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Summary: Lex and a few friends come to an agreement both social and business to all their benefit.


Part 1

Clark nodded to the manservant that greeted him when he entered Luthor manor and then bounded up the stairs to Lex's room. Today was the day. Today Clark Kent would admit his feelings to Lex Luthor. Today, Clark Kent would come out of the closet. After he talked with Lex, he would see where things lie between them and then it was off to brave his parents. Hopefully the speech would go something like, 'Mom, Dad, I'm gay and I'm in love with Lex Luthor.'

Plunging into the sitting room, the quiet struck him. It was an odd silence so heavy that it triggered all sorts of alarms in his head. Resisting the urge to use his gifts, he called out. "Lex?"

No answer.

A muffled voice so thick that he couldn't make it out traveled through the heavy doors. Not sure what it was, Clark cleared his throat to call out once more. "Lex?"

Still no answer. A low animalistic growl emanated from the bedroom. Clark didn't have time to think as he rushed over to the bedroom doors and threw them open. The sight would be forever burned into his mind.

There lay Lex, quivering post-coitus, atop some woman Clark had never seen. He hadn't realized he had frozen in place until Lex turned. The heave of his chest had Clark captivated.

"Be with you in a minute, Clark." Lex panted, his body gleaming with sweat and sex, his tense body pressed against hers.

Blinking, Clark regained his senses. "Sorry. I didn't mean to-- I'll go." Clark turned to leave, his hands grasping door handles and his face finally turned from the scarring sight.

"Just hold on a minute, Clark. I'll be right there." Lex lifted a hand in Clark's direction.

Clark shut the door and crossed the room to leave. Then he turned and took a seat on the soft leather couch. He had been such a fool. Lex Luthor wouldn't be interested in him like that, especially when he had a woman in his bed. Holding his flaming face in his hands Clark waited for Lex for no reason other than he had told him to. Shutting his eyes he could still see them together, all that pale hairless skin wrapped in her rich darker skin.

The door opened to admit the woman wearing Lex's robe. "Hey kid." She sauntered over to the bar with her slight frame. Not much taller than most girls he knew, slender build and curves in all the right places. her gaze lingered on him as she picked up a decanter. "Sorry for the premature education in sex. I arrived unannounced. I sometimes forget that Lex works for a living like the rest of us. I should have known he would have appointments."

He couldn't say anything; his mouth wouldn't comply. 'I sometimes forget... should have known...' He could assume that implied that she knew Lex well and for some time. Her dark eyes bored into him until he found the strength to speak. "I'm Clark Kent."

"Helena Fierro." She poured herself a drink and stood away from the bar in a very Lex-like manner and studied him. "Boy scout? Delivery boy? Intern? Tutoring program? Community service?"

"Try 'personal hero,' Hel." Lex deadpanned as he strolled into the room freshly showered and immaculately dressed. "I don't see the need for proper introductions given the circumstances but I'll try."

"Do all these small towns hide Adonises like that?" She turned to Lex, who promptly took her glass and downed the warm liquid. "Think I could buy one?"

"Oh no, my dear Hel, you couldn't afford the price of a Kent." Lex spoke evenly. "Right Clark?" His eyes never left Helena as he spoke to his friend. "Besides... I'm more Clark's type than you are. Right, Clark?"

"Um... right." Clark blushed an even brighter red and felt the stinging in his eyes. Lex had known all along what had taken Clark so very long to figure out.

Lex turned to Clark with an easy smile. "Helena and I were just finalizing the terms of our impending merger."

"Consummating the deal of a lifetime." Helena threw in as she poured herself another drink. She sipped only once, rolling the flavor over her tongue, before she tossed the whole glass back.

"That's right." Lex held one hand at the small of her back. They seemed cozy enough but it didn't seem to reach their eyes. Clark watched them carefully as they stood together in a pose that would normally suggest intimacy but didn't seem quite right to him. Lex turned his blue eyes to his friend. "Clark, I am really glad you stopped by. You'll be the first to hear our news. Hel and I are engaged to be married."

"Engaged?" Clark croaked out. His whole world spun a million times before righting itself to the same scene that had caused it all. "I mean... Congratulations... When did this happen?"

"Ah..." Lex turned to Helena and set his glass down on the bar. "About an hour ago?"

"Hour and a half." Hel corrected, throwing back another drink. "I think engagement sits well with me."

"That would be the scotch, Hel." Lex returned the plug to the decanter. Clark caught the very slight wince as Lex pushed the decanter back into place.

