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Summary: Lex and a few friends come to an agreement both social and business to all their benefit.


Part 1

Clark nodded to the manservant that greeted him when he entered Luthor manor and then bounded up the stairs to Lex's room. Today was the day. Today Clark Kent would admit his feelings to Lex Luthor. Today, Clark Kent would come out of the closet. After he talked with Lex, he would see where things lie between them and then it was off to brave his parents. Hopefully the speech would go something like, 'Mom, Dad, I'm gay and I'm in love with Lex Luthor.'

Plunging into the sitting room, the quiet struck him. It was an odd silence so heavy that it triggered all sorts of alarms in his head. Resisting the urge to use his gifts, he called out. "Lex?"

No answer.

A muffled voice so thick that he couldn't make it out traveled through the heavy doors. Not sure what it was, Clark cleared his throat to call out once more. "Lex?"

Still no answer. A low animalistic growl emanated from the bedroom. Clark didn't have time to think as he rushed over to the bedroom doors and threw them open. The sight would be forever burned into his mind.

There lay Lex, quivering post-coitus, atop some woman Clark had never seen. He hadn't realized he had frozen in place until Lex turned. The heave of his chest had Clark captivated.

"Be with you in a minute, Clark." Lex panted, his body gleaming with sweat and sex, his tense body pressed against hers.

Blinking, Clark regained his senses. "Sorry. I didn't mean to-- I'll go." Clark turned to leave, his hands grasping door handles and his face finally turned from the scarring sight.

"Just hold on a minute, Clark. I'll be right there." Lex lifted a hand in Clark's direction.

Clark shut the door and crossed the room to leave. Then he turned and took a seat on the soft leather couch. He had been such a fool. Lex Luthor wouldn't be interested in him like that, especially when he had a woman in his bed. Holding his flaming face in his hands Clark waited for Lex for no reason other than he had told him to. Shutting his eyes he could still see them together, all that pale hairless skin wrapped in her rich darker skin.

The door opened to admit the woman wearing Lex's robe. "Hey kid." She sauntered over to the bar with her slight frame. Not much taller than most girls he knew, slender build and curves in all the right places. Her gaze lingered on him as she picked up a decanter. "Sorry for the premature education in sex. I arrived unannounced. I sometimes forget that Lex works for a living like the rest of us. I should have known he would have appointments."

He couldn't say anything; his mouth wouldn't comply. 'I sometimes forget... should have known...' He could assume that implied that she knew Lex well and for some time. Her dark eyes bored into him until he found the strength to speak. "I'm Clark Kent."

"Helena Fierro." She poured herself a drink and stood away from the bar in a very Lex-like manner and studied him. "Boy scout? Delivery boy? Intern? Tutoring program? Community service?"

"Try 'personal hero,' Hel." Lex deadpanned as he strolled into the room freshly showered and immaculately dressed. "I don't see the need for proper introductions given the circumstances but I'll try."

"Do all these small towns hide Adonises like that?" She turned to Lex, who promptly took her glass and downed the warm liquid. "Think I could buy one?"

"Oh no, my dear Hel, you couldn't afford the price of a Kent." Lex spoke evenly. "Right Clark?" His eyes never left Helena as he spoke to his friend. "Besides... I'm more Clark's type than you are. Right, Clark?"

"Um... right." Clark blushed an even brighter red and felt the stinging in his eyes. Lex had known all along what had taken Clark so very long to figure out.

Lex turned to Clark with an easy smile. "Helena and I were just finalizing the terms of our impending merger."

"Consummating the deal of a lifetime." Helena threw in as she poured herself another drink. She sipped only once, rolling the flavor over her tongue, before she tossed the whole glass back.

"That's right." Lex held one hand at the small of her back. They seemed cozy enough but it didn't seem to reach their eyes. Clark watched them carefully as they stood together in a pose that would normally suggest intimacy but didn't seem quite right to him. Lex turned his blue eyes to his friend. "Clark, I am really glad you stopped by. You'll be the first to hear our news. Hel and I are engaged to be married."

"Engaged?" Clark croaked out. His whole world spun a million times before righting itself to the same scene that had caused it all. "I mean... Congratulations...
When did this happen?"

"Ah..." Lex turned to Helena and set his glass down on the bar. "About an hour ago?"

"Hour and a half." Hel corrected, throwing back another drink. "I think engagement sits well with me."

"That would be the scotch, Hel." Lex returned the plug to the decanter. Clark caught the very slight wince as Lex pushed the decanter back into place.

"Right," she nodded, flashing them both a dazzlingly practiced smile. The comment hadn't seemed to bother her in the least.

"Well, congratulations." Clark repeated, rising to his feet to shake their hands. "When's the big day?"

"Next season if Lionel and Hector are just as cooperative as we know they will be, sooner if they react worse." Hel stepped away from Lex, placing her glass firmly on the bar. "It was great meeting you, Clark, but if you gentlemen will excuse me, I'll go freshen up."

"Walk with me, Clark." Lex wrapped an arm around the younger man and led him out of the room, leaving Helena to herself. The two men made their way down the stairs, out the back of the manor and into the back lawn, away from the prying eyes and ears of the house staff. "So, what do you think of my fiancée?"

"I don't know her too well but she seems nice." Clark answered as truthfully as he could. It was a little refreshing that he could relax now. All that tension about coming out to Lex and Lex had known, treating him no different than before.

"We met at boarding school in London." Lex released Clark to pluck a rose from the bush beside him. Holding it to his nose, he inhaled the sweet scent. "Hel's two years younger but we've known each other practically all our lives and have been made painfully aware of our fathers' hatred for each other." Lex tossed the flower to Clark and walked further away from the manor. "The Fierros hail from Texas with money as far back as money meant anything in this country. Their current moneymaker is oil and Texas has plenty of that. Hector and Lionel each want a piece of the other's company if not all of it."

"So you're caving?" Clark blinked, dropping the flower on the ground. Never in all this time he had known him had Lex caved so easily to the will of his father... or to anyone for that matter.

Lex paused in his stride to turn to his young friend with a wry smile and a gleam in his eye. "You know my father would never give up a piece of the company for anything. So Hel and I have arranged it so each man has to give up a sizeable portion of his wealth toward a common goal," He continued, smile still in place. "What better way to merge our companies than to use their archaic business practices against them?"

"How's that?" Clark's blue eyes searched his older friend for a sign of anything but knew he'd never find it.

"Kingdoms used to merge with a wedding." Lex shot a glance toward the manor and cleared his throat. "Some businessmen still find these methods effective. As heir apparent to Luthor Corp, I have to think in the best interest to my future. Helena is Hector's only child, much to his dismay. He would have preferred a son to take over... In any case, Hel does know the oil industry. Together, Hel and I make an unstoppable team. It's a major plus that it will drive our fathers out of their minds and into early graves."

"They could stop you." Clark shrugged slightly, not really knowing if either man was capable of but the look on Lex's face only confirmed his vague fears.

"They could." Lex nodded and straightened his jacket. "They could, which is why you found us in the manner that you did, Clark."

"Excuse me?" His blue eyes widened.

The Luthor heir let that wry smile cross his face once more. "I know my father would never allow his first grandchild to be born a bastard and I'll wager the same of Hector." A slight shrug of the shoulders and an uncomfortable glance at the manor, Lex cleared his throat. "It's business."

"So let me get this straight. You're engaged to her, planning a child with her and it's just business?" Clark shook his head and ran a hand through his dark hair.

"Don't act so surprised, Clark. Hel and I are two of a kind. We will always live in their shadows unless we start something." Lex began the trip back to the manor. "We both want this and besides... the sex is great." He heard Clark rush to catch up to him. "Don't worry, Clark, just because I'm not waiting for true love doesn't mean you can't. There's a perfect man for you I'm sure."

Clark mulled it all over in his head. They were obviously not in love, they were moving so quickly and there was something they weren't saying. "Lex? Those archaic business practices... Her father still believes in them?"

"I always knew you were smart, Clark. Hel doesn't get her cut until she marries." Lex casually hurried them both into his office to continue the discussion.

So that was it; a means to an end. Clark followed him inside trying to phrase his question carefully. "Why do you want my approval?"

"I don't." Lex moved around to his office bar to pour himself a drink.

"You shouldn't have told me everything you did. No one should know what's it's really about." Clark shut the doors firmly and turned to lean on a chair.

"You're right but I trust you and I want Hel to trust you too. " Lex turned slightly drink in hand. "You, Clark, are my inspiration, my good luck charm. As long as you are involved, it can't go wrong."

"It still can." Clark commented almost to himself but Lex had heard.

"What is it?" Lex asked, carrying his glass to his desk to lean on it. "I need these wrinkles ironed out before our fathers show up."

"It's just... you don't look like you're together."

"So Hel and I need some practice." Lex nodded and tossed back his drink.

"You are just awkward together... I know you and it shows. I won't ask how you managed sex if it's so awkward." Clark sighed; giving up his dream of being with Lex and focusing on making sure Lex was happy. "I'd cut out the drinking around your fathers."

"Right." Lex set down his glass. "Besides, soon enough, Hel shouldn't be drinking. I'll keep that in mind, Clark. You're a good friend."


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Part 2

Clark entered his house after spending two hours in his fortress of Solitude. He had mulled it all over and over again with no clue what to think about anything. His mother looked up from the table she had just cleared. She pointed to a chair and waited for him to sit. "I didn't see you much. How was your day?"

"Illuminating." Clark shrugged and took the plate of food from her hand.

"Is that why you ignored our every call for dinner?" Martha took a seat beside him.

"I..." Clark shook his head and tried a different tack. "Lex is getting married."

"Lex." Martha blinked and leaned in to make sure she had heard correctly. "Lex Luthor?"

"Yep. The one and only." Clark nodded and took a small bite of his dinner. It tasted worse than the bile threatening to flood his mouth. He wondered if it was possible for him to develop an ulcer.

"Isn't that good news?" She didn't need to be a mother to see that this news upset her son. She had to wait. With Clark she had learned that anything he had to say was worth waiting for.

"It would be if they were in love." Clark didn't feel he had betrayed Lex by revealing this information to his mother. She wasn't one to gossip and he could use an unbiased point of view on the situation. "They're treating it like a business merger." He lowered his sad blue eyes to his plate where his fork was mixing everything around.

"I didn't even realize Lex had a girlfriend." Martha made a clucking noise and got up to put away the rest of the dishes and listen to the rest of Clark's account of the day.

"They weren't even 'romantic' before today." He whispered. That stung the worst. Clark loved Lex and was pretty sure now that he knew but Lex hadn't said anything. Lex had agreed to marry a woman he had no feelings for all for the sake of getting back at his father.

"Well, I'm sure they think they're above the rules of love." Martha resisted the urge to try and tell Clark how the Luthors were different from them. He never wanted to hear anything against the youngest Luthor. "I'm sure they'll be fine. I, on the other hand, will be dreading the day some woman comes to take my son away."

"Mom?" Clark's voice was so small that she turned immediately. He had to do it.

"What is it, Clark?" Martha ceased her bustling around completely at the expression on his face.

"Where's Dad?"

"Out in the fields. The lower 40 has a slight insect problem. Clark?"

"I guess it's better this way." He muttered before standing to face his mother. "Mom, I have something to tell you."

"What is it?" When he didn't say anything, her panic rose. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Nothing's wrong. I just have something to say. I'm..." Clark took a deep breath but it did nothing to calm his nerves. "Mom, I'm gay."

"You're what?" Jonathan's voice came void of emotion from where he stood in the kitchen door.


Lex sat and stared at Dominic while the incompetent ranted on and on about company policy. Leave it to Helena to take her time in arriving to pull off a stunt like this. It had to go just right. Then she appeared, dressed in workout clothes and a bottle of imported water in hand. She shone with a thin layer of sweat from her workout but didn't seem to care that she still wore Mrs. Luthor's engagement ring on her left hand.

Lex smirked when Dominic stopped talking to do a double take when he realized what Lex was looking at. Hel sauntered in and took a seat on Lex's desk facing him. They could almost hear Dominic's jaw drop. She set her bottle down. "Busy, Lex?"

"No." Lex tilted his head back to look up at her. "Have a nice workout, Hel?"

Hel ran her left hand up his arm, letting her new engagement ring catch the light. "Ditch the puppet and come play, Lex."

Dom's eyes followed the progress of Lex's hand up her thigh and cleared his throat loudly to get their attention. Lex's hand caught her left hand and brought it to his mouth for a suggestive kiss between her knuckles. "Give me a moment, Hel."

"Don't be too long, Lex." Hel ran a hand from the back of his neck, up over his cheek, down along his chin, then over his right shoulder as she stood to leave. "I'll be waiting..."

Hel picked up her bottle of water and made her exit, her hips swaying seductively. Dom watched her, jaw slack and eyes wide, desperately formulating what parts he would tell Lionel first.

"Don't kid yourself, Dom. You know that doesn't do it for you." Lex rose from his chair, speaking loud enough to startle the older man, and approached the incompetent. He lifted his hands as if framing something with them. "I picture you with a strapping barrel of a man named Biff."

"Was that Helena Fierro?" Dom sputtered, clearly not believing what he had just seen.

"I believe it was." Lex took his guest by the arm and led him from the office. "Now, if we're finished here..."

"What is she doing here?" Dom hissed, his shock apparent. Why in the world would Alexander Luthor have Helena Fierro in the ancestral Luthor manor?

"I don't know." Lex shook his head, mocking him. Opening the door he nudged Dom through it. "I do plan to remedy that very soon."

"You father will hear about this." Dom's words were cut off when Lex shut the door in his face.

"I'm counting on it." Lex turned and strode up to his rooms. He could hear the shower running and walked straight into the bathroom. Leaning on the sink, he nodded in appreciation. "That was perfect."

"I know." Hel turned to face him as she rinsed the shampoo from her hair. "He's really gay?"

"I'm almost positive." He nodded. "He should be calling my father any moment now. If he's the man I think he is, he'll mention Mother's ring. My father will be sure to throw a fit over that."

"The ring is huge enough." She pointed to the shiny rock sitting in a small dish beside the sink. "I'll have to put in an appearance at work with the ring."

"If you want to scare your father, take Clark with you." Lex let his lips curl slightly.

"I want to be married before the goat kicks it, not after." Hel chided him, tilting her face into the spray.

"I'm taking care of that and the pre-nupt. All will be ready by the time our fathers gather to dissuade us." Lex noticed her thoughtful gaze even under the spray of water. "What's with you?"

"You and Clark over? He seems like a nice guy." Hel slid her eyes over to watch his reaction to her question.

Lex turned around to look in the mirror above the sink. "There is nothing but friendship between Clark and I."

"I'm sure that works on your father but it doesn't work on me. I know you." She whispered as she shut off the water. "I have to know before this deal is done, Lex."

"I'm not hiding anything." Lex insisted to his reflection, straightening his shirt.

"I never said you were hiding anything... but you wanted something to happen with him." She wrapped a towel around her body and reached for another to towel dry her hair. "Let me guess; you were waiting until he was nice and perfectly legal, also guessing that happens very soon, maybe you wanted to be sure he wouldn't reject you..." Readjusting her towel she leaned next to him on the sink. "But I showed up with my proposal and threw a wench in the works."

Lex turned to her, his blue eyes narrowed. "I hate it how you always do that."

"Oh come on, Lex. I know all about you. Gina, Sarah, Gillian, Barry, Victor... The guy with the weird hair." Hel gripped his jacket. "And that was sophomore year."

"The way you say it, you might as well call me a slut." Lex clucked his tongue. "I seem to recall Jon, Fredrick, Michael, Kurt, Donald and Richard all sneaking in and out of your room sometime that next year." He plucked the ring from the bowl and slipped it onto her finger. "Never thought I'd get married this young."

"Unfortunately I did." She pushed off the sink and strode into the bedroom, heading straight for Lex's closet. "If we don't pull this off, there are about six candidates up for my hand in marriage and with a dowry like mine... They'll be in fierce competition."

"That's because you're such a prize, Hel." Lex chuckled and stepped into the bedroom to watch her don one of his shirts. She left the top three buttons open to accommodate for their differences. When she pulled a thong out of her purse to wear, he raised his thin eyebrows. "Convenient."

"I don't have a drawer here yet." She pulled the tiny scrap of fabric into place and turned. "The only thing we never discussed is where we live after."

"I thought it was clear." Lex stepped forward. "We live here."

"That's well and good for you but my business is down in Texas." Hel shook her head at him and flipped her head over to dry her hair some more with the towel. When her head whipped back upright she was glaring. "Is this one more archaic ritual we have to adhere to? A man and woman get married and the woman moves in with the man?"

"I thought the whole point of this was freedom. To get away from the oppressing father?" Lex came around to her side of the bed. "I've already achieved that by moving into this place."

"It would really piss him off if I could still do my job from here... wouldn't it." She relented just a little.

"Besides, Clark is here..." Lex trailed off, having just given himself away.

"Right, Clark. Should I be jealous?" She pulled at his shirt, drawing him closer.

"He's the one friend I have that doesn't see the world through our jaded eyes. It's refreshing to have his take on things whenever he feels like popping over."

"Uh-huh... and I'm sure that has nothing to do with the fact you want to jump his bones five seconds after he shuffles in... I mean, with all those rippling muscles... who knows what kind of damage he could do?" Hel smiled at his groan.

