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Author: Me-Leanne Smith
Summary: I know that the new series has started but I haven’t seen any yet-so heres what happens after Angel finds out Buffy’s dead.
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“But I was told that Buffy’s life would be safe in return for my life. Buffy is dead, how can that be called safe?” Angel questioned the Oracles after getting the whole story about Buffy, Glory and Dawn being a key.
“Buffy was promised to be safe because you were going to be there to protect her and tie her to the world of fighting and also a world of love. But with the both of you split, Buffy died the same time if your day hadn’t been reversed,” the female oracle explained to him.
Angel felt even more like his heart had been ripped out, except now they were jumping up and down on it.
“Do not blame the powers for your mishaps. Is that all?” The male oracle asked looking at Angel as if he were a bug that had to be squished.
“No, that’s not all! Buffy is-was the greatest warrior I’ve ever met. With the coming battles you need as many warriors as you can get. It would be in everyone’s best interests if she were alive. If you don’t bring her back, you not only lose one warrior, you lose two. I’ll quit.”
These new oracles had obviously not expected Angel’s little outburst because the look on their faces was one of complete shock.
The female answered first. “Leave us be. We need to consider your ultimatum, if you will.”
“Return in one hour and you will get your answer.” The male said before Angel was thrown backwards against the wall outside.
Angel returned to the hotel to find everyone sitting exactly where he or she was when he had left. It hadn’t taken him long to get there so he had a while before he needed to leave. He replayed to the gang what had been said.
“So what do you think they will say when you go back? Will they bring back Buffy, do you think?” Willow asked with more hope than she had before he left. Cordelia must have told her about the lost day.
“I don’t know Willow, this could go either way, they could bring her back, erase time or something like before or they could decide it’s not worth it,” Angel said unhappily.
“But they can’t. This is Buffy we’re talking about, she’s saved the world, and us like a million times. How can they say it’s not worth it?” Cordelia voiced what Angel, Willow and Wesley were all thinking.
“I don’t know, I’m gonna get some air,” Angel said flatly, walking out of the room.

Angel sat down on an old bench in the garden. Only now that he was truly alone did he let himself think about what a world without Buffy would be like, then the tears came and he couldn’t stop them. Even when she was in Sunnydale and he in L.A. Angel could still always feel her, but right now he felt nothing. He didn’t feel her at all, just numb. The oracles were his only chance of seeing Buffy, if they didn’t go along with what he wanted he didn’t think he could go on. He looked at his watch, 45 minutes before he had to be back at the oracles. He just sat and let the memories wash over him with tears.

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“Angel, it’s almost time,” Willow said coming up behind him, putting her hand on his shoulder. “Are you alright?”
“I just can’t believe she’s gone. I mean I always thought that she’d always be there and she’s not and I can’t help but think it’s all my fault.” Angel said still sobbing.
Willow couldn’t remember ever seeing him like this but then again she had never spent that much time with him. This is definitely hitting him the most out of all the Scooby’s.
“Angel, this isn’t your fault. No one could’ve stopped Buffy from doing what she wanted to do once she had put her mind to it. You should know that better than anyone. She knew that she could either die saving the world or die fighting for it. It wasn’t a hard choice as far as Buffy is concerned, Buffy sacrificed herself to save Dawn, you and all her friends.” Willow tried to explain to him.
“If only I had stayed with her when she asked me, I would’ve protected her and maybe she wouldn’t have been put in the position where she had to sacrifice herself. I don’t even know if she knew how I still felt, I mean feel, about her.”
“She knew. She never stopped loving you. Even when she said she had. Angel, you should go,” Willow told him.
Angel stood up and gave Willow a hug and kissed her forehead.
“Thank you for talking Will, I feel much better,” Angel said smiling sadly and walked away.

“Ok, I’ve returned when you said to. Have you made up your mind?” Angel asked the oracles immediately after calling them forth.
“We have decided that this is your mistake, it is up to you to resolve it. We will give you the tasks, and you have to complete them. If you complete them Buffy will be returned to you,” the female oracle told him harshly.
“If you don’t Buffy stays where she is. And you live with the torment of knowing that you could have saved her and didn’t. Do you think you could do that? Would you be able to live with it?” The male questioned him, knowing how deep these questions were cutting into Angel. They were like the sword that Buffy had used to send him to hell with.
“I will succeed,” was all Angel said to them.
Angel listened to them intently while they explained what he had to do to bring back his love, never saying another word to them. When they reached the end of the list, they looked at him as if expecting him to tell them he couldn’t do it. That really showed how very little they knew about him. He would go to the end of the earth and back for Buffy. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for her. Nothing.

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