"Right," she nodded, flashing them both a dazzlingly practiced smile. The comment hadn't seemed to bother her in the least.

"Well, congratulations." Clark repeated, rising to his feet to shake their hands. "When's the big day?"

"Next season if Lionel and Hector are just as cooperative as we know they will be, sooner if they react worse." Hel stepped away from Lex, placing her glass firmly on the bar. "It was great meeting you, Clark, but if you gentlemen will excuse me, I'll go freshen up."

"Walk with me, Clark." Lex wrapped an arm around the younger man and led him out of the room, leaving Helena to herself. The two men made their way down the stairs, out the back of the manor and into the back lawn, away from the prying eyes and ears of the house staff. "So, what do you think of my fiance?"

"I don't know her too well but she seems nice." Clark answered as truthfully as he could. It was a little refreshing that he could relaxed now. All that tension about coming out to Lex and Lex had known, treating him no different than before.

"We met at boarding school in London." Lex released Clark to pluck a rose from the bush beside him. Holding it to his nose, he inhaled the sweet scent. "Hel's two years younger but we've known each other practically all our lives and have been made painfully aware of our fathers' hatred for each other." Lex tossed the flower to Clark and walked further away from the manor. "The Fierros hail from Texas with money as far back as money meant anything in this country. Their current money maker is oil and Texas has plenty of that. Hector and Lionel each want a piece of the other's company if not all of it."

"So you're caving?" Clark blinked, dropping the flower on the ground. Never in all this time he had known him had Lex caved so easily to the will of his father... or to anyone for that matter.

Lex paused in his stride to turn to his young friend with a wry smile and a gleam in his eye. "You know my father would never give up a piece of the company for anything. So Hel and I have arranged it so each man has to give up a sizeable portion of their wealth toward a common goal," He continued, smile still in place. "What better way to merge our companies than to use their archaic business practices against them?"

"How's that?" Clark's blue eyes searched his older friend for a sign of anything but knew he'd never find it.

"Kingdoms used to merge with a wedding." Lex shot a glance toward the manor and cleared his throat. "Some businessmen still find these methods effective. As heir apparent to Luthor Corp, I have to think in the best interest to my future. Helena is Hector's only child, must to his dismay. He would have preferred a son to take over... In any case, Hel does know the oil industry. Together, Hel and I make an unstoppable team. It's a major plus that it will drive our fathers out of their minds and into early graves."

"They could stop you." Clark shrugged slightly, not really knowing if either man was capable of but the look on Lex's face only confirmed his vague fears.

"They could." Lex nodded and straightened his jacket. "They could, which is why you found us in the manner that you did, Clark."

"Excuse me?" His blue eyes widened.

The Luthor heir let that wry smile cross his face once more. "I know my father would never allow his first grandchild to be born a bastard and I'll wager the same of Hector." A slight shrug of the shoulders and an uncomfortable glance at the manor, Lex cleared his throat. "It's business."

"So let me get this straight. You're engaged to her, planning a child with her and it's just business?" Clark shook his head and ran a hand through his dark hair.

"Don't act so surprised, Clark. Hel and I are two of a kind. We will always live in their shadows unless we start something." Lex began the trip back to the manor. "We both want this and besides... the sex is great." He heard Clark rush to catch up to him. "Don't worry, Clark, just because I'm not waiting for true love doesn't mean you can't. There's a perfect man for you I'm sure."

Clark mulled it all over in his head. They were obviously not in love, they were moving so quickly and there was something they weren't saying. "Lex? Those archaic business practices... Her father still believe in them?"

"I always knew you were smart, Clark. Hel doesn't get her cut until she marries." Lex casually hurried them both into his office to continue the discussion.

So that was it. A means to an end. Clark followed him inside trying to phrase his question carefully. "Why do you want my approval."

"I don't." Lex moved around to his office bar to pour himself a drink.

"You shouldn't have told me everything you did. No one should know what's it's really about." Clark shut the doors firmly and turned to lean on a chair.

"You're right but I trust you and I want Hel to trust you too. " Lex turned slightly, drink in hand. "You, Clark, are my inspiration, my good luck charm. As long as you are involved. It can't go wrong."

"It still can." Clark commented almost to himself but Lex had heard.

"What is it?" Lex asked, carrying his glass to his desk to lean on it. "I need these wrinkles ironed out before our fathers show up."

"It's just... you don't look like you're together."

"So Hel and I need some practice." Lex nodded and tossed back his drink.

