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Authors- Amanda (Amandab9⊕ and Lauren (lalf37⊕
Timeline- We don't know the names of the episodes. It is after the episode where Angel was possed by the old guy and before Fredless when Fred's parents comes and she runs away. However, we will be talking a lot about the past and, honestly, some stuff may not match with the show because we aren't perfect. We apologize in advance if we screw up.
Disclaimer- 1.Basically if you recognize it we don't own it. We did make up Amanda, (I know, I could have picked a more original name but *shrugs* oh well) Alex, AJ, and Lexa Hills.
2.We don't mean to offend anyone with this fic. We have small AJ McLean bashing. And we aren't insulting atheists or anything.
Amanda's Authors Notes- Okay guys. We really, really need feedback. I had to beg Lauren to allow her to post something she wrote to be open to the public. This is the first story she is letting anyone other than me read so please send feedback and be kind. This is the first time I am writing an original character and a co-written story. So, again, please send kind feedback.
Rating- PG-13
Feedback- YES, please!

New Beginnings


The pale yellow walls attempted, unsuccessfully, to put the girl at ease.

"Could we get started already? I have a lot of sitting around and doing nothing to do today," the girl complained.

"Whatever is all right with you, Alexandra," replied the touchy-feely psychiatrist.

"You know, my friends call me Alex. But you can me Alexandra."

"Whatever you would be more comfortable with," he responded.

"Yeah, whatever."

"So have you remembered anything else about your parents since our last session?"

Alex sighed. "Well, no. Not since yesterday. Sorry."

"Then you still only have that one memory..."

"Yep," Alex answered, quickly cutting him off.

"Do you want to share your emotions with me?" he asked softly.

Alex arched an eyebrow. "Phist! No! I've only been coming to you for, like, three days. I haven't even been in this state for two weeks!"

"Is there something you want to mention or tell me? Do you have bottled up resentment about all the moving your been put through, Alex?" has asked thoughtfully.

"Okay, let's get one thing straight. It is Alexandra ya quack. I am so outta here!" she exclaimed, quickly getting up.

"Wait! But I thought you told me to call you Alex," he argued.

"I told you my friends call me Alex. And you’re definitely not my friend."

Alex walked near the door ignoring her therapist calls about their hour not being up. Her hand was on the knob as it suddenly turned.

Alex jumped back. "Well, that's weird," she muttered.

Once the door was fully opened it revealed a tall man with light brown hair. As he stepped inside the room Alex noticed his blue eyes, which were studying her, looked slightly similar to her crystal blue eyes.

"Hello, Alex. I've been looking for you," he told her with a grin.

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*NOTE*- 1. We forget to put the rating before. It is PG-13
2. This doesn't have Angel and his crew, just Angel.
"Hey, wait. You're not one of those guys from New Orleans and that poker game. 'Cuz I really did mean to pay you guys back! I just couldn't find a mailbox, or the money. But, um, I'll… I'll…" Alex stammered.

The man's grin widened. "I'm not one of the guys from the poker game, " he told her, putting her at ease.

Alex let out a sigh. "Oh, good. I was really worried there for a moment. So why don't we all just forget everything that I just mentioned?" she asked hopefully.


"Great. Who are you?"

"AJ your," he hesitated for moment, "cousin."

"Are you serious? I didn't even realize I had family. Well, alive anyway."

"Alive," he laughed nervously. "Which I am!" he quickly added.

"Right anyway. AJ, huh? Like the Backstreet Boy?" Alex asked.

"Um, no. Is my non-existing beard a different color then my hair? No. Do I have any tattoos? No. Well, not on my arms anyway. But that is a different story that I'll tell you later." He looked thoughtful as he added to himself, "or maybe not."

"Anyway, I was thinking that since we are family and all, um. What I'm trying to say is that, that, do you want to live with me? I mean, do you want me to adopt you?" AJ asked, starting to feel uncomfortable.

"Do you have cable?"

"Um, yeah, why?"

"And when could I leave this place?"

"As long as it takes for you to pack. I already filled out all the papers needed."

"Okay, then," Alex walked out of the room leaving a confused AJ and therapist to wonder what was going.