"Now you're just trying to torture me." Lex complained before pulling her against him. "Besides, you'll like Clark."


"Oh yes, you will. He's my personal savior. Saved my life on more than one occasion."

"How's that?"

"You know my love for speed. Drove off a bridge and into a river, Clark pulled me out before I drowned, even gave me mouth to mouth." He was about to kiss her when she pulled back.

"Which car?"

"The Porsche."

"You smashed the Porsche?" She backed up, disgust written across her face. "That beautiful silver car?"

"You take your cars way to seriously." Lex groaned and sat on the bed.

"What can I say? I'm Daddy's little girl." She stretched out on the bed beside him.

"I'm sorry but there is no way you are anyone's little girl." Lex turned to lean over her.

"Why didn't we date in high school?" Helena whispered.

"Our fathers hate each other." Lex nodded to her acknowledgement of that fact.

"That's right. With a burning passion." She laid her head back on the bed. "Do me a favor... I don't want to know about you and Clark."

"There's not--"

"Well I want to keep believing that. I don't want to find out." She closed her eyes. "Think of it as a stipulation of our upcoming merger."

"So what you're saying is that we'll stick to our contract but as long as the other is in the dark... we can pursue other venues?" He locked eyes with her.

"Exactly." She propped herself up on her elbows. "Now, I have to go show off my pretty new bauble and then I'll be back. Seen my skirt?"


Clark stood at the base of the drive and watched as two vehicles left Lex's. The second left an hour after the first. He was hiding from everyone. Oddly enough, he had chosen to hide in Lex's bushes wearing the fashionably understated jacket that Lex had gotten him for his last birthday.

He hadn't waited to hear Jonathan's disappointed questions. He was pretty sure his mother could put it together fairly well. He had been prepared to say it. 'I'm gay.' He had done it, he had said it but he had never been prepared for the reaction. He had taken one look at how his father had aged so much in 30 seconds and ran out the door.

Shoving himself to his feet, he slowly made his way to the house; he nodded to the manservant that had seen him make his way up the drive for once. "Master Lex is upstairs, Master Clark."

Clark trudged up the stairs so slowly that he didn't make any noise. He approached the room slowly. Even though he was sure Helena was no longer on the property, that image was still burned into his mind. As he approached he heard Lex's voice. "This is a surprise, I didn't think I'd ever have the pleasure of Jonathan Kent thinking to call the evil Luthor child... especially at this hour."

Clark froze. His father was calling Lex?

"I can't say that I've seen him since this afternoon." Lex's voice had deepened considerably after whatever Mr. Kent had said. Clark strained to hear more. "If he stops by... Yes, sir... If he does stop by, I'll send him on home... Any clue why he mind have run off like that? ... With all due respect, Mr. Kent, I know your son fairly well. It would have had to be something big for him to run off like that. Especially if it has you calling me up at 11:36 in the evening."

Clark leaned against a wall and decided to wait a little longer to make his presence known.

"I don't want to argue either. Believe it or not, I'm worried about him too... She did? ... If... Mr. Kent. I know you're upset and believe me when I say I want Clark safe as well but you're going to have to calm down and wait for him. He'll come home in his own time... I realize that... Right." At the sound of a cordless hanging up, Clark shoved himself upright again. Too late realizing he had used too much force when the fine wood paneling creaked dangerously beneath his shoulder. He'd have to watch that.

Lex stepped out of the bedroom, in the process of putting on his jacket, and stopped short at seeing Clark. "Clark."

"Hey Lex." Clark nodded stiffly.

"Apparently you ran away from home a few hours ago." Lex removed his jacket and laid it on a chair. "I was about to go check out your haunts for a clue."

"I was telling my mom about me when my father walked in." Clark stepped forward awkwardly. "The look on his face when what I had just said registered... and I had to get out of there."

"I understand. It explains a lot about the way your father talked to me on the phone just now." Lex gestured for Clark to sit on the couch but the young man refused.

"I should go home." Clark shook his head.

"It'll be okay, Clark. Your father obviously loves you." Lex took a seat and gestured to the couch once more. "He'll still love you tomorrow. My father on the other hand... He likes to believe it was just a phase for me. Maybe I am just selfish like all of them said but I take my pleasure where I can find it but you... You know what you want. Try to take some comfort in that."

"Is...? Because...? Oh." Clark stammered as the pieces of the puzzle began falling into place in his mind. "Ok."

"Yeah. Be glad your parents care so much to get upset. It'll take time but I'm betting even old Jonathan won't want to lose you over sexual preference. My father thinks he's beat it out of me but that's just something we'll keep between us." Lex nodded his head to the door. "Go, they're worried."

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Part 3

Clark opened his eyes to the dawn creeping into his bedroom. Four days. Four days since he had come out to his parents and his father had barely more to say to him than what chores needed to be done. Chloe had noticed how tense he was at school. Thankfully Pete had been too oblivious to notice anything not football.

Saturday. Today was Saturday. He would do his chores, go to the game, hang out with the guys, maybe go see Lex and then come home to wake up to Sunday where he would spend all day in silence next to his father at the market.

At least his mother was still speaking to him. She managed strained smiles and questions about school. Not a single one about where he had gone after his announcement. Not a single one about why he had made the announcement. It wasn't as if your only adopted son from outer space declared his homosexuality on a daily basis.

Lex. Clark didn't even know if he could go back there. Lex had known and had understood but did he feel the same? If Lex had known all this time, did he not say anything because he didn't feel the same or because he didn't want to embarrass him? He had all but admitted to being gay that night. Was Clark just not what Lex looked for? What was that about 'them' saying Lex was just selfish?

The sun wasn't even up yet and Clark already had a splitting headache. He idly wondered if Lex had pondered similar questions. It was hard to imagine Lex being awkward at any point in his life. Groaning, he climbed out of bed and went about getting ready for chores.

When he opened his door he could hear them talking down the hall. They argued quietly. They rarely argued at all but Clark knew the quiet kind was the most dangerous and that knowledge rooted his feet to the ground in his doorway.

"He's still your son, Jonathan."

"I know that, Martha. I know that and I... I still love him but..."

"Don't give me that. Don't give me that. Clark is a good boy, he gets good grades, he does his chores and he rarely complains. He's just..." She paused. "You know that he must have agonized about telling us, Jonathan. He already thinks he's abnormal and with this, who knows what's running through his head. He needs our support... I want our son to be happy."

"I just... I can't."

"You are going to let your male pride get in the way of your love for you son?"

"I just can't believe it. I ... It never crossed my mind. He had that crush on Lana..."

"Clark hasn't mentioned Lana in more than a year, Jonathan. She doesn't even come over anymore unless it's to request a midweek shipment of produce for a party that Nell's throwing. He doesn't get tongue tied around her anymore. It's all been right there." Silence. "Talk to him, Jonathan. You're hurting him worse than if you had kicked him out."

Clark couldn't listen to anymore of that. He rushed down the stairs and out the house to make quick work of his chores. He shucked his jacket and got to work in the fields. He never heard footsteps behind him.

"So this is what Clark Kent does on a Saturday morning." The feminine voice was instantly recognizable.

"Morning." He called over his shoulder. "What brings the future Mrs. Luthor to the fields so early in the morning?"

"I went for a drive, hopefully to salvage one of Lex's cars before he ruins it. He really hurts them when he drives." Helena laughed a little.

"That's Lex." Clark bit out.

"So... Lex told you, right?" She carefully shifted her high heels in the soft dirt, cursing to herself when she realized they were probably ruined. "I swear he's worse than a woman sometimes."

"If you mean about your marital arrangement? Yes, he told me." He turned slightly to look at her.

"Lex trusts you. That is rare. I don't think Lex has trusted anyone since he had hair." Hel toed the rich soil and cast the teenager a glance.

"You knew Lex when he had hair?"

"Knew is a strong word. Saw is more like it." Hel knelt gracefully to see what Clark was pulling from the earth. "Potatoes..."

"Why are you here?" Clark sat back for a short rest.

"He's moping. I was hoping to whisk you off for a day of turning Lex back into the fun-filled man I'm to marry."

"Lex sent you." He stated with a nod.

"You mean to tell me my acting lessons are worth nothing?" She frowned slightly.

"No, you were perfect, very believable, but I know Lex and Lex doesn't mope. He's probably waiting somewhere downtown for you to get me there. Why?" Clark eyed her carefully as he rose to his feet to gather the baskets of potatoes. He tossed his jacket over the stacked baskets to save himself a trip.

"My, my... aren't you the Iron Man." Hel nodded appreciatively when he picked up the baskets as if they were nothing more than balls of cotton.

"Come on up to the house. I have to check in before I leave." He glanced down to her shoes. "I keep a polish kit in the kitchen for Lex. What kind of shoes are those?"

"Expensive." They walked slowly back to the house. "No finish. They're ruined."

"We'll see what we can do to make them presentable." Clark caught her eye. "We've had practice with Lex."

"We?" She gripped his elbow so she could keep up and stay on her feet all at once.

"Lex has slowly become an institution in my house. My father still can't stand him but my mother is a little more open. She's accepted our friendship and he almost feels comfortable in our house." Clark shrugged and motioned for her to open the door. She looked grateful to get solid boards under her feet once again.

"I'll live, Clark." She followed him into the house and nearly ran into his back when he stopped suddenly. Stepping around him, she noted his parents and the tension. Shifting slightly, she stepped forward. "You must be Clark's parents, I'm Helena Fierro."

"Jonathan and this is my wife, Martha." The elder Kent male set down his cup of coffee to shake her hand. Not wanting to be rude and ask her who she was, he looked (just barely) to his son for an explanation.

"Mom, Dad, Helena is Lex's fiancée." Clark cleared his throat and set the baskets on the counter. "I pulled up two rows this morning."

The tension grew thick and it was beginning to suffocate. Helena took it upon herself to save the day. "Well, we should really get going, Clark." She turned a dazzling smile on the Kents. "The boys are going to give me a tour of Smallville before the game. I think I just might like it here."

"Congratulations on your engagement." Martha managed with a slight smile. "Have fun."

Clark grabbed his jacket and led Hel out to her car. "Thanks."

"Am I allowed to ask?" She moved around to the driver's side of the black Porsche.

"No." Clark had the word out before he could think. "Sorry but... not just yet."

"Let's go. I think I've let him wait long enough for us."


Lex surveyed the park around him. It was nice and green for the season. His father would have a fit if they married in a public park. He would definitely keep the place in mind. He continued his stroll and resisted the urge to glance at his watch. She would arrive when she arrived and not a moment sooner, with or without Clark.

He could vaguely remember twin braids and friendship bracelets. How long had they watched each other because they were told not to associate? By high school they had studied each other so well they had become friends with an odd amount of trust considering the shadows they kept with their other, 'closer,' friends.

Maybe that was the reason he had chosen to latch onto Clark, besides being completely gorgeous and innocent. The guy reminded him of Hel, someone to trust and confide in. That first step had been taken when the boy had saved his life, letting him know that he could be trusted with something so precious as his life. Lex had had no choice but to hand over everything else.

A soft whirring noise and the gentle purr of an engine caught his attention and a turn of his head revealed his own Porsche with his two favorite people in the front seat. Hel turned a wicked smile on him. "So, sweet thang, how much for the morning?"

"A kiss." Lex flirted.

She seemed to consider the price as if it were something expensive. "And for the whole day?"

"Nothing short of a ravaging will do."

Her head tilted from side to side. "The rest of your life?"

"That's a steeper price. Bear my child and we'll consider the terms set in stone." Lex leaned into the car and waited for her smart-ass reply.

"How about amazing sex every night until said child is conceived... and maybe some after." Hel's brown eyes danced until Lex turned his gaze on Clark.

"What do you think Clark?" He rested a hand on the younger man's shoulder. "She takes care of my cars, she doesn't put up with my quirks and she is actually great in bed."

"I say... that you'd be stupid to refuse." Clark managed to get the sentence out without any trace of the nagging, whining he felt inside.

With that, Lex hopped into the backseat. "It's a deal. What are we doing today, my friends?"

"Depends on Clark's conscience." Hel pulled the car onto the road, sending a sly smile to Clark. "How upset would you be if we skipped the tour and the game?"

"I wouldn't be upset but my parents would be and you'd never be allowed back." Clark told her with such a straight face that Lex burst out laughing.

"It'll be okay, Hel. I'm not allowed over anymore and yet I keep going back for more abuse. I must be a masochist." The bald man leaned forward in his seat to look between them. "I would love to attend the game though. Not only would Dominic's account enrage dear old dad but having it displayed to all of Smallville and their four reporters..."

"Daddy would pop a vein." Hel considered it. "Especially for such a new thing to be flaunted to people 'who don't matter worth a lick.'"


"You're certain?" Lionel never paused in his paperwork as the man gave his report. The man may be incompetent but he gossiped like a woman and that Lionel could use.

"Sir, Lex gave her Mrs. Luthor's engagement ring." Dominic forced himself to wait for the explosion that he knew would not come in his presence. Lionel was too cool for that.

"You know for certain that it was my wife's ring on that woman's finger?" Lionel looked up, his face a mask but emotions rolling high beneath. "Did he say anything?"

"No... not directly. I asked him what she was doing in the Manor but he gave me one of his glib responses about having no clue but planning to remedy that shortly." Dominic swallowed thickly. Mr. Luthor's quiet disturbed him. "I do believe Lex is too young to comprehend what marrying Helena Fierro would do."

"Then you don't know my son." Lionel stood to look out the window. "Prepare the car and a suitcase. I'll be spending the week at my ancestral home. I leave immediately and for God's sake, would someone trim the hedges? The overgrowth is appalling."


"What is it? Spit it out." Hector demanded when his most promising protégée stepped into his office.

"It's Helena." The young man cleared his throat nervously.

"So you finally managed to propose? Good man, good man." Hector rattled on before the young man could correct him. "We'll set the date for next season, you'll be family in no time."

"Sir, that's not it."

"Spit it out, Celestino. I haven't got all day and you haven't got all year." Hector rose from his seat to listen to whatever had gotten the young man so riled up.

"It's Helena. She came in to work last week wearing the same skirt she had the day before, and a man's shirt." Tino cringed at the look Hector had given him. "Mr. Fierro, I didn't think anything of it at the time but yesterday I saw the ring before she left."

"Ring?" All the color drained out of his richly tanned face. "Ring? Where did she go?"

"I got a look at her schedule. She was headed for the roof. A helicopter retrieved her. Sir, it was LuthorCorp."

The pale face turned bright red. "You mean to tell me that my daughter is carrying on with Alexander Luthor and no one knew about it until she got engaged?"

"Sir," Tino tried to butt in but Hector was already on a tear.

"You. You were supposed to win her over. She is not supposed to marry into that." Hector shouted. "You have failed me. We're going to Kansas. You get one final chance to win her over. Get my bags and arrange for a plane and car once we get there."

Knowing better than to talk back, Tino nodded and slipped from the room.

Hector turned to stare at the pictures on his desk. There was one of Helena in her school uniform when she was still the obedient daughter he had always dreamed of. Next to that was a more sophisticated Helena in high school, where she was supposed to be making the connections of a lifetime. Where were those friends now to stop her from making the biggest mistake of her life?


"So, are we believable?" Lex leaned over to whisper to Clark. Helena had gone off to powder her nose or something to that effect, leaving them alone to watch the game.

"I almost didn't think there was anything to not believe until I remembered our conversation." Clark answered honestly. "The two of you look like you've been together for years and not days."

"Yes, Hel is great..."

"Don't 'but' me, Lex." Clark shook his head and lowered his voice, turning his exasperated gaze away from his friend. "Don't tell me you're going to moan and groan about amazing sex with a beautiful, rich woman."

"I could have any beautiful woman I wanted. I've had more than my share of rich women. Great sex can be had anywhere. Maybe what I want is not a rich woman." Lex met Clark's gaze with the dark head whipped around. Then he watched as Clark cast his gaze around to be sure that no one had heard what he had just said. "We'll talk later, Clark."

Before Clark could answer he heard his name. "Clark!" His head whipped back around to see Chloe marching her way up the stadium. The tone in her voice was something to be afraid of. "Clark Kent, I have to talk to you." The tone grew worse as he neared. "Clark Kent, I am seriously going to kill you."

"Hey Chloe." Clark tried to greet her casually while he steeled himself for the chewing out of a lifetime for whatever he had done wrong.

"Your father just asked me..." She glanced around and lowered her voice. "He wanted to know how long you had been gay."

Clark choked on the air he breathed. It actually took a sharp whack to the back to breathe normally once again. "He asked you what?"

"I thought we were friends, Clark." Chloe huffed, tears forming in her eyes, which slid over to Lex. "If you tell me that he knew before me, I will kill you."

"I'm sure if you let him, Clark will be willing to tell you everything now that he knows you know." Lex stated coolly, his eyes on the game.

Clark sighed heavily and pulled Chloe down beside him. He cast another searching gaze into the people seated around them but they were too wrapped up in the game to have paid attention to Chloe's outburst. "Chloe. I told my parents, first and that was just a few days ago. I... Lex knew before I did. While I am ready for my parents to know... the rest of Smallville is an entirely different matter. No, I don't have a boyfriend and no, Pete doesn't know."

"Oh." Chloe wiped at her eyes and just sat there. She was shell-shocked. She was two seconds away from hysterical laughter. All this time that she had pined endlessly for her best friend and he was gay.

