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Author: Me-Leanne Smith
Summary: Some of Buffy's thoughts during the end of IWRY.
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That’s It

“I’ll never forget, I’ll never forget,” was the last thing Buffy remembered saying before feeling like she was being ripped in half. Opening her eyes she found Angel in front of her exactly like the previous day. That was when she realised what had happened.
The PTB had reversed the day but Buffy could remember everything that had happened!
Why? She thought. What was the point in that?
Had she wanted to remember badly enough that the Powers That Be had decided to let her keep her memories?
Buffy smiled at the thought. Maybe she and Angel could be together after all.
Then she saw Angel looking at her strangely.
‘He doesn’t know I know, what do I do? I can’t let him find out, it would almost kill him. He did this for me.’
He made the decisions last time, this time it’s my turn.
“So then let’s just stick to the plan. Keep our distance until a lot of time has passed. Given enough time we should be able to…”
“…Forget.” Angel interrupted her little speech.
“Yeah. So…I’m gonna go…start forgetting.” Buffy knew exactly what was going to happen next but she had to let Angel go on thinking that she remembered nothing so she turned away as if to leave. When she heard the crash she turned around looking shocked. She saw Angel pick up the clock and smash it into the same place Buffy had smashed not long ago. She also saw the Mohra demon grab his head and hit the wall behind before disappearing in a flash of light.
‘This is it, my moment. Do I carry on pretending and go on with my life knowing what we had, could’ve had or do I tell him I know everything and see where it goes from there,’ Buffy thought. ‘It can’t happen; everything would be as it was last year. We can’t have a normal life, as much as we want one. So here goes…’
“That was unreal…How did you know how to kill it?” she asked trying to sound impressed but also shocked.
“It was a Mohra Demon,” he answered a little too quickly, and then carried on. “I uhh…I’ve had a lot of time to catch up on my reading.”
Buffy took a deep breath and started again, trying not to look into his eyes, “So, ok…I guess we’ve covered it, right?”
“I guess we did,” Angel replied, looking like he was struggling to get to grips with it all.
One look at Angel’s face made her want to tell him everything and start snogging the face off him all at the same time.
I’m not going to tell him, I’m going to be strong, she thought with what Willow would call a resolved face.
“Then that’s all there really is to say,” she said, trying desperately not to let her voice break or burst into tears or scream to him that she said she would never forget and she hadn’t. When she saw Angel look at the broken clock on the floor, she took that as her chance to leave. Opening the office door, she left as quietly as she could, and was close to tears when she heard Angel behind her whisper, “That’s it.”

The End

I've also wrote another IWRY fic, starts the same as this but has a different ending. It's what I wished had happened!! It's called Almost in case any1's interested!
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