Within a minute she was back with two full duffel bags and a trunk. "Alright, I'm done. Can we go now?"

"Fine, but how did you…"

"Pack so fast?" Alex asked, finishing AJ's sentence.

AJ nodded. "I move so much that I've learned to live out of my suitcases. And I was kinda hoping I would leave soon. So, are we leaving or what?"

"Sure, come on. We're outta here."

(Two weeks later…)

AJ is reading the newspaper at the kitchen table as Alex is on her quest to find a suitable lunch. Her journey brought her to the window, which was tightly drawn. Thinking about how it was a nice Sunday afternoon, Alex reached out and opened the curtains.

Within seconds, Alex heard AJ screaming in pain. She quickly shut the blinds and turned around, preparing to be yelled at.

After a few minutes, AJ calmed down enough to scold Alex. "What do you think you're doing?" he hissed, still clutching one of his arms.

"Nothing. Look, I'm really, really sorry. I forgot," she answered, already knowing it wouldn't be a good enough excuse.

"Do we need to go over the rules?" AJ continued.

"Nah, I just forgot for a minute. It won't happen again," Alex promised.

"Let's go over it again," AJ responded, ignoring Alex's comment.


"First, no natural sunlight! Second no religious symbols of any kind. Third, no natural sunlight!" he screamed the last sentence with empathizes.

Alex sighed. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I still don't understand why we have those stupid rules though," she complained with a sigh.

"I already told you. I am a strict atheist and I am not open to other's religious idols. And I'm highly allergic to sunlight," AJ explained.

"How is that even possible?" she asked.

"I don't know. It just is!" AJ over reacted before storming out. He headed to the basement where Alex wasn't welcome.

Once inside he checked his burns and headed over to the fridge. When AJ opened it, it revealed containers of thick, red liquids. AJ chose on and took a slip. Immediately he vamped out.

"You know, sometimes being a vampire really bites," he muttered.

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AJ grabbed his coat and headed for the door. The sound of Alex’s voice stopped him.

“Why do you always go out at out night? It’s just… weird,” Alex commented.

“Well, um… I have a, uh, job. And, um, well, I don’t have to tell you anything, anyway! Hey, who’s the adult here?” AJ demanded, suddenly.

“Geeze, it was just a question. What time will you be back?”

“Before the sun rises. You know the time you might, I mean, should be asleep by.”

AJ left the house and walked off into the darkness. Alex, bored out of her mind, decided to follow her guardian.

Being as quiet as possible, Alex followed AJ to an alley, but stopped short when she heard the screams of a man. Alex could just hear AJ’s voice and the voice of a woman, but couldn’t make out what they were saying. Carefully, Alex peered around the corner and saw AJ talking calmly to a woman. Behind them a man was looking wildly around and breathing deeply.

In dire need of more information, Alex crept forward. Before she could register what was happening, she had tripped over a pipe. Alex groaned in pain.

“OW! Hi, and, ow,” Alex moaned.

“Who the hell are you?” the women asked, turning her attention to the girl in pain.

“Alex! What are you doing here? You are supposed to be in bed right now. And it is a school night!” AJ added.

“Oh no, not a school night! What a shame,” the women exclaimed sarcastically.

“Look, Amanda,” AJ started, turning his gaze back to the women. “I’ve got some personal issues to take care of. Can’t you just let the guy go and we’ll call it a night. That way I won’t have to kill you and all.”

Alex gasped but no one seemed to notice.

“I dunno. I was having so much fun. Look at him, isn’t he kind of cute?” Amanda asked, eyes twinkling.

Alex turned to the man who was still against the brick wall and noticed a neck wound. “Well, she does have a point,” Alex agreed.

“Yeah. But still, he is just a human,” Amanda added, as if as a second thought.

“Um, so are you,” Alex reminded the strange women in front of her.

“Sure I am, kid. Good one,” Amanda laughed. Then she looked harder at Alex and saw her blank stare. “You’re really serious, aren’t you?” Suddenly, she turned to AJ, “You didn’t tell her?”

“Tell me what?” Alex asked slowly and full of confusion.

“Um, nothing important?” AJ answered unconvincingly.