"Did I miss anything? Did someone hit someone with a pigskin ball?" Hel rejoined them, taking her seat gingerly next to Lex, legs crossed toward him, her hand on his thigh. His arm wrapped around her waist.

"Nothing on the field but Clark was almost outed to the entirety of Smallville." Lex winked at her.

Chloe shot Clark a look and jerked her head toward the dark beauty beside the wealthy Luthor heir. Clark blinked. "Oh, right. Chloe Sullivan, Helena Fierro. Chloe is my best friend, Helena is Lex's fiancée."

"Nice to meet one of Clark's friends." Helena stretched a hand across Lex to firmly shake Chloe's hand.

"Nice to meet you." Chloe was about to start in with the questions when Lex spoke.

"So, Chloe, are you still in good with The Ledger?" Lex spoke evenly as his eyes followed the game on the field below.

"Yeah, I get a small assignment here and there when there's room for a blurb. He let's me run errands once in a while." Chloe sat up straight. Lex Luthor wanted to know about her? "Thank you again, Mr. Luthor, for... allowing the opportunity."

"Call me, Lex, please. I can guarantee you more assignments of import." His cool blue gaze traveled to meet her curious eyes. "I need someone to write an announcement for the social section." The blue eyes went back to the game. "My beloved and I have been engaged barely a week but we want the whole world to know as soon as possible. If you write it... I guarantee that corporate America will know your name before the day of the publishing is over."

"You want me to write the announcement?" Chloe almost started hyperventilating.

"If you would be willing, we would appreciate it. You write it and it's the best recommendation into the best journalism schools." Lex dangled the bait in front of her and waited for her to snap it up. "Come by the house sometime this week and we'll talk about what you'll write."

Clark studied his friends closely. There was something that Lex wasn't telling Chloe and he had a feeling it was about the Luthor/Fierro feud, not to mention the relationship that he and Helena actually had. He just hoped it wouldn't blow up in Lex's face. The man had been taking an inordinate amount of risk lately.

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Part 4

Lex sat on the edge of his bed. He could hear the clicking of a laptop behind him. Turning his head he could see Hel on 'her' side of the bed typing away, wearing yet another one of his shirts. The opening at the neck pulled taut across her chest and straining the fragile buttons, her long legs disappeared beneath the sheet.

"Lex, you're staring." Hel kept typing at a rapid clip, her eyes darting all over the screen.

"I can't believe you brought your work into my bed." He leaned back and clucked his tongue at her. "This room is a work free environment."

"Is that right?" She hit a button and closed the laptop. "I apologize for breaking the unwritten laws of Luthor Manor. What's the penalty?"

"I don't know." Lex slid backwards up the bed as she set her laptop on the night stand. "I've never had to test the bounds of that law."

"Well, Mr. Luthor--" Hel stopped when his fingers fit to her lips.

"Don't call me that." His blue eyes flashed. Hearing that phrase brought up images best forgotten in the presence of sexual desire. "I am a Luthor, not Mr. Luthor."

"Lex, I didn't know you were so squeamish." She reached over and undid the top buttons of his shirt. Sliding a hand inside, she caressed the smooth skin on his chest. "My, my... do we work out?"

"Are you trying to get lucky, Hel?" He stilled her hand against his chest, smiling broadly. "I never knew you were one for unnecessary flattery."

"Guess we're all full of surprises." Hel leaned over him and dropped her face down to his for a light exploring of lips. She slanted her mouth over his for a languorous deepening of their exploration. Lex's hand slid around her waist to caress her back as he pulled her against him. Their legs tangled together as the kiss went deeper, consumed all their senses.

"Ah, to be young and in love." The loud booming voice broke them apart. Lex sat up with his fiancée in his arms to see his father standing in the doorway and a nervous looking servant standing behind him.

"Dad." Lex managed and rose from the bed with as little movement as possible. "I can't say that I was expecting you." He played the game, hoping his father wouldn't realize it. Truthfully, Lex had expected his father a lot sooner. "Helena, I don't know if you've met my father, Lionel Luthor. Dad, Helena Fierro."

"Dominic said I should come and enjoy the view. I can't say that I've had the pleasure. The last few times I was so busy." Lionel held his son's gaze as Lex made his way across the room. "I plan to stay awhile."

"Great." Lex led his father out of the room, shutting the doors behind him. "Allow me to show you to a room. I'm sure this place is full of them."

"Lex, you and I need to have a serious talk about what's been going on." Lionel crossed the corridor with servants in tow with his luggage.

"Yes, we do... but that will wait until tomorrow." Lex turned slightly to open the door to a guest room. "I'm sure it's not all as... improper as you think."

"I would hope not." Lionel waited until the servants had deposited his luggage before turning on his son. "Are you insane? Helena Fierro. Have you any idea what this could do to LuthorCorp?"

"I assure you that I have my reasons." Lex responded coolly as he inspected a chest of drawers at the far end of the room.

"If those reasons lie below the belt, you need to rethink your priorities." Lionel bit out.

"I hit below the belt, I don't think there." Lex strode confidently across the room. "Tomorrow, we'll go through it all." Lex started through the door. "I figured you'd be ecstatic that my homosexual tendencies turned out to be nothing."

"This is not a time to joke. Have you any idea what this could do to us?" Lionel demanded.

"You favor Caesar." Lex commented as he turned toward the door. "'Divide and conquer, my friend. Divide a woman's emotions from her sensibilities and you have her.'"

"What on earth are you talking about?" Lionel demanded.

"'As a rule, men worry more about what they can't see than about what they can.'" The younger Luthor opened the door.

"You're trying to confuse me but it won't work." Lionel narrowed his eyes at his son.

"Who's trying to do anything? Sleep well, Father." Lex exited the room and returned to his bed with a heavy head. Helena scooted next to him immediately. "He's furious."

"Perfect." She commented as she opened his shirt wider. Noting his lack of enthusiasm, she straddled his body. "Just lay there, I'll do the rest."

"Loud, but don't fake anything." Lex murmured as he wearily sat up to remove his shirt. He barely moved when she removed his shoes and then his pants. He might be 24 but it was difficult to get excited about sex when his father was just across the hall. His hands slid up her thighs, up under his own shirt to her hips to pull her down against him.

Hel kissed his mouth and he kissed back. He let her devour his neck and chest but he still had trouble getting hard, even with her heat grinding against him. Finally, she worked her way up to his ear. "If you picture him, then I will too."

It took only a second to figure out whom she meant. Could he do that to her? It was her idea but still. His fingers went to the buttons on the shirt, popping them open and nearly popping a couple off. Her heavy breasts pushed the fabric open, allowing him a view at her beautiful body.

A hand traced the smooth skin of her stomach and then up to explore her breasts, teasing at the nipples, eliciting gasps from her open mouth. Lex took a moment to watch her face as he teased her body above him. Her eyes had closed. The thought that she was thinking of Clark touching her instead of Lex intrigued him. Oddly enough, it worked.

Hel's hand reached down between them to guide his smooth hairless sex into hers, moaning loudly all the way. Her other hand covered his to aid him in squeezing the sensitive globes. She set the pace, riding him jerkily, making him hit places inside of her that made her head whip backward and loud gasps shoot from her mouth.

Soon it was all too much. Her contracting walls around his cock, her flesh beneath his hands, his own shirt brushing his thighs as they moved, the sight of her arched backward on his lap. His hands guided her hips faster, tilting them just right. "Lex!"

One of her hands shot to his chest for balance, her breathing coming in huge gasps. Suddenly her knees squeezed his sides hard, forcing him to buck his hips up into hers. As he spilled himself inside her, he felt her nails raking his chest. "Shit."

The silence was deafening.

Helena fought to catch her breath. She wasn't sure what exactly it was that had spurred that on. It was nothing like the first time or any time since. Was it her suggestion to think of Clark? Was it the fact that Lionel Luthor was across the hall? Was it her?

Lex ran a hand over his sweaty face. That's what he needed, to get his mind off of things for a few precious moments. Now he could sleep.


Pete dropped the football in his hands and blinked at his best friend. He turned to Chloe and she nodded. "So... you..." Pete cleared his throat. "You like men."

"Yeah." Clark nodded solemnly.

"So..." Pete sat up straight.

"No." Clark reached out a hand to reassure his friend. "I don't like you, not like that."

"Ok... and you knew?" Pete asked their gal-pal.

"Just for a little while. Clark's dad isn't taking it too well." Chloe winced slightly.

"Yeah, tell me about it." Clark sighed and turned to look out over the darkened field. "He still won't talk to me."

"He'll come around Clark. I'm sure of it." Chloe went to hug her best friend.

"Yeah, man. It'll turn out. You'll see." Pete awkwardly joined their hug.

"Clark!" His father's voice traveled up into the loft. "Is Chloe here? Her father's calling around looking for her."

Chloe winced. "You gonna be okay?"

"Yeah. Go ahead." Clark nodded, releasing her so she could leave.

"I'm gonna..." Pete pointed to the exit. "Later, Clark."

"Later." Clark watched them leave the barn from his spot in the loft. He wondered if his father was still down there. "Dad?"


There he was. Clark trudged down the steps until his father came into view. "All my friends know now. So if you want to ask any of them how long I've been gay now, go ahead."

Jonathan stopped what he'd been doing, wincing at the tone in his son's voice. Slowly realization sank in. "They didn't know."

"I told you and Mom first. I wanted to tell you first. After all you've done for me, I couldn't let you find out last." Clark crouched on the step he'd been standing on. "Truth is... I don't know how long but it's been awhile that I realized I had more than a passing attraction for my male friends."

"I..." Jonathan gave up, afraid to make things worse.

"I just want to be able to talk about it with you. I don't want to be afraid to bring it up in front of you." He pleaded with his father, who had still to look at him. "It's not for me, it's for Mom. This tension is killing her."


"Where are you going?" Helena turned her head over her shoulder and watched him get up and get partially dressed.

"Servant's orders for my father's morning ritual." Lex breathed, as he zipped up his pants gingerly over his naked penis. Apparently he wasn't going to bother with his boxers.

"I thought you were asleep." She whispered, amazed that he didn't seem at all sleepy.

"I was. I'm awake now." Lex pulled on his robe over his naked torso and strode to the door. "Go to sleep. I'll be back soon enough."

Hel dropped her head onto the pillow and listened as he left the room. The bed still smelled like sex and Lex. Sighing heavily she glanced at the clock in the dark. He had been asleep maybe an hour and then just woken up as if he had slept the whole night. She couldn't sleep, not without a nightcap and she had promised him that she would cut out the drinking.

Sliding further beneath the covers, she shut her eyes in search of sleep that never came. She heard every tick of the clock, felt the slight breeze that came in from the bathroom, smelled the strange scent of the fields that the breeze brought, could almost taste the dew that had begun to settle in the air. It was all a pleasant distraction for a while but she was never one for the quiet of rural America.

She felt Lex when he returned to bed. His skin was cool. "Have a nice walk?"

"Yeah." He nodded against her shoulder as he cuddled for warmth against her back.

"Next time take a jacket." Hel whispered and hugged her pillow tighter beneath her. Shivering, she tried to relax. Somehow it was difficult with the cold bald scalp on her back. "And wear a hat."

Lex turned his head slightly to kiss her spine before tightening his arms around her to sleep finally. He had taken a walk after giving the head servant Mr. Luthor's expectations for the morning meal. Then he had gone out to the North patio to stare at the lights that designated Smallville in the dead of night. If he looked the other direction, he would see nothing but know that the Kent farm lay silent and sleeping.

He clung to her warmth and let himself drift into sleep. "Get your beauty sleep, the real show goes on tomorrow, Hel."


Clark hefted the crate off the truck and placed it beside the others in the Kent Booth. His father had yet to speak to him this morning. He was so depressed that even seeing Lex's Porsche drive up did nothing for his mood. He straightened to push the nail into the board with the Kent named burned into it.

He wasn't even paying attention when Lex and Hel walked up to examine the produce. Lex tossed an apple at him, which he caught, barely. "Oh, hey Lex, Hel."

"Having a nice day dream?" Hel flashed him a smile.

"Not really." Clark slid his eyes over to where his father was talking the ear off some neighboring farmer. "He's not talking to me."

"Just tell him it could be worse." Lex took the apple back from Clark and took a bite. "You could be dating me."

"You could be a drag queen. That's pretty bad." Hel offered and slid her eyes over the produce. "These look really good."

"We're going to have to double our produce order for the next few weeks." Lex announced after swallowing a third bite of apple. He nudged his fiancée before pulling her to his side. "Hel eats like a horse."

"Quiet, Alexander." Hel glared at him. "Future father-in-law arrived last night. Lex is avoiding the morning confrontation. Coward."

"I am biding my time. I will strike when the time is right." He scoffed ever so slightly at his fiancée. "Clark, swing by later today. Bring Chloe."

"Later, Clark." Hel winked and strode off behind her future husband.

"Lex sure got himself in deep with that one." Jonathan breathed out behind his son.

"What do you mean?" Clark barely turned his head to hear what his father had to say.

"She's beautiful and she knows it. That's the most dangerous type of woman. Add to it that she's had the world handed to her on a silver platter and I think he just might have met his match."


Lex strode into his own office to find his father looking over the plant reports. Folder in hand, he kept right on walking and dropped the folder on the desk beneath Lionel's nose. "Pre-nuptial agreement."

"Smart boy." Lionel barely acknowledged before turning his attention to the folder in front of him.

"That's the latest draft." Lex grinned wickedly enough to intrigue his father. "Feel free to voice opinions. Helena's busy with the wedding planner."


"The usual. Leave with what was brought save under the conditions on page ten. Infidelity as defined, slander, substance abuse... penalties are severe." Lex tilted his head slightly as his father sped through the document. "Getting her to sign will be no problem."

"What about getting her to make breach?" Lionel lifted his eyes to his son, studying his profile. "This only works for us if she breaches contract."

"Do you usually make a habit of stating the obvious?" The younger Luthor clucked his tongue. He flicked his gaze to the window. "My instrument is always at the ready. I can't tell you, of course, that might constitute a conspiracy that might require some sort of investigation in the event of a divorce."

Slowly, Lionel rose from his seat to look out the window to see a young man shuffling his way up the drive with a young girl at his side. "Which one?"

"My Helena is discreetly promiscuous and I'll know the moment she slips."

"Good boy." Lionel spoke again. "If that doesn't work?"

"Helena has a slight alcohol problem... It would be mightily unfortunate if she fell off the wagon." Lex faux-sighed and turned back to his father. "I do, however, hold the reigns to her heart. Her mind is no match for mine. This will work out perfectly." He turned to leave his father alone. "Feel free to peruse my files. I will be in house for the day."


Chloe and Clark were ushered into the office and froze when they caught sight of the elder Luthor sitting at the desk. "Alexander is on the grounds someplace. I believe he was expecting you."

"Yes, sir. Excuse us." Clark nodded and backed out of the office, pulling Chloe with him. "He scares me."

"Me too." Chloe whispered as they wandered the castle. "This place is humungous."

"Yeah." He nodded. "So, you ready for this? Writing for the paper social section."

"It's a glorified gossip column, Clark." She scoffed but a grin spread across her face. "But many, many people read the social page and those people have big names."

"You are correct in that assumption, Ms. Sullivan." Lex's voice came out at them from nowhere it seemed, until they looked up. "Chloe, third door on the left straight ahead. Helena and the planner are waiting to discuss what should be included. Clark, come with me?"

"Alright, then." Chloe flashed them both a smile and briskly walked down the corridor. Clark hesitated a second before searching out the set of stairs that would lead him up to Lex.

Lex was standing in a small sitting room when he found him. "Shut the door, Clark."

"What's going on?" The dark haired boy shut the door as softly as he could.

"You've got a birthday coming up. The big day. Eighteen." He grinned at his friend. "I wanted to give you something a little early."

"You don't have to give me anything." Clark stepped further into the room, surprised that Lex met him in the middle. "Seriously."

"Don't worry. I couldn't have paid for this if I tried."

"What?" Clark's next words were cut off by the feel of a pair of lips to his. It took him a moment to realize that Lex was kissing him. Kissing him. Hesitantly, Clark leaned in, his hand reaching up to grasp Lex's arm, which was in the process of wrapping around him. Lex's tongue probed at his lips until Clark opened his mouth.

The taller man nearly melted as he felt the object of his desire slip his tongue into his mouth. Soft plundering filled his mouth as he clung closer to Lex. Finally, the need for air broke them apart, both panting and clinging to each other. Clark searched Lex's face with wild eyes. "Lex?"

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Part 5

Lex leaned back on the couch, his leg touching Clark's, and his hand clutching Clark's to his chest. "He's furious. He's pretending to understand me. I know he doesn't approve. He really called me Alexander?"

"Yes, he did and... I'm not sure I approve." Clark raised an eyebrow. "One minute I'm convinced you're straight and the next your tongue is down my throat... not that I'm really complaining but..."

"You're right." Lex shut his eyes and took a slow breath, not deep, not nervous, just slow. "Helena doesn't want to know about us."

"Is there an 'us'? I don't think one... one really great kiss constitutes an 'us'."

"Right again. I am leaning in the direction of an 'us'." The bald man breathed. Clark stayed silent and when Lex lifted his head, it appeared that Clark was still thinking it over. "I don't need an answer right now."

