Feelings That Heal

Disclaimer: Zack, and everybuddy mentioned is Fox’s, James Cameron’s and everybuddy else’s that is involved. ‘Cept for Jessica, She’s mine, all mine. Thx 2 mah best frend for supportin’ me, and enjoy da story y’all.

Spoilage: Yah, there is some, I guess. From ‘Jesus Bought A Casserole’, which iz da season finale. And also ‘Hit A Sista Back’

Setting: Outside the main base of Manticore, where Zack is hiding out, glancing every so often at the main doors.

“Oh, man!” Zack mumbled under his breath, “I hope Krit gives the signal that they got Tinga out okay.” Zack waited impatiently, for his “brother” Krit to give him the signal that it was okay for him to blow up the place. Previously, just half an hour ago, he and Max, had recruited Syl, Krit, and Zhane, telling them that, it was time, to get Tinga out, and destroy Manticore from the bottom up. Which was why he was hiding outside. Ten minutes ago, he had given the others strict instructions, to free Tinga, and take down all the guards, leaving himself to execute the explosion. Suddenly, Krit appeared outside the main doors, sticking one arm in front of him, and making a sweeping motion with his other hand. “YES!!” Zack yelled, “Finally!!” He quickly ran into the compound, and started laying the explosives around, one by one.

When he was finished, he lit a match, and held in front of him, staring into the flame, for a moment. ‘This is it’ he thought, ‘No more guards, no running, no more Lydecker, and no more Manticore’ He threw the match onto the ground, and watched as the match leaped up and lit the explosives in a blue line of fire. “Zack!!!” someone was urgently crying his name. “Zack!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!” All of a sudden, Zack felt himself being thrown, from the force of the explosion. He landed hard, on the root of a tree, some 40 yards from where the explosion took place. He moaned, trying to get up, but, a wave of blackness obscured his vision. He passed out from sheer exhaustion, a few minutes later.

A mysterious young woman suddenly appeared into the clearing. She spotted Zack, laying face down on the root of a tree. ‘Christ’ she thought, this must be one of the guys from the explosion at Manticore. ‘I better get him back to my place and cleaned up’. She slid her arms underneath Zack, to turn him over, and then slid her hands under his arms and began to drag him up the hill. ‘I hope he makes it’, the young woman thought silently, as she continued to pull Zack’s lifeless body up the hill.


Who is this young woman?? Wait and see.

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