"You are just awkward together... I know you and it shows. I won't ask how you managed sex if it's so awkward." Clark sighed, giving up his dream of being with Lex and focusing on making sure Lex was happy. "I'd cut out the drinking around your fathers."

"Right." Lex set down his glass. "Besides, soon enough, Hel shouldn't be drinking. I'll keep that in mind, Clark. You're a good friend."


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Part 2

Clark entered his house after spending two hours in his fortress of Solitude. He had mulled it all over and over again with no clue what to think about anything. His mother looked up from the table she had just cleared. She pointed to a chair and waited for him to sit. "I didn't see you much. How was your day?"

"Illuminating." Clark shrugged and took the plate of food from her hand.

"Is that why you ignored our every call for dinner?" Martha took a seat beside him.

"I..." Clark shook his head and tried a different tack. "Lex is getting married."

"Lex." Martha blinked and leaned in to make sure she had heard correctly. "Lex Luthor?"

"Yep. The one and only." Clark nodded and took a small bite of his dinner. It tasted worse than the bile threatening to flood his mouth. He wondered if it was possible for him to develop an ulcer.

"Isn't that good news?" She didn't need to be a mother to see that this news upset her son. She had to wait. With Clark she had learned that anything he had to say was worth waiting for.

"It would be if they were in love." Clark didn't feel he had betrayed Lex by revealing this information to his mother. She wasn't one to gossip and he could use an unbiased point of view on the situation. "They're treating it like a business merger." He lowered his sad blue eyes to his plate where his fork was mixing everything around.

"I didn't even realize Lex had a girlfriend." Martha made a clucking noise and got up to put away the rest of the dishes and listen to the rest of Clark's account of the day.

"They weren't even 'romantic' before today." He whispered. That stung the worst. Clark loved Lex and was pretty sure now that he knew but Lex hadn't said anything. Lex had agreed to marry a woman he had no feelings for all for the sake of getting back at his father.

"Well, I'm sure they think they're above the rules of love." Martha resisted the urge to try and tell Clark how the Luthors were different from them. He never wanted to hear anything against the youngest Luthor. "I'm sure they'll be fine. I, on the other hand, will be dreading the day some woman comes to take my son away."

"Mom?" Clark's voice was so small that she turned immediately. He had to do it.

"What is it, Clark?" Martha ceased her bustling around completely at the expression on his face.

"Where's Dad?"

"Out in the fields. The lower 40 has a slight insect problem. Clark?"

"I guess it's better this way." He muttered before standing to face his mother. "Mom, I have something to tell you."

"What is it?" When he didn't say anything, her panic rose. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Nothing's wrong. I just have something to say. I'm..." Clark took a deep breath but it did nothing to calm his nerves. "Mom, I'm gay."

"You're what?" Jonathan's voice came void of emotion from where he stood in the kitchen door.


Lex sat and stared at Dominic while the incompetent ranted on and on about company policy. Leave it to Helena to take her time in arriving to pull off a stunt like this. It had to go just right. Then she appeared, dressed in workout clothes and a bottle of imported water in hand. She shone with a thin layer of sweat from her workout but didn't seem to care that she still wore Mrs. Luthor's engagement ring on her left hand.

Lex smirked when Dominic stopped talking to do a double take when he realized what Lex was looking at. Hel sauntered in and took a seat on Lex's desk facing him. They could almost hear Dominic's jaw drop. She set her bottle down. "Busy, Lex?"

"No." Lex tilted his head back to look up at her. "Have a nice workout, Hel?"

Hel ran her left hand up his arm, letting her new engagement ring catch the light. "Ditch the puppet and come play, Lex."

Dom's eyes followed the progress of Lex's hand up her thigh and cleared his throat loudly to get their attention. Lex's hand caught her left hand and brought it to his mouth for a suggestive kiss between her knuckles. "Give me a moment, Hel."

"Don't be too long, Lex." Hel ran a hand from the back of his neck, up over his cheek, down along his chin, then over his right shoulder as she stood to leave. "I'll be waiting..."

Hel picked up her bottle of water and made her exit, her hips swaying seductively. Dom watched her, jaw slack and eyes wide, desperately formulating what parts he would tell Lionel first.

"Don't kid yourself, Dom. You know that doesn't do it for you." Lex rose from his chair, speaking loud enough to startle the older man, and approached the incompetent. He lifted his hands as if framing something with them. "I picture you with a strapping barrel of a man named Biff."

"Was that Helena Fierro?" Dom sputtered, clearly not believing what he had just seen.