Clark rose from the couch, taking his hand back to run it through his hair. "You are how I realized I was gay, Lex. The feelings I get around you are the ones I used to get from being around Lana. You make me want to save your life over and over again just for the hope of a kiss like the one we just had.

"I know that I want you. I have known and I've just recently been willing to admit it. Then comes Helena and while I know it's awkward and strange and not real, it looks real. It looks like you two are in love. It makes me sick sometimes, weak in the knees, sick to my stomach, brain leaking out my ears, heart bursting in my chest... just sick.

"If there were to be an us, I'd be hiding, wouldn't I? I couldn't tell my parents or Chloe or Pete. I'd be all yours, secretly yours while you walked around with Helena on your arm." Clark turned his blue eyes on Lex, who was nodding his head slowly. "Guess the real question is... would you be worth it to me?"


"I was thinking of the back lawn, actually." Helena spoke over the planner. "It'd be perfect, we could fit all the guests under a tent."

"And just hope the wind is blowing east." Chloe cut in before she realized what she was doing. Both women stopped to look at her.

"East wind? Why?" Hel arched an eyebrow and tilted her head.

"Well, LuthorCorp plant number three is south, that would be the fertilizer plant. North is the grazing fields, same stench. West is the pig farm." Chloe quickly filled them in.

"You've got to be kidding." Hel gasped. "Lex never told me that. Ugh. Men. 'Have the wedding here, Hel, it'll be great.'" She mocked him. "Well, that won't do. Not unless we plan to have the guests wearing oxygen masks."

"I... um, it's actually just something to keep in mind." Chloe tried to fix what she had started. "The manor is pretty set away from everything. The smell might not even make it this far. Just consider it. Hot summer day is not the day for a wedding. Early spring, possibly. I'd aim for a winter wedding, indoors."

"Well, at least someone knows the area." Hel shot the planner a look. "I hope you were taking notes." Tilting her head slightly, she paused a moment. "Shit."

"What?" Chloe leaned forward.

"Well, Ms. Sullivan, hopefully we can meet another day this week because right now is not good." Helena rose from her seat and turned to the planner. "Victoria, it's been great but work on what we've discussed until we meet again."

Victoria and Chloe stared at each other helplessly when Helena rushed from the room.


Clark stared down at the man kneeling between his knees and very quickly wondered how he had ended up there. Then he remembered the begging. It seemed oddly humorous that Lex Luthor was on his knees pleading with a simple farm boy for some loving. "You're right, I'm probably not worth it but note: My father is in the house and I'm in a very compromising position. My fiancée is downstairs with a would-be reporter and a wedding planner and I am in a very compromising position. If those doors I heard came from the front drive, Helena's father just arrived and I'm in a very compromising position. I have been waiting so very long for you, Clark."

Clark stared down at the light reflecting off Lex's bald head. He did want Lex, very badly. His heart had been slowly breaking over the past week and here was the chance to heal it. He could be with him on the condition of secrecy. It meant everything to Lex to keep it silent. It meant everything to Lex that his answer was 'yes.'

"No answer today, Clark." Lex shut his eyes against the obvious tumult behind his friend's eyes. "My father will be here for the week, I have no idea how long Hector is staying. Just tell me you'll think about it."

"I'll think about it Lex." Clark answered solemnly. He really would. He would be spending every waking moment thinking about it and that amazing kiss. "You have guests and I'll take Chloe home."

"Right." Lex got off his knees and brushed them off. "You might want to hurry. Fireworks start soon. Some are unpredictable."


"Papa, Tino." Helena smiled as she went to greet the men. "I was just about to send for you."

"What is the meaning of this, Helena?" Mr. Fierro growled. "I don't see you for days and then you end up here?"

"I have the most wonderful news, Papa." Helena smiled brighter and hugged her father despite his anger. "I am so glad you are here."

"Helena." He warned her. "Tino."

"Yes sir." Tino stepped forward with Mr. Fierro's suitcase. A contract emerged. "Helena, these are the most recent terms of your father's will."

"Papa, there is no need for any of this." Helena clucked her tongue and guided her father toward an empty room, waving off Chloe and Clark as she went. "I know you think I'm being foolish but... Tino, shut the door." She called over her shoulder. "But, Papa, there is much more going on that meets the eye. Lex Luthor is wrapped around my little finger."

"Helena..." The growl filled the room.

"Tino," Helena turned to see the man standing nearby, waiting for his next order. "Lex is on his way downstairs. Ask him to go over the pre-nuptial agreement with you."

She waited until the door had just clicked before leading her father to a chair. He was still glaring at her. "This had better be worth my while, mijita. Have you any idea what a Luthor would do to get his hands on any part of my company? My company that I have worked long and hard to keep in the family."

"Si, Papa." Helena walked around the room and cleared her throat. "I do know what a Luthor would do, but Papa, what would a Luthor in love do?"


"Gladly. Terms of the pre-nupt include a list of violations that would advocate stiff penalties for the violator. Infidelity, substance abuse and slander are the most crucial." She smiled at her father. "He loves me for the moment but once we're married, his eye may wander, he many slip into his old habits. Lex has a past best left in the past. His old habits also loosen his tongue. A simple sentence taken the wrong way and I could end up in control of one or more of his plants."

"Mijita, this is risky business. Leave that to the men--"

"Because it's a man's world?" She spat at him. "You raised me in a man's world. I am not marrying Tino because the man is a puppet. I will not be married to a man that has no ambition other than the one that Hector Fierro sets in front of him. As for risky, do you think I would do this unless I was sure I would come out on top?"

"You are a foolish girl."

"I am a genius. In a year's time, I will have LuthorCorp in my pocket."


"So, she just got up and left." Chloe shook her head and threw her hands up in the air. "Rich people."

"Her father had just arrived." Clark filled in on the walk home.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah, Mr. Luthor arrived last night and sleeping across the hall from the happy couple and now Mr. Fierro is here. Let the games begin." Clark kicked at a rock on the road.

"Where in the world did you get that from?" She scoffed at him.

"Hey, I thought reporting was all about having the right questions aimed at the right people." He met her gaze for a second and then sighed. "Lex told me."

"Ah." She absently sped up to keep up with her tall friend. "You liked him, didn't you?"

"Maybe." Clark shrugged, his blue eyes searching the roadsides for anything of interest. "Maybe I did. He's engaged and unless I'm into torrid affairs and heartbreak, I'd better forget that I ever did."

"It hurts, doesn't it?" Chloe spoke bluntly. "To realize that the person you've been... lusting after has no clue you exist as a sexual being."

Her words stopped him in his tracks. He blinked at her and for the first time Clark realized something about his best friend. She was human. She was woman. He wanted to say something to her but she just shook her head and kept walking. Chloe had pulled out her strut. She did it every time she was about to walk into the Lion's den. Every single time she got called to the office for a piece she wrote.

"Clark, it's no big deal." Chloe called over her shoulder, urging him to catch up. "I mean, we're still friends. I'm still impossibly cute and you're still impossibly handsome. It'll just make us unstoppable when we go guy shopping."

"Chloe, can I ask you something?" Clark whispered, stopping her strut. She waited, curious about the shadows bounding around behind his eyes. "What if it were reversed?"

"What do you mean?"

"What if the entire world knew I was gay and I had a boyfriend? If I came to you and said that we could be together but only as long as no one found out?" Clark saw the incredulity shining in Chloe's eyes.

"Did Lex say that to you?" Chloe was not stupid; he'd give her that. Clark just shrugged his shoulders. Silence held them still for what seemed like hours. "Well?"

"He wants me to think about it, really think about it."

"What did you tell him?"

"That I'd think about it. It's tempting. It... It just boils down to how much I really want him. If he's really worth all the secrets and lies that would spring up." Clark sank to the ground, just sat in the middle of the street. "Thing is... I don't really know."

"Clark, you know that if you did enter into something like this with Lex, it will end badly." Chloe knelt beside him. "I just want you to be happy, Clark."

"And Lex can't possibly make me happy?" His impossibly blue eyes bore right into her.

"No. Even if Helena wasn't up there with him... do you honestly think he'd ever be able to have an open relationship with you?"


"You have seven different kinds of shampoo in every bathroom, why?" Hel demanded as she wretched a brush through her hair in front of the bathroom mirror.

"Hel, I'm a bald man living alone in a castle... you're lucky there is any shampoo in any bathroom." Lex called back as he toed off his shoes. "Are you going to tell me what any of those words mean?"

"Which words?"

"The ones your father called my father at dinner." He pulled off a sock and turned slightly. "I'm really glad he decided to risk the drive back to Metropolis to find a hotel rather than insisting on staying here."

"Lex, really..." Hel clucked her tongue at him when she finally strode to the bed. "I'm not even sure I could translate them accurately enough to do the curse justice." She picked her glass of warm cider from the small table at the foot of the bed. "He did say something about your father looking like a faggot with that long hair."

"I'm sure that Dad would love that." Lex groaned as he slid out of his silk shirt. "It's like he's afraid if he cuts it, he'll lose his power." He chuckled. "Scary part is, he knows it won't. My father is definitely not Samson."

"He's not compensating?" She placed a kiss on top of his head as she passed him to the dresser.

"You mean for the prematurely bald son?" He raised a thin eyebrow at her. "Possibly. His hair was always on the shaggy side and recently he's just been forgoing the barber altogether."

"You ever going to tell me?" Her gown slipped over her head, muffling her question but he heard it all the same.

"Everyone wants to know why the bald man's bald." Lex rose from the bed and disappeared into the bathroom. Hel waited and waited but he never said anything or came out. She gave up waiting when she heard the water turn on.

Strolling into the bathroom, she grabbed her rollers, set up shop in front of the mirror so she could roll her hair and watch him at the same time. She wrapped a strand around the soft roller and stared at his reflection. He really was completely hairless. There were a dusting of eyebrows, sometimes a hair or two on his chin and upper lip, but the rest of him was smooth.

"You really want to know?" Lex pulled his head from under the spray as he rinsed away his body cleanser.

"I'm just curious." Another strand of dark hair rolled up around another spongy roller. "I've never asked before and I've known you way too long to be fooled by you being trendy." Two more strands of dark hair wrapped around another spongy roller. "You were never one for trendy. Pushing the limits, yes. Trendy, hardly."

Snapping off the water, Lex stepped out of the shower and reached for a towel. "Short version or long version?"

"Whichever." She turned and shook her head at him. "I just want to know."

"Well," he tied the towel around his waist and reached for a roller and a strand of her hair. "I was about nine."

"Yes." She nodded slightly and reached for another roller herself. "I remember you were there one week with red hair and then four weeks later you were back without any."

"So nice of you to remember. So, I was nine and my mother sent me with my father for the day. Quality time. He made me ride in the helicopter. I believe I had a bit of asthma and acrophobia at the time." Lex snapped the roller closed and moved to lean on the counter. "So, Dad and I came to Smallville to buy the fertilizer plant."

"The one you're running, now?" She stopped for a moment.

"The same one." He nodded. "There's a cornfield next to the plant. I was bored. I had already been told to stop throwing rocks at the birds and so I went for a walk in it while Dad finalized the deal. The corn came up over my head, I remember. I heard a voice and I got scared. I started to run but I was already lost. There was a boy tied to a stake in the corn. Scared the crap out of me, so I ran again. I fell and I couldn't breathe. I looked up and I saw the lights in the sky. The first one hit not fifty feet from where I fell. I tried to outrun it but it all went black."

"Meteor?" She turned to him and blinked.

"Don't tell me you didn't read the sign when you came to town. This is Smallville, population 45,001, Meteor Capital of the World." Lex shrugged. "Big meteor shower back in '89 is why I woke up in Metropolis General completely bald."


"Right. So maybe Lionel is compensating for his bald son." He pushed himself away from the sink. "That is an insecurity we can exploit. He's always worrying what people think of me. How's our timetable?"

"No rush at the moment but... who knows..." She shook her head. "I'll make a call. The ceremony can be done in Metropolis in no time. There are plenty of places."

"I keep picturing a field." He cleared his throat. "Or we could just elope and claim that we wanted something private?"

"I like the latter. We could forget to invite our fathers." She nodded and tucked the last roller into her head. "We have to move fast. Dad's gonna try to push Tino on me. Gag me."

"I'll make a few calls. We'll print the announcement Clark's friend is writing. Then we'll have her write one on the wedding." He ran a hand over his smooth scalp at the thought of Clark. "We'll finalize the details after dinner tomorrow night."

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I feel a block coming on. Damn show and its eerie similarities.

Part 6

Clark leaned against the wall near the telescope and didn't even turn when his father cleared his throat. "Can we talk son?"

"Go ahead." He whispered but still didn't turn. As everyday passed, it was harder and harder to look at his father with any semblance of respect, not even as the man who raised him to be the open-minded person he was. How could he turn his back on all the lessons he had instilled in his son?

"Son, I realize that this must have been hard to admit and that you probably thought about it long and hard. I'm trying to understand, I am." Jonathan leaned against the railing and stared at the silhouette of his son. "This is hard for me to understand. It's going to take time but you're right. We can't just shut down completely."

"We both know why you shut down but do you know why I did?" Clark called over his shoulder, staring at his feet. How could Jonathan Kent not get this? Of all the strange things that had happened over the years, why was this the hardest to accept? It happened all the time, to other families and their sons, sometimes even in Kansas.

"I don't understand."

"Or did you not notice?" He bit out before turning. "I was in absolute pain that day that I admitted to both you and Mom that I am gay. I'm still in pain but you didn't notice, did you?"


"I'm in love, Dad. I feel sick, I can't eat, can't sleep, it's hard to breathe and I may never know if the person that I'm torturing myself over is even capable of loving me the same way." There. He had said it. It was out there. Jonathan Kent now knew that not only was his son gay, but he had love interests. "Can you handle this, Dad?"

"I'm not going to lie. Right this second, I can't handle it. Give me some time." With that, the older Kent disappeared down into the barn. Clark rested his head against the cool wood of the wall next to him. He stayed like that until his mother called up that Chloe was on the phone.


"What the hell is this?" Lionel threw the Metropolis Daily Planet on the desk in front of his son first thing in the morning. The social page bore a picture of Lex and Hel right over the announcement of their impending marriage.

"Just doing my part. I'm supposed to deal with the press." Lex flicked his eyes back to his computer screen without even a glance at the paper or his father.

"It's not too late. We can still print a retraction." The elder Luthor mumbled to himself.

"We will not. The engagement and wedding will go on as planned." Lex barely spared his father a glance. "Smallville has a beautiful park. Hel and I agree that it would be perfect for a small ceremony."

"This is unacceptable, Lex. I indulged your delusion at first but I will not any longer. This wedding will not take place." The silence in his wake was palpable and Lex refused to shiver in response.


"Don't erase that." Chloe panicked when she looked up to see Clark at her computer.

"What is it?"

"The template for the wedding announcement. Lex told me that any day now he would call and tell me when and where. I just have to show up with my camera and my notepad." Chloe reached over and hit save.

"Oh." Clark nodded stiffly.

"He didn't tell you?" Chloe whispered softly.

"I haven't been by. His dad is still there and I've got enough stuff at home to deal with." He sighed heavily and accepted her comfort. Sliding out of the chair, Clark went to stare at the wall of weird. Nobody knew his place in it all. That was his weakness even more than shiny green rocks. "Kinda still debating on if I can stay just his friend."

"Lex told me that they already have the marriage license... all they need is a JP to perform the ceremony at wherever they decide to have the wedding. I got the hint that it is going to be a very small wedding party with little to no guests... with little to no notice to anyone."


"Friday." Hel burst into Lex's office. "Friday, we cement this."

"No." Lex shook his head without evening pausing in his rapid absorption of MPRs and layout designs.

"Yes. Friday is the day. I cannot take one more day of fatherly belittling." She strode to the desk after slamming shut the doors. "Friday, Lex."

"No." He cleared his throat. "I have plans. I'm taking Clark to Metropolis for his birthday."

"Lex..." She warned him as he rose from his chair.

"Hel, there's nothing going on. We've had this planned for months. My best friend is turning 18 on Friday and I'm not letting him get away with staying in Smallville for the night." Lex wrapped an arm around her waist. "Saturday morning... Friday will be my last night as a free man... You should find your friends and party a little. We'll meet where we agreed and get it over with... unless you have some news that could postpone it a few weeks..."

"No such luck." She pouted and curled his tie around her hand. "I'll get Father Montes on a plane Friday night. We'll set him up here and head out the next morning."

"When are you going back to Texas?"

"Monday. I have been gone long enough but I am doing some interviews. I'll need someone to keep me updated when I go on leave." She took a deep breath. The lack of planning was making her crazy. Sure, hiring the wedding planner was a great way to throw off the press but there was a reason for planners, they took care of the details.

"Go lay down. You haven't been sleeping." He kissed her forehead lightly.

"God, I've been such a bitch." She pulled herself against his body to rest.

"No objections here but eventually... I'll get you back. I can be a bitch too." He smiled at her laughter. "Now, go sleep."

Helena nodded and released him to make her way up to their room. He was right. She could really use a nap. Sleep still eluded her, it mocked her. Step after slow step, she climbed the stairs in her heels to the master bedroom that Lex had claimed as his, theirs. Looking up, she stopped a maid on her way downstairs and requested a cup of tea to be sent to the room.

