Title: Our Sacrifice
Author: Xan
Rating: up to R
Couples: Ron/Allie and Harry/Hermione
Summary: without revealing too much...takes place in the 5th year. A new girl (Allie) catches Ron's attention and turns his world upside down. He uncovers her deadly secret and both must make the ultimate sacrifice to save everything and everyone they hold dear.

Chapter One--The New Girl

“Harry! Get up! We’re going to be late,” said Ron Weasley frantically as he tried to wake his best friend, Harry Potter.

“I’m up,” Harry groaned and sat up. “What time is it?”

“Nine thirty. Come on, get dressed,” Ron urged and began to dash around his room packing his things.

Harry hurriedly dressed and ran downstairs to see if he could find anything to eat for breakfast. He had been staying with the Weasleys at the Burrow for over a month now and he felt it was his true home—he now scrounged around for food without feeling like he had to ask permission. He was so thankful that Dumbledore had granted him permission to stay with the Weasleys after performing several strong protection charms around the Burrow in hopes that Harry would be safe from Voldemort and his followers.

Voldemort—Harry shuddered at the thought. It had only been a little over two months since the Dark Lord had risen and killed Cedric Diggory. Minister Fudge had tried to keep it secret for a while, but the press found out and all hell broke loose. Furious with Fudge for keeping it from the public, the other department heads in the Ministry removed him from office and replaced him with a rather intimidating Arthur Weasley.

Harry was shaken from his thoughts when he felt someone wrap their arms around his waist.

“Morning, sweetheart,” Harry said and kissed his girlfriend’s forehead.

“Good morning, Harry,” Hermione replied in a sleepy voice. “Did you talk to Ron last night?”

He shook his head and sighed. “No. Every time I brought you up in our conversation, he’d change the subject. I’m pretty sure he suspects something, though.”

Hermione nodded. “I think he does, too. Harry, we need to tell Ron that we’re together. I know he’s probably going to be incredibly angry with us, but I can’t stand keeping our relationship a secret anymore. I want to be able to hold your hand and kiss you without looking around to make sure we’re alone. More than that, I want everyone in the world to know that I love you and you love me and that we belong to each other. I want that so bad.”

Harry smiled and kissed his love softly on the lips. “I want that too. We’ll tell him soon, I promise.”

Hermione kissed him on the cheek and went upstairs to finish getting ready. Harry watched her go then grabbed a pop tart and returned to Ron’s room. He immediately noticed Ron watching him with a slight frown on his face.


Ron shook his head. “Nothing. Just lost in thought.”

Harry eyed him warily for a moment, and then resumed gathering his things. He didn’t hear Ron mutter, “Just lost in thought on how you got lipstick on your cheek.”

Once everyone was ready, the Weasleys, Harry, and Hermione set off for King’s Cross in a huge Ministry limousine. During the ride, Ron quietly observed the interaction between Harry and Hermione, looking for any clue to confirm his suspicions that they were together. When he’d first started to suspect something was going on, he had been furious. After a while, though, he realized that he was over his crush on Hermione. Now he was just afraid that he’d be left out if his two best friends became something more to each other.

Once they arrived at the station, the group quickly headed for platform 9¾, afraid that they would be late and miss the Hogwarts Express. Ron hung in the back and watched as his siblings and friends went through the barrier that only a witch or wizard could pass through. While waiting for his turn, he noticed a girl running in his direction carrying several bags. He drew a sharp intake of breath when he got a closer look at her.

The girl seemed to be about his age and was absolutely the most beautiful thing Ron had ever set eyes on. She had shiny, rich auburn hair that hung down to her waist and her eyes were a startling shade of green. They were very bright and seemed to change from dark green to blue green to emerald green and back. Her complexion was extremely fair and she was covered with light freckles, but nearly as much as any of the Weasleys. She was quite short, possibly 5’2 or so, and was neither fat nor skinny. The girl looked just perfect and had curves in all the right places. And the outfit she wore defiantly made an impression on the young wizard. She wore knee high black boots, a dangerously short black leather mini skirt, and a tight dark green shirt that showed a bit of her stomach, which sported a belly button ring, and a black leather jacket. Ron was too busy studying her to realize that she had walked right up to him.

“Hogwarts?” she asked in a silky American voice.

“Ye-yeah. You too?” he stammered.

