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What can I say? I was bored. I had some time.....
It's set mid-season one I think. Just a short story.

As always: I don't own them. In fact I'm wondering if I own anything 'cause all I do lately is saying that they are not mine.

One Morning
Original Cindy POV

She opens the door, looking tired. Original Cindy knows that her Boo doesn't sleep but she really looks tired, so humour her. OC doesn't look at her 'cause she's supposed to be pissed. Max didn't call to say that she'd be out the whole night. Well, she never does, but OC isn't talking about it anyway.
"Had fun?"
Original wants to see her Boo pissed 'cause she's in the mood to piss her off. And this is definitely the best way to get the strong and mighty Max Guevara to kick your sorry a**.
"Whatcha talkin' 'bout?"
OC raises her eyebrows and gives her Boo the famous 'duh-look'.
Great, let the fun begin.
"Nothin' sugar, nothing." OC shakes her head and turns around. So Max, one, two, three, four....
"No, really, what did you mean?" Uh, uh, normally OC gets to count 'till seven; ten on good days. There's something up.
"Original Cindy just wants to know if her Boo had fun at her loverboy's. But by the look of things you probably just fell asleep on his couch and didn't get your fun. And that's the reason you are so grumpy."
OC turns around pretending that she's not really interested. Ai'ight, she's just dying to hear what her Boo has to say. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight....
"I don't sleep. And I'm not grumpy. I'm perfectly fine..... and Logan is NOT my loverboy."
Now that's interesting. It took her eight seconds to answer and that's not all...... "Sugar? Sleep-grumpy-no loverboy, that's the order of things? Well, talking about priorities."
At first it came back right away. This 'we are not like that' and now she just adds it at the end of her statement. What you saying about that Doctor Freud?
Sugar simply rolls her eyes, throwing me a death glare. "We are not like that Cindy plus I don't want us to be like that."
Right and Original Cindy is a fat white man called Santa Claus. Girl, you'll see, you'll see.

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