm going ohhhh about 4 miles!
posted on 2-Sep-2002 5:46:38 PM by wild_child_uk
I went to Blackpool which is about 2 hours from me.
I met Shiri Appleby and the dude who plays Cal langlely.

Also I met Emma Caulfield and James Masters.

It was fun!