She flashed Ron a dazzling smile and nodded. “Could you help me carry this stuff? I’m afraid I’m gonna drop it when I go through the barrier.”

“Sure,” Ron replied and gladly took several of the bags off her hands and added them to the top of his cart. “Don’t you have any luggage with you?”

“No, they’re already at the school. I’ve been there since August, but I had to pick up some things at Diagon Alley and thought I’d ride back to Hogwarts with my classmates,” she said as the two ran though the barrier and onto platform 9¾.”

“Why have you been there since August?” he questioned while she helped him load his stuff onto the train.

“Playing catch up.”

“What do you mean?”

She laughed. “Sit with me and keep me company on the train and I’ll tell you all about it. Name’s Alexandra Wood, by the way, but please—call me Allie,” she said and offered her hand.

Ron shook it and tried not to think about how soft it was or how perfectly it fit into his. “I’m Ronald Weasley, but call me Ron. Give me just a minute to say goodbye to my mum and then we can go grab some seats.”

“Do you mind if I go with you and meet your mom?” Allie asked shyly.

Ron grinned. “Sure,” he said and led her over to where his mother, Fred, George, Ginny, Harry, and Hermione were talking. “Everyone, this is Allie Wood. Allie, this is my mother, my brothers, Fred and George, my sister, Ginny, and my best friends, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger.” He smiled as she shook everyone’s hand and felt a little bit of triumph when he noticed that she didn’t seem to care that it was Harry Potter’s hand she was shaking and didn’t even look at his scar as most people in the wizarding world did when they met him.

The group said their goodbyes to Mrs. Weasley and climbed on board the train. Ron turned to Harry and Hermione and said, “Do you two mind if I sit with Allie?”

The two exchanged looks and shrugged.

“That’s fine with us,” Harry said, unnerved by the mysterious girl who Ron already seemed to be attached to.

“Right then. See you when we reach Hogwarts!” Ron said cheerily and led Allie to an empty compartment.

The two said down opposite one another and smiled at each other.

“So…you were going to tell me why you’ve been at Hogwarts since August,” Ron prompted once the train began to move.

Allie nodded. “I’m a transfer student from Alamo Institute of Magic in Texas. I had to arrive early to make sure I knew everything that the fifth years at Hogwarts did. I knew some things that y’all had not yet learned and didn’t know some things that y’all had learned, so the professors had to make sure I was caught up.”

“So you’re going to be a fifth year?”

She nodded.

“That’s great! So are my friends and I.”

Allie grinned. “Really? That’s so cool! I hope I’m in the same house as you.”

“Have you been sorted into one yet?”

Something flickered in her mesmerizing eyes that Ron couldn’t figure out. “No. Professor D said I had to be sorted this evening at the feast. So, what other classes are you taking?”

“Divination and Care of Magical Creatures. What about you?”

“Divination and Arithmancy. Is the Divination teacher any good? I don’t want a fake.”

Ron laughed. “I’m afraid you’re out of luck. Professor Trelawney is a mental and I would drop dead from shock if she was a true Seer.”

Allie groaned. “Great, just what I need. Oh well, I suppose I’ll have fun making up my horoscopes again.”

“You do that too?” Ron asked with a grin. “Harry and I do that all the time!”

“You know what? I think you and I are going to get along great,” Allie mused softly, looking into Ron’s eyes.

Ron smiled and the rest of the trip passed with small talk and comfortable silence, until Ron’s least favorite person interrupted them.”

“I can’t believe you’re not sitting with Potty and Mudblood, Weasley,” Malfoy said from the doorway with Crabbe and Goyle flanking him.

“Go away, Malfoy,” Ron seethed.

Malfoy then noticed Allie and eyed her appreciatively. “And who is this gorgeous lady?” he asked smoothly.

Allie raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow and replied, “You’re hitting on me after insulting my friend? You have a lot of nerve, Draco.”

Malfoy frowned. “How did you know my name?”

“I know your father,” she said with a shrug.

Malfoy looked a bit startled. “I still don’t know your name,” he said with less confidence than before.

“Alexandra Wood. Sound familiar?”

Apparently it did because the boy’s ice blue eyes widened and he backed away from her quickly. “What are you doing here?” he demanded.

“She’s transferred to Hogwarts,” Ron answered.

“Y-you are?” Malfoy stammered.

Allie nodded and walked up to the Slytherin. She placed her hand at the back of his neck and pulled him forward. “I am, and if you don’t leave Ron alone there will be hell to pay,” she whispered into his ear in a deadly tone of voice.

