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Heatwave in Starshollow

Category: L/L – D/R – S/J – most couples. Plus lots of fun angst.
Summary: Well for those of you that watch Roswell you might relate to this better since its very loosely based on the eppy Heatwave from season 1. For those who don’t, don’t worry about it. Fic takes place after/or around It Should’ve Been Lorelai, but doesn’t really address anything from that eppy. A Heatwave goes through Starshollow making everyone change their minds about their day to day routines.
Distribution: sure, just let me know first.
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Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: This is my first non Roswell Fic so please be kind. And if you leave me some feedback I’ll be a very very happy person!

- Part 1 -

“Your listening to KSTR, Starshollow #1 radio station.” The announcer said as Rory turned on the radio in her bathroom and hopped into the shower on the first Saturday she’d had in a long while that she didn’t have any homework to deal with, but rather a weekend to relax. As she turned on the faucet in the shower she groaned when she heard what the radio announcer was still yammering about.

“-seemingly out of the ordinary for Starshollow this time of the year but it seems that we are going through a heatwave. Yeah you heard me correctly. The high this week will be in the mid 90’s.”


Rory strolled into the kitchen 20 minutes later in some cut off jean shorts and a blue tank-top.

“Wow your apparel seems to fit that of many today.” Lorelai commented from her place at the kitchen table in some cut off jean shorts and a blue tank-top with rhinestones on the straps.

“I know can you believe how hot it is. I mean hello here Rocher its the middle of February!” Rory said in disbelief as she took a bottle of water from the refrigerator and started chugging it like it was the last one in the entire world.

“Well I think we should go down to the diner and get some sundaes. You coming?” Lorelai asked as she stood up and started walking to the door, obviously not waiting for an answer.

“Yeah sure I’m right behind you.” Rory said under her breath as she raced out the door behind her mother.


“What can I get you two this incredibly hot winter day.” Luke asked as he made his way over to the table they had just sat at in his diner. With sarcasm evident in his voice.

“I need an ice cream sundae with everything you got on it.” Lorelai stated flatly.

“OK. One incredibly unhealthy pile of sugar coming up. What can I get for you Rory?” Luke asked as he turned his attention away from Lorelai’s beaming grin to Rory.

“Uh.. make that two ‘incredibly unhealthy piles of sugar’ please.” Rory said as Lorelai tried to stifle her laughs.

“Fine two it is.” Luke said as he wrote it down and went back to the kitchen to prepare them.

“Wow the heat must be getting to him I didn’t even have to ask twice for the sundae.” Lorelai said satisfied with her self.

“Yeah I think the heats getting to everyone.” Rory said pointing out the window to a couple making out on the corner in front of the diner. Seeming to not even notice the fact that Taylor was yelling at them about the
‘Public Displays of Affection code of conduct in Starshollow’. The laughing died down between the girls when Luke arrived at their table with their sundaes.

“What’s so funny?” Luke asked as he placed the sundaes in front of their respectful owners. Rory’s was vanilla and strawberry ice cream topped with strawberry syrup and whip cream with a cherry on top. While Lorelai’s was more chaotic with vanilla, chocolate ice cream with chocolate and caramel syrup plus nuts, whip cream, and a cherry on top.
Both were pleased with the creations he had made for them without them having to tell him what they wanted.

“We were laughing at Taylor’s newest victims.” Lorelai said pointing out the window to the ongoing make out session.

“You ever wonder how they can kiss that LONG without taking some breathing time.” Lorelai asked cocking her head to the side to get a better view of the couple.

“Yeah, to be young again. I wish Taylor would just leave them alone. I mean half of the people who noticed the situation wouldn’t if he wasn’t yelling at them about it.” Luke said raising his voice at the end.

“Yeah, but then it wouldn’t be half as funny.” Lorelai said looking away from the couple and digging into her ice-cream treat. Just as her cell phone rang. And Luke’s hand immediately went up to the sign that didn’t permit cell phones in the diner.

“Buuut Luuke.” Lorelai whined. “It’s to hot out there, what if I get a heat stroke out there and collapse on the ground right in front of the diner then how would you feel?”

“UGH fine but keep it down.” Luke said in an exasperated tone as he headed back towards the kitchen. And Lorelai reached into her purse and answered the phone.


“Yeah sure hang on.” she said as she handed the phone to Rory.