So weary, she almost didn't notice her future father-in-law in the sitting room outside her bedroom. She stopped in her tracks and he took that as his cue. "You won't become a Luthor, Helena. You should pack your bags and go back to Texas." Lionel turned slightly from the window he was looking out. "You don't belong here."

"I don't believe that is your say." She managed to keep her head high and her tone even. How in the world could one man undo all the etiquette and charm school that money could buy? He could strip it all away and reduce her to a child with one look.

"My son may live here but I am master." Lionel crept away from the window, brushing off the servant that entered with Helena's tea. "This wedding will not happen."

"Smallville Park. Left field. Be there. I wouldn't want you to miss it." Helena cleared her throat and gestured to the door. There was her backbone. Just a few moments more and she could slip to the floor completely boneless. "Three months to the date. Though I assume you'll be present for the signing of the pre-nuptial agreement. I can't see you missing that."

Lionel took only one step to the door before speaking again. "Helena, I wouldn't get your hopes up. Lex isn't ready to be tied down. He's still a young man. He has bigger things in his future." His steely gaze reached right into her brain. "The wedding won't happen."

"I didn't realize love had to be checked by Lionel Luthor at the door." Her voice sounded too small.

"My son may be ruled by his emotions much of the time but I doubt the boy could love even you. He is a Luthor." Lionel strode purposefully out the door and it was all Helena could do not to fall to the ground. Four more days. By then Lionel would be tucked back in Luthor Mansion, Hector back on Rancho Del Rey and she would be married. Yay.


Clark picked up the phone when it rang while he was doing his homework. His mother shot him a glance and pointed to his books. He nodded and then answered the phone. "Hello?"

"Clark, I'm glad I caught you."

"Lex, hey." He hoped he sounded casual. It had been several days and then a phone call out of the blue. "How's it going?"

"My father's a pain in the ass which is why I want to make sure we're still on for Friday."

"Friday?" Clark set down his pencil. How in the world had he almost forgotten his own birthday? They had plans. Go out and party plans. "I don't know."

"Come on. Just us guys, a night on the town, what do you say?"

Martha tapped Clark on the shoulder and pointed to his books. "Ok, Mom." He waited until she had walked off to speak to Lex. "I'm not sure that's such a good idea."

Suddenly, it sounded as if Lex were in a really small space. "Clark... I know things are still up in the air but I really need to see you on Friday. It's important."

"Lex, I really don't know."

"It's important because it's your day and... I really have to tell you something."

"Maybe this weekend..."

"No. Friday. Saturday will be too late."

"What's with all the mystery? Just tell me." Clark could fell all the hairs on his neck standing up. He knew what he was doing. He was coaxing Lex into spilling the beans early and over the phone.

"I'd rather do this in person, Clark."

"What is it?"

"Clark." Martha poked her head into the kitchen again. "Off the phone."

"Ok. Mom." Clark turned his attention back to the phone. "It's now or never, Lex. I have to get off the phone."

"Clark, don't make me do this on the phone."

"I mean it, Lex. Whatever it is, you can tell me now or wait until the next time we see each other." Clark hated doing this, it was killing him but there was a principle at stake. Part of him wanted to know and the other part hoped that Lex would just get mad and hang up the phone.

"Please, Clark. You don't even come up to the house to drop off produce, what kind of guarantee can I get that I will see you before Saturday?"

"I guess you don't get one." He listened to a string of muffled curses and Clark was almost certain that Lex was in a closet. That meant that Mr. Luthor was still in the Manor and it was something that Lex didn't want Hel to hear. "I really have to go, Lex. I have homework and chores."

"Hel and I are getting married on Saturday, Clark. I want you to be there."
"I have to go." Clark hung up the phone immediately. Homework. He was doing homework. He was analyzing Orwell, not fighting tears. It took incredible focus to ignore the blinking red light once he had turned off the ringer.


Lex set down the phone and stared at it. He had long come out of the closet and just simply tried to get someone in the Kent household to answer the phone but he got nothing. Kicking off his shoes, he lay down next to Hel. She stayed where she was, on her side of the bed. "Here's to the best days of our lives."

"Oh God, please don't say that." Lex whispered and shut his eyes. The day had been entirely too long for his liking and the sun was barely setting.

"I changed my mind. No more plans to get pregnant. I am not bringing children into this family. We're all too fucked up." She muttered. It was completely true. A child conceived between a Luthor and a Fierro could only ever be miserable. That child could only succeed in being the most jaded and cynical child on the face of the earth. "I go back on the pill in a couple of weeks."

"Good plan."

"Why do I feel like I'm forty?" Hel croaked. "I swore I wouldn't become him and what am I doing? Plotting to take his company from under him, using his insane business practices against him and what do I get? Daily migraines and an urgent wish for a hysterectomy. Could this day get any worse?"

"I think Clark hates me. You got me all to yourself now." How it hurt to say the words aloud. Clark hating anyone was a difficult enough thought but... the possibility that even a small amount of that hatred could be aimed at him hurt like hell.

"I was being a bitch earlier. I don't want you to myself."

"And there goes my ego."

"Oh the kid doesn't hate you. He's afraid."

Clark afraid? There was a novel idea. "Of?"

"A multi-millionaire is hot for his body and oh yeah, engaged. He's afraid of getting hurt, Lex." She rolled over to look at him. She could say much more but thought better of it and changed the subject. "Hey, your father threatened me."


"My thoughts exactly."

Clark afraid. Lex's mind kept coming back to that. Afraid that maybe Lex didn't love him. Afraid that maybe Lex would get bored with him. If Lex was capable of coming up with those thoughts, then Clark was capable of feeling them, perhaps by observation. Maybe the teen had been paying more attention than anyone thought. "Am I capable of love, Hel?"

"What?" She sat up and looked at him. Her conversation with Lionel leaped to the fore of her mind.

"Every person that I've ever been with has told me that I'm not capable of it. That I'm a selfish lover and that's why I can jump from men to women in the blink of an eye." The whispered words tore at his chest even as they slipped past his lips.

"You love Clark." Her voice came through muffled from where she buried her face against his neck. "Or else you wouldn't hurt so much."

"Oh. So now you're going to be fine with me and Clark." Lex shut his eyes and let her body warm his. "Glad you had a nice nap."

"I said I was being a bitch. What more do you want from me?" Hel scoffed at him. "Just ignore me next time. You know how I am."

"Yes, I do and that's why I don't dare ignore you. I know that you're a bitch when you're cranky and you're an 'I love you' drunk." A hand went to his head to smooth over the skin of his scalp. "That and you get extremely cozy in bed. Have you been drinking?"

"A little... just a capful in my tea to help me sleep. I could get you a cup." She rubbed at his stomach. "You could relax a little."

"Maybe later."

"He probably won't call tonight."

"Since when do you know my Clark so well?"

"I don't." She scoffed at him and pinched his side. "I know men. He'll mope and... mope or whatever these people do in Kansas and then he'll mosey on over here for a man to man chat."

"I have never known Clark to mosey."

"You mosey."

"No, I don't."

"You do. I'm from Texas. I know mosey when I see it."

"Did you order the time warp?"


"I swear we just lost about ten years just now."

"Go to sleep."


Martha looked up from the phone at Clark. "Lex called 12 times in 20 minutes."

"Mom, I don't want to talk about it."

"You turned off the ringer, Clark."

"Mom." Clark tried again. "Really, it's no big deal." The room went silent when the screen door opened and remained silent until Jonathan had trudged up the stairs to clean up for dinner.

"Then what was that about?" Martha set the phone on the charger and walked off.

Clark cursed to himself and sank into his hands. His chest constricted every time someone spoke Lex's name. He felt like he was going to vomit every time he thought of him, ran his words through his head. He sat very still like that until he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Son, if he did care about you, would you still be this miserable?"

"I don't know."

"In my experience... if you're miserable all the time, with or without... it's probably not worth it." A pat on the shoulder and then his father was gone.

"Baby steps. Baby steps." Clark whispered to himself.

"Clark." His mother called into the kitchen. "We're heading into town for dinner. You coming?"

"Not tonight."

"We'll bring you something back then."

"Ok." Clark the non-verbal. See how he cleared an entire house with only four minutes of moping. Sighing heavily, he thought about what his father had said. There was only one way to see if he was right and that entailed at least talking to Lex. How did one broach the subject of an affair when a wedding was four days away?

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Part 7

"Tino, you know me. Would I say something like that if it wasn't true?" Hel smiled sweetly at him. He was breaking; she could see it in his eyes. "I really do love Lex. It's been years in coming and I know that Daddy has his blinders on. He just doesn't understand right now but this will make me happy."

"Helena..." He started, running a hand through his black hair. "Your father is adamant. He won't let you marry Lex. Why don't you wait a while? Give him some time to get used to the idea."

"Tino... You and I both know that the more time he spends thinking about it, the more time he'll have to think about yet another rule for me to live by." She placed an arm on his shoulder. "Help me."

"Lena, you know that I want to... but I don't trust Lex. I don't." He shook his head. His brown eyes fell to the floor. "You know that I want nothing more for you than happiness, mi linda, pero... this is a battle than no one can win."

"Just talk to him, explain that I really am in love. This is what I want." She pleaded, this time. He was holding out longer than she thought he would. "Tell him that if he disowns me, he'll never see me again. I won't have it. I will take my shares and run." She managed a tear while looking him straight in the eye. "Tell him what I said. He's already on his way back, isn't he?"

"He left last night. I tried to get him to stay an extra day but he's fed up. He's going to be hard to turn around." Tino rose to his feet and pat her on the shoulder. "I will try."

"Thank you, Tino. You're a good friend." Hel stared at the coffee table until the door shut behind him, and then she leaned back in her seat to wipe away the tear on her face. Right on cue, the click of expensive shoes entered the room from another door. "He bought it."

"Of course he did. You are a fabulous actress." Lex nodded his approval as he poured his fiancée a drink. "The single tear, nice touch."

"Tino didn't need the tear. I felt like being creative." She took the glass from his out-stretched hand and sipped it slowly.

"So, when did you stop fucking him?" Perching on the other side of the couch, he raised an eyebrow at her.

"Lex, really." She scoffed at him and continued to sip her drink. "Has he called?"

"No." He smiled in spite of himself. "I guess it's safe to say that the farm boy is over me."

"We'll see."


Chloe stared at Clark. He hadn't typed a single letter in over ten minutes and the article was officially due twenty minutes ago. She had a small clue about what was bothering her friend and lifelong crush. Her dark haired friend wasn't the only one mulling over the situation. "So, did he call or what?"

"Huh?" Clark's head snapped up, his hands crashing down on the keyboard, popping off several of the keys. "Crap." He went about slowly pushing the small plastic bits back into place. "He... called the other night... He didn't call you yet?"

"No." She shook her head slowly and watched his reaction carefully. She winced when she heard a key crack under the pressure of his finger. "Careful, or Lex might take away our right to new equipment."

"The wedding is on Saturday." Clark whispered and then lifted his head to catch Chloe's eyes widening. "That's what he called to tell me."

"What did you tell him?"

"Nothing. I said I had to go and I hung up." The strong shoulders shrugged before resuming their slump. "Happy Birthday Me."


"Save it Chloe. He doesn't care. That's it."

"He try to call again?" The question came out too hopeful.

"Yeah but I couldn't answer the phone." There it was, the bile that came up every time he thought about that phone call. "I'm gonna be sick."

"He told you that over the phone?" Chloe thought about it and it didn't make sense. In the past three years, she had never known Lex to hide behind anything. "That doesn't seem like Lex's style."

"He wanted to see me but I couldn't." Clark hunched over in his seat to put his head between his knees. That feeling in his chest was back, the constricting one that threatened to block his breathing and stop his heart. "I'm really gonna be sick."

"Clark." She rose and crossed the room to kneel in front of her heartbroken friend. "Hey... why won't you talk to him?"

"Because... he wants me to hide, like he's ashamed. You were right. It can only lead to disaster. Besides... he's got her. Apparently she's great in bed and she can hold his hand in public. She can kiss him in front of his father and she can have children." The bile threatened to fill his mouth even as he spoke. "I would just be a quick romp in the hay whenever he got a moment."

Chloe felt her heart breaking as he spat out each sentence. Maybe she had been too fervent in her dismissal of the situation. It was obviously killing Clark and she knew he hadn't spoken to anyone about it by the way he was pouring it all out. "Clark. Look at me, please."

Slowly, he lifted his head to look at her. His brow furrowed at the look on her face. This helpless expression that he had only seen a few times was set there. "What?"

"I'm a cynic. Everyone knows that. I could always be wrong. Maybe there is a way to make it work. Then again, maybe I'm right but... don't be too afraid to prove me wrong. It does wonders for my ego... the deflating of, I mean." She attempted a smile. "I hate seeing you like this."

"And it's not just this." Clark laced his fingers at the back of his head and leaned back in his chair. "My dad... one minute I'm completely angry at him for not talking to me and the next he's giving me advice in the most vague way he can muster. I want to hate him for shutting me out but I can't and then I want to be understanding of the position I put him in but I want him to understand me."

"Sounds like you're asking a lot of him." She raised her eyebrows at him. "He's trying. I know your dad and I know that he is trying very hard to understand and you have got to give a little, here." She cleared her throat and averted her eyes. "You being... you is not easy to take, for anyone. Now, this strapping farmer raised you like his own and now you're not exactly what dreams are made of when one is thinking of a brood of strapping grandsons... You get my drift?" She waited and he didn't answer her. "He's just as confused by all this as you are... No one would have ever thought that you would be gay. Pete maybe, not you."

"What?" Clark blinked.

"Just joking." She flashed him a wide smile. "He overcompensates for having four really big brothers with actual athletic talent. It's funny, trust me."

"How in the world do you do that?" He ran a hand through his hair. "One minute you're the world's biggest cynic and the next you're looking at the world through rose colored glasses."

"It's all the mystique of being me." Chloe stood and pointed to the computer. "Ten minutes or I'm sending it off to print without your story. Get to work, Kent."


Silence thrived in the Kent home. Martha washed the dishes but even the splashes seemed to quiet so that Jonathan could think. Sipping his coffee, he winced at how cold it had become. Cold. Like his house, his relationship with his son and like the way his wife had been treating him. Dinner had become strained. Clark always striving to make eye contact and Jonathan avoiding it like the plague. It had taken so much strength and coaxing to attempt comforting Clark two days before.

Ten minutes later, she had had enough. Martha slammed down a dry pot and turned to the table. "You can't keep doing this."

"I'm not doing anything."

"That's the problem."

"You're going to tell me that you're taking this well?" He kept his eyes on his coffee; it was safer than attempting eye contact with her.

"No. I'm not. I am not but I have to. I love my son. I love him so much it hurts and right now he's hurting. You're hurting him. Clark is still vulnerable, Jonathan. He might be able to resist all laws of gravity and physics but he still has emotions and a heart just like yours." For the hundredth time in the past two weeks, her eyes filled with tears. "I see now why he didn't want to tell you."

"I'm just trying to understand how this could happen." Abandoning his coffee mug, he slapped the table. "Maybe I didn't show him enough..."

"Shut up." She commanded and wrung her hands through her hair. "This doesn't have anything to do with you or how we've raised him. I have been doing nothing but thinking about this and it's not our fault. It's no one's fault because it's not wrong."


"No. Let me finish. Our son is gay. He likes men. It's a preference. There's nothing that either of us could have done to change that... just like we could never change what he is. He has gifts; they are a part of who he is. We've told him over and over again that having them were a part of his identity. He couldn't just stop using them to keep himself safe. He can't just stop being who he is because you're uncomfortable with it." Her blue eyes flashed. "I am not taking this well, either but I choose not to alienate him more than he already is. He needs our support on this."

"He's in love. Did he tell you that?" Jonathan's voice was so low that she almost didn't hear him. "I was working on it. Getting used to it. He snapped at me and told me he's in love."

"With who?"

"He didn't say and I didn't ask. That's why he's been moping around. I tried the other day. I knew what was wrong with him and I didn't tell you."

"He told us first, Jonathan. He didn't want to keep secrets from us. That's the good boy we raised. Don't make him hide himself with us."


Hel nodded to the servant at the front door and signaled subtly in the direction of a sitting room. She had just poured herself a drink when the doors opened admitting a shuffling farm boy. He waited until the silent shut the doors and Hel acknowledged his presence. "Clark, it's good to see you again. For a while I thought I'd never see you again."

"I uh... actually came to see Lex." Shuffling his feet, he jammed his hands into his pockets. Maybe this was a mistake. Maybe he should go home and forget why he was even out so late.

"I know. He's sleeping for the moment." Hel turned and raised her glass toward Clark. "Want one?"

"Uh, no." Clark started back toward the door. "I guess I'll come back some other time?"

"No, you are going to sit and talk with me." A gesture toward a chair and they were both in motion, her hips swaying just so under her robe, his feet dragging awkwardly on the fine carpet. Gaze on her companion, she noted how he avoided looking in her direction altogether. "I'm not going to bite your head off but we need to get a few things straight."

"Like what?" He paused before sitting on a low couch. He stared up at Hel when she perched on the coffee table in front of him.

"Just a few rules. I knew you'd be back. No one ever says no to Lex. It just doesn't happen." Snifter raised to lips, she took a long swallow of the amber fluid. "You know all about this situation and I've got to give you credit for coming back. Lex has been absolutely horrible for days now. He'll be more than pleased to know you're here." Blue eyes met brown and she smiled gently. So that was the way into Clark's attention; making Lex happy. "Lex is going to be my husband but only for however long this endeavor withstands. You will probably still be around after it's all said and done."