Malfoy quickly nodded. “The same goes for you two idiots,” Allie said to Crabbe and Goyle. They, too, nodded and the three boys hurriedly left the compartment.

Ron stared at his new friend with his jaw dropped. “What is it about you that has them so scared?” he asked in awe.

Allie just shrugged innocently. “I don’t know. I didn’t think that Draco actually knew my name. Who knows why he acted the way he did?”

Ron knew that there was something she wasn’t telling him, but decided not to push. The two changed into their robes and made more small talk until the train pulled up to the station ten minutes later. They got off and were met by Professor Snape. Ron groaned inwardly at the sight of his least favorite teacher.

“Good evening Mr. Weasley, Ms. Wood. I trust your trip was okay?” Snape said in a pleasant voice.

While Ron fought to keep his jaw from dropping, Allie smiled and replied, “It was, thanks.”

Snape nodded. “Well, I am to escort you up to the school so Professor Dumbledore and I can have a word with you before the feast.”

“Sure. I guess I’ll see you later, Ron,” she said and hugged him impulsively.

Ron was a bit taken back, but quickly returned the hug. “Yeah, see you,” he whispered and walked off to meet with Harry and Hermione.

Once Ron was out of ear shot, Snape said, “You like him, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I do. So, Severus, what do you and Albus need to discuss with me?” Allie asked as he handed Allie her Firebolt.

“Wait until we get there,” he replied and the two took off for the castle.

They were there within minutes and quickly headed for the headmaster’s office.

“Canary creams,” Allie said with a grin and the gargoyle guarding Dumbledore’s office stepped aside to let Allie and Snape pass.

“Good, you’re here,” the professor said with a smile as the two entered his office.

“You wanted to see me, Albus?” Allie asked.

“Yes. I’ve talked to the Sorting Hat and he’s going to pretend to sort you and place you in Slytherin.”

Allie groaned. “What? I wanted to be in Gryffindor! No offense, Severus.”

Snape nodded. “None taken. I know you want to be in Gryffindor and that that’s where you probably belong, but we need you to go to Slytherin so you can keep an eye on the students who have Death Eaters as parents. It will also help you with getting Voldemort to ask you to join him. I know he’s already shown an interest in you and this will seal it.”

“Fine,” Allie muttered. “I guess it won’t be too bad. I mean, I can make Draco Malfoy’s life a living hell.”

Dumbledore’s eyes twinkled. “That’s my girl. Now, come along. Its time for the feast.”

The three left the office and entered the Great Hall together. Every head turned as Dumbledore and Snape walked in with the mysterious new girl. Allie caught Ron’s eye and winked. She grinned when the handsome boy’s ears turned pink. She walked up to the staff table with Dumbledore and Snape and took a seat on a stool on the far left side. A moment passed and then Professor McGonagall entered with the first years.

After the first years had been sorted, Professor Dumbledore stood up to make an announcement.

“Good evening students. Before we begin our meal, we have one more student to be sorted. She’s a transfer student from Alamo Institute of Magic in San Antonio, Texas. She’s joining us as a fifth year and I expect everyone to make her feel welcome. Now, Ms. Wood, if you would please put on the Sorting Hat.”

Allie walked up to the stool and gracefully sat down. McGonagall lowered the hat onto her head.

“Ah, Alexandra Wood, I presume,” the hat said so that only she could here.

“In the flesh,” she replied.

“I’m supposed to sort you into Slytherin, but would you like to know where you would have gone if I were to truly sort you?”

Allie thought for a moment then agreed.

“Hm, I sense much power in you. Perhaps that is why You-Know-Who wants you so badly. I also sense sharp wit, great intelligence, and much cunning. However, I also feel much bravery, nobility, and loyalty. Yes, I think I would have sorted you into Gryffindor had I the choice. But since it is not my decision, better be SLYTHERIN!”

Allie took off the hat and made her way to the cheering Slytherin table. She locked eyes with Ron and smiled sadly. “Shoot me,” she mouthed and his frown grew into a grin.

“We’ll talk later,” he mouthed back and she nodded.

While walking to the Slytherin dungeon dorm after dinner, Allie made up her mind that she was going to talk to Ron the next day and tell him the truth about who she really was. She only hoped that he wouldn’t turn away from her once he knew the truth.