“Hello ... oh hey Dean.” Rory said in an excited voice. “Yeah I’ll meet you there in 5 minutes.... you too bye.” Rory aid as she hung up the phone and handed it back to her mom.

“So?” Lorelai prompted.

“I’m meeting Dean at the gazebo. I’ll see you later tonight.” Rory said as she took the last spoonful of her sundae and kissed her mom on the cheek then left the diner.

“Well I guess that leaves me and you, Luke.” Lorelai said as she was the only customer in the diner.


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Starshollow’s Heatwave

Part 2: Strip Poker anyone? –

Rory quickly walked to the town gazebo where her boyfriend was awaiting her presence. Then as she started to think about Dean she started to run. Making it there in record time, for her. When she got there she took the steps leading up to the gazebo two at a time and sat down next to him.

“You ran?” Dean said in a totally astonished voice.

“Yeah, I needed to see you.” She said back as she leaned in for a kiss. Which Dean much obliged to. Their kiss quickly heated up as Rory turned her head to deepen it. Their tongues fought for dominance. But just as it had started it quickly ended as they both separated for much needed oxygen.

“Well nice to see you too.” Dean said while still trying to catch his breath.

“So what was it you needed to talk about?” Rory asked.

“Well I heard that there was an organized movie night tonight due to the heat, so that everyone could-”

“Get together inside the small viewing room, and create a sauna?” Rory said sarcastically as she stroked Dean’s arm with her hand.

“Well yeah basically... you wanna go?”

“Sure. You buying the goodies this time?”

“Of course.” Dean replied as he leaned in for another kiss.


“Luuuke.” Lorelai whined.

“What is it?” He asked in a seemingly annoying voice.

“Come out here and keep me company. Rory left and its so hot today I guess people have decided to stay in there houses. So I’m all alone out here.”

“Fine.” Luke said as he came out from the kitchen and stood behind the counter. “But I can only stay out here for 10 minutes then I need to finish up in there.”

“Fine by me.” Lorelai said making her way to the counter and taking a seat in front of him on a stool.

“So how am I supposed to entertain you exactly?” Luke asked.

“Well I was thinking that I could start singing and you could hop on this here counter and start dancing for me.” Lorelai said with one of her taunting smiles.

“How bout we make that the other way around?” Luke said with a michevois smile.

“Well you see I would but these shoes just don’t cling well to counter tops, found that one out the hard way. See I was over at Al’s pancake world and this guy--”

“Just stop right there. No need for more details.”

“Well if you insists.” Lorelai said with a satisfied smile.

“Hey you still have that deck of cards back there.” Lorelai asked.

“Yeah sure. Why?”

“Well I was thinking that maybe we could get a game of strip poker going. You game?” She asked.

“Are you serious?” Luke asked back in total disbelief.

“Uh Yeah.”

“But someone could walk in at any minute.”

“That’s half the fun.” Lorelai said reaching over her stool behind the counter and grabbing the deck from off of the small shelf that the cards were resting on.

“I’ll deal.” She said sitting back in her seat and opening the deck.

“I can’t believe were going to do this... I’m so going to see you naked.”

“Hey pal. Who says that I won’t be the one seeing you in your birthday suit.” Lorelai remarked as she finished shuffling the deck and started to deal the cards.

“Because I’ve played poker with you before.” Luke commented as he took his cards and looked them over.

“Oh.. right. Well I’m a lot better now.” Lorelai said beaming as she looked her cards over.


20 minutes later. Luke was down to his under shirt and pants. While Lorelai was in a more compromising position, with only her bra and underwear to go, and yet another horrible hand to lay down.

“All right I fold.” Lorelai said as she laid down her hand on the counter only to see Luke get the biggest smile plastered across his face.

“Ok loose either the top or the bottom.” He said grinning at his victory.

“You know Luke, I don’t think this is morally right.”

“What do you mean your the one that wanted to play this game in the first place.”

“Fine, fine.” Lorelai said loosing her battle, she wasn’t to disappointed though. As she reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. They both looked up when they heard the all to familiar sound of the door opening.

Lorelai stood up and did the first thing she could think of. She hopped over the countertop, and landed into Luke’s arms. They stood there for a second in each others embrace before the customer spoke up.

“Lorelai, I hope that you are wearing more on the bottom of your body than you are on the top. Or else we have some major issues to discuss here.” Taylor said as he surveyed the room.