"Then what do you have to say to me?" Clark asked warily. He never understood why people couldn't ever just get to the point. They always felt a need to explain and be understood before a point could be made.

"Lex and I are going to converse about you. I've acknowledged that. We're associates and sometimes we'll be intimate depending on where his father is. What I need from you is to keep this liaison behind closed doors." A carefully manicured nail brushed an errant strand of dark hair out of her face. It was with that movement that Clark realized how young she was; only three years older than himself, the very age Lex had been when they first met. "In fact, the more I think about it, the more I know that you and I will not be able to steer clear of each other... so familiarity is inevitable. Lex trusts you and so I'm going to have to as well."

"You don't approve." He lowered his eyes to his hands. His head hurt. This was all too much to deal with while his possible relationship with Lex had yet to happen.

"Things would be less complicated if you weren't in the picture but that's something I'm going to have to work around." She leaned back and stared into her glass. "I'm going to maintain that you resist any jealous tendencies. He might love you but I will be his wife and will call for a certain measure of respect from both of you."

"Of course."

"You seem like a great guy and I'm sure you're good for him but we need to understand each other. Lex and I have known each other for a long time and his amity is something I cherish. If you hurt him, I will be forced to strike back." She kept her eyes locked on his. "Understand?"


"Go give Sleeping Beauty a nice wake up call." She nodded her head to the door and lifted her glass to her lips. "I'll find some place to crash."

Nodding, he rose and exited the room. Cautiously, he stepped up the staircase, his conversation with Hel haunting him all the way. Lex's future wife had just given her blessing on their homosexual relationship. It was enough to make his head explode. Fire, he had decided to see this thing with Lex through, however he couldn't help but feel strange that his behavior was predictable to Hel. He hadn't even realized he was going to do it until after he was walking up the Luthor Drive.

If Hel had been so certain, had Lex? Noting would make a difference at this point but he still wondered. It could make him very angry. It might seem as if everything had been manipulated to this point. It could make him very angry but he had one goal; to open the door and talk to Lex.

Pushing open the double doors, he saw his potential boyfriend sprawled across half his huge bed. "Lex?"

"I'm asleep. I swear it." Came the almost incoherent mumble.

"Hel's downstairs. I think your secret is safe." Clark shoved his hands into his pockets and stayed where he was.

Lex cleared his throat and rolled over, sleepy-weary eyes searching the half-darkness of his bedroom. "Clark?"


"Wow." Lex sat up, searching the nightstand. "It's late. What's going on?"

"I've been thinking a lot. I... no decisions have been made lightly." Clark stepped further into the room so he wouldn't have to speak so loud. "My parents know that I am gay. Chloe and Pete know that I am gay. You and Helena know. These are probably the only people who will ever know."

Lex brought his knees up and leaned on them. "So what are you saying?"

"Are you okay?" The younger man suddenly asked. "I never took you for an early to bed type."

"I'm not. Hel's mothering me. Back to the subject at hand." Thin eyebrows rose and a hand made gesture to continue.

"Like I said, I've been thinking and I guess that I can't say no until I know it won't work. Even if you weren't with Hel, we couldn't tell anyone. Hell, if you weren't you, we still couldn't tell anyone. Kansas being the place we live, discreet is key, no matter what."

"You really have thought this over." Lex cleared his throat and wiped a hand over his face and scalp. "What is your decision?"

"I guess I'm here to give it a shot. I mean. I am here to give it a shot. I wasn't going to but I listened to a lot of different advice and I can't really base a no on inadequate information and evidence..." Clark trailed off after risking a glance at Lex and finding a smile on his face. "What?"

"Nothing. It just feels good. To know someone cares enough to put so much thought into something concerning yourself. It's a very good feeling." Lex motioned his young precious forward. Clark approached slowly and sat gingerly on the edge of the bed. "This isn't going to be easy, Clark. Those people that you mentioned... it's probably not best that they know."

"Chloe knows." He answered immediately. "Or at least that I've been thinking about this with you."

"You went to the reporter instead of the homophobic jock..." Lex tilted his head slightly. "Well, I guess I can see your reasoning there. Your parents?"

"No." Clark shook his head. "My dad has enough to think about without throwing your name into the mix."

"Are you comfortable with this? I don't want to hurt you, Clark." His hand went to the stubbled cheek of his personal hero.

"Won't know if I don't take the risk." Hesitantly, he leaned forward and was rewarded by Lex meeting him in the middle for a sweet kiss. Before he could deepen the kiss, Lex pulled away.

"Wait until tomorrow night, birthday boy... or tonight, whichever it is now." Lex moved his thumb over his cheekbone and then let his hand drop. "Go get some sleep. You're not 18 until 8:52 a.m."

"I'm not even going to ask." Clark ducked his head. "I'll see you tonight then."

"Absolutely. The limo will pick you up after school... or later if you're having dinner with your parents."

"Make it after seven. Just to be safe." He smiled broadly. Slowly, he stood and backed toward the door. He waved a little before disappearing out the door.

Lex lay back and took a deep breath. It felt good. Twenty minutes later the doors shut and a warm body snuggled in close. "Congratulations."

"You really need to stop drinking, Hel."

"He didn't stay."

"Not tonight." He sighed softly. "Maybe soon."

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Part 8a

"Happy Birthday!!" Clark nearly stumbled back into the hallway when Chloe and Pete leaped out at him with party hats. His mother smiled and went about finishing breakfast.

"Hey guys, thanks." Clark smiled and hugged them all.

"Kids, sit. Eat. The bus is going to be here in ten minutes." Martha ordered as she set down the plates. She kissed Clark's head softly as she passed.

"No bus today." Jonathan announced from the doorway.

"What?" The three teenagers chorused. How could they have missed the bus already?

"No bus today." He repeated and tossed a small box to his son. "Why don't you try that on?"

Clark blinked and then opened the box to find a set of keys resting on a bed of cotton. A set of car keys. He had to blink again. Still a set of car keys. "Dad..."

"I've been working on it over at George's. I almost thought I wouldn't have it ready in time." He shrugged and backed out the back door again, heading back to the fields.

"Thanks." Clark had to swallow a lump in this throat. By the time he had lifted his head, his father was nowhere in sight.

"Eat first and then you kids can go play with the car." Martha flashed them a big smile and sat back to watch them, trying not to think about the man she called her husband.


Clark turned to his friends; Chloe sitting next to him, Pete against the door. They both nodded to him and he slowly turned the ignition. The truck roared to life beneath them. Chloe and Pete cheered loudly when he shifted into drive. The dark blue truck rolled slowly a few feet before Clark dared apply the gas, it was slow to speed up but it was his first truck.

The ride to school was rowdy and filled with laughter. Pete jumped out of the truck first, claiming he'd catch them later to give Clark his present. Chloe sat next to her friend as he turned off the ignition. She knew the gift came to him bittersweet. "That's the most he's said to you in a couple of days, huh."

"Yeah." Clark nodded and ran his hands over the steering wheel. "I have this incredible urge to drive it back home and walk to school. It would hurt him and make him think..."

"But you're not going to. You're going to let him think that you're okay and that you love it." She turned her eyes to the parking lot where around them milled the student of Smallville high, all of them oblivious to the pain of one. She knew Clark was a nice guy and a lot of people knew that but how many knew his name? "It's not healthy. You resent the gift and you should let him know."

"I like the truck. I do... but..." He hung his head and yanked the keys from the ignition. "Why did he have to give it to me while he was still being like this? I know that I'm reading more into it than I should but it just seems like he's giving me the truck to keep me happy while he deals with me being me."

"Clark, it's gonna take time. I know people keep saying that but he loves you. Everyone knows that." She wrapped her arms around him tightly.

"I just wish he would talk to me again." Clark blinked back the tears.

"So..." Chloe cleared her throat as a signal she would change the subject. "What are the plans for tonight?" She looked up in time to catch the blush on his face before he turned away. "What?"

"Lex is taking me to Metropolis to celebrate my birthday the way a man should. With loud music, lots of dancing, and as much alcohol as he can sneak me." Clark slid his eyes down to look at her.

"I'm assuming this will probably end in a good night kiss or two?"

"Maybe... if he's lucky." He just had to grin.

"So I take it you talked to him." She sat up suddenly. "Well, what's going on? You talked to him and what?"

"Nothing really. I told him how I felt. That I really wanted to but I... had my doubts about everything. I really did think about everything you said... our unique circumstances... our residing in homophobic country." Clark let out a breath. "I guess I'm going to try it. When I went over there last night... Hel and I had a talk."

"Oh." Chloe blinked for a minute. "What did she have to say?"

"Pretty much that she was aware of me and apparently Lex's feelings for me. She threatened me if I hurt him... made me promise not to get jealous over business and then she sent me up to his room."

"You're kidding."

"Nope... but I do think that she was working her way through a bottle when I arrived." Clark shrugged and reached for his book bag. "I'm never sure what to think about her."

"So, are you officially dating a Luthor?"

"Kinda. I guess tonight is our first date." He turned to look at his best friend. "I'm not expecting much from him, Chloe, just a chance. I mean, he is getting married tomorrow."

"Yeah, he called me early this morning to give me the details. I've already got my camera raring to go..." Chloe nudged him toward the door. "Come on birthday boy. Let's make this a day to remember."


"No, no, no." Hel barked at the woman with the shoes. "I can't wear those."

"They match the dress perfectly." The woman protested.

"I'm sure they do but they are inappropriate for the environment. Do you want me to sprain an ankle when I walk up the aisle?" The rich woman bit out as she motioned for more shoes.

"I'm sorry. What environment are we talking about?" The flustered woman began sorting through the shoes, guessing that heels were out of the question.

"It's a field. Full of holes, dips and soft earth. What we need is an elegant flat sole. Slippers. You have any of those?"

"Let me see."

"Helena..." Lex clucked his tongue at her. "Are we having fun?"

"A ball." She barely glanced up from her feet, where she turned her feet one way and then another.

He leaned over the back of her chair and kissed her hair. "Darling, you do realize that once you wear the shoes out there that you'll never be able to wear them again, right?"

"Which is why they have to be perfect." She reached down and slipped the shoes off her feet and took the ones that the frazzled woman handed her. "If I'm going to ruin my wedding shoes, they had better be worth it."

"I'm sure they'll be lovely." Lex straightened and looked over the selection the shoe woman was setting out. She whispered something to the men standing at the door and they rushed forward to be rid of the heeled shoes. Minutes later they returned with more boxes.

"Which do you think?" Hel scanned the contents quickly.

"Those are too thick." Leaning on her chair again, he glanced up at her dress hanging on the model and then back at the shoes. "Those aren't the right shade... those will let the ants in... those would break your neck..."

"These?" She pointed with a shiny nail.

"Good choice... but... I think if those could be dyed to match." He pointed to another pair.

"Yes, of course. We'll do that right away." The woman snapped her fingers and one of her men rushed away with the box. "I'll send them by this evening."

"Good. One of the servants will take them." Lex pulled Hel out of her chair. "If you'll excuse us, I need a moment with my bride to be." The couple strode out of the room and into the next, leaving the door open just a crack but enough so that the shoe woman and her aides could hear. "So, I just got off the phone and I've got a suite reserved in the city for tonight."

"Perfect." Hel murmured and pressed her lips against his. "And the minister?"

"All set. He'll meet us in the park." He deepened the kiss, slipping his tongue into her mouth. "Mmm." Reluctantly he pulled away. "The boys are picking me up tonight... I'll see you tomorrow afternoon."

"You don't have to worry. I'll be the one up front... wearing the wedding dress." She purred into him.

"Hope you and the ladies don't get into too much trouble without my supervision." His finger ran over her lips to fix the damage to her lipstick just as her finger ran over his to do the same.

"Please... it's just us girls."

"Which is why I worry."

"And you and the guys are perfect angels?"

"Enough. Tomorrow afternoon." Lex cleared his throat. "Love you."

"Love you." Hel whispered as he backed away and exited the room through the other set of doors. Reaching up, she patted down her hair and strode toward the open doors. Tomorrow afternoon, indeed... by then they would be on a plane to Egypt.


Clark grinned at the new jacket his mother had gotten him. The last two had been cheap, meant to last him until he managed to rip through those. This one was nice, soft brown leather, meant for a night out and not for work in the field. "Thanks Mom."

"I knew you'd like it." Martha smiled and cut a piece of birthday cake. She glanced at the empty chair but didn't say anything. Jonathan hadn't shown up for dinner.

"Like it, I love it." Clark stood up to put it on. Inside the left lapel was a small hook. "What's this?"

"It's a key hook. The way you described some of those fights... it's a good place to put your truck keys... just in case. Wouldn't want to lose those." Martha regretted mentioning the truck when Clark's face fell.

"You know, we had talked about working on a car together." He whispered. "Now he can't even show up to dinner on my birthday."

"We love you." She stood and kissed his face. "Both of us. I'm not defending him right now... in fact, when he does make it in from the fields, he's sleeping on the couch but know that he does love you."

"I'm still me. I'm Clark. I still grew up on a farm. I learned to drive on a John Deere. I can still lift six bales of hay at a time. Why does it matter that I don't like girls?" Clark blew up and gave up. He sat back down and picked at his cake while his mother sat and did the same.

They had waited nearly an hour to eat and then another half an hour before deciding to go ahead and cut the cake. They had stretched everything out as long as they could and it wasn't until Clark's slice of cake was a pile of mush on his plate that Jonathan ambled in, wiping his hands on a rag. "Hey, what's for dinner?"

Clark stared at his father and let his X-ray vision kick in just to make sure the man had a heart. Several short choppy movements later, Clark had put his plate in the sink and retrieved his jacket. "Good night. I'll going to Metropolis. I'll see you in the morning."


Hel stepped out of the bathroom, tying her robe as she went. It should have surprised her more to find company waiting in her hotel room. "Good evening, Mr. Luthor."

"Helena." The name rolled off his tongue in a way that should have elicited a panicked response but she knew how to play this game. High school and college had been training fields for this battle.

"Did you want something?" She pulled open the closet doors and stood there for a moment, drying her hair with a towel. "I'm expecting company."

"Want." He repeated the word slowly and approached with a slow swagger that probably once had all the women falling at his feet. "I have to admit that you are a step up in my son's tastes. You still might be ahead of him in stature. You have a flair for business that he has yet to develop."

"That's very flattering but if you'll excuse me, we can continue this conversation after I've dressed. I am expecting company." She took his arm and guided him to the door. "I'll be with you in fifteen minutes."

"A clandestine meeting, Helena?" The tone said that he wasn't surprised and had expected as much.

"Feel free to let my guest in when he arrives. Don't be in a rush to leave, Lionel." She smiled at the spark in his blue eyes when she spoke his given name. "Perhaps you could... join us for the evening."

Abruptly, she shut the door and locked it. Lex had warned her that he might try something like this. Quickly she dressed and pulled back her hair to keep it out of her face. She made up her face modestly. Lionel was in for a surprise when her guest arrived.


Clark pulled up to Lex's house and leapt out of the truck. He turned and kicked the tire just hard enough to leave a small dent. When he turned, Lex was standing in the doorway of the manor. "Bad day?"

"No. Bad dinner." Clark pouted and crossed his arms. "I'm giving back the truck tomorrow. I get sick just looking at it."

"Gift from Pa Kent?"

"Yeah. But he won't let me thank him. Every time I try... he walks off." Clark felt all the anger coming back and to take a deep breath. "It makes me angry that he just won't say he's uncomfortable. He just avoids me altogether."

"Come on, let's go have a little fun." Lex placed his hands on the younger man's shoulders. He patted Clark's cheek softly. "Come on. Relax."

"Where's Hel?"

"In Metropolis. She's got a suite at Drake's. We've got a suite at Michel's." Lex rubbed Clark's cheek with his thumb. "Come on. You are a man and we've got to celebrate." His eyes slid to Clark's body. "Nice jacket."


Hel stepped out of her room looking as fresh and innocent as most other 21-year-old women. Lionel had just handed her a scotch when the knock sounded at the door. "Excuse me." Helena set the drink down and quickly went to answer the door. Upon opening, she admitted a short older man wearing a white collar. "Father Montes, it is good to see you again." Leaning in to hug him she whispered, "Don't mention the wedding in front of this man. He would do anything to stop the progress of love."

"Mija, you look wonderful." Father Montes stepped into the room. "Love becomes you."

Helena managed a sweet smile and turned with her hand extended to the other man in the room. "Father Montes, this is Lionel Luthor, Lex's father... and my future father in law." She watched as they shook hands. "Ah. Lionel just stopped in for a moment. I invited him to join us but I never got an answer." She turned her brown eyes on the elder Luthor to explain. "Father Montes has come all the way from Texas for a private mass and to confess me."

"I'm afraid that I have some business to tend to. I assume that you will be spending the week in the city." Lionel picked up his coat where it lay on the couch and stepped toward the still open door.

"Actually, I may only stay the weekend. I'll be back in Smallville next week. Lex and the boys are celebrating his last days as a free man this weekend." She flashed him a bright smile.

"Good evening then, Helena, Father Montes." Lionel nodded to them both and made his exit.

When the door closed, Father Montes turned a stern eye on this young parishioner. He warned her softly. "Lying is not good for the soul, Mija."