"I believe it was." Lex took his guest by the arm and led him from the office. "Now, if we're finished here..."

"What is she doing here?" Dom hissed, his shock apparent. Why in the world would Alexander Luthor have Helena Fierro in the ancestral Luthor manor?

"I don't know." Lex shook his head, mocking him. Opening the door he nudged Dom through it. "I do plan to remedy that very soon."

"You father will hear about this." Dom's words were cut off when Lex shut the door in his face.

"I'm counting on it." Lex turned and strode up to his rooms. He could hear the shower running and walked straight into the bathroom. Leaning on the sink, he nodded in appreciation. "That was perfect."

"I know." Hel turned to face him as she rinsed the shampoo from her hair. "He's really gay?"

"I'm almost positive." He nodded. "He should be calling my father any moment now. If he's the man I think he is, he'll mention Mother's ring. My father will be sure to throw a fit over that."

"The ring is huge enough." She pointed to the shiny rock sitting in a small dish beside the sink. "I'll have to put in an appearence at work with the ring."

"If you want to scare your father, take Clark with you." Lex let his lips curl slightly.

"I want to be married before the goat kicks it, not after." Hel chided him, tilting her face into the spray.

"I'm taking care of that and the pre-nupt. All will be ready by the time our fathers gather to dissuade us." Lex noticed her thoughtful gaze even under the spray of water. "What's with you?"

"You and Clark over? He seems like a nice guy." Hel slid her eyes over to watch his reaction to her question.

Lex turned around to look in the mirror above the sink. "There is nothing but friendship between Clark and I."

"I'm sure that works on your father but it doesn't work on me. I know you." She whispered as she shut off the water. "I have to know before this deal is done, Lex."

"I'm not hiding anything." Lex insisted to his reflection, straightening his shirt.

"I never said you were hiding anything... but you wanted something to happen with him." She wrapped a towel around her body and reached for another to towel dry her hair. "Let me guess; you were waiting until he was nice and perfectly legal, also guessing that happens very soon, maybe you wanted to be sure he wouldn't reject you..." Readjusting her towel she leaned next to him on the sink. "But I showed up with my proposal and threw a wench in the works."

Lex turned to her, his blue eyes narrowed. "I hate it how you always do that."

"Oh come on, Lex. I know all about you. Gina, Sarah, Gillian, Barry, Victor... The guy with the weird hair." Hel gripped his jacket. "And that was sophomore year."

"The way you say it, you might as well call me a slut." Lex clucked his tongue. "I seem to recall Jon, Fredrick, Michael, Kurt, Donald and Richard all sneaking in and out of your room sometime that next year." He plucked the ring from the bowl and slipped it onto her finger. "Never thought I'd get married this young."

"Unfortunately I did." She pushed off the sink and strode into the bedroom, heading straight for Lex's closet. "If we don't pull this off, there are about six candidates up for my hand in marriage and with a dowry like mine... They'll be in fierce competition."

"That's because you're such a prize, Hel." Lex chuckled and stepped into the bedroom to watch her don one of his shirts. She left the top three buttons open to accommodate for their differences. When she pulled a thong out of her purse to wear, he raised his thin eyebrows. "Convenient."

"I don't have a drawer here yet." She pulled the tiny scrap of fabric into place and turned. "The only thing we never discussed is where we live after."

"I thought it was clear." Lex stepped forward. "We live here."

"That's well and good for you but my business is down in Texas." Hel shook her head at him and flipped her head over to dry her hair some more with the towel. When her head whipped back upright she was glaring. "Is this one more archaic ritual we have to adhere to? A man and woman get married and the woman moves in with the man?"

"I thought the whole point of this was freedom. To get away from the oppressing father?" Lex came around to her side of the bed. "I've already achieved that by moving into this place."

"It would really piss him off if I could still do my job from here... wouldn't it." She relented just a little.

"Besides, Clark is here..." Lex trailed off, having just given himself away.

"Right, Clark. Should I be jealous?" She pulled at his shirt, drawing him closer.

"He's the one friend I have that doesn't see the world through our jaded eyes. It's refreshing to have his take on things whenever he feels like popping over."

"Uh-huh... and I'm sure that has nothing to do with the fact you want to jump his bones five seconds after he shuffles in... I mean, with all those rippling muscles... who knows what kind of damage he could do?" Hel smiled at his groan.

"Now you're just trying to torture me." Lex complained before pulling her against him. "Besides, you'll like Clark."


"Oh yes, you will. He's my personal savior. Saved my life on more than one occasion."

