posted on 18-Dec-2001 5:26:27 PM by CandyDreamer
I know this isn't fanfic but my baby brother wrote (ok he's 13 but anyway) and I think its really good, so I wanted to see what every1 else thought bout it!! Soz if I've wasted any1's time.

Attachment Sonnet

If I compared you to a winters day
I would probably say winter’s better,
You are like the bills that I hate to pay
Your breath reminds me of a Red Setter,
I hate those devastating clothes you wear
The teeth in your mouth are very sickly,
Your intriguing heart I would like to tear
You do make my insides very tickly,
I don’t know why I ever married you
I’m trying to show my feelings right now,
Because we’ve been together through and through
I love you more than people would allow,
Though I write these words, I think you should know,
That I’ll never leave you, I just can’t go.

By Glenn Smith

posted on 25-Feb-2002 10:28:08 AM by CandyDreamer
hey at least some1 read it, I was beginning 2 think that no1 cared.
Thanks gem, and c, I didn't 4get ur birthday, did I???
ok, 18 now means that I'll take no 4 an answer to go clubbing even less than I used to!!!
We're goin to town next week, whether u like it or not!!!

Look out men-here we come!!*angel**big*

*happy* C Ya, Luv Lea x
posted on 14-Mar-2002 6:36:30 AM by candydreamer
well at least sum1 read it who wasn't a friend who I may or may not of bribed (I'll never admit to it!!!)

Thanks a lot-I haven't actually told my bro ive put this on here. I planned on telling him if he got a lot of replies!!!

Luv Lea *bounce*