"I wouldn't if it wasn't necessary." Hel tried to console him as she led him to the extra room in the suite.

"Will your father be there?"

"No." She shook her head. "Tino will give me away."

"Celestino is not your father." He chided her. "You are not his to give to your new husband."

"My father will not allow me to marry the man I love because of his last name. You know it isn't right." Relief could be found only in the softening of his old gray eyes.

"Why can't you wait? It can all wait. Marriage is a serious commitment, Mijita. Just wait."

"It has to be now." Helena wiped a tear from her eye and nodded to the bed. "Rest. Tino will be here later to take you to Smallville. The manor has been cleared of servants for the weekend... I will see you in the morning for confession."


I'm breaking up this part because it is really long but I won't post the second part for a few days. I'm still trying to get it right. '-)
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AN: This part was mostly done about two-three weeks ago and I think it's ready to be posted. I've been thinking of my storylines but much might not be written, and certainly not in the near future. Please bear with me as I've had a lot of rather horrible news in the past two weeks and sometimes it's hard to think much less compose. Don't give up on me. I get in particular moods where I write pages at a time and then nothing for weeks. '-) Just letting you all know that I am alive and coping.

Stipulations part 8b

Clark took in the atmosphere. It was dark, loud and full of strange people. It made him a little nervous but Lex seemed to be at home. He managed a smile and sipped at his coke. He had been carded on the way in, though. That had felt good.

"You want to dance?" Lex shouted near his ear.

He had to shake his head. He didn't want to dance; he just wanted to sit where he was with Lex's hand on his leg like they had been for the past twenty minutes.

"Come on, Clark. How am I supposed to show you a good time if you don't participate?" Lex flashed him a smile.

"I'm fine right here." Clark shook his head again and covered Lex's hand with his own.

"You know, the only reason I have my hand there is to keep the ladies away." Lex leaned in closer. "There are four of them at the bar that have been undressing you with their eyes ever since we walked in."

"Liar." He cleared his throat and shot Lex a sideways glance. "You were rubbing my leg with your thumb."

"You are perfectly content to sit here and watch other people having a blast." Lex shook his head and looked out over the throng of writhing bodies.

"I just... Watching other people being happy makes me happy." Clark smiled at the crowds. "Nobody out there is worrying about their farm going under, they're not worried about next month's bills or cheating lovers." He sighed. "At this moment in time, they are all having fun and thoroughly enjoying it."

"Then why don't you join them?" Lex pulled his hand out of his boyfriend's grasp.

"Not right now. You go. I know you want to." He pointed to the crowds growing thicker by the second.

Lex studied the young man for a long moment before he leaned in close. "What if I hadn't told you that I wanted to be with you? What if I were genuinely in love with Hel?"

"Then I would have been happy that you were happy." Clark gave him a small smile. "I'm easy to please. If that's what you wanted, I would have accepted it, lived with it and been happy for you."

Lex planted a kiss on Clark's mouth. "It is impossible for anyone to be that giving."

"You forget. I'm a Kent. We give but we don't forgive." Clark twirled his glass on the table.

"I take that to mean that you need to get your mind off your father." Lex stood and backed off. "Finish your drink and meet me out there."


Hel adjusted her skirt and glanced in the mirror at her redone makeup, this time in bold dark colors that accented her features in the dark club. She ignored the complaints from her friends about the choice of atmosphere until given no choice but respond. Olivia turned on Helena first, blonde hair not budging an inch from the tight bun on her head. "The new Zero opened two weeks ago. It already tops this."

"Zero is out of the question." Hel ran a finger over an eyebrow and turned to her friends.

"Barely engaged and she's a Luthor already." Prudence remarked to their companions as she spritzed a soft perfume on her pale wrists.

"Next thing you know, she'll be too good for us lowly commoners." Reagan crossed her arms and just barely avoided leaning on the bathroom wall.

"Leave her alone." Lillian sighed and turned toward Hel. "She's got to be in love. Why else would she be willing to put up with Lex for the next five years... or until she finds him in bed with his secretary?"

"And here I was looking to celebrate my engagement with friends. Guess I'll have to find new ones." She shrugged at her reflection and turned an eye to her childhood friend's reflection. "Leti? You have anything to add?"

"It's gotta be love. She's not that good an actress." Leti turned her green eyes to their friends.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Olivia asked, examining a shiny silver nail.

"She's arranged for Father Montes to preside over the wedding. Nothing gets past that man. He knew if we left out even one sin during confession." Leti arched an eyebrow. "What I do believe odd is... I haven't gotten an invitation yet."

"It's in the mail." Hel turned. "Are we having fun tonight or not?"

"Only if we can go to Zero." Reagan tilted her head.

"No one is going to Zero." Hel reiterated and adjusted the ring on her left hand.

"Anyone seen Tino?" Lillian stepped toward the door.

"He's busy tonight." Hel followed her friends back into the club.

"How is Romeo taking the engagement?" Olivia tossed her hair and eyed the dance floor. "I can't imagine that he'd take this news lying down."

"You don't know Tino." Leti led the way onto the floor, walking backward. "Tino invented lying down and taking it. It's a miracle he held Hel's interest so long."

"Yuk it up, girls." Hel whispered as she slinked her way to a good-looking guy for a dance. Her eyes scanned the crowds as she dragged a guy into the middle of the throng.

"She is such a tease." Prudence scoffed and followed.

"Lex wouldn't be a bad choice if that ego of his could be squashed." Lillian laughed tossing red curls.

"He's a man. He doesn't know better. Hel will chew him up and spit him out, leaving him ruined for any other woman." Olivia smirked. "Think that's why he practiced all those years on the boys?"

"Like you said, he's a man. He'll take it where he can get it." Reagan smiled sweetly at Hel across the dance floor. "She's got to be insane. The guy's a freak."

"Speak of the devil. Is that him?" Prudence narrowed her eyes to see though the crowds and smoke. "Of course he'd be in the one club she picked."

"Who is the angel attached to his neck?" Olivia cooed and moved into the throng for a better look.

Clark watched fascinated as Lex danced. He had to use his X-ray vision to find him but it didn't shock him to learn that everyone that danced next to Lex had to touch him. Nudging his way through the crowd, he needed to be the one touching Lex. The bald man had one hand up in the air and the other resting on a woman's hip. She had her hand on his shoulder, next to the guy's hand that danced behind Lex, yet another man had laid his hand on Lex's hip but was focused on the woman beside him.

Finally, he reached his boyfriend and slipped between the bodies behind him to wrap an arm around his waist. "Can I do this?"

Lex's only answer was to take the hand that had been on the woman in front of him and place it on top of Clark's hand. The farm boy tried his best to keep up with Lex but felt so stupid he buried his face in Lex's neck in embarrassment. There were strange hands on his body and he tried not to flinch away from them until a pair of female hands slipped around his waist. A turn of his head revealed a familiar face. "Sorry Clark, you picked the wrong club. We have to put on a display."

Hel rubbed his thigh lightly and swung around to slide between Lex and the woman he was dancing with, daring the woman to object. He just brought his hand down to her lower stomach and pulled her close. "You look fantastic."

"Can Clark play this time? They're all jealous of you for the gorgeous boy on your ass." She leaned her head back to catch his lips while her hips rocked backward against his.

"Clark? You want to mess with the rich brats?" Lex called over his shoulder. "You'd have to let Hel do what she wants."

"Ok." Clark swallowed thickly, unsure of what was actually going on. Lex tapped his hand as a sign to release him and turned so that Helena was between them. She reached forward and drew Clark closer by the hips. Her lips were suddenly at the perfect angle to be on his neck. He met Lex's eyes, who simply raised an eyebrow before sucking on her neck. Relenting, Clark closed his eyes and let the pounding of the music thrum through his body, allowing Helena to move his hips as she saw fit.

"Shameless." Leti sighed and crossed her arms.

"He is such a freak to let her do that." Reagan shook her head and sipped at her glass.

Clark's eyes snapped open when she dropped one of her hands from his hip and settled it on his crotch. He looked to Lex for help but it didn't seem as if Lex were paying any attention. After what seemed like hours of torture, she slipped from between the two men, allowing them to close the gap. She blew Clark a kiss before sauntering off the dance floor for her friends.

Lex ran a hand up and down Clark's back reassuringly, knowing what must be going through the guy's head. "It's okay. It felt good. You don't have to feel guilty. No man alive could have taken that. We'll dance a while longer and when you're in control, we'll go meet her friends."

In Hel's wake, the hands of strangers returned, making Clark cool off faster with the uneasiness it caused him. "What is she doing here?"

"Blowing off some steam, probably. I didn't know that she'd show up here." Lex turned them toward their destination and urged Clark forward. "I apologize in advance for the molesting you are about to receive but I have to talk to Hel for a moment. I'll leave you to their mercy."

"Lex! It's so good to see you!" Olivia exclaimed and leaned forward so Lex could kiss her cheek.

"Livvie." Lex nodded and then turned to greet the other women in turn. "Leticia, Pru, Lil, Ray. If it isn't the best society has to offer." He ignored their glares and kept talking. "Excuse me, ladies, but I have to talk to my future wife. Keep my friend, Clark, company?"

"No problem." Lil smiled sweetly at Clark and took his arm to sit him at their table. "Angel, come on. Let's get you a drink."

When it seemed like they weren't going to let Clark protest, Lex leaned in. "Ladies, watch yourselves. He's 18, just barely."

"A baby!" Pru reached out and hugged Clark tightly. Clark watched Lex retreat with Hel. They held each other close and whispered into each other's ear. "What in the world is such a sweet thing doing with Lex Luthor?"

"He's... a friend." Clark nodded slowly and attempted a smile at the women.

"You're Lex's friend?" Leti touched his hand softly. "You were kissing on him."

"Um... He's Lex." Clark stammered.

"Of course he is. We know Lex, do you?" Olivia tsked. "Such a shame for such a..." She slid her slender fingers into his back pocket so gently that he barely felt them but he knew they were there. "... babe to be walking that side of the fence." She brought one hand to his face. "Have you ever tried being with a woman, angel? I know you're barely of age but we could head back to my place and give it a try."

"Livvie, please." Lil scoffed and pulled him out of their clutches and off his chair. "He never said he was gay and I'd say he knows our Hel about as well as he knows Lex. They ever invite you to play?" Her hand slid up his arm to his shoulder, just playing with the hair at the base of his neck. All he could do was shake his head.

"So all of you know Lex?" He cleared his throat and tried not to rip himself away from the women. "From school?"

"Pretty much." Leti nodded, her green eyes looking him up and down subtly. "Through school, college, business... the clubs. We know Lex. How about you?"

"We're kinda neighbors."

"Oh! In Smallville. Yes, we heard about Lex's unfortunate fall from grace." Lil pouted and put a hand to her heart. "It was such a shame."

Clark furrowed his brow. He had no clue what to take seriously with these women. He glanced at Lex but he was still whispering in Hel's ear. Sighing, he sustained more idle chatter and unwanted, however slight, groping before Lex said their goodbyes and ushered him out of the club. "We lost. We have to go somewhere else. Hel and her choice familiars have won the right to party here."


Clark felt incredibly awkward by the time they had made it up to the suite at Michel's. Lex had provided some idle chatter, historic facts, and some anecdotes but had kept his hands to himself.

"This is probably more your scene, isn't it?" Lex commented as he glanced over a menu tucked away behind the phone in the kitchen area. "Not so much loud music, no strangers feeling you up every chance they get. You hungry?"

"Not really..." Clark shrugged and sank into a thick chair. As always his mind was printed on his forehead and his heart on his sleeve.

"Clark, relax. She threatened to damage my manhood if we stayed. Our driver went home sick and his replacement isn't someone I know. There are cameras in the lobby and elevators." Lex quickly ran through everything that had been on Clark's mind. "We're safe in here. It's okay."

"Oh." The younger man blushed and hung his head.

"I would say that I'm sorry we couldn't have been at the club longer but I'd wager that you've had your fill of Metropolis nightlife." A thin eyebrow rose and he leaned forward on the bar.

"I guess." He shrugged and chanced a glance at Lex. "It was fun. I can't really dance but I guess I don't really need to know how."

"You're probably right." Lex threw his arms out. "It's still early. Whatever shall we do?"

"Sit tight until it's time for—" He was cut off with a small gesture from Lex. "Oh. Are we not talking about that tonight? Even if we don't talk about it, I'm going to think about it."

"Then the goal for tonight is not to think." Hands in pockets and eyes on the birthday boy, Lex just stared. "It is your night. What you want to do is what we do." Silence. "You're killing my buzz, Clark." Clark raised a dark eyebrow and bit at his lip. "What?" Lex tilted his head slightly. "Kent..."

"We didn't get to do this earlier." Clark murmured into Lex's neck as the two swayed to the low music under the dimmed lights.

"This is definitely not what I was expecting with the way you were looking at me." He chuckled softly. "Can't say that it's bad." It seemed as if the theme of the evening was Clark trying to crawl inside him to hide. "Was your birthday really so bad?"

"Guess not." He sighed and rubbed his lips over the soft skin available. He felt his skin flush as his thoughts wandered. "Can't say I've ever been felt up by so many people before and certainly not in the span of two hours."

"They just couldn't help themselves." Lex turned his head and angled his mouth over Clark's. Their tongues caressed and tasted even as their bodies moved toward the bedroom. "God, you taste good." He guided Clark backward, hand on his hip and the other caressing the back of his neck. Their mouths melded, not daring to come up for air. He kicked the door closed behind him, drenching them both in darkness.

Clark pulled away only to search for the buttons on Lex's shirt. Soon the shirt lie on the floor and his hands wandered over the smooth flesh. The tips of his fingers found the ridges of the strong abs, tracing and caressing as he explored. Before he knew it, Lex had yanked his shirt from his pants and worked quickly on getting it on the floor as well. The slender fingers slid along the contours of the youth's body, finding their way to the male nipples, rubbing and pinching lightly.

Moaning, Clark moved to mimic the caresses as he toed off his shoes. Lex pulled him close when he almost lost his balance. The soft mouth nibbled at Clark's neck, a hand continued to play with the tender nipple, while the other pulled his body against his, Lex's arousal pressing into Clark's hip.

Their lips found each other even as their hands sought to disrobe of their remaining clothes. The blood rushed around in Clark's body, making him lightheaded and eager for more of the dizzying sensations that Lex evoked in him. Skin felt hot and feverish when Lex pulled back to step out of his pants. "Talk to me Clark. What are we doing?"

"Huh?" It was too hot for Clark to think, much less speak.

"What are we doing?" Lex repeated, drawing in a deep breath. "What are you ready to do?"

"Do we... have to talk... about it now?" Clark's words come out haltingly. Lex pulled Clark close and whispered in his ear, breath puffing against the tender lobe as he explained what was going on. Clark listened intently, nodding to Lex's questions of his understanding Finally, Lex pulled back and focused his eyes on Clarks' closed lids in the darkness. After some thought, Clark opened his eyes and looked unafraid into his soon to be lover's. "I want to kiss you, touch you... to taste you, all of you..." He paused to swallow the lump in his throat. "I want you to make love to me."

"Anything you want, Birthday Boy." Lex whispered and placed Clark's hands on his hips. "All you ever have to do is ask. I'll give you anything that I can." Clark nodded, understanding the implied limits of the promise. Their naked bodies pressed together and Lex leaned in again. "Lay on the bed, Clark."

Blinking wildly, Clark did as told. A few moments later a lamp was turned on, casting a strange light over the both of them. Clark shivered when Lex's eyes raked over his body.

"You're a beautiful boy, Clark." He leaned over his young lover and ran a hand along his body, casting a shadow over the glow from the lamp. As Lex leaned down to kiss on Clark's chest, he murmured, "It'll be your turn soon enough."

"My tur—" Cut off by Lex's tongue on his nipple, he could only moan. When Lex's hand wrapped around his erection, he nearly leapt off the bed.

"Just relax, Clark," he murmured as his fingers raked though the coarse black hair surrounding Clark's cock. His ears tuned to the low gasps and moans. Clark's eyes closed as Lex began the slow tortuous journey down to the cock he teased in his hand. "I've waited a long time for this..."

Clark fought to keep his eyes open so he could watch Lex lick and kiss his way down his body. Hot wet mouth sliding down... engulfing him in an inferno. Stared at Lex's sleek body where he lay between his legs as he licked Clark's cock from base to tip. His tongue ran over every inch of skin it could find, pausing to apply pressure on the throbbing underside of Clark's erection. Despite his best efforts, Clark didn't last long and soon spilt his cum on Lex's tongue.

Lex lifted his head to look over the sweaty body in front of him. Clark's chest rose and fell even as Lex kissed his way back up his body. He could taste his cum in Lex's mouth when the older man leaned over him to kiss him. Hesitantly he wrapped his arms around him and pulled him closer, feeling the other man's erection in his hip. "Relax, Clark... just relax."

Slender fingers ran through Clark's sweaty hair. Kisses ran over his face. Reassurances blew past his ears. Slowly, Clark let his fears fade, relaxing completely to the sound of Lex's voice. "That's it. Do whatever you want..."

Slowly Clark took over, kissing every inch of Lex's skin that he could reach, touching every inch that he couldn't, experienced what he had never let himself dream about before, inhaling the scene like it was the last time he'd be allowed. Lex let him explore, ignoring his own need for release as Clark allowed himself to relax and enjoy.

Lex surprised himself. He should have known that Clark would be as considerate a lover as he was a person. The young man made every kiss and touch as pleasurable as possible. Clark kept throwing glances up at his lover's face to be sure he was getting pleasure from the kisses and touches.

He licked tentatively at the tip of Lex's cock, tasting the skin and pre-cum slowly before daring to take him in his mouth. He licked from tip to base, marveled at the lack of hair on Lex's body. Took a moment to feel bad until he remember what Lex had said many times about the person he had become as a result of the meteor shower so long ago.
Clark stopped everything when Lex told him to. He allowed Lex to take over once again so he could cum inside Clark. Let Lex rearrange their bodies, click them up, tease him until they were both ready. He gasped when Lex's fingers slipped inside his anus to prepare for his entry, held his breath when the hot cock pressed into him, let it out when it slid inside. Listened to Lex's soothing voice to relax once again. Felt the pleasure Lex could give him when he pushed in and pulled out, loved the sounds Lex made and the expressions on his face. Couldn't help but cum again before Lex spilled hot cum inside of him.

Clark watched Lex doze and had to say something about the hurricane raging in his mind. "It's not my birthday anymore."

"What?" Lex murmured, lids barely open and eyes in a direction his young lover wasn't.

"It's not my birthday anymore. Can we talk now?"

"We have all the time in the world to talk."

"You're getting married in five hours." Clark pointed out. "I just... are you going to sleep with her... I know you said you would have to but she knows now that that makes a difference. It's not just an affair or cheating anymore."

"You're right but... call it an obligation of marriage. People will be watching us... all of us and we have to play it very close and careful. Just because I'm sleeping with her doesn't mean I care about you any less. This is a sacrifice to be together that would be there even if she wasn't going to be my wife... get some sleep, Clark. I want you looking pretty in the morning and we've only got a few hours to sleep."

Clark reluctantly laid his head on the pillow and shut his eyes to attempt sleep, assuming the matter was shut. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew that Lex had never answered the question.

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Part 9

Five years. That's how long it would take. Irreconcilable differences. That's what they would claim. She would leave with his name, of course. That was too powerful a tool to give up, for anyone. Her name caught plenty of attention now but in a few hours her name would have the power to instill fear into the hearts of the most ruthless businessmen. Only his name would be more revered. Lionel was past his time and it was time he realized that. Lex and Hel Luthor would soon reign over all. The birth of a new era was soon coming and she planned to have passenger seat as its greatest player rose to the power.

Five years. That's how long they would stay together within the bounds of holy matrimony and then they would go into a partnership built of their father's companies. Hector and Lionel would be nothing but memories when the new day had come. Barely even mentioned in the history books as those who sired the new rulers.

She eyed Clark. She had to befriend him or else look the fool whenever he was seen in her husband's company. He had to maintain the appearance of family friend and that meant hers as well. Rulers throughout time had friends like Clark but those rulers never had to deal with the American press of the 21st century.

Low key. That was it. Low Key. If only Clark had some status in their world but he only had a claim as best friend... or was it lover by this time in the early morning. He really was a beautiful boy... man, really. No wonder he had made Lex's head turn. It's a miracle that Lex kept his hands to himself for so long.

Lex watched Helena as she walked up the 'aisle.' She really was beautiful. He could not have asked for a better looking bride. She had managed to shed both accents engrained in her from childhood without seeming as if she had tried too hard. If Clark wasn't in his life, he was sure the next five years would not be completely unbearable.

Soon they would be joined and their 'honeymoon' would be spent in contracts and ledgers in Egypt to give the appearance of a honeymoon. Maybe he would get around to actually consummating the union. The honeymoon might not be all bad. God, she could definitely bring a man to his knees with one sultry look. If he hadn't been trained against it, he would fall.

As he turned to face Father Montes, Leti caught his eye. If looks could kill... Even Tino hadn't given him a look like that and Helena was his former lover. Judging from the woman's wrinkled dress, she had been let in on this event at the exact last minute. That's when he thought about the conversation he and Father Montes shared before Helena and party arrived. The priest gruffly asked that Lex hold in mind that he was breaking many rules to perform the ceremony but that they would all be made up for, including Lex's conversion, in short enough time. Lex hadn't the heart to inform the man that there was no need for conversion. Luthors had been Catholic for a very long time, probably since the concept was introduced in Scotland.

Chloe poised her camera and took as many pictures as she could while she made notes in her notepad. She took down names as they were read, phrases that were interesting. It took nearly all her strength to omit noting the tensions that lie in the field. There was so much going on below the surface that it made her mouth water. Clark's solemn face kept her in check though. She knew this was killing him. The way he looked at Lex, she was sure even the priest would know what was going on.

25 minutes and five signatures later Alexander James Luthor was married to Estefania Helena Fierro, ceremony presided over by Father Elias Montes, witnessed by Celestino Ybarra and Clark Kent.


Lex shook hands with the priest before guiding his new bride to the limo. "I'm not as all bad as you think."

"It's not me that you have to worry about. Her father will not like this but Helena is like family and I want her to be happy." Father Montes whispered. "You will be good to her, or God help me, I will break my vows to be a peaceful man."

"Hel, this is a bad idea." Leti whispered. "You're in over your head. I know you think you have some plan and you might have fooled Father Montes but you're not fooling me. I've known you all my life and I know this is wrong. You should have told me sooner."

"Surprise. That was the point of this." Hel raised an eyebrow. "If I had told you, you would have stopped me."

"Both of you are crazy." She sighed. "You don't love him and he doesn't love you."

"Not really important."

"You can't assume that everything will work out the way you plan it. This will all blow up in your face."

"You know, if you had just gone home when I told you... we wouldn't be having this conversation." Helena bit out.

"You're right. We'd be having it later as you took your last breath. You know your father is going to kill you."

"No he won't. I'm all he's got left."

"Clark." Lex wrapped an arm around his shoulder. "I'll be back next week and we'll pick up where we left off."

Clark nodded stiffly, knowing that this was coming. "Yeah, I guess."

"Come on. I can't leave with you like this." The bald man prodded Clark's arm with his fingertips. "Promise me you won't mope and promise me you'll cut out the wounded bird act with your father."

"I'll try."

Lex nodded and then smiled at Chloe. "Do your worst, Ms. Sullivan. Take care of Clark for me."

"Will do." Chloe nodded solemnly and looked to Clark. "You're going to miss the plane."

"No, we won't." Lex merely shook his head and turned to join his bride at the limo door. Both waved their good-byes and settled themselves for the short drive to the helicopter that was to take them to the airport, which would fly them across the Atlantic.


Clark watched Chloe type up a storm. He felt sick. She looked up from her laptop, smiled to herself and shook her head. He furrowed his brow in confusion. "What?"

"Figures that the only way you'd end up in my bed was if you weren't going to make proper use of it." Her smile faded when he looked down at his hands. "Why don't you go home?"

"Because… I'm not ready to talk to him."

"Clark… you're my best friend and I hate to see you like this. Are you sure this is what you want?" Chloe pleaded with him. "Are you sure of everything?"

"I know that I've wanted Lex for a long time. I know that last night was a dream come true. I just don't know if I can do this. He said he'd be back soon. He even tried to say Monday but I know better."

"When's he coming back?"

"Some time next week. After all the papers have been signed and it's too late to dissolve the marriage. Everyone will know about it by the time they get back thanks to your article." He sighed heavily and sank lower against the pillows.

"For your sake… I hope he keeps his word to you." Chloe adjusted her laptop. "Go talk to your dad." She offered him a smile of encouragement. "I know you're waiting for him to make his move but… Clark? You know that he won't. Just talk to him. I know you Kent men can be stubborn but this is just going to drive a wedge between you and… who knows if you'll both be alive tomorrow. Don't waste the time while you still have both of your parents."

Clark nodded thoughtfully. Chloe would know about that. Who knew when the last time she had spoken to her mother much less seen her. As much as he hated to admit it… she was right.


The house was silent when he entered. Trudging up the stairs, he got cleaned up and hung up his suit. Oddly, it felt good to slip into his flannel after nearly half a day in the suit. By the time he stomped down the stairs, his mother was fixing dinner. "Hi sweetie."

"Hi, Mom." He managed a small smile.

"So, big night?" She smiled warmly at his slow nod. "Have fun?"

"Yeah. Late night, early morning." Clark cleared his throat.

"Ah, right. Lex go through with it?" Being the mother she was, she could see the hurt in her son's eyes. If Jonathan hadn't figured it out already, she imagined that it would be the breaking point between father and son.

"Yep. I even signed as a witness." Shrugged and popped an apple from the bowl between them. "I think the helicopter left the plant at around eight this morning."

"Oh. Where are they going?"

"Cairo. They should…" Clark paused to look at his watch. "20 minutes to the plant. 40 minutes to the plane… four and a half hours to New York… seven hours to Paris… They should be somewhere over the Atlantic about now."

"Wow." Martha blinked. "You know all that?"

"Lex was telling me about the flight itinerary on the way to the field this morning. He planned to make as few stops as possible with very little layover. He's got a private jet. If he does what he wants, he'll get to Cairo at around three in the morning here, noon in Cairo." He smiled brightly. "I paid attention in geography class."

"Glad to hear." She went back to preparing the meal. "So… you met up with Lex this morning?"

"We stayed at his suite in Metropolis, got an early, very early, start this morning. I took a nap at Chloe's. I'll be able to do evening chores without a problem."

"Okay." Martha bit at her lip and nodded her head. "Your dad's still out there… I… I wouldn't mention staying with Lex last night." Her eyes met his and he nodded solemnly. "He's sorry about last night."

"I'm surprised he cares." Clark leaned on the island, his heart aching.

"Clark, you know he does. He's stubborn as a mule with only half the sense. He really wasn't thinking." Martha tried to patch it up but she knew she couldn't.

"Chloe says I should make the first move." He looked up to her to find that she was silently telling him it would be best. "Not today. I'm still mad."

"And you have every right to be… if it makes you feel any better, he spent the night in the truck."

"Maybe just a little." Clark shrugged sheepishly.


Hel opened her eyes to find herself leaning against Lex's body behind her. Tilting up her head she observed his face. Judging from the proximity of his body and his uneven breathing, she knew what he was up to. "You've been drinking, Lex."

"What of it?" He murmured, his eyes never opened. "I don't like flying in enclosed aircraft. "I prefer the helicopter."

"Own what you see, see what you own." She said simply and resettled herself on the couch-like structure they were sprawled on. "How very presumptuous of you. I bet you even think you'll rule the world."

"I will." He uttered in pure seriousness. "If you're lucky, I'll bring you along for the ride."

"Promises, promises, Lex. You've got too much on the table to keep that one."

"Go to sleep. If we take care of business when we arrive, we have the remainder of our stay to play." His hand slid down her thigh and then back up, taking her skirt with it. In a smooth movement, he slipped her leg over one of his.

"I won't be getting any sleep if you keep that up." She shut her eyes anyway. "I'm already a member."

"Well that's no fun if I can't induct you." Lex pulled his hand away and adjusted her skirt. "Sleep it is until we reach the promised land."


"Hey." Clark nodded to his father when he carried the slop buckets back to their hanging spot.

"How was your night?"

"Alright, I guess."

"Uh-huh." Jonathan pulled off his gloves. "Dinner ready?"

"Just about."

"You shouldn't have done what you did last night." Clark finally managed to bite out. "I was really looking forward to having dinner and cake with both of you."

"I—I'm sorry. Clark, I really am." Jonathan threw his gloves at the work table and turned to his son. "I am."

"Okay." Clark nodded and backed out of the barn. It was a start.

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Part 10

Lex flipped another page and scanned it for any interesting wording. A hand went to the feminine one stroking his head to stop the motion. "You're putting me to sleep."

"I highly doubt it," was her only reply before moving the hand to his shoulder and kneading. Hel shifted against the pillow and let her mound rub against his bare back.

"Just a minute. Two pages and I'll sign." Stroked her leg soothingly as he continued to read and absorb. "Patience is a virtue that you need to work on." Turned his head slightly to lick a nipple before he went back to reading.

"You're a tease." She groaned.

"So I've been told." His eyes flitted over the page. "The house in Cozumel?"


"Ours." He amended and turned the last page. Bit the cap off the pen, scanned the last page and put his signature on the bottom. "Mrs. Luthor," set the contract aside, "I believe you were begging to be gratified."

"Always ready, Lex," she replied, careful not to call him Mr. Luthor. Her hands wrapped around his neck as he turned on top of her. A gasp escaped her lips when she felt him enter her swiftly. "What? No foreplay?"

"I thought you said you were ready."

"I thought I was." Another gasp left her throat as she clung to him. His mouth ran down her throat as he moved forcefully within her writhing body. When the phone rang, he simply reached out and put it to his ear, not caring who was on the line or what they were hearing.

"I demand an explanation for this, Alexander!" Lex reached back and dropped the phone in the nightstand drawer. He slammed it closed and returned his full attention to his new bride.

"Who was it?"

"Chloe published the article." He panted and readjusted her hips so that he could thrust faster.


"Look at this!" Chloe burst into the Kent house with a huge grin to find Martha working on a batch of pies and Clark trudging in for breakfast after morning chores. "The engagement only got a nod from the editor. I got a check and my name on the front page of the society section for this."

Clark nodded sadly and sat to eat his breakfast. "That's great, Chloe."

"So, this is a big deal?" Martha gave the girl a smile. "I mean, you've never been here early enough to catch Clark eating."

"Major deal. This little baby is going in my portfolio. Sure, I feel a little bad that Lex handpicked me for this but I got it. It's all in the connections. They left the whole thing in tact, meaning that I wrote it well enough for the Planet." Chloe plopped down at the table next to Clark and squeezed the hand not holding the fork. "And you, Romeo? How's the harsh light of day treating you?

"Okay, I guess."

"He didn't sleep last night." Martha piped up.

"I wasn't sleepy. I slept all day at your house." Clark tried to fib his way out of it but these two women knew him better than anyone else on the planet. "What?"

"Eat your breakfast." Chloe ordered. "You and I are having fun today."

"Good. Don't let him mope." Martha smiled encouragingly at her son. "Just… give him some time, please?"

"You know… I can't believe Mr. Kent is being like this." Chloe exclaimed and Clark shot her a look. "Okay, I know what I said but it is a little hard to believe that the universe's favorite father can't come to terms with his gay son. It's a little out there, yes but not new. Rock Hudson, a damn shame and yet. Clark Kent, a damn shame and yet." She sighed. "Oh well. If Lex Luthor can get married, Clark Kent can be gay."

Clark winced but he knew it was true. Chloe was rubbing it in to make a point. There were worst things and these things, as terrible as they were at the moment, would be overcome.


"They found us." Hel loosened her robe after shutting the door behind the bellboy, phone messages in hand. "My father called four times, and yours six. Wow. I feel the love." She sank into her chair to eat her breakfast. "Game plan?"

"We should wing it. Greater impression of not knowing what we're doing. It'll infuriate my father." Lex watched her devour her plate with gusto. "Hungry?"

"I don't know. It's like once the vows were over I've only felt three things."

"What three things?"

"High, hungry and horny." She caught his amused look. "If this happens to everyone, it explains Dorianne Clement-Neville."

"It's Clement-George now."

"Is it? I've been way too much time away from the scene. That would make it marriage number five?"

"Six. She was Clement-Landers for four weeks last year." Lex chewed thoughtfully and then looked to his bride again. "I understand the hungry and horny emotions, but high?"

"Yes. I feel like I could battle the hounds of hell and take on our fathers…" She glanced up at him. "… all at once."

"We'll have to channel that energy. I plan to have a thoroughly boring and sickening disc to show them when we return. Must be full of the sights and sounds of this fine country." Lex set aside his napkin. "Can't have them thinking we're conspiring against them."


"You're not any fun." Chloe pouted and sat on the bench in the middle of the Metropolis mall.

"Why?" Clark stabbed his straw into his smoothie and slid further back onto the bench.

"You're not helping me guy-shop."

"I'm not interested in any of these guys." Clark shrugged and turned toward her. "What's wrong?"

"Well…" She took a deep breath. "I just figured we could have this Will and Grace dynamic thing and we don't. You're no fun… you're not stereotypically gay."

"Thanks?" He furrowed his brow at her and settled in to watch people go about their business.

"I know this is a stupid question, Clark, but are you sure you're gay?" Chloe twisted to lean on the arm of the bench and allow herself a good view of his profile. "I mean… Granted, you and Lex are in lust or whatever… Lex himself isn't completely gay. How do you know you are?"

"Chloe, please. Do you think I just woke up one morning and decided I would rather sleep with boys than girls? I thought and thought about this until I could be sure. I'm… I wasn't willing to put myself on the line with Lex until I was sure." He had to stop and take a deep breath. "I mean, look at me and my dad. I couldn't do this to him on a whim and if he thought I was just joking, he wouldn't be this way."

"It was just a question, Clark." Her blue eyes shifted to her cup.

"I know. Just don't feel like being Clark Kent, gay farmboy, today."

"And you say I'm insistent on giving you a title." She laughed at him and he shrugged helplessly. "So. Gay farmboy. What do you want to do?"

"Let's watch a movie. Something funny, maybe a few explosions." A genuine smile crossed his face when she rolled her eyes.

"Fine. Let's go see what's playing."