"How's that?"

"You know my love for speed. Drove off a bridge and into a river, Clark pulled me out before I drowned, even gave me mouth to mouth." He was about to kiss her when she pulled back.

"Which car?"

"The Porsche."

"You smashed the Porsche?" She backed up, disgust written across her face. "That beautiful silver car?"

"You take your cars way to seriously." Lex groaned and sat on the bed.

"What can I say? I'm Daddy's little girl." She stretched out on the bed beside him.

"I'm sorry but there is no way you are anyone's little girl." Lex turned to lean over her.

"Why didn't we date in high school?" Helena whispered.

"Our fathers hate each other." Lex nodded to her acknowledgement of that fact.

"That's right. With a burning passion." She laid her head back on the bed. "Do me a favor... I don't want to know about you and Clark."

"There's not--"

"Well I want to keep believing that. I don't want to find out." She closed her eyes. "Think of it as a stipulation of our upcoming merger."

"So what you're saying is that we'll stick to our contract but as long as the other is in the dark... we can pursue other venues?" He locked eyes with her.

"Exactly." She propped herself up on her elbows. "Now, I have to go show off my pretty new bauble and then I'll be back. Seen my skirt?"


Clark stood at the base of the drive and watched as two vehicles left Lex's. The second left an hour after the first. He was hiding from everyone. Oddly enough, he had chosen to hide in Lex's bushes wearing the fashionably understated jacket that Lex had gotten him for his last birthday.

He hadn't waited to hear Jonathan's disappointed questions. He was pretty sure his mother could put it together fairly well. He had been prepared to say it. 'I'm gay.' He had done it, he had said it but he had never been prepared for the reaction. He had taken one look at how his father had aged so much in 30 seconds and ran out the door.

Shoving himself to his feet, he slowly made his way to the house, he nodded to the manservant that had seen him make his way up the drive for once. "Master Lex is upstairs, Master Clark."

Clark trudged up the stairs so slowly that he didn't make any noise. He approached the room slowly. Even though he was sure Helena was no longer on the property, that image was still burned into his mind. As he approached he heard Lex's voice. "This is a surprise, I didn't think I'd ever have the pleasure of Jonathan Kent thinking to call the evil Luthor child... especially at this hour."

Clark froze. His father was calling Lex?

"I can't say that I've seen him since this afternoon." Lex's voice had deepened considerably after whatever Mr. Kent had said. Clark strained to hear more. "If he stops by... Yes, sir... If he does stop by, I'll send him on home... Any clue why he mind have run off like that? ... With all due respect, Mr. Kent, I know your son fairly well. It would have had to be something big for him to run off like that. Especially if it has you calling me up at 11:36 in the evening."

Clark leaned against a wall and decided to wait a little longer to make his presence known.

"I don't want to argue either. Believe it or not, I'm worried about him too... She did? ... If ... Mr. Kent. I know you're upset and believe me when I say I want Clark safe as well but you're going to have to calm down and wait for him. He'll come home in his own time... I realize that... Right." At the sound of a cordless hanging up, Clark shoved himself upright again. Too late realizing he had used too much force when the fine wood paneling creaked dangerously beneath his shoulder. He'd have to watch that.

Lex stepped out of the bedroom, in the process of putting on his jacket, and stopped short at seeing Clark. "Clark."

"Hey Lex." Clark nodded stiffly.

"Apparently you ran away from home a few hours ago." Lex removed his jacket and laid it on a chair. "I was about to go check out your haunts for a clue."

"I was telling my mom about me when my father walked in." Clark stepped forward awkwardly. "The look on his face when what I had just said registered... and I had to get out of there."

"I understand. It explains alot about the way your father talked to me on the phone just now." Lex gestured for Clark to sit on the couch but the young man refused.

"I should go home." Clark shook his head.

"It'll be okay, Clark. Your father obviously loves you." Lex took a seat and gestured to the couch once more. "He'll still love you tomorrow. My father on the other hand... He likes to believe it was just a phase for me. Maybe I am just selfish like all of them said but I take my pleasure where I can find it but you... You know what you want. Try to take some comfort in that."

"Is...? Because...? Oh." Clark stammered as the pieces of the puzzle began falling into place in his mind. "Ok."

"Yeah. Be glad your parents care so much to get upset. It'll take time but I'm betting even old Jonathan won't want to lose you over sexual preference. My father thinks he's beat it out of me but that's just something we'll keep between us." Lex nodded his head to the door. "Go, they're worried."