“Right. Being the undead and immortal isn’t that important?” Amanda asked.

“Being the what and the what?” Alex repeated bewildered.

“Nothing, Alex. Come on let’s go home. We need to talk about you sneaking out at night,” AJ said sternly.

“Yeah, and while we do that, we could talk about you keeping huge secrets from me,” Alex replied with mock enthusiasm.

“Don’t listen to anything Amanda says. She’s kinda insane.”

“Hey, I heard that!” Amanda’s voice came from behind Alex.

“Why are you following us?” AJ asked.

“Well, you are the one’s who scared away my meal.”

“Oh, you weren’t going to do anything and you know it!” AJ insisted.

“You know what, I happen to be very dangerous. I could have killed that guy, ya just never know!”

“But you didn’t,” AJ reminded her as they arrived at his house. AJ and Alex went inside but Amanda remained outside still talking.

“What do you know anyway? You’re just some loser whose stuck taking care of this little runt,” Amanda said, pointing to Alex.

“Oh, yeah? Come inside and say that!” Alex teased.

Amanda grinned, “Okay,” she answered taking a step forward.

“Why didn’t you just do that before?” Alex asked, confused.

“Because I wasn’t invited,” Amanda answered simply.

“Oh, wow. You’re really polite!” Alex marveled.

“Right. So how can you really be that dumb?”

“She’s not dumb. She’s just really misinformed,” AJ explained.

“Misinformed about what?” Alex asked.

“And apparently a little naïve,” Amanda went on.

“I’m not a little naïve!” Alex insisted.

“Okay, very naïve,” Amanda changed.

“You’re so mean,” Alex said, hurt.

“Thank you! Glad to see someone noticed,” Amanda said, delighted.

“Uh, that wasn’t a compliment,” Alex explained.

“Amanda’s weird. She thinks insults are compliments,” AJ informed Alex.

“Oh. Does this have something to do with your mental disability?” Alex asked as politically as possible.

“I’m not crazy! If you want crazy, talk to Dru.”

“Who?” Alex asked, lost.

“Long story,” AJ cut in.

“And you want mean? Go to Darla. That bitches got it down,” Amanda included.

“Could that have something to do with you taking her boyfriend?” AJ asked with amusement.

“Hey, she left him.”

“Yeah, but you kept seeing him after they got back together.”

“Well, he always liked me better than her anyway. The only reason they got back together is because she was his sire!” Amanda exlaimed.

“His what?” Alex questioned.

“Nevermind,” AJ repeated.

“This is a nice place ya got here,” Amanda remarked, changing the subject.

She began to walk around the small house without permission. Amanda stopped in front of Alex’s door and, without hesitation, walked inside.

“What’s with this old trunk?” she asked.

“It was my mother’s?” Alex answered, softly.

“Well, where’s the key?” Amanda asked, pointing with her foot to the lock.

“Um, I don’t have a key,” Alex replied, sheepishly.

Amanda bent down and threw the lid back without effort.

“Wow, how did you do that?” Alex asked, full of wonder.

“Superhuman strength, hello? You’ve really got to tell this girl what’s going on!” Amanda told AJ.

Amanda peered inside the trunk and turned around in disgust. “Uh! You people keep this huge trunk locked up for one little book? Can you say pathetic?”

“Yeah, pathetic. It’s not that hard,” Alex responded.

“Amanda, could I talk to you for a minute?” AJ asked.

“Sure, talk,” Amanda answered easily.

“Um, I meant alone. Why don’t we go in the basement?”

Amanda sighed but reluctantly followed.

Alex gently picked up the leather bound book. She gingerly flipped to the first page. Without thinking she began to read the inscription aloud.

“Hear now the words of the grieving
the secrets we hid in the night,
The oldest of gods invoked
The great work of magic is sought.
In this night and in this hour,
I call upon the ancient power.
Bring your power to we connected three.
We want the power. Give us the power!”

Alex finished reading the passage just as thunder sounded and lightening traveled across the sky.
*Extra Disclamier*- the spell Alex quoted is almost exactly copied from the first episode of Charmed, when Phoebe reads from the book. We only changed